There is no advertising with criminals.

As long as this Nazi party SVP is existing Switzerland should be consequently excluded and boycotted because one cannot live in peace in this Nazi state of Switzerland.

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Criminal Fascist Nazi SVP (Swiss Popular Party) 02: against EEA

Obstinates with a billionaire - a sect with lies, half truths, manipulations, bribes, propaganda against foreigners without end, propaganda against Germans without end, criminal damage, threats, megalomania - a criminal Nazi Swiss popular party - or better party of complete idiots

Part 2: SVP began Nazi propaganda tactics and lies against European Economic Area (EEA) - Liechtenstein is doing well in EEA

Blocher claiming against EEA  Wrong
              propaganda of SVP claiming that the swiss cross would be
              heckled by black tongs first by EEA and then by EU without
              mentioning that a second people's vote would be needed for
Blocher claiming against EEA [2] - wrong propaganda of SVP claiming that the swiss cross would be heckled by black tongs first by EEA and then by EU without mentioning that a second people's vote would be needed for EU [4]

Switzerland was NOT denazified in 1945. SVP is not denazified until today.

Wise members of SVP can change to the party of BDP reducing this eternal SVP racism.


by Michael Palomino (2013)



Eternal and general propaganda of criminal Blocher SVP against foreigners with negative police computer data - a classical Nazi tactic

There is an important principle in this criminal political party of SVP: the responsible propagandists of this criminal party SVP are watching only the police computer and are publishen then the negative data of this police computer in newspapers and on posters. Thereby some negative action of foreigners are much more present in Swiss public and all good deeds done by foreigners in Switzerland who are working in Switzerland and for Switzerland are simply NOT MENTIONED.

This is mentally retarded Christoph Blocher as
                    a "national deputy"
                    ("Nationalrat") with a foot on the table
                    in 1983
This is mentally retarded Christoph Blocher as a "national deputy" ("Nationalrat") with a foot on the table in 1983 speaking with other national deputies Letsch and Ruegg [x002].

Behavior was never important for Mr. Blocher. His arrogance is like a Nazi and many people will be his victims...

Also criminal action of Swiss people are NEVER MENTIONED by this SVP, for example the propaganda without end of SVP and the violation of law by SVP concerning violation of personality and calumny of foreigners. Blocher and his "little brothers" are presenting the foreigners simply only as criminals respectively they present only the foreigners who can be found in the police computer and in the juridical documents. Positive actions of foreigners are NEVER mentioned by these propagandists of SV. In this way Swiss population gets a completely wrong picture of the foreigners and means that all foreigners would be criminals. This tactic presenting only negative data of groups of human beings or of foreigners is a classical Nazi tactic.

Also all media experts of Switzerland are not getting aware of this trap and are falling for these faked unilateral data. Also Swiss justice is falling for these faked unilateral data, and also other Swiss political parties. And there is no counter strategy showing positive deeds of foreigners. Swiss political parties are NOT countering this Nazi tactic of SVP. But it could be very simple with a law forbidding propaganda against groups of human beings and against nations. In this way without a counter tactic Switzerland is full of this SVP tactic, is "blocherized" and is becoming stultified. In 1992 SVP began with the systematic propaganda against groups of human beings which has not stopped until today (2013). Since 1992 criminal and it's proved - racist political party of SVP is breeding a mentally retarded young generation since this party began a new "political style" with half truths and with lies with country wide advertisings and posters. Since 1992 SVP is breeding a young generation which is blind, without brain, and partly heavily alcoholic, the Blocher followers.

Christoph Blocher studied "law" and also finished an agricultural apprenticeship., photo 14, 35

That means that he is trained to make his sentences in a way so Switzerland will always "be right", and so he always will "be right", and foreigners will NEVER have any right with him.

With a company, Ems Chemichals (Ems Chemie) Christoph Blocher was storing a private fortune of 2 to 3 billion Swiss Francs., photo 15

He is also a passionate "collector of arts"., photo 16

And Christoph Blocher likes also to make fire, for example with canons (for example with old canons of 1692 in La Brévine in the French part of Switzerland)., photo 47

In some way there is a big character disorder with this Christoph Blocher with racism, militarism and collector of arts. This the world had already before!

In 1985 Christoph Blocher was already making politics in the political party of SVP and he was against equality of man and woman in a marriage. Already in 1985 he is not on the level of his epoch. Swiss voters accept equality of man and woman in the people's vote., photos 4 and 5

Christoph Blocher is proud of his military work and is not only a sergeant but he is a colonel., Foto 11

In 1986 Christoph Blocher fought against Swiss membership in UNO and organized a committee for this purpose. UNO membership was rejected in the people's vote by 75.7%, above all by the fear that Switzerland would have to send UNO blue berets to war zones in the world, and with such stupidities Swiss population did not want to have in their life.

After rejecting UNO membership this committee was going on to exist as an "Action for an independend Switzerland" ("Aktion für eine Unabhängige Schweiz", AUNS). This organization was only waiting for the next work..., photo 1 and 3

December 6, 1992: SVP began with their propaganda against EEA

EC and EFTA, map of 1986
EC and EFTA, map of 1986  [1]

Blocher shouting against economic
                            treaty of EEA with Swiss flag in the
                            background and with the flag of the canton
                            of Zurich aside
Blocher shouting against economic treaty of EEA with Swiss flag in the background and with the flag of the canton of Zurich aside [2]

Swiss government of 1992 which had
                            deposed a "preventative"
                            application for a EU membership in 1992
Swiss government of 1992 which had deposed a "preventative" application for a EU membership in 1992 [3]

In 1992 the new propaganda tactic in the Zurich section of political party of Swiss Popular Party SVP began, now against whole Europe. In these times there was a stable European Community (EC) and EFTA, with mostly stable currancies. Mafia states in southern Europe could devaluate their currencies and were cheap holiday destinations. Sometimes 3 times a 0 was omitted, or southern governments were waiting for EURO. Andropow was holding communist Eastern bloc with his last forces before Gorbatshev was going on with Perestroica since 1986.

Germany had it's reunification in 1989. And on the Balkans Milosevic was beginning his crazy wars and nobody was stopping him but European states liked wars for helping there installing new outposts of power there. And now what Blocher said with EEA? This economic treaty had been negotiated by states secretary Franz Blankart. But now Mr. Blocher claimed this would be a fateful question. Before an insurance aggreement had been negotiated and in the Swiss parliament this had passed without problems, and now tih EEA there should not be any problem either. First there was even a veto provision in the treaty as a possibility rejecting European prescriptions. But then this veto provision was eliminated, and now AUNS of Christoph Blocher was alarming the population.

Because when there is money to have or to loose Christoph Blocher can read. He meant:

-- open borders cannot be
-- this would provoke lower salaries
-- this would provoke more unimployment
-- there will be more burocracy, and there will be more regulation
-- taxes will rise, and interests will be pushed upwards
"This is no treaty for our country" ("Das ist kein Vertrag für unser Land").

Blocher's manager friends wanted EEA, but after the elimination of the veto provision they were also against it. Conservative souls of Switzerland were on Blocher's side in any case, but the part of Berne SVP with government member Adolf Ogi was for EEA together with other government member Koller. Blocher was the boss of Ems Chemicals in the canton of Grisons, and he was a member of the administrative board of high street bank of "Union Bank of Switzerland" (UBS). When Blocher was collecting signatures against EEA he was kicked out of the UBS management board and installed his tight banking relations with criminal bank of Bankverein in Basel with Marcel Ospel, the most criminal bank with money laundering for any mafia in the world.

Swiss "popular soul" was on Blocher's side. Who is this? These are nazis from the mountains, "mountain people", who only say negative things about foreign countries like "dirty country", "depth up to the head". A popular Swiss woman said: "What we Swiss people have to do with poor EU countries? Should we free Switzerland also become a poorhouse?" ("Was haben wir, das Schweizer Volk, in den verarmten EU-Ländern zu suchen? Soll unsere freie Schweiz auch ein Armenhaus werden?")

Well, why Switzerland was so rich? Bank secret was provokign that funds of the whole world came to Switzerland, and after 1945 there was a big robbery action stealing Jewish funds from bank accounts when Jews did not come back. Since 1945 since the installation of UNO in Geneva world wide governments could bring their funds just around the corner to Swiss banks concealing their funds on bank accounts with bank secret leaving their populations in complete poverty. This Swiss woman describing Europe as a "poorhouse" did not know anything of these connections, because history of Switzerland during WWII was only coming in a big style up in the 1990s.

The government of Switzerland (Bundesrat) was not prepared for the attacks of Christoph Blocher and had no common line at all. As it seems Swiss government members also were blind concerning Europe and never wanted to accept clear analysis about inefficient EU and mafia structures within EU. Additionally Eastern block had opened and at any time new conflicts could be created Swiss right radicals thought. But Swiss government did not see any danger. Only considering this blindness the fact could happen that this Swiss government was placing in May 1992 a "preventative" membership application for European Community which would be later EU even BEFORE the people's vote about EEA...

Comparison of Ogi with EEA as a training camp for EU - Blocher does not want the match

Now Blocher has new weapons in his hands against EEA. This "preventive" membership application is a good argument arguing that EEA would be a danger because Switzerland will be "overtaken" by Europe, and it would not be only an economic treaty for sure. Government member Adolf Ogi made another fault in a TV broadcast comparing EEA with a "EU training camp". Well, this was a huge fault because also he did not wait for the people's vote result and it's not possible to "guess" a people's vote result. And for a membership in European Community or in EU one more separate people's vote was needed.

But now Christoph Blocher had already two 100% weapons in his mouth. First the "preventative" membership application for EU, and now the "training camp" of government member Ogi. Blocher only claims "souveranity". And the last word would have the population. Blocher joked, Adolf Ogi organized a training camp for a match which will never be. But then Blocher begins to make his fakes and means that the people's vote about EEA would also be a vote about EC resp. EU although there will be one more separate people's vote for any EC or EU membership. Blocher was becoming a real milk face now, having weapons in his mouth making career on the back of teh enemy but making a propaganda without control against Europe now - and government member Ogi of the Berne section of SVP did not understand the world any more.

From Brussels nobody came to Switzerland for discussions with Swiss people

Of course also Brussels made a giant mistake. There was nobody in Switzerland from their side. There was no representative from Brussels explaining the advantages of EEA. There was nobody destroying the prejudices against Europe demonstrating the real life conditions. There was nobody from Brussels or from another EEA country "dismantling" the claims of Blocher that there would be a higher unimployment and higher interests. Nobody came from Brussels insuring that Switzelrand would never be "overtaken", but there should be two people's votes, one about EEA and one more about EC / EU. NOBODY CAME!!! But why did nobody come from Brussels when for sure the half of the Brussel representatives had their secret bank accounts in Switzerland and knew Switzerland? Because nobody took Blocher earnest, because they did not see the organization AUNS, because they never thought that Swiss voting population would reject EEA with rights for participation. But when the population is never told that EEA has also rights, then the population will never know it.

No to EEA by the people's vote in Switzerland (1992)
A little analysis of Swiss TV

1992: Blocher's posters and texts during the fight against EEA in summer 1992 - and posters of the proponents

This wrong propaganda of Zurich SVP
                            claims that Switzerland would be heckled
                            first by EEA and then by EC/EU without
                            mentioning the second people's vote about a
                            EC/EU membership
This wrong propaganda of Zurich SVP claims that Switzerland would be heckled first by EEA and then by EC/EU without mentioning the second people's vote about a EC/EU membership [4].

The enemy is represented always in black - this is Nazi tactic of Nazi SVP - in this case EC/EU was depicted as black tongs. Cruel Swiss Nazi tactic with it's lies had it's effect...
Poster against EEA and against EC with
                            the picture with the black tongs and the
                            Swiss cross
Poster against EEA and against EC with the picture with the black tongs and the Swiss cross [x001].

These "tongs" seemed to be a principle object with the propagandists of SVP although there would be two separate people's votes. The graphid is an absolute lie of propagandist Blocher and his graphic artist, in these times it was Mr. Abächerli. Blocher began to install his lies deliberately for winning a people's vote. This would have heavy national consequences for Switzerland. The rednecks of SVP regulars' tables had money they organized by AUNS, but they had no brain...

Here the black devil's energy is coming in already showing black tongs on a red background and showing Switzerland as a white cross ("innocent" country). Worse a population cannot be manipulated. Mr. Abächerli did his manipulation work, and Brussels was absent...

SVP posters against EEA with the SVP sun,
                          Matter Horn and "Freedom", a package
                          of three posters so no other meaning has any
SVP posters against EEA with the SVP sun, Matter Horn and "Freedom", a package of three posters so no other meaning has any chance [5]

The sun was laughing despite of chemtrails. Swiss flag was swinging despite of half truths and lies of Blocher. And Matter Horn in the landscape had the symbol of defense against Europe like a spear head against Europe. This poster in a simplefied form became later the logo of SVP with a constant remembering of the energy against Europe.

There was also the constant strategy of SVP to post the posters in a "package of three" thus no enemy had a chance on the poster wall. In this manner whole Switzerland was pasted in the three country's languages. Swiss population had no chance against this propaganda. Indirect message of this poster was that with EEA no sun would shine.

Of course there is NO word on the poster about the fact that after EEA will be one more people's vote about EC or EU which can be rejected. And of course there is NO word on the poster that Switzerland will be without any participation in Brussels when EEA is rejected. How sure "future" and "freedom" for Switzelrand would be will show the next 20 years. Me personally I would have liked to see Mr. Blocher in Brussels how he would arrange his intrigues with other "people thinking in a real way" in European commissions against the wrong fantasies of German dreamers making new coalitions and majorities for a real policy in Europe, for example control measures for subsidies to mafia states in southern Europe, or the introduction of people's votes in other European countries. But Mr. Blocher did not want any career in Brussels, but he was concentrating on psychological terrorism manipulating Switzerland against Europe, together with his graphic artist which was in these times Mr. Abächerli, also a complete idiot...

Blocher's fact review about EEA in 1992
Blocher's fact review about EEA in 1992 [6]

SVP committee against EEA membership,
SVP committee against EEA membership, 1992 [7]

Blocher was editing a "fact review" in red and white, like the Swiss flag. As one can see there is not only a photo of Blocher on the cover, but on the back side there is againt the lie that a people's vote about EEA (German: EWR)

Demonstration "Save Switzerland -
                          Say no to EEA" ("Rettet die Schweiz
                          EWR Nein!") in Schwyz 1992
Demonstration "Save Switzerland - Say no to EEA" ("Rettet die Schweiz EWR Nein!") in Schwyz 1992 [8]

would also be a vote about EC (German: EG). In this red review that I read myself economic data of all kinds were presented always with the goal presenting Switzerland as a better country than all other European countries. Mr. Blocher was a "Mr. Blocher" yet in these times, but he already began with systematic lies and propaganda presenting himself always as the "winner". There were lists of imports and exports, transports and services, and Switzerland had to be always the best. That means, EEA was presented in a way so Switzerland could go on only worse. About 5 years later a second such review came proving that in Switzerland nothing would be worse. Striking was for example a balance with sellings of cardiac catheters and much more stuff. But with real policy in Europe this review had not much to do.

Turks, Caribbean, and Sri Lanka

About bank secret there was not a big discussion yet, and about refugees not either yet. In 1992 there were many Turkish foreign workers and some people were in Switzerland from the Caribbean getting Swiss passports by marriage. In these times Swiss passport was given with a marriage yet automatically, and some Caribbean women were obtaining up to 5 passports by tricks and marriages, above all women from Santo Domingo going from country to country collecting European passports. And there were refugees from Sri Lanka and Swiss population had no idea how to communicate with them, above all in Zurich and in Basel. There was no idea who would come here and why. War on an island should not provoke that somebody comes to Switzerland. Why they had not gone to India for waiting that war will end on their island? All this happened also without EEA...

Blocher wants the victory - all other things are not important for him

Well, when such stupid politicians like Blocher are in a country only wanting the own victory not tolerating little faults of political party collegue Ogi and then spreading lies not considering the own laws and rules lying that there would be an "automatic" membership in EC or EU, and when nobody is stopping this political fool Blocher with his lies, then a NO comes with the people's vote. SVP was installing a vote's committee answering all questions to the population and to the media and so on. The people's vote was 50.3% NO with a difference of 23,105 votes. French part of Switzerland was completely against German speaking part of Switzerland with the exception of Basel and Wales. How German speaking part of Wales had voted should be investigated. As I can remember the danger of an infiltration of EC and EU by Italian mafia was NEVER mentioned. The topic of mafia was a taboo - or Europe was already "parted" into it's mafia sections...

Poster of EEA proponents with a cross and a
                    block  Government members Ogi and Koller with a
                    session for a membership in EEA in Schwyz
Poster of EEA proponents with a cross and a block [9] - government members Ogi and Koller with a session for a membership in EEA in Schwyz [10]
Poster for EEA with the argument of jobs. When
                    EEA wold be rejected jobs would be transferred
Poster for EEA with the argument of jobs. When EEA wold be rejected jobs would be transferred abroad [11]

<With a membership in EEA Switzerland had to adapt 17 federal folders of federal law.> And Switzerland would hava had participation rights in commissions and in institutions and had had a high reputation in Brussels, WITHOUT loosing democrat structures, and without the eternal reproach of "cherry picking". Rejection of EEA damaged the reputation of Switzerland a lot, and this is the case until today.

Swiss map with the result of the
                            people's vote about EEA from December 6,
                            1992, with 50.3% No
Swiss map with the result of the people's vote about EEA from December 6, 1992, with 50.3% No [12]

The voter turnout was 79% and this was uniquely high for Switzerland.

French speaking parts of Switzerland were speaking of a ghetto for Switzerland in Europe. The result offered one more time the "ditch" between German and French speaking Swiss people. French speaking Swiss newspaper "La Liberté" was presenting the title "French speaking Swiss people are rejecting the ghetto built by German speaking Swiss"., photo Nº 20

Since then Switzerland is working with a "solo run" in Brussels without any right for participation or right for vote. But Switzerland had to adapt it's laws to EU for have an existance in Europe. Additionally the responsibles in Swiss government are also making their maneuvers adapting Swiss law with simple prescriptions without a possibility for a referendum. Switzerland without a membership in EEA is always at the last place in Brussels and has to operate with "bilateral treaties". Well, Blocher put Switzerland at the last place of priority in Brussels, and Swiss people let put themselves there at the last place - and other politicians can spoon out the affairs now when they at least may have some offices in Brussels.

Result of the people's vote in the case of EEA
                    of 1992 with 50.3% No
Result of the people's vote in the case of EEA of 1992 with 50.3% No [13]

Blocher is a silly person and does not want responsibility - only concerning money he is good

Blocher simply wanted to win the vote, like a silly person and a complete idiot, dominating Switzerland with it's propaganda with posters, and he turned the majority of Swiss German speaking Swiss people into silly persons. Heavy consequences of the No to EEA were given to other politicians and to other parties - just like a silly person. And there would follow more people's votes in this manner. Blocher was rebelling now everywhere but was never working in state's policy. He was continuing as a No redneck and his victories should be accepted by "the others".

Me personally I had studies in Germany from 1983 to 1987 and I knew that Germany was "not so good" concerning railways, but the surface of Germany is huge, and people had a good education and in the universities and in the companies they had partly a democratic vote's culture. And when Switzerland had been a member of EEA then it could have been possible that Swiss influence had enforced a people's vote about EURO, and Switzerland had been able to beware EU from much other "shit". blocher and other Swiss could have said in Brussels clearly that this EURO cannot work and why not. Kohl had had no chance. Swiss also could have said that Greeceis too week, see here, see here. Dreamer Fischer had had no chance. And other European states also had liked to collaborate with Switzerland copying the vote's culture - just against the dreamers of Germany and France. There were real thinking people who also wanted another policy in Brussels.

But Blocher wanted only to be in Switzerland. Within 20 years Blocher formed Switzerland into a Nazi state with his machinery of advertisings and posters with graphic artists Abächerli and later with the German Nazi Alexander Segert, with all possible lies and half truths invented by Nazi historian Mörgeli. Since 2008 Germans were persecuted in Switzerland systematically, there was propaganda, there was mobbing, tires were stabbed, windows were broken, swastikas were scratched in the car paint, and Germans were not served any more in Swiss restaurants. The political party SVP should convert into a Nazi SVP and ShitVP provoking a constant pogrom mood although Germans only had done one thing: good work, and they wanted to feel happy in Switzerland. For being safe of Swiss rebels German managers sometimes hired only Germans in their company. This was not considered well by SVP propagandists and they reinforced the pressure against "the Germans". Swiss Nazism in Switzerland was created, this is the work of Blocher, and Segert, also of Toni Brunner and of Mörgeli, stupid and unilateral propaganda without end against foreigners - and nobody wanted to see this Nazism of SVP which was taking place in a "neutral" Switzerland. Brussels does not knos until today that since 2008 there is a pogrom mood against Germans in a Nazi manner. The vote against EEA was the beginning.

Other states in EEA

Other states in EEA: Norway

The town of Bergen in Norway
The town of Bergen in Norway [14]

Norway is in the EEA, but not in the EU, and Norway is working well with it (2013)...

Other states in EEA: Liechtenstein said two times Yes to EEA with 56% in 1992 and 1995

Mountains with a village in Liechtenstein
Mountains with a village in Liechtenstein [15]

Liechtenstein had it's people's vote one week after the vote of Switzerland and said Yes. There was one vote in general about EEA in 1992, and then there was one more vote about the concrete conditions in 1995. A report of 1998 is coming to the conclutions that the opening of borders was provoking a new wave of commuter traffic and it was possible to develop new companies in Liechtenstein. It seems strange that a growing unimployment had to be accepted. But in general more people are filing for unemployment nowadays which was omitted in the times before. May be this is a figure of three or a low figure of 4 digits.

Articles about Liechtenstein in EEA: Growth of companies tanks to a free traffic passing the borders

from: Handelszeitung vom November 11,1998, 46/98, Sigvard Wohlwend


Since working market of Liechtenstein is also open for citizens of EEA the pressure to the employees has been stronger. Against the European trend the numbers of unimployment are rising.*

In Liechtestein there is not only a full employment, but there is even an over employment. The princedom is offering to it's 32,000 inhabitants 24,000 working places. The working Liechtenstein people cannot cover the need. There are about 10,000 people coming from outside from Switzerland and from abroad from EEA every day to Liechtenstein - and 6,000 more foreign people in Liechtenstin have to be added in this balance.

Despite of the over empoloyment the number of unemployed people is rising in Liechtenstein. The quota was a few years before under 1%, but now it is 1.8%, a very low rate compared internationally, but the trend is going upwards.

No residence permit

One reason for this fact is that the working market was opened to foreigners of European Economic Area (EEA). This means that since January 1998 anybody from EEA can begin working in Liechtenstein when a job is to have. The only limitation is that there will be no residence permit but they have to drive back to "Europe" every night - respectively they have to sleep behind the border line [for example] in Feldkirch in Austria.

The connection between opening the borders and the rising unemployment is not denied in Liechtenstein. Government leader Mario Frick says: "Opening the job market has a certain influence on the number of unemployed people for sure." But one should not forget to see that the stigma of being unemployed was abrogated only in the last few years and people more often are filfed for unemployment . But the well installed insurance should not be a safe bed for the unemployed.

Competition is stronger, also this confesses Frick. But this is less a question of EEA. "That is more a global trend in Liechtenstein with or without EEA." By opening the borders the economy could enlarge their companies. That was a real backlog demand: "Job market in Liechtenstein was absolutely dry. Now opening the borders the companies have the possibility to enlarge."

No homeland security any more

This backlog demand in this "year of exemption" (Frick) seems to be enormous. Alone in the first 10 months of this year 850 more jobs were created in Liechtenstein and people from EEA mostly from Austria are working there. This is the double of the unimployment figure in Liechtenstein. One can compare it with 1997 when only 150 persons got a job in Liechtenstein with the formerly necessary crosser authorization.

Homeland security is not so important any more. Also Hubert Büchel is telling this, manager of Ministry of Economy in Liechtenstein. "Workers in Liechtenstein have no advantages any more only getting their green passport. Today only counts the motivation."

Should Liechtenstein leave EEA now for getting a lower unimployment rate? No. Also former critics of EEA are not syaint ghis. But Johannes Matt, parliament member of the opposition iwth Progress Civilian Party (Fortschrittliche Bürgerpartei) is criticizing that "the Liechtenstein government is willing to accept rising unimployment figures as a price for economic advantages."

A higher unimployment will be normal, Michael Hilti said. He is head manager of the management board of Hilti company in Liechtenstein. Becaue the main problem is - according to Hilti - that there are always more industrial works getting into offices "because the creation of value iw too low." On the other side the high standard of Liechtenstein economy needs well educated staff. Head of Government Frick is optimist that the unimployment quota will be kept between 1 and 2 percent.

Population is not ousted

Economy director Hubert Büchel has the courage to utter without exact statistics that "unimployed Liechtenstein people was not ousted by foreigners getting their jobs. The new border crossers are in other jobs." ONe example is for example this one: There is not one single banker filed for unimployment in Liechtenstein. Thanks to EEA six new bankds will open in the Princedom of Liechtenstein or have even begun their work. They have to recruit all their staff abroad.>

(orig. in German:
<*FÜRSTENTUM LIECHTENSTEIN/Seit der liechtensteinische Arbeitsmarkt für EWR-Bürger offen ist, hat sich der Druck auf die Arbeitnehmer verstärkt. Gegen den europäischen Trend steigen jetzt die Arbeitslosenzahlen.*
In Liechtenstein herrscht nicht nur Voll-, sondern Überbeschäftigung. Das Fürstentum bietet seinen 32 000 Einwohnerinnen und Einwohnern 24 000 Arbeitsplätze. Die erwerbstätigen Liechtensteiner können den Bedarf an Arbeitskräften schon lange nicht mehr decken. Rund 10 000 Grenzgänger aus der Schweiz und aus dem EWR-Ausland pendeln jeden Tag nach Liechtenstein - die 6000 in Liechtenstein lebenden ausländischen Arbeitskräfte kommen dazu.
Trotz dieser Überbeschäftigung steigen die Arbeitslosenzahlen in Liechtenstein an. Bewegte sich die Quote noch vor wenigen Jahren rund um 1%, so liegt sie heute bei - international immer noch beneidenswerten - 1,8%. Allerdings: Der Trend geht nach oben.

Keine Aufenthaltsbewilligung

Ein Grund, der dafür mitverantwortlich ist, ist die Öffnung des Arbeitsmarktes für Ausländer aus dem Europäischen Wirtschaftsraum (EWR). Diese können seit dem 1. Januar 1998 ohne Formalitäten eine Arbeitsstelle in Liechtenstein antreten. Einzige Einschränkung: Sie erhalten in Liechtenstein keine Aufenthaltsbewilligung, sondern müssen jeden Abend zurück nach «Europa» - sprich hinter die liechtensteinische Grenze nach Feldkirch in Österreich.
Dass ein Zusammenhang zwischen der Grenzöffnung und den steigenden Arbeitslosenzahlen besteht, bestreitet in Liechtenstein niemand. Regierungschef Mario Frick: «Die Öffnung des Arbeitsmarktes hat sicherlich einen gewissen Einfluss auf die Arbeitslosenzahlen.» Man dürfe aber auch nicht aus den Augen verlieren, dass es selbst in Liechtenstein kein Stigma mehr sei, sich arbeitslos zu melden. Das solle auch so sein. Allerdings dürfe die gut ausgebaute Arbeitslosenversicherung nicht zum falsch verstandenen Ruhekissen werden.
Dass sich der Wettbewerb verstärkt hat, gibt auch Regierungschef Frick zu. Allerdings sei dies weniger eine Frage des EWR: «Das ist», so Frick, «ein globaler Trend, der Liechtenstein mit oder ohne EWR erfasst hätte.» Durch diese Öffnung sei vor allem ein Nachholbedarf der Wirtschaft gedeckt worden: «Der liechtensteinische Arbeitsmarkt war absolut trocken. Erst die Grenzöffnung hat es Betrieben ermöglicht zu expandieren.»

Kein Heimatschutz mehr

Der Nachholbedarf in diesem «Ausnahmejahr» (Frick) war offenbar enorm. Allein in den ersten 10 Monaten dieses Jahres haben 850 Arbeitskräfte aus dem EWR - vorzugsweise aus Österreich - eine Stelle in Liechtenstein angetreten. Das sind doppelt so viele wie es Arbeitsuchende in Liechtenstein gibt. Zum Vergleich: 1997 erhielten lediglich 150 Personen eine, damals noch notwendige, Grenzgängerbewilligung.
Die Zeiten des Heimatschutzes sind vorbei. Das sagt auch Hubert Büchel, Leiter des liechtensteinischen Amtes für Volkswirtschaft: «Liechtensteinische Arbeitnehmer haben keine Vorteile mehr nur wegen ihres grünen Passes. Heute zählt einzig und allein die Leistungsbereitschaft.»
Soll Liechtenstein jetzt aus dem EWR austreten, damit es die Arbeitslosigkeit in den Griff kriegt? Nein. Dafür lassen sich nicht mal ehemalige Kritiker des EWR begeistern. Johannes Matt, Parlamentarier der oppositionellen Fortschrittlichen Bürgerpartei, kritisiert allerdings, dass «die liechtensteinische Regierung offenbar bereit ist, die steigenden Arbeitslosenzahlen als zu zahlenden Preis für die wirtschaftlichen Vorteile des EWR in Kauf zu nehmen.»
Auf die höhere Arbeitslosigkeit in Liechtenstein müsse man sich tatsächlich einstellen, sagt Michael Hilti, Verwaltungsratsvorsitzender des in Liechtenstein domizilierten Hilti-Konzerns. Denn ein Hauptproblem sei, so Hilti, dass immer mehr ausführende Tätigkeiten in der Industrie, aber auch in Büros verschwinden, «weil die Wertschöpfung zu gering ist.» Auf der anderen Seite verlange die hochentwickelte liechtensteinische Wirtschaft nach qualifiziertem Personal. Regierungschef Frick ist zuversichtlich, die Arbeitslosenquote in einem Korridor von 1 bis 2% halten zu können.

Bevölkerung nicht verdrängt

Volkswirtschaftsdirektor Hubert Büchel wagt auch ohne exaktes statistisches Material die Aussage, dass «arbeitslos gewordene Liechtensteiner nicht von Ausländern verdrängt worden sind. Die neuen Grenzgänger besetzen andere Stellen.»
Ein Beispiel illustriert dies: Es gibt in Liechtenstein keinen einzigen arbeitslos gemeldeten Banker. Dank EWR werden in den nächsten Monaten allein sechs neue Banken ihre Geschäftstätigkeit im Fürstentum Liechtenstein aufnehmen, oder sie haben sie bereits aufgenommen. Sie müssen ihre Fachkräfte zwangsläufig im Ausland rekrutieren.>

2012: 20 years EEA in Liechtenstein: a "huge success"

EAA is a "huge success" for Liechteinstein. A problem was only the day for the vote in 1992 which should not be at the same day with Switzerland. We read the article of the newspaper "Southeast Switzerland" ("Südostschweiz") from 2012 about Liechteinstein and EEA:

<Vaduz. - There were some troubles with inner politics but the princedom is in good condition today. The country is part of European Economic Area (EEA). Head of government Klaus Tschütscher was describing EEA as a "huge success". The population was deciding very wise in 1992.

One week after the No in Switzerland the voters of Liechtenstein had the possibility to vote on December 13, 1992 and they said Yes for a membership in EEA with almost 56 percent. And in Aril 1995 the voters permitted the membership conditions with almost the same ratio.

Prince and government had not the same meaning

But there was a big trouble about this EEA in Liechtenstein about the day of vote. The government and the parliament were on one side, and Prince Hans-Adam II was on the other side. They were quarreling if Liechtenstein shoudl vote before or after Switzerland with which Liechtenstein is connected with a customs and currency union. The Prince wanted a separate foreign policy and wanted the vote before the vote of Switzerland. But the government wanted the vote after the Swiss vote. The sides could not arrange anything and at the end of October 1992 a state's crisis was threatening Liechtenstein. Prince Hans-Adam II was putting an ultimatum at the endto the government with head of government Hans Brunhart. There will be a vote before Switzerland or the government will be dismissed and the parliament will be dissolved. And at the last second a state's crisis could be omitted.

Prince was called a dictator

Eye witnesses on this October 28, 1992 were describing the scenery in Vaduz as "spooky". The Prince left the castle passing the capital for negotiations in the government building. When the prince arrived Vaduz he was watched by 2,000 persons. And there were clear whistles.

We want our governmetn - but no dictator who is not needed by the population" was a slogan on a transparent. After one hour the ghost time was over. There was a committee with all political parties workign a compromise which was consent by the parliament, by the government, and by the prince. The solution was: Liechtenstein will vote one week after Switzerland. The parliament and the government were working even after the No from Switzerland for a membership in EEA. (sda)>
<Vaduz. – Abgesehen von den innenpolitischen Erschütterungen der Vergangenheit ist das «Ländle» heute zufrieden, Teil des Europäischen Wirtschaftsraums (EWR) zu sein. Regierungschef Klaus Tschütscher sprach unlängst von einer «riesigen Erfolgsgeschichte». Das das Volk habe 1992 einen weitsichtigen Entscheid gefällt.

Eine Woche nach dem Nein der Schweiz, am 13. Dezember 1992, befürwortete das «Ländle» den EWR-Beitritt mit knapp 56 Prozent Ja-Stimmen. Und im April 1995 billigte das Stimmvolk die Beitrittsbedingungen mit einem fast identischen Ja-Anteil.

Fürst und Regierung uneinig

Kaum ein Thema mehr ist, wie tief der EWR beziehungsweise der Abstimmungstermin darüber die Innenpolitik in den Grundfesten erschütterte. Regierung und Parlament auf der einen und das Staatsoberhaupt, Fürst Hans-Adam II., auf der anderen Seite überwarfen sich heillos.

Strittig war, ob Liechtenstein vor oder nach der Schweiz abstimmen sollte, mit der das Fürstentum über eine Zoll- und Währungsunion verbunden ist. Der Fürst pochte auf eine eigenständige Aussenpolitik und eine Abstimmung vor dem Urnengang in der Schweiz, die Regierung auf eine Abstimmung eine Woche danach. Die Parteien konnten sich nicht einigen. Liechtenstein steuerte Ende Oktober 1992 geradewegs auf eine Staatskrise zu.

Fürst Hans-Adam II. stellte der Regierung mit Regierungschef Hans Brunhart auf dem Gipfel des Zerwürfnisses ein Ultimatum: Entweder setze sie den Abstimmungstermin vor jenem in der Schweiz an, oder sie werde entlassen und das Parlament (Landtag) aufgelöst. Die Staatskrise konnte in letzter Sekunde abgewendet werden.

Fürst als Diktator bezeichnet

Augenzeugen an jenem 28. Oktober 1992 beschrieben die Szenerie in Vaduz als fast «gespenstisch». Der Fürst verliess das Schloss über dem Hauptort zu Verhandlungen im Regierungsgebäude. Als das Staatsoberhaupt im Vaduzer «Städtle» eintraf, empfingen ihn rund 2000 Personen. Es waren Pfiffe zu hören.

«Wir wollen unsere Regierung – aber keinen Diktator, der das Volk nicht braucht», war auf einem Transparent zu lesen. Nach einer Stunde war der Spuk vorüber. Ein überparteiliches Komitee hatte einen Kompromiss erarbeitet, dem Parlament, Regierung und Fürst zustimmten. Die Lösung lautete: Liechtenstein stimmt eine Woche nach der Schweiz ab. Parlament und Regierung setzen sich selbst bei einem Schweizer Nein für den EWR-Beitritt Liechtensteins ein. (sda)>

An article of "View" (Blick) about the topic "20 years of EEA" in Liechtenstein from May 13, 2012 is even speaking that Liechtenstein had a "boom" by EEA:

<20 years after the vote for EEA: Head of government of Liechtenstein considers EEA as a huge success

from: Blick online; May 13, 2012;

<VADUZ - 20 years after the voters of Liechtenstein said Yes to European Economic Area (EEA) head of government Klaus Tschütscher is striking an enthusiastic balance. EEA provoked a boom as it was never expected before.

After getting the EEA membership economy of Liechtenstein was "growing enormously" head of government Klaus Tschütscher said in an interview with "NZZ on Sunday" (NZZ am Sonntag). The country has 36,000 inhabitants and is offering 33,000 working places. "We have converted into a regional center of jobs in Rhine Valley."

EEA treaty was like the beginning of a new area. The state's treatys of before were for ensuring souvereignty of Liechtenstein. But the EEA treaty had provoked a higher competitiveness. "The voters of Liechtenstein have taken a wise decision in 1992", Tschutscher said.

Liechtenstein said yes to EEA on December 13, 1992, with more than 56%. Only one week before Swiss voters had rejected the treaty. "After the No of Switzerland Swiss government gave the clear signal that Liechtenstein can go it's own way - and the relation with Switzerland will be remain open", Tschütscher remembers.

The disadvantages of EEA are a "flood of regulations which should not be underestimated". NOt everything is important for Liechtenstein, "or the regulations are better for big countries". In this point it is important to set priorities "and realize what is important for us."

For a country without an own airport there is no importance for example for the authorities of the airspace. Liechtenstein also has not much to pay concerning the dept crisis in Europe. With a national budget of 900 million Swiss Francs "there is no possibility to give much help." (SDA)>

<VADUZ - 20 Jahre nach dem Ja Liechtensteins zum Europäischen Wirtschaftsraum (EWR) zieht Regierungschef Klaus Tschütscher für sein Land eine enthusiastische Bilanz. Der EWR habe zu einem Boom geführt, wie ihn selbst die kühnsten Befürworter nicht erwartet hätten.

Die Liechtensteiner Volkswirtschaft habe nach dem EWR-Beitritt «enorme Wachstumsraten» verzeichnet, sagte Regierungschef Klaus Tschütscher im Interview mit der «NZZ am Sonntag». Bei 36'000 Einwohnern stelle das Land über 33'000 Arbeitsplätze zur Verfügung. «Wir sind zu einem regionalen Arbeitgeberzentrum im Rheintal geworden.»

Der EWR-Vertrag habe eine neue Ära eingeleitet. Seien die Staatsverträge vorher darauf ausgerichtet gewesen, die Souveränität Liechtensteins zu sichern, habe die Mitgliedschaft im EWR die Wettbewerbsfähigkeit gestärkt. «Das Liechtensteiner Stimmvolk hat 1992 einen weitsichtigen Entscheid gefällt», sagte Tschütscher.

Liechtenstein sagte am 13. Dezember 1992 mit rund 56% Ja zum EWR-Beitritt. Nur eine Woche zuvor hatte das Schweizer Stimmvolk den Vertrag bachab geschickt. «Nach dem Nein der Schweiz erhielten wir vom Bundesrat klare Signale, dass Liechtenstein seinen eigenen Weg gehen kann - und die Offenheit zur Schweiz gewahrt bleibt», erinnert sich Tschütscher.

Die Nachteile des EWR sieht Tschütscher im einer «nicht zu unterschätzenden Regulierungsflut». Nicht alles davon sei für Liechtenstein wichtig, «oder es ist auf grössere Länder zugeschnitten». Hier gelte es, Prioritäten zu setzen, «und erst mal das umzusetzen, was für unsere Interessen wichtig ist.»

Für ein Land ohne eigenen Flughafen erübrige sich beispielsweise eine Behörde zur Überwachung des Luftraumes. Auch bleibt Liechtenstein laut Tschütscher von Beitragsforderungen Europas zur Bewältigung der Schuldenkrise verschont. Mit einem Landes-Budget von 900 Millionen Franken «können wir nicht mit Finanzhilfen aufwarten». (SDA)>

Other states in EEA: Island

Reykjavik in Island
Reykjavik in Island [16]

A short time ago on June 15, 2013 Island decided that the application for a membership in EU will be withdrawn because democracy would be more important than EU. But Island remains in EEA because this seems to be acceptable.

Idea: bankrupt EU countries can go on in EEA without problems

Principally some EU countries which are bankrupt would have a good life leaving EU and living only in EEA. So they remain integrated but they will have their own currency.

May be that complete EU which is undermined by mafia and dreamers will collapse and will be EEA at the end as it had been reasonable from the beginning. But Switzerland is going on being nowhere a member. Liechteinstein has more development than Switzerland...

As long as this Nazi party SVP is existing Switzerland should be consequently excluded and boycotted because one cannot live in peace in this Nazi state of Switzerland.

There is no advertising with criminals.

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