There is no advertising with criminals.

As long as this Nazi party SVP is existing Switzerland should be consequently excluded and boycotted because one cannot live in peace in this Nazi state of Switzerland.

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Criminal Fascist Nazi SVP (Swiss Popular Party) 01: against Germans

Obstinates with a billionaire - a sect with lies, half truths, manipulations, bribes, propaganda against foreigners without end, propaganda against Germans without end, criminal damage, threats, megalomania - a criminal Nazi Swiss popular party - or better party of complete idiots

Part 1: Propaganda without end of criminal Blocher SVP against Germans - and Swiss justice and German government are not intervening - but they like atomic power plants and speed without limits

Contact for victims in Switzerland:

ogo of SVP with a laws, a sun, a flag
                          and the phrase of "Swiss Quality"
                          ("Schweizer Qualität"), party of
                          middle class [4]. All these symbols are only
                          symbols and are a lie!
Logo of SVP with a laws, a sun, a flag and the phrase of "Swiss Quality" ("Schweizer Qualität"), party of middle class [4]. All these symbols are only symbols and are a lie!

Propagandist Christoph Blocher, a
                          portrait, a racist propagandist and
                          billionaire of SVP [1], a complete idiot
Propagandist Christoph Blocher, a portrait, a racist propagandist and billionaire of SVP [1], a complete idiot

Alexander Segert in 2001 [5], this
                          portrait is about a German Nazi idiot making
                          the propaganda for this Nazi SVP. He is the
                          main responsible of racist SVP advertising and
                          of racist SVP propaganda posters in the Nazi
                          colors of black, red and white (like the Nazi
Alexander Segert in 2001 [5], this portrait is about a German Nazi idiot making the propaganda for this Nazi SVP. He is the main responsible of racist SVP advertising and of racist SVP propaganda posters in the Nazi colors of black, red and white (like the Nazi flag)

Katrin Wilde [19], she was a radio
                          operator from Saarbrücken from Germany working
                          with Radio Energy in Zurich, but only for 3
Katrin Wilde [19], she was a radio operator from Saarbrücken from Germany working with Radio Energy in Zurich, but only for 3 months

The town of Zurich (Blocher's Town) has a special Nazi tradition with Nazi party SVP as it's center: propaganda against foreigners and against Germans

Switzerland was NOT denazified in 1945. SVP is not denazified until today.

Wise members of SVP can change to the party of BDP reducing this eternal SVP racism.


by Michael Palomino (2013)



Eternal propaganda of criminal Blocher SVP against Germans - and Swiss justice and German government are never intervening

The task of a propaganda party like SVP is creating simple enemy stereotypes presenting them in the population provoking fear in the population and being always topic number one. That's why criminal SVP is always attacking "the Germans" again and again, in advertisings and on posters, with half truths and with lies etc., and Swiss justice is never acting against this propaganda.

Calculation is simple: SVP pretends to be the "protector" of Switzerland. They are presenting foreigners again and again as criminals, and some few events are omnipresent then within the media and the population, and the good actions performed by foreigners are never mentioned deliberately. Many Swiss believe this Nazi SVP shit. Not only this: Some Swiss lost their brain by their beer consumption and then these Swiss without brain are even provoked to make actions with damages against Germans or to make threats. All this is not important to SVP. The goal is the result of the election and nothing more.

Swiss justice is not protecting "the Germans", because Swiss anti racism law is not mentioning nations as worth protecting groups. The law is giving a tolerance for private discussions, but Nazi party of SVP is exploiting this legal gap shamelessly also in public and Swiss justice is not acting against this. Thus Jews are protected, but Germans, Yugoslavs and Turks are not protected. Why not? Because SVP often also is dominating Swiss justice courts, also police and also secret service. Propaganda against foreigners is a steady part of SVP propaganda work, and it seems that Swiss lawyers are always manipulated because they accept this propaganda against nations until today (2013). Also the devaluating term of "marginal group" was invented by propagandist SVP and has never been criticized or forbidden by Swiss justice.

Main representatives of propagandist SVP in Switzerland - a party of complete idiots and their assistants
When there are politicians without education playing with much money - then comes SVP - lying like a trooper damaging Switzerland -
only with money they are top - but any wisdom about sociology and history is missing.
Propagandist Christoph Blocher, portrait,
                          racist billionaire of SVP
Propagandist Christoph Blocher, portrait, racist billionaire
of SVP [1]
Christoph Mörgeli a racist
                          "historian" putting racist comments
                          and questions, portrait
Christoph Mörgeli a racist  "historian" putting racist comments and questions, portrait [2]
Without knowledge and with blanket
                          judgments, Natalie Rickli, portrait
Without knowledge and with blanket judgments, Natalie Rickli, portrait [3]
ogo of SVP with a
                            laws, a sun, a flag and the phrase of
                            "Swiss Quality" ("Schweizer
                            Qualität"), party of middle class [4].
                            All these symbols are only symbols and are a
Logo of SVP with a laws, a sun, a flag and the phrase of "Swiss Quality" ("Schweizer Qualität"), party of middle class [4]. All these symbols are only symbols and are a lie!
Alexander Segert in 2001 [5], this
                          portrait is about a German Nazi idiot making
                          the propaganda for this Nazi SVP[5]
Alexander Segert in 2001 [5], this portrait is about a German Nazi idiot making the propaganda for this Nazi SVP. He is the main responsible of racist SVP advertising and of racist SVP propaganda posters in the Nazi colors of black, red and white (like the Nazi flag). Foreigners are presented on his posters mostly in black giving them a "terrific" effect. Segert is a German. He studied German philology with diploma in university of Constance, but he has no knowledge in history nor sociology, and SVP bosses believe him all and accept everything as long as voter quotes are rising - because SVP bosses never studies history nor sociology either. Stupidity is meeting stupidity for racist festivals. Facts concerning Nazi SVP are OBVIOUS. There is one "historian" but hiding and excusing any collaboration of Switzerland with Third Reich and is manipulating much more...

General Poster
                              Company of Switzerland[6]  New Zurich Newspaper (NZZ) , Logo[7]  Daily News (Tagesanzeiger), Logo[8]  Daily of Zurich Town (Tagblatt der
                              Stadt Zürich), Logo[9]
General Poster Company of Switzerland (German: Allgemeine Plakatgesellschaft, APG) is posting all posters with SVP racism, thus whole Switzerland is posted and terrorized and the whole population is affected by this racist terrorism since 20 years now. APC is making best business with this racist SVP. And newspapers are also printing most racist SVP advertisings also making big profits with this SVP, above all the newspapers from Zurich: New Zurich Newspaper (NZZ) [7], Daily News (Tagesanzeiger) [8] and Daily of Zurich Town (Tagblatt) [9]. They are printing ANY propaganda stating that this has to be because of "freedom of speech".

And criminal Swiss justice states groups of nationalities would not be protected by Swiss law and is permitting any propaganda against foreigners and members of nationalities: against Germans, Turks, Yugoslavs, Albanians etc. There is no protection of foreigners in this Switzerland, and this is violating any human rights of foreigners in Switzerland. Violation of personality is reaching the hearts. And propaganda is not only the only thing.

Most fans of SVP are good in cooking, there are some sports, but sometimes they are more a beer drinker and TV watcher and a comfortable motor biker. Often healthy food is not dominant with SVP members and fattiness is not rare with them. SVP is stressing the "we" feeling with beer and bar and with a leader's cult and with obedience - since 1992 since 20 years now! Further education is missing, natural medicine is missing, blood group nutrition is missing, social education is missing - only concerning money they know the point and they are top having saved Swiss Franc from EURO, but since 2011 Swiss Franc is fixed with EURO which is collapsing. Partly SVP members are smoking yet and health prevention is not so spread. This means they suffer many diseases in the age charging health system. Sports is a focus of SVP people, active or as public with the beer glass in the hand. Reading is not spread. Thus a big majority of SVP is stupid - and also their propaganda is stupid analyzing it precisely.

Logo of SVP - all is a lie

Logo of
                        SVP with a laws, a sun, a flag and the phrase of
                        "Swiss Quality" ("Schweizer
                        Qualität"), party of middle class [4]. All
                        these symbols are only symbols and are a lie!
Logo of SVP with a laws, a sun, a flag and the phrase of "Swiss Quality" ("Schweizer Qualität"), party of middle class [4]. All these symbols are only symbols and are a lie! 

Lies, lies, lies.
Unfortunately all statements are a lie here in this logo, also the statement "party of middle class" is a lie. SVP is hardly supporting middle class but above all big industry and is making propaganda against foreigners.

Unfortunately also the statement of "Swiss Quality" (Schweizer Qualität) is not so true because SVP is also for atomic plants and for poison pharma industry with amalgam and pesticides and with everything what is a poison. Pesticides on the meadow are contaminating Swiss earth, Swiss fruits and Swiss vegetables and Swiss waters are also contaminated and also humans.That means that this green meadow should be with a skull.

SVP principally is NEVER supporting any statement for the protection of environment but is fighting it with everything. They want "American" motorways with 8 lanes, they are the party of atomic waste and contamination of environment without end with pesticide and traffic with many 4 wheel driven cars and the best would be without any speed limits. That means that this sun in the logo cannot be seen well.

Concerning mental contamination of environment this racist SVP is a fascist world champion defending any bank secret for the rich of the world and the whole world remains in poverty. It can be admitted that the racism of SVP is even worse than racism of right extreme republicans in the "U.S.A."...

                        member Widmer-Schlumpf from canton of Grisons,
Government member Widmer-Schlumpf from canton of Grisons, portrait [10]
Logo of
                        BDP, middle class democrat party
                        (Bürgerlich-Demokratische Partei) of
Logo of BDP, middle class democrat party (Bürgerlich-Demokratische Partei) of Switzerland [11]

Since 1992 this propaganda tactic is going on in the Zurich part of SVP which provoked a fight with the section of Berne with government member of Adolf Ogi who never wanted to accept the right wing extremist propaganda of racist Blocher group. After eliminating Christoph Blocher as a government member in 2007 - who never accepted the principles of being a government member but who was intervening on and on in propaganda matters of his racist party - and after the election of Mrs. Schlumpf of SVP of the canton of Grisons, the Zurich SVP wanted to exclude Mrs. Schlumpf from the party. This was not possible. Then the extremist racist part of Zurich SVP was promoting the exclusion of the whole section of Grisons SVP, so they founded the more moderate political party of BDP. Other cantons also founded sections of BDP.

BDP is active within the political processes and is the proof that the propaganda of racist Blocher is SUPERFLUOUS. That means that Mr. Blocher and his propagandist Alexander Segert are principally in a mental disorder, because they waste millions of money for their propaganda advertisings and lying posters. And racist and billionaire Blocher is bothering on and on also the canton of Berne with his racist advertising and posters. Blocher is never stopping his racist shit on his toilet which is going on since 20 years since 1992 now when he manipulated the Swiss population in such a strong way so EEA was canceled (with 50.3%). Since this moment Blocher is against any German with any kind of propaganda. Blocher is a cruel human being, like a political pitbull. And around him - there are more political pitbulls. This will be more clear later.

But the big problems of Switzerland are not solved. Not one single political party is watching the crucial points making a balance between rich and poor and the points with the criminality of foreigners. SVP is simply making the big part of propaganda, but SVP never presents solutions. Without wisdom in sociology and only with an egoist mentality of bank secret there will never be any social solution. We will see later where the big points are.

Swiss law does NOT protect foreigners from propaganda against foreigners - Schengen agreement - German claims for data of German tax defrauders - and Blocher is making his eternal propaganda against Germans

Basically there is the big fault that Swiss government nor Swiss justice nor German government are intervening against this propaganda against Germans in Switzerland, and on an international level this is never mentioned either - and this propaganda was never rated "racist". Swiss anti racism law is not protecting nations from propaganda, and German government is laughing about Germans living in Switzerland because German government is rating them as traitors having left their country...

Since about 2005 since the vote about free movement of people Blocher is making propaganda against Germans constantly who can come to Switzerland without border control as also Swiss people can go to Germany. Many Germans had a job in Switzerland because jobs were free. This was not accepted by SVP that there were so many Germans. They were simply lying at Swiss population that Germans would steal jobs to Swiss people.

Additionally German politician Steinbrück (Socialist SPD) was attacking Swiss bank secret and wanted to have data of German tax defrauders which should not be protected by criminal Switzerland any more. But SVP was always protecting foreign tax defrauders, was protecting any money launderer, any drug money, any mafia money, any money of women trafficking and any money of weapon trafficking, because when money comes in this is "good for Switzerland", this is the meaning of SVP. In this situation with free movement of people at the border with Schengen agreement and with the constant claim of Germany for data of German tax defrauders Switzerland got into a political situation against Germans. And the situation was not only managed with words, but there were threats, lies, damage to German cars, and mobbing. Mr. Mörgeli - a secret racist and "historian" - wanted to keep the criminal bank secret protecting any German tax defrauder. Also he wants to keep any criminal money in Swiss banks, and the Swiss banksters, the most criminal people of Switzerland who are protecting any International Crime with money laundering for everything, they did not want to talk about German tax defrauders...

Peer Steinbrück was
                        minister of finance in Germany, socialist from
                        SPD, portrait
Peer Steinbrück was minister of finance in Germany, socialist from SPD, portrait [12]
Sigmar Gabriel from
                        SPD, portrait
Sigmar Gabriel from SPD, portrait [13]

Both claimed that criminal Switzerland should show more solidarity catching German tax defrauders so German tax payers would also contribute to the German society. Well, this will not stop the breakdown of EURO...

Mr. Steinbrück with cavalry and natives in 2009

In 2009 Mr. Peer Steinbrück was stating that he wanted to catch German tax defrauders and said there will be a "cavalry" against the "country of the natives" - but the rich of the whole world are storing their funds in this country leaving their populations in poverty. He wanted more solidarity of Switzerland concerning the fight against tax fraud threatening Switzerland putting it on the black list of fiscal paradises of OECD: This would be in a certain way "the seventh cavalry of Yuma which can start but not has to start in any case. The Indians only have to know that it is existing" (orig. in German: "die siebte Kavallerie vor Yuma, die man ausreiten lassen kann, aber die muss nicht unbedingt ausreiten. Die Indianer müssen nur wissen, dass es sie gibt.")

Socialist boss of SPD in Germany, Sigmar Gabriel claimed some years later on September 9, 2012, clearly that any protection of tax fraud in groups is NOT a little crime in Germany but some Swiss people could land in jail for some years in Germany. Quotation:
See the news "Steinbrück zieht in den Banken-Wahlkampf" or "Wie will die SPD das Steinbrück-Problem lösen",10808230,18401598.html

<We need a focus with our national prosecution service with it's General Prosecutor for fighting tax crimes in the whole state. Tax fraud in groups can provoke a penalty of 10 years of jail. And the big banks in Switzerland are precisely doing this: committing tax fraud in groups concealing billions. This is an organized crime and has to be pursued consequently.>
(original in German: <Wir brauchen eine Schwerpunktstaatsanwaltschaft beim Generalbundesanwalt, die Steuerkriminalität bundesweit verfolgt. Bandenmäßige Steuerhinterziehung wird mit bis zu zehn Jahren Haft bestraft. Und was Großbanken auch aus der Schweiz tun, ist nichts anderes als bandenmäßige Steuerhinterziehung in Milliardenhöhe. Das organisierte Kriminalität, die konsequent verfolgt werden muss. >)
Then there were Swiss whistleblowers handing out CDs with Swiss banking data to German prosecution service omitting destructive Swiss bank secret, and this provoked even more pressure in the whole situation - and criminal political party of SVP and mentally retarded Christoph Blocher started new propaganda against Germans and for the criminal bank secret.

Tax agreement did not come - but there was a Hoeness effect

                        Hoeness from FC Bayern
Uli Hoeness from FC Bayern [14] had committed tax fraud in Switzerland and was catched, and after an appeal 100s of Germans were declaring their tax frauds in German offices. This is "Hoeness Effect"...
Well, Germany and Switzerland had negotiations about a tax agreements for the concealed funds. The agreement had protected any German tax defrauder from a punishment. Additionally Switzerland had had the freedom how much money will be indicated, and it is "normal" in Switzerland that nobody is declaring all. Thus Socialist party of SPD was rejecting this "tax deal" with Switzerland and today we have "Hoeness Effect" and many German tax defrauders are declaring their tax fraud deliberately at German authorities. During this time SVP propaganda was going on and on with advertisings of SVP propagandist Alexander Segert against foreigners and above all against Germans. Swiss justice did NOT do ANYTHING against this propaganda against foreigners but was protecting the criminal bank secret and the propaganda against Germans at the same time. And this had consequences for Germans in Switzerland, because primitive alcoholic SVP Swiss not reading anything but only drinking beer and watching TV meant they should "do" something now.

Damage to German property in Switzerland - intimidation and threats against Germans in Switzerland

Propaganda against Germans in criminal racist political party of SVP provoked more and more anti-German attacks against Germans who NEVER had done ANYTHING to Swiss people. To the contrary: Germans are engineers and workers for big tunnel projects. Germans are even in leading positions where is no Swiss. Germans are also working in hospitals and in old age homes - because Switzerland is simply educating too less medical doctors. Since the introduction of free movement of people by Schengen agreement Germans in Zurich were a strong group where the number of Germans was almost doubled. But all in all the number of Germans was not even the half of Italians in Switzerland. It seems that SVP immigration police of Zurich was only watching day by day how many Germans came collaborating in the propaganda against Germans. And principally Germans never were without job in Zurich but they had jobs where was no other person, the jobs were FREE, also in leading positions with responsibility. University of Zurich is regularly advertising for free jobs at University of Zurich in the German newspaper "Times" ("Die Zeit"). But racist SVP Swiss people never can accept a German as their boss. They are manipulated against high German language so they get an aversion against high German and they claim this would not "match" to Switzerland, also when Germans are doing everything for Switzerland and are working with a perfect efficiency which is never performed by southern Europeans. Mentally retarded propagandist Blocher and his "little brothers" are completely blocking a peaceful life between Swiss and Germans and are blocking the mutual learning process.

The dark figure of crime of criminal Swiss against Germans - may be the factor of 10

The official criminal cases of attacks against Germans are only the cases when the affected German had the courage to report the case to the police. The following news only report the official reported cases of racist action of criminal and manipulated Swiss people against Germans. Thus the dark figure of crime of criminal Swiss against Germans may be the factor of 10. Racism of SVP became absolutely crazy now.

Racist orientated Swiss claimed that Germans wanted to be the "master" in Switzerland

Here is a racist reader's voice of a crazy racist Swiss, probably from SVP, claiming that Germans want to be "masters" in Switzerland only because they also have leading positions. This is regulars' table beer racism of SVP which is "normal" in this primitive political party.

<The flood of Germans cannot be compared with the Italians who came in the 1970s. Italians were for seasons - and then they returned home. But Germans are staying and sit in Switzerland ... and are joking about us - are taking leading positions, hospitals, universities - they will be the upper class of Switzerland - the masters of the Nazis will win ->
(original in German:
<Die Deutschen-Schwemme ist nicht zu vergleichen mit den Italienern in den 70 er. Dies waren Saisonniers - die gingen wieder nach Hause, die Deutschen bleiben, sitzen aus … und verspotten uns - übernehmen Manager-Posten, Spitäler, Universitäten - sie werden die Elite der Schweiz - die Herrenmenschen der Nazis werden gewinnen - >)
Well, there is the question how Germans should behave in this racist Switzerland with this shit of SVP: because when Germans are doing their job well it's not right, and when they make faults it's not right either. And thus it's clear: racist SVP with it's envy complex against Germans is THE PROBLEM in this case. SVP is racist and mentally retarded. Germans are ALWAYS guilty for this mentally retarded SVP. And the correction of this propaganda of lies is this:

Blog meadow (Blogwiese), Logo[15]

<Italians are the double than the Germans in Switzerland

Jens-Rainer Wiese, an intelligent German in analysis in Switzerland living over 10 years in Switzerland already is writing in his blog "Blog Meadow" (German: "Blogwiese") the correction:

<This writer omits that Italians also have stayed and are the biggest group of foreigners in many locations in Switzerland. A number of the year of 2000 indicates 527,817 Italians in Switzerland. During the last year the Germans equaled the Italians in the town of Zurich. But considering whole Switzerland Italians are the double than Germans in the country [...] and concerning the "takeover" of being managers: those people are hired in Germany itself, they are catched by Swiss recruiters and headhunters because there are no intelligent qualified Swiss people for these jobs on the market, and because the needs of Swiss economy and hospitals cannot be satisfied in another way. The newspaper "View of the Evening" ("Blick am Abend") from July 7, 2008, was reporting about job advertising in the German weekly "The Times" ("Die Zeit") where there was an urgent search for university professors for the Technical High School (ETH) of Zurich.>
(original in German:
<Doppelt so viel Italiener im Land als Deutsche
Jens-Rainer Wiese, ein gescheiter und analytisch begabter Deutscher in der Schweiz, der schon über 10 Jahre in der Schweiz lebt, schreibt auf seinem Blog "Blogwiese" die notwendige Ergänzung:

<Der Schreiber übersieht, dass die Italiener sehr wohl geblieben sind und vielerorts nach wie vor die grösste Gruppe der Ausländer stellen. Eine Zahl von 2000 gibt 527.817 an. In Zürich wurde die Anzahl der Italiener erst im letzten Jahr von den Deutschen eingeholt. Schweizweit sind immer noch mehr als doppelt so viel Italiener als Deutsche im Land. [...] was das “Übernehmen” der Manager-Posten angeht: Diese Leute werden angeworben in Deutschland, werden von Schweizer Personalvermittlern und Headhuntern ins Land geholt, weil es keine eine genügend grosse Zahl von qualifizierten Schweizer Bewerbern einfach nicht gibt auf dem Arbeitsmarkt, und weil der dringende Bedarf der Wirtschaft und Spitäler sonst nicht anders gedeckt werden könnte. “Blick am Abend” vom 07.07.08 berichtete über die Stellenanzeigen in der Deutschen Wochenzeitung “Die ZEIT”, mit welcher händeringend Hochschulprofessoren für die ETH in Zürich gesucht werden. >

But Italians coming 30 years ago would be loved more because Italian sounds more beautiful than German. But in the first years Italians were not loved at all but racist Swiss people (also SVP) were making popular votes against them calling them also "chingg" (abrogated from the Italian word of "cinque" meaning "five").

Thus one can see that Switzerland is not talented in analysis and truth is not wanted but the culprit and manipulator of SVP does not want to be detected. Swiss people cannot analyze because when they would say the truth their job would be in danger, and when they say something against SVP the job is also in danger.

Then one has to know also this: Italian immigrants could win sympathies with Italian cooking and with Italian restaurants. When Germans are more intellectual and are working in the higher services, they are not opening German restaurants but they are managing industries. But this does not please to mentally retarded and racist SVP of Blocher and Segert that Germans are managing big industries in Switzerland. And racist Swiss of SVP do not want to have German doctors. Well, we have to remember: Why this situation is like this? Because there was no Swiss applicant...

One can see that racist SVP is operating only with the figures of immigration authority making propaganda against Germans provoking fear in Swiss population. But the real truth and sociological connections are not presented by SVP because then any propaganda against foreigners would not be possible. Therefore the members of political party of racist SVP don't like to read because otherwise they would be urged to correct their racism and would become more intelligent. And it seems that the main propagandist of SVP, the Nazi Alexander Segert designing the advertisings and posters in the Nazi colors of black and red and white really did not read any further book but his germanistic study books in his life, but he is simply trusting to the racist bosses, Christoph Blocher and Christoph Mörgeli. Otherwise he would not make his Nazi advertisings and his Nazi posters.

The effects of criminal SVP propaganda against Germans came promptly:

April 9, 2008: tires of German cars stabbed

This news "Again Tires of Germans Stabbed" ("Erneut Deutschen die Pneus zerstochen") from the newspaper 20 minutes (20 Minuten) is indicating that there were cases already before where tires of German cars have been stabbed.

It can be admitted that the culprits were no Socialists and no Liberals, but they came probably from the criminal motor bike gangs or there were undercover agents of criminal SVP. May be there was even a reward for every German car which was damaged - and this can really be with this racist and criminal SVP. Quotation:

<Again tires of cars with German license plate have been stabbed. Many Germans are in an always less comfortable situation in Switzerland. There are stabbed tires, there are broken side-view mirrors, there are scratches in the car paint: More than a dozen of cars were damaged in the night of 6 April in Zurich district of Wipkingen. "Only cars with German license plate are affected" the police speaker Marco Cortesi was confirming in the newspaper of New Zurich News (NZZ).>
(orig. German:
<Schon wieder sind gezielt die Pneus von Autos mit deutschem Kennzeichen zerstochen worden. Für viele Deutsche wird es immer ungemütlicher in der Schweiz. Zerstochene Reifen, abgerissene Seitenspiegel und Kratzer im Lack: Rund ein Dutzend Autos sind in der Nacht auf den 6. April in Zürich-Wipkingen beschädigt worden. «Es handelt sich ausschliesslich um Fahrzeuge mit deutschem Kennzeichen», bestätigt Stapo-Sprecher Marco Cortesi eine Meldung der «NZZ».>)
And the dark number of the not reported cases may be the factor of 10.

November 8, 2009: An example how criminal racist SVP members are making propaganda against Germans: mentally retarded Mr. Blocher is shouting against "flood of Germans"

Redneck Blocher is not intelligent, but he is rich. Well, for getting rich not much intelligence is needed. But for making intelligent policy a big education is needed. Mr. Blocher really does NOT have this education. He does not want it either. When Swiss universities in Germany are looking for professors, Mr. Blocher thinks that this would be a violation of Swiss spirit. Blocher does not want German professors but he likes more Yugoslav workers on building sites because the latter are more similar to his intelligence quotient (IQ).

At November 8, 2009, Mr. redneck and billionaire Blocher was reported in the whole Swiss press that he would be against the free immigration of Germans to Switzerland because Germans would "dominate" Swiss universities.

<Former government member Christoph Blocher stated that the agreement of free movement of people with European Union should be canceled. He attacks above all the flood of Germans.>
(orig. in German:
<Alt Bundesrat Christoph Blocher fordert die Kündigung des Abkommens über die Personenfreizügigkeit mit der Europäischen Union. Er hat vor allem die Flut an Deutschen im Visier.>)
But the complex of inferiority is very big with this complete idiot redneck Blocher. His grandparents were also German immigrants coming from Baden Wurttemberg, and he cannot speak German well in a fast way. But making money he is very good. That's why he likes Yugoslav workers on building sites...

December 9, 2009: racist manipulated action of Swiss people: Germans are "honked" and attacked - German radio presentress are attacked in any kind with hostilities, stabbed tires, broken car windows and with threats
(from the news: German migrants are not very loved in Switzerland (German: Deutsche Auswanderer sind nicht sehr beliebt in der Schweiz)

<Zurich - Cars with German license plate are honked, German workmates are badly addressed, letters with threats are sent - Swiss people do not seem to be in joy about the German immigrants. [...] There are also reports that cars with German license plates are honked. And a car window of a German car was broken and even tires were stabbed. Some Germans also report mobbing at their working station.>
(original in German:
<Zürich - Autos mit deutschen Kennzeichen werden angehupt, deutsche Kollegen werden blöd angeredet, Drohbriefe werden verschickt - die Schweizer scheinen nicht gerade begeistert von deutschen Einwanderern zu sein. [...] Es wird berichtet, dass Autos mit BRD-Kennzeichen schon mal angehupt werden. Zudem wurde ein Autofenster eines BRD-Autos eingeschlagen und sogar Reifen zerstochen. Einige Deutsche berichten zudem von blöden Sprüchen am Arbeitsplatz.>)
German speaking radio presentresses at Swiss radio were systematically insulted and intimidated by criminal SVP agitators, also when they understood Swiss German. But SVP is performing an own "foreign policy" intimidating German radio presentresses at Swiss radio in a criminal way so after stabbed tires, after a broken car window and after several threats she was taking their flight from this racist Switzerland. There is a criminal and racist policy of SVP with all minority complexes which are not treated until today psychologically. Quotation:

<Even playmate Alena Gerber from Munich is confronted with stupid mobbing. She was moderating a broadcast on the channel "" (""). Swiss Popular Party (SVP) was heavily criticizing the radio presentress: She would not speak Swiss German and would have a typical German arrogance. But the nice blondie has passed even a course in Swiss German - and understands the language without problems. But SVP would like that Swiss people would always be privileged concerning jobs in Switzerland.>
(orig. in German:
<Selbst das Playmate Alena Gerber aus München bleibt von diesen dumme Sprüchen nicht verschont. Sie moderiert in der Schweiz eine Sendung auf Die Schweizer Volkspartei kritisierte die Moderatorin stark: Sie spreche kein Schweizerdeutsch und habe eine typisch deutsche Arroganz. Dabei hat die hübsche Blondine bereits einen Kurs in Schweizerdeutsch belegt - und sie versteht die Sprache mühelos. Die SVP hätte aber gerne, dass Schweizer bei der Arbeitsplatzvergabe bevorzugt werden sollten.>)

                          Gerber, portrait
Alena Gerber, portrait [16]

Katrin Wilde [17], radio presentress at
                          Radio Energy for only 3 months
Katrin Wilde [17], radio presentress at Radio Energy for only 3 months

Mobbing, damage to property and threats against German radio presentress Katrin Wilde

The article goes on:

<Radio presentress Katrin Wilde from Radio Energy was confronted heavily with this racist Swiss mentality. After three months already she left Switzerland the Internet web site of Swiss TV reports - because there were stabbed tires and threats.>

(orig. in German:
<Moderatorin Katrin Wilde von Radio Energy bekam diese Einstellung verstärkt zu spüren. Sie verließ die Schweiz nach nur dreimonatigem Aufenthalt, berichtet die Internetseite wegen zerstochener Autoreifen und Drohungen.>

After doing some more search in the Internet the following facts come out about Katrin:

Katrin Wilde came from Saarbrücken in Germany and wanted to be happy in Switzerland. She was taken from Radio Energy and was working in the "Morning Show" ("Morgenshow").

The boss of the radio station, Dani Büchi, indicated that when there are 22.000 Germans living in Zurich it should be acceptable to have a High German voice at a Swiss radio station (news: There Was Mobbed a Radio Presentress Already Before (orig. in German: Schon einmal wurde eine Moderatorin gemobbt):

<At August 20, 2007, Katrin Wilde was anchoring her morning show at Radio Energy the first time. "When there live over 22.000 Germans in the town of Zurich a sympathetic High German voice should be acceptable in a radio station", Energy boss Dani Büchi said to the newspaper "20 minutes" and justified this: "Katrin simply was the best of all, better than all Swiss competitors. She was young, she had experience, and she was talented", he said to "Sunday NZZ". And the young presentress wanted to integrate herself very rapidly: "I am urgently looking for a dictionary German-Swiss German." But when she had her first broadcast she was only running the gauntlet.>

(orig. in German:
<Am 20. August 2007 moderierte Katrin Wilde zum ersten Mal die Morgenshow von Radio Energy. «Bei über 22 000 Deutschen in der Stadt Zürich verträgt es eine sympathische deutsche Stimme im Radio», sagte Energy-Geschäftsführer Dani Büchi damals zu 20 Minuten und doppelte nach. «Katrin war einfach besser als alle Schweizer Bewerber. Jung, erfahren und talentiert», sagte er gegenüber der «NZZ am Sonntag». Und die Jungmoderatorin wollte sich schnellstens integrieren: «Ich suche dringend ein Schweizerdeutsch-Wörterbuch.» Doch mit dem ersten Sendemorgen begann für die 22-jährige deutsche Moderatorin der Spiessrutenlauf.>)

Well, integrating to mentality of SVP would mean that she should have complexes of inferiority like SVP members all have, and this is just not possible for intellectual German people. The big fault was probably very simple: The broadcast in High German of Katrin Wilde was in the morning with a "morning show", but in the morning a national orientated Swiss wants to hear his own language, Swiss German, and only from about 10 o'clock on a national orientated Swiss heart is open for a foreign language. And for people of low intelligence High German is really a foreign language, and the more computer games, the more alcohol and the more soccer a society is consuming, the more the average intelligence quotient of a society is sinking, and just in the region of Zurich this average of intelligence is sinking dramatically. That means that Radio Energy did not consider this sociological factor of national feeling of national orientated Swiss people in the morning, and the consequences were aggressions by low intelligence Swiss people who were provoked even more by the SVP propaganda against Germans. Quotation:

<Because she was only telling her stories in High German she got several letters with threats which were given to her boss. He gave the threatening letters to the Swiss authorities. Aversion against her got it's culmination point with a broken back window of her car. In an anonymous claim of responsibility a writer suggested that she should quit her job at ENERGY.>

(orig. in German:
<Weil sie nur auf Hochdeutsch moderierte, bekam sie mehrere Drohbriefe, die vom Programmchef zur Ermittlung des Falles inzwischen den Schweizer Behörden übergeben wurden. Die Antipathie gegen sie gipfelte in der Zertrümmerung der Heckscheibe ihres Autos. In einem anonymen Bekennerschreiben wurde Ihr die Kündigung bei ENERGY Zürich empfohlen.>)

Other news about Katrin mean that the broken window had been a side window.

There are more details indicated about Katrin in the article "There Was Mobbed a Radio Presentress Already Before":
-- there were 600 e-mails
-- blaming her she would be part of an epidemic, and she should go back to Germany in a cattle transport with other Germans, or gas ovens had been forgotten during WWII
-- a car window was broken
-- there were anonymous letters
-- "no chance to Germans"
-- and after her return to Germany Katrin had a psychological breakdown in Saarbrücken.


<Within three months Mrs. Wilde receives about 600 e-mails. Some were good, others were neutral. But many were bad and racist. "And about 50 were under any level", Büchi reported to "Sunday NZZ" (NZZaS). "Three of them were with threats of life". The content of the anonymous letters were like this: "You Germans are an epidemic", "Mrs. Wilde, whey you go to your country the next time, then you take a cattle lorry and put all your compatriots in there and stay where you come from." And one level even lower: "It's a pity that gas ovens have been switched off in Germany. There you have to be."

But there were not only threats in words. Three weeks after she had begun her job in the morning show unknown people were destroying a side window of her car. "Two days later an anonymous letter came to the radio station in which was stated that this broken window had been only a warning", Katrin said in an interview with the German magazine "Focus". Police was informed. After the broken window Katrin was not leaving her house without alarm bottom with which she could inform a security service in the emergency case. And Katrin's father Richard was more and more in trouble stating this to the newspaper of 20 minutes: "First she was threatened, and now her car was demolished. What will be next?"

"No chance to Germans"

Despite of much solidarity in Radio Energy for her during the following days Katrin was very nervous and could not calm any more. In the beginning of October she claimed in an interview in "Focus": "I have the experience of stubbornness here which I did not know before. In Switzerland there are lots of people stating: Germans we don't want here, and we will not give them any chance." [That means that any work for an integration is in vain]. Katrin was not calming their critics - but the contrary was the case: the reactions were becoming even stronger. Katrin Wilde was 22 years only and took her flight to Saarbrücken to her parents. There were rumors that Katrin had a psychological breakdown and needed much calm. Katrin, this is no rumor, did never come back.>

(orig. in German:
<Innert drei Monaten erhielt Wilde gegen 600 E-Mails. Einige waren aufmunternd, andere neutral. Viele waren allerdings mies und rassistisch. «Und weitere fünfzig waren unter jeder Sau», so Büchi in der «NZZaS». «Drei davon lebensbedrohend.» Inhalt der anonymen Schreiben: «Ihr Deutschen seid eine Epidemie», «Frau Wilde, wenn Sie das nächste Mal in Ihr Land fahren, nehmen Sie den Viehtransporter, pferchen all Ihre Landsleute rein und bleiben, wo sie herkommen.» Und noch eine Schublade tiefer: «Schade, dass die Gasöfen in Deutschland abgestellt wurden. Denn da gehören Sie hin.»

Es blieb nicht nur bei verbalen Drohungen. Drei Wochen nach ihrem ersten Auftritt in der Morgenshow schlugen Unbekannte ein Seitenfenster ihres Autos ein. «Zwei Tage später kam ein anonymes Schreiben beim Sender an, in dem stand, das sei nur eine Warnung gewesen», sagte Wille in einem Interview mit dem deutschen Magazin «Focus». Die Polizei wurde eingeschaltet. Wille ging nach dem Vorfall nicht mehr ohne Alarmknopf aus dem Haus, mit dem sie im Notfall eine Sicherheitsfirma hätte alarmieren können. Und Wildes Vater Richard zeigte sich gegenüber 20 Minuten Online besorgt: «Erst wurde sie bedroht und jetzt wurde ihr Auto demoliert, was passiert als nächstes?»

«Keine Chance den Deutschen»

Trotz vielen Solidaritätsbekundungen, die bei Radio Energy in den darauffolgenden Tagen eingingen, wurde es um Wilde nicht ruhiger. Anfang Oktober beklagte sie in einem Interview im «Focus»: «Ich erlebe hier eine Borniertheit, die ich so nicht kannte. In der Schweiz gibt es eine Menge Leute, die sagen: Deutsche wollen wir hier nicht, und denen geben wir auch keine Chance.» [Das heisst, jegliche Bemühung um Integration ist vergebens]. Wilde besänftigte damit ihre Kritiker nicht – im Gegenteil. Die Reaktionen wurden noch heftiger. Katrin Wilde, damals 22 Jahre jung, flüchtete zu ihren Eltern nach Saarbrücken. Gerüchte machten die Runde, Wilde sei psychisch kollabiert und brauche viel Ruhe. Wilde, das ist kein Gerücht, kam nie wieder.>)

Radio Energy was correcting the wrong rumors.

Katrin went to the doctor and was signed off work. But this had not been a complete breakdown:

<After Katrin was complaining about Switzerland in an interview of German magazine of "Focus", the reactions had become even stronger. According to "Sunday NZZ" the German woman was looking for protection in her parent's house then in Saarbrücken and never came back. There is a rumor she had a psychological breakdown.

But her boss Dani Büchi denied any breakdown when he spoke with "" (""): "We cannot confirm this indication. She was signed off work, but this had nothing to do with the interview with 'Focus'." And the Energy boss can really imagine having another High German speaking presenter from Germany.>

(orig. in German:
<Nachdem Wilde sich in einem Interview mit dem deutschen Nachrichtenmagazin "Focus" über die Schweiz beschwerte, seien die Reaktionen noch heftiger geworden. Laut NZZaS suchte die Deutsche danach bei Ihren Eltern in Saarbrücken Schutz und kam nicht wieder. Es heisse, Wilde sei psychisch kollabiert.

Einen Zusammenbruch dementiert Dani Büchi auf Anfrage von "": "Wir können die Angaben nicht bestätigen. Sie war zwar krank geschrieben, dies hatte aber nichts mit dem Interview im 'Focus' zu tun." Der Energy-Chef kann sich auch durchaus vorstellen, wieder eine Moderatorin oder einen Moderator aus Deutschland zu engagieren.>)

There was never any compensation for propaganda against Germans because Swiss culprits have never been catched. But there must be witnesses. Perhaps also statal prosecution service has not the courage for finding out the truth because prosecution service is also dominated by SVP. There is simply nobody in Switzerland presenting the truth about this racist political party of SVP.

Mobbing against German radio presentress Alena Gerber was without success - she had a manager!

When one is investigating a little bit in the Internet with the words
Alena Gerber SVP
Katrin Wilde SVP
then one can see who was the main propagandist for this chase against two German radio presentresses: In the case of Alena Gerber it was the low intelligence human being of SVP, Mr. Erich Hess.

Alena Gerber came from Munich and she was moderating the TV broadcast "" (Swiss German: ""), and Alena was always "chatted up" in a sexual way and always her "big breasts" were mentioned which seemed not to be real but were always very well presented. Alena Gerber was sexy and the broadcast of belonged to the German edition of Axel Springer. Thus there was never any violent mood against Alena. Low intelligence human being of Swiss Popular Party of Zurich (SVP Zurich), Erich Hess, was provoking in a news of (, "didsch" is the word for German in Swiss Wales region), he just stated, Alena Gerber should work in Germany. But - as it's normal in racist Nazi SVP - he did not consider many things:

                        Hess [18], portrait of a propagandist and
                        racist, a lorry driver

Erich Hess [18], portrait of a propagandist and racist, a lorry driver, leader of right wing Young SVP in Zurich. He is a systematic propagandist against foreigners and Germans, without any higher education - a fellow of racist Christoph Blocher...

Probably he initiated the criminal mobbing, attacks and threats against Katrin Wilde.
<Erich Hess said to the German newspaper "Picture" ("Bild"): "Alena Gerber has a typical German arrogance! [Self esteem is arrogance because SVP people often has no self esteem]. In Swiss media stations Swiss moderators have to work. She should look for a job in Germany and should not remain with us." This statement Mr. Hess said in High German and he forgot that the complete Swiss law is in High German and that in Swiss Parliament High German is spoken.> [so also French and Italian speaking Swiss can understand the texts].
(orig. in German: „Alena Gerber hat eine typisch deutsche Arroganz! Auf Schweizer Sender gehören Schweizer Moderatoren. Sie soll sich eine Stelle in Deutschland suchen, nicht bei uns bleiben“. Das hat der Herr Hess auf Hochdeutsch gesagt und dabei vergessen, dass die gesamte Schweizerische Verfassung und Gesetzgebung auf Hochdeutsch geschrieben sind und man auch im Parlament Hochdeutsch spricht.>)

Well, the fact is this: Erich Hess is a lorry driver and is showing himself in a suit with tie. There is nothing more with him.

Well, it's absolutely sad for him because when he is ambitious he should have an education at an university. But further education is not wanted in this party of SVP. They would risk to be taught by German professors. In the Internet there are online universities - in High German and in English. Also there Mr. Hess will have difficulties...

With Alena Gerber there was nothing to fight for racist Erich Hess. She had a boyfriend in Munich and could not be "reached". And she was organized and protected by a manager protecting her from SVP racism. Not only that: This manager was reported to be even a member of this SVP Nazi party. And the whole trouble about Alena Gerber and the TV broadcast of also seemed to be wanted for getting higher quotes - because of her big breasts. Quotation:

<Maybe RTL [German TV station] and Bild [German popular newspaper] simply wanted a little a promoting story for the naked model. Perhaps also Alena's manager Claudio Catrambone was arranging some things with this. Because also he is a member of SVP how the newspaper "News" found out. Many Germans have seen this broadcast and are also watching now, but not because the content of the broadcast but because of Alena's tits which are moving themselves from time to time wanting fresh air.>

(orig. in German:
<RTL und sind vielleicht da auch einfach auf eine nette Promo Geschichte für das Nackedei Model reingeraten. Vielleicht hat da auch Alena’s Manager Claudio Catrambone seine Finger mit im Spiel gehabt. Der ist nämlich selber SVP Mitglied, wie News herausgefunden hat. Aus Deutschland haben viele Menschen diesen Beitrag gesehen und werden sich jetzt auch wohl anschauen, aber nicht wegen des herausragenden redaktionellen Inhalts der Sendung, sondern eher wegen Alena’s Brüste, die sich sehr gerne immer mal wieder selbständig machen und an die frische Luft wollen.>)

And the reports about Alena Gerber were provoking five times the quota of before:


<In the meantime there were many events. The popular newspapers Bild [Germany], Blick, and 20 minutes [Swiss] were fighting a real battle, as they had announced. Now also 20 minutes claims as we did 22 hours ago that all only could be a PR gag... because belongs to Axel Springer in Germany which also has Bild newspaper. And the whole thing is also successful. Before had about 4.000 viewers, but now the latest usgang was viewed already 25.000 times. Hmm, the German media houses have won in this case against Swiss media houses.>

(orig. in German:
<In der Zwischenzeit haben sich ja die Ereignisse überschlagen. BILD, Blick, 20 Minuten liefern sich eine regelrechte Schlacht, wie schon angekündigt. Jetzt behauptet auch 20 Minuten, so wie wir hier vor schon 22 Stunden, dass das ganze ein PR Gag sein könnte … denn gehört dem Axel Springer Verlag, zu dem auch die Bild gehört. Und, das ganze hat auch Erfolg. Während Sendungen sonst nur um die 4 000 Ansichten rumgegurkt sind, ist auf einmal die letzte Folge zum jetzigen Zeitpunkt schon 25 000 Mal angeschaut worden. Hmm, die deutschen Medienhäuser scheinen den Schweizerischen da doch glatt ein Schnäppchen geschlagen [zu] haben.>)

Thus we see that an inner stability and a tactic against Nazi SVP is needed for having success in Switzerland. Thus Alena Gerber was successful with a manager supporting her, and therefore she was not a victim of Nazi SVP low intelligence human beings. But when one has to have a tactic for a job in Switzerland for the fight against Swiss racists, this should be indicated in the job ad and should also be mentioned in the German travel recommendations. German Foreign Ministry really has failed in this point since decades.

And now there is the great suspicion that the mobbing and the attacks against Katrin Wilde were steered and provoked by racist SVP leading member of Zurich, Erich Hess. Stabbing tires, breaking side mirrors, smashing windows, writing letters with threats, all this is very primitive and matches to a lorry driver's policy against Germans very well...

November 11, 2009: Propagandist Blocher claiming against Germans - and never states that there are also Germans leaving Switzerland

One has to know that many jobs in Switzerland for Germans were temporary jobs. An assistance job at an university or in a hospital for example is only for one or for two years. A worker says to himself: for 1 or 2 years I will not change my German license into a Swiss license. But the low intelligence human beings of racist political party of SVP cannot think that. And when I lived in Winterthur in the 1970s there were many cars with German license plates from Constance and there NEVER was any problem with it. In these times crazy Blocher did not exist yet making his propaganda against Germans.

And now this mentally retarded propagandist Blocher was claiming around again.

from: Switzerland: Christoph Blocher blames the German immigrants (orig. German: Christoph Blocher schimpft gegen deutsche Zuwanderer)

Nazi SVP is described as "right middle-class", but the truth is another one: SVP is absolutely brown and is a Nazi party.

It seems that the propagandist Christoph Blocher is watching the police computer every day only watching and putting down the figures how many Germans are coming to Switzerland. But he forgets how many are also leaving this racist state of Switzerland. He claims in this article of 2009 that every month 1,000 Germans would come, but he is NOT mentioning how many jobs are free for the Germans, he is NOT mentioning how many Germans are also leaving the country! At the same time Blocher mentions that there is an unemployment rising to 3.1% but he is NOT mentioning which nationalities are affected by this unemployment. The asshole Blocher simply is lying again and again, and the stupid journalist is not getting aware of it again. Propagandist Christoph Blocher means that all Germans coming to Switzerland would only come for being unemployed at the end getting social security benefits.


<Vice boss of right middle class Swiss Popular Party (SVP), Christoph Blocher, is arguing about German immigrants. He argues that unemployment is rising in Switzerland to 3.1% in the second quarterly period of 2009. Blocher stated in the Swiss newspaper "Sunday": "It cannot be I mean that now - with all recession we have - 1,000 Germans are coming to Switzerland every month." When Blocher would have the power then he would like to send them all home. But an immigrant knows "that when one only is working one day in Switzerland he can get social security benefits during up to five years in our country.">

(orig. in German:
<Der Vize-Chef der rechtsbürgerlichen Schweizerischen Volkspartei (SVP), Christoph Blocher, schimpft über die deutschen Zuwanderer. Dies begründete er mit der zunehmenden Arbeitslosigkeit der Schweizer, die im zweiten Quartal 2009 auf 3,1 Prozent anstieg. Blocher sagte der schweizerischen Zeitung "Sonntag": "Es kann doch nicht sein, dass jetzt - mitten in der Rezession - immer noch jeden Monat 1.000 Deutsche in die Schweiz kommen". Wenn es nach Blocher ginge, würde er am liebsten alle wieder nach Hause schicken. Doch der Zuwanderer wisse ja, "dass wenn er in der Schweiz auch nur einen Tag gearbeitet hat, kann er danach bis zu fünf Jahre Sozialleistungen in unserem Land beziehen.">)
How is called such a propagandist watching only the police computer and "hosing" foreigners? Right: a peace of shit. He only has shit in his brain.

Where "corruption" and Swiss bank secret race can be found?

Propagandist Christoph Blocher did not want that Germans would have success. He even stepped forward yet. His Nazi propagandist Alexander Segert had manipulated a university statistic:

End of 2009: complete idiot Blocher claims that there would be a "German corruption" at Swiss universities
Blocher was making propaganda systematically against German professors now. He shaked some 1,000 from his billions of Swiss Francs and installed advertisings in all national newspapers claiming that German professors would endangering Switzerland. Quotation:

"German corruption is spreading around: Because Germans are hiring above all more Germans - in the university and in hospitals." (news of January 7, 2010).

Propagandist Blocher meant that Germans would install a mafia in Switzerland. But it was just this mentally retarded Blocher who was manipulating Swiss people against Germans again and again so the distance between Germans and Swiss was always bigger and bigger, and German managers liked more to hire Germans so there would not be Swiss rebels in the company. And Germans in Switzerland could read the posters and the propaganda advertisings of racist SVP and they knew what would be the consequences when Swiss people would continue to be in their working group. But this connection was NEVER presented in the press.

That means that the whole procedure is a giant tactic:
-- first there is racist propaganda against Germans in Switzerland installing a distrust and aggression against Germans
-- then German managers are hiring Germans for safety and then reproaches come that Germans would organize a "corruption" hiring above all Germans.

That means: Hiring Germans by German managers was a preventive measure because Swiss of primitive racist SVP were always becoming more aggressive. In this situation the preventive measure is not to hire Swiss rebels in the company who would insult and mob Germans. But this was NEVER reported in the Swiss media.

As a propaganda against university professors in Zurich political party of SVP now simply installed an advertising showing a graphic about the number of German professors at the university. Probably this procedure was inspired by "historian" and notorious liar Mörgeli. Swiss press made even profits with this lie. The fake was that the graphic only showed the years of 2005 to 2008 and Nazi propagandist of SVP, the German Nazi "Germanist" Alexander Segert from Andelfingen in the canton of Zurich, added a flash upwards claiming that the development would continue like this and in about 10 years the university of Zurich would be dominated only by German professors. The years before 2005 and the year 2009 were omitted deliberately because then the propaganda could not have been made and anti German propaganda would not have had any effect because the levels of German professors were lower then. The completed graphic is here:

Graphic of a complete idiot Blocher
                          and his Nazi Alexander Segert in the
                          advertising against German professors at
                          University of Zurich, December 2009, completed
                          with the years of 2004 and 2009
Graphic of a complete idiot Blocher and his Nazi Alexander Segert in the advertising against German professors at University of Zurich, December 2009, completed with the years of 2004 and 2009 [19].

We see, this SVP was provoking a special propaganda against Germans and was manipulating the complete population against Germans, was installing mental ditches between Swiss and Germans so Germans did not want to hire Swiss people and this fact was consequently EMBEZZLED by Swiss media until today (2013). SVP was also embezzling the year of 2009 in the graphic where the number of German professors at University of Zurich was almost the half of the year before. And this fake of statistics against Germans as a manipulation of Swiss population against Germans is really justifying the term of something very brown: shit VP. This term comes from Yugoslav groups from the 1990s when they were pursued by SVP party especially.

Well, after this provocation with wrong statistics 200 German professors in Zurich were reacting, took 13,000 Swiss Francs and were giving a big advertising in NZZ newspaper against this Swiss party of complete idiots of SVP stating clearly that this "racist propaganda and propaganda against foreigners, ideology and policy" of this ShitVP could not be tolerated any more.
Advertising of 200 German
                  professors in Switzerland against the propaganda of
                  SVP with the term "German corruption"
                  ("deutscher Filz").[20]
Advertising of 200 German professors in Switzerland against the propaganda of SVP with the term "German corruption" ("deutscher Filz").

German professors stated also clearly: "SVP is intoxicating the society" (in an article of 20 minutes of December 30, 2009).

Well, the real "corruption" is within SVP itself. This will be seen later...

German speaking Swiss students are not so talented in English or French

Now there is the question in what language Swiss students want to have a professor. The best for German speaking Swiss students is a German speaking professor. English and French are not so good! German speaking students want a competent lesson with good energy, and German professors have this energy. They transmit positive energy and are not emotionally limited like Swiss people with their bank secret. But this is not important for racist Blocher. He is just continuing his propaganda on and on against Germans and is spreading his poison everywhere without limit because he has sooooooooo much money that everybody in Switzerland and abroad should feel it.

The same day SVP was stating: the term of "German corruption" was not "hostile to foreigners". To feel this would be "hostile to foreigners" would be ridiculous, president of SVP Roger Liebi said.

Thus one can see that this political party of SVP did not conceive at all why German managers were hiring more Germans and left out the Swiss rebels as a prevention measure against racist Swiss people who would destroy the working atmosphere in the company against Germans.

In this way racist SVP is working: insults are normal, and insults against foreigners against complete nations also. The party of SVP is making it's racist propaganda deliberately against other groups and thus is deliberately criminal. And Swiss justice? is also SVP and rates the propaganda against Germans "funny".

Propagandists of SVP, Mr. Blocher, Mr. Alexander Segert, Mr. Mörgeli, Mrs. Rickli and their collaborators were even making more propaganda against Germans:

January 8, 2010: Advertising against Germans: "Are Germans a race?"

At January 8, 2010, criminal racist SVP was publishing an advertising with the title "Are Germans a Race?" ("Sind die Deutschen eine Rasse?"). And with this advertising the political party of SVP was really outing it's Nazism. Propaganda against Germans could not be "racist" because Germans are no "race", SVP stated. But there was another claim in this advertising. Criminal racist SVP was stating that racism in Third Reich had been invented by Germans. We read:

Propaganda advertising
                          of criminal SVP of January 8, 2010, with the
                          question, if Germans are a "race" Propaganda advertising of criminal SVP of January 8, 2010, with the question, if Germans are a "race"

<We are common civilians from SVP and we are enjoyed to see that 200 high professors are working also with some politics. Whereas they are very naive to sign an advertising that was also signed by well known left and Marxist people. Well, there are also 65 German professors who have signed another advertising - which should counter the German corruption.

Because we are saying the fact of German corruption, the professors are claiming that SVP would be "racist". We common civilians did not know until today that Germans are a race. But even in former times high professors created this superstition of race giving it to the world.

You can judge yourself watching to the graphics aside if there is a German corruption or not! But what are saying the high professors about it? They are teaching us that they would have an "international" perspective. We from SVP did not know that the international world is finishing in Germany.>

(orig. in German:
<Wir als gewöhnliche Bürgerinnen und Bürger von der SVP freuen uns, dass sich 200 hohe Professoren mit der Politik befassen. Obwohl sie naiv genug sind, ein Inserat zu unterzeichnen, das ihnen uns längst bekannte Linke und Marxisten aufgesetzt haben. Schön, dass auch 65 deutsche Professoren jenes Inserat – welches den deutschen Filz widerlegen soll – unterzeichnet haben.

Weil wir den Filz benennen, beschimpfen die Professoren die SVP als «rassistisch». Wir Gewöhnlichen wussten bisher gar nicht, dass die Deutschen eine Rasse sind. Aber es waren ja schon damals die hohen Professoren, die den Rassen-Aberglauben in die Welt gesetzt haben.

Urteilen Sie anhand der nebenstehenden Grafik selber, ob es einen deutschen Filz gibt oder nicht! Aber was sagen die hohen Professoren dazu? Sie belehren uns, sie seien eben «international» ausgerichtet. Wir von der SVP wussten bisher gar nicht, dass die internationale Welt in Deutschland aufhört.>

What you see here? SVP is not mentioning any good thing German professors are doing in Switzerland. And it's even worse when you see the next point:

Racism law in Third Reich was created by a Swiss: Ernst Rüdin

                        racist and "psychiatrist" Ernst Rüdin
                        in Munich in 1936

Swiss racist and "psychiatrist" Ernst Rüdin in Munich in 1936 [22]

Rüdin was working for a "superior humanity" under Hitler receiving even a reward order of the Third Reich in 1944 for his 70th birthday.

The aside in the text that "Germans" had created the "superstition of race in the world" is a LIE. The main creator of racism laws of 1934 against "hereditary diseased offspring" in Third Reich was NOT a German, but was a SWISS. It was Swiss racist Ernst Rüdin who was working in Munich at "Race Hygiene Institute" from 1928 on. Concerning racism Switzerland was a pioneer in whole Europe and had adapted the criminal racism laws from "U.S.A." partly in 1917 already. In 1944 Rüdin got even a Nazi reward for his 70th birthday for his work having arranged German psychiatry ton euthanasia principles.

The manipulator and "historian" Mörgeli did not know this point as it seems. He does not know much about sociology and racism, but is inventing and promoting any racist propaganda. He was professor at Zurich University itself, until he was dismissed because of insufficient work...

With this racist advertising and with these lies against Germans this political party of SVP was degrading itself completely from the political scenery. There were jokes and mockery against German professors and SVP was even laughing at the Germans instead to say "Thank You" for the work they did every day. That means that the SVP strategists are absolutely mentally ill, mentally retarded and politically incompetent - a case for psychiatry.

Scientists are calling the propaganda of SVP a "demagogy" in this case. The word of "psychological terrorism" was evaded. Nobody in Switzerland has the courage until today (2013) to use the word of "psycho terrorism" for that what SVP is doing every day, instead this party of SVP is making a clear "psychological terrorism" since 1992 without limits with racism and simplified psycho terrorism with fakes and half truths in whole Switzerland. The power of money in SVP is too big fighting this criminality. At the same time criminal racist SVP is working together with Swiss secret service. And just because of this NOBODY has the courage to attack this SVP - for not being attacked by this Swiss secret service. This will be mentioned also later.

But "scientists" in Switzerland are also rating these advertisings as "racist". The news "Right Wing Rhetoric Against Germans" ("Mit rechtsradikaler Rhetorik gegen Deutsche" from January 8, 2010:


<Sociology professor Kurt Imhof calls the political action as a pure demagogy: "This is a right wing campaign insulting Germans and intellectuals in a bad way presenting facts in a wrong way." Also a special lawyer for racism law, Daniel Kettiger, has a clear meaning about this SVP campaign: "The advertising is absolutely discriminating races. SVP of Zurich town is really speaking of a 'German corruption' and is imputing German professors a dishonest behavior in a dishonoring manner. Thus the authors of the advertising are discriminating a group because of their ethnic group."

But president of SVP of canton of Zurich Alfred Heer is defending the advertising: "There is no racism and no insult.">
(orig. German:
<Soziologieprofessor Kurt Imhof bezeichnet die Politaktion als reine Demagogie: «Es handelt sich um eine rechtspopulistische Kampagne, die Deutsche und Intellektuelle böswillig verunglimpft und Fakten verdreht.» Auch der auf die Rassismus-Strafnorm spezialisierte Anwalt Daniel Kettiger hat eine klare Meinung zur SVP-Kampagne: «Das Inserat ist eindeutig rassendiskriminierend. Die SVP Stadt Zürich spricht von 'deutschem Filz' und unterstellt den deutschen Professoren somit in entwürdigender Weise eine unredliche Verhaltensweise. Somit diskriminieren die Verfasser des Inserats eine Gruppe von Leuten alleine aufgrund ihrer ethnischen Zugehörigkeit.» SVP-Kantonalpräsident Alfred Heer hingegen verteidigt das Inserat: «Es ist weder rassistisch noch ehrverletzend.»>)
What is doing Swiss justice? NOTHING, because Zurich is dominated by criminal racist SVP. Groups of humans can be attacked when not one single is insulted. This is the racist principle of propaganda in Switzerland - protected by criminal SVP.

Game of thinking: Are Germans a "race"? - then Swiss people are a criminal bank secret "race"?

When nations are no "race", this means that SVP is permitting any propaganda against any nationality. There are also Asian Germans like persons with one part from Vietnam when Vietnamese were working in East Germany. But when Germans are a "race" also Swiss should be a "race", but there are also black and Asian Swiss now. Considering the mentalities Swiss would be the criminal bank secret race. And Swiss bank secret race consists of many low intelligent human beings of SVP who are above all drinking beer and driving motor bikes or car with a 4 wheel drive considering blacks and Asians not as full human beings principally... ¡!

The result of this propaganda against Germans without limits comes in the next news:

February 18, 2010: The result of SVP propaganda against Germans: Germans are on "place 4" of the not loved foreigners - and the culprit is SVP

In the news "Swiss are fostering their fear from Germans" ("Die Schweizer hegen ihre Germanenangst") is reported:

<Actually Germans are ranked at place 4 of the not loved foreigners in Switzerland: after the immigrants from former Yugoslavia, Albania, and Turkey.>
(orig. in German:
<Die Deutschen nehmen aktuell in der Rangliste der unbeliebtesten Ausländer Platz 4 ein: nach Einwanderern aus Ex-Jugoslawien, Albanien und der Türkei.>)
Well, why is this like this? Not because Germans had done something wrong, but because the perverse racist Christoph Blocher with his Nazi friends Alexander Segert and Christoph Mörgeli are making propaganda against Germans every week - and because all positive things what Germans have created in Switzerland are LEFT OUT and are NOT MENTIONED:

-- there was never mentioned how many Swiss students studied with German professors and teachers
-- there was never mentioned how many kilometers of tunnels the German tunnel engineers and workers have blasted in Swiss Alps Mountains
-- there was never mentioned how many Swiss patients were healed by German medical doctors or were successfully operated
-- there was never mentioned how many Swiss persons were nursed in Swiss old age homes by German geriatric experts
-- there was never mentioned how many Swiss clients were served in Swiss restaurants by Germans
etc. etc.

And the poster company of Switzerland (Allgemeinen Plakatgesellschaft (APG) is collaborating in any case and is pasting any racist poster in whole Switzerland and is collaborating in this racist game of SVP as also Swiss daily newspapers are complices printing the discriminating advertisings of racist SVP. Nobody has got the courage to stay against this SVP fighting and boycotting this propaganda against Germans and foreigners, not yet. Nazi Swiss members of SVP are the real problem in this case and not the Germans for sure who are well working in Switzerland. Criminality of Swiss population with convictions is 1%, of German population in Switzerland only 0.6%...

Germans "arrogant and loud"? - expression to be lucky - depressive bank secret mentality of Swiss people - Nazi SVP does not see the difference to 1940 to 1942 - Nazi SVP is not using the possibilities with the immigrating Germans

Sometimes Swiss people were claiming that German groups would have an arrogant and loud behavior. Well, one has to imagine the following: Germans are coming from a country which lost two world wars, and after 1945 the reconstruction was lasting 20 years, and Germany is occupies by the "U.S.A." until today, and the weak EURO was forced and was never wanted. The heart of a German getting a job in Switzerland is full of joy and is living more and is more lucky having evaded the German "trouble", and all Swiss problems are not seen yet. But Swiss are hardly learning any German history in their school system and therefore Swiss do not understand any German euphoria when they are in Switzerland.

Now Swiss have a problem: They are not so happy like the Germans in Switzerland and therefore they eat more chocolate for example, they eat so much chocolate like never any other European compensating their problems with sweets. Swiss in general are depressive and psychopathic because they have to accept the bank secret and have to accept that all dictators of the whole world can store their funds in their country so all the other world remains in poverty. This is a problem that Germans do not have and cannot solve for Swiss people. The main force which is promoting this criminal bank secret for all dictators and criminal governments of the world is - what a coincidence - the political party of SVP, together with Swiss Free Democrats of FDP. This SVP is provoking that Swiss people are so depressive, with atomic plants and with the criminal bank secret. Switzerland is blamed from the half of the world because of this criminal bank secret and life in such a state is not a happy life at all. But this fact is never mentioned by a Swiss journalist because Swiss mean that this depressiveness of life would be "normal", and thus they rate a German group in full joy like "not normal". And in this way Swiss people are blocking the life of Germans in Switzerland by a constant and systematic envy instead of integrating Germans and their children with the impulse of neutrality watching history in a neutral way so that they will be Swiss citizens later without problems.

The main fault of Nazi SVP is that they compared the "German wave" since 2008 with the projected Nazi military invasion from 1940 to 1943. This comparison is WRONG. But Germans want to be happy in Switzerland and want to work for Switzerland, and their children will be Swiss eventually and will defend Swiss democracy. But Nazi SVP with propagandists Blocher and Mörgeli and Alexander Segert did not see this difference. Instead of this Nazi SVP is limited with it's eternal war rhetoric making propaganda against Germans without end infecting 100,000s of Swiss people with their wrong projections which are lasting until today (2013) and which are also celebrated in the fellow groups of "Young SVP" - which is completely without any sense but it's even destructive. Nazi SVP is spending millions for this propaganda against Germans and foreigners instead of organizing the coming Germans so they will adapt Swiss manners of life with the same money, installing information offices, organizing meetings teaching behavior and traditions even winning new SVP members, or integrating Germans in other political parties. There had been 100s of possibilities to arrange the positive and constructive energies of the incoming Germans because there is only a barrier of dialect. But this Nazi ESFOWPAY wanted completely another thing and spent money for propaganda advertisings and for propaganda posters. More stupid a political party really cannot behave. And also all other political parties of Switzerland are not fighting against this agitation but they have no courage because they would be attacked by this criminal SVP, in a political and in a real sense...

Familiar with German party of CSU? - German CSU does not want to see this SVP - Blocher fighting Germans - Blocher with unsound mind

By the way during his political career propagandist Blocher stated several times that his party SVP would feel "very familiar" with German political party of CSU in Bavaria. But the reaction of CSU in Bavaria was negative. With such Swiss racist people and racist propagandists of SVP the political party of CSU did not want to have anything in common, and Franz-Joseph Strauss had died already. With their propaganda against Germans since 2008 this criminal Nazi SVP had even proved that there cannot be anything "familiar" with any German political party when this SVP is fighting Germans. That means: Mr. Blocher is really a person who is mentally ill, mentally retarded, a complete idiot, and he does not see the realities. It seems that he does not see at all what he is doing. He is of unsound mind and he is a socio-political vermin and he belongs to the location where unsound minded people belong to: psychiatry. Only concerning money Mr. Blocher is well working, but now EURO is collapsing and Blocher is not needed any more for saving Swiss Franc...

In the 1990s black hair came - since 2008 blond hair came - and both was fought by Nazi SVP - schizophrenic incalculable SVP

One has to imagine: In the 1990s yet and around the year of 2000, this SVP was always making propaganda from people from the Balkans claiming that the blond hair color would "die out". Mr. Schawinski from Zurich Television (TeleZüri) was defending Albanians from Kosovo. But now since 2008 there came a "German Wave" to Switzerland with many blonds, and now also these intelligent blonds are fought, 5 years without interruption until the Germans are suffering breakdowns with burnout and depressions! That means. This political party of SVP, this Nazi SVP is absolutely mentally ill and schizophrenic! Mr. Blocher and his Nazi propagandists Mörgeli and Alexander Segert are politically absolutely incompetent! Nazi SVP has much money but only propaganda in their head. With all this money given for propaganda one could do so many good things for mankind! And SVP is not respecting the basic wishes of the population but is only spreading hatred and suffering - with the exception of the topics money and currency. But EURO is collapsing more and more so this SVP is not needed any more. That means that this Nazi SVP should be forbidden completely so one can feel better in Switzerland again because SVP consists - and this is proved - of complete idiots...

Racist Zurich at January 28, 2010: Zurich television moderator Roger Schawinsky does not want to speak High German - but he was working in Germany before - and there are many letters with threats against Germans in Switzerland

                        Schawinsky in the broadcast "Club"
                        from January 26, 2013

Roger Schawinsky in the broadcast "Club" from January 26, 2013 [23] meaning that one should not speak High German with Germans in Switzerland. But the situation is different according to the length of stay of a German in Switzerland...
Criminal Swiss are writing threatening letters to Germans who are living a long time already in Switzerland and never made any problem. Already one month after the campaign against German professors the letters are coming. And TV moderator Mr. Schawinsky from local Zurich TV station "TeleZüri" was recommending in a broadcast not to speak High German with the Germans. The German newspaper "World" ("Welt") reported on January 28, 2010, with the title "Swiss political party making propaganda against German professors":

<The limit to utter a bad feeling against Germans has lowered, stated the newspaper [Daily News, Tagesanzeiger]. The occasion is a broadcast "Club" in Swiss TV. They discussed the topic: Germans in Switzerland. In this talk show even the liberal rated media manager and former Sat ! boss in Germany, Roger Schawinsky, means that one should not speak High German with the Germans in Switzerland. [...]

But the mood to the Germans is worse since Minister of Finance Peer Steinbrück (SPD) made clear statements concerning tax policy in Switzerland. There are already five complains at the police because of threatening letters in Zurich. "The bullet is prepared, desperate German" means a letter in a German writing full of faults to a woman who is living in Switzerland since 30 years already without problems.>
(orig. in German:
<Die Hemmschwelle, seinen Unmut über die Deutschen laut zu äußern, ist gesunken, konstatiert die Zeitung [Tagesanzeiger]. Anlass ist eine Sendung des "Clubs" im Schweizer Fernsehen. Thema: Die Deutschen in der Schweiz. In der Talkshow meint selbst der als liberal geltende Medien-Unternehmer und frühere Sat1-Chef Roger Schawinski, man solle mit den Deutschen in der Schweiz nicht hochdeutsch sprechen. [...]

Doch die Stimmung gegenüber den Deutschen, die 2009 noch durch forsche Äußerungen des damaligen Finanzministers Peer Steinbrück (SPD) zur Steuerpolitik der Eidgenossen angeheizt wurde, ist schlecht. Schon fünf Anzeigen wegen Drohbriefen gegen Deutsche hat die Polizei in Zürich bekommen. "Die Kugel für Sie steht schon bereit, du elende Deutsche", heißt es etwa in holperigem Hochdeutsch in einem Brief an eine Frau, die schon seit 30 Jahren in der Schweiz lebt.>

And there must be a dark figure which is about a factor of 10. The propaganda without end of this criminal and racist SVP is showing it's effects. The mood is terminated by this SVP with advertisings and posters. And the other political parties in Switzerland failed completely in 2008 to protect the well working Germans in Switzerland. No law was installed for the protection of nationalities or other groups of humans making this discriminating propaganda impossible. Primitivism in Switzerland is going on until today (2013).

Differences between Switzerland and Germany - rumors and truths

February 12, 2010: Swiss sociologist Marc Helbling speaks a lot but does not find the points - and is not detecting racism of SVP!!!
(from a report of Swiss Daily News (Tagesanzeiger) with the title: Why Germans are not loved in Switzerland? (German: Warum sind Deutsche in der Schweiz unbeliebt?)

Swiss sociologists investigating why Germans are not loved in Switzerland do not find the main cause for this: racist SVP propaganda (Effective 2013). Finding Nazi SVP as a reason for the split between Swiss and Germans in Switzerland is only possible when one has studied sociology and history together. Quotation:

<Why Germans are disliked in Switzerland?

Sociologist Marc Helbling investigated the relationship between Germans and Swiss people. To Tagesanzeiger he declared what is unique with this Swiss hostility to Germans.

                        Helbling, portrait

Marc Helbling, portrait [24]. He is a Swiss sociologist living in Berlin, but he has not studied history. That's why he does not see the essential points and developments of German mentality  and cannot see the differences between German and Swiss mentality.
Why Swiss people do not like Germans?

Certain basics can be declared by the National Socialist heritage of Germany. But it is also clear that everywhere where foreign groups were immigrating within a short time a mentality of defense was working. Germans are reported as a cultural and economical threat.

(orig. German: Gewisse Grundhaltungen können durch das nationalsozialistische Erbe Deutschlands erklärt werden. Es zeigt sich aber auch: Überall wo bislang eine Ausländergruppe über einen kurzen Zeitraum eingewandert ist, kam es zu ablehnenden Haltungen. Die Deutschen in der Schweiz werden als kulturelle und ökonomische Bedrohung wahrgenommen.)
[This is WRONG: Germans were working on FREE jobs where no Swiss was available. And racist SVP with it's Nazi propagandist Alexander Segert lied to the Swiss population that Germans would be a danger for their jobs, and with many propaganda advertisings and posters the split between Swiss and Germans was deepened up to the point that criminal manipulated Swiss are threatening Germans without limit committing damages and mobbing against Germans. That's why Germans managers rather like Germans in their company because when a Swiss is in a company there is no safety any more for the German employees. All this is concealed. The Nazis in this case are the Swiss and not the Germans].

These reasons are not a surprise.
Right, because there are explanations patterns which are known already concerning hostility to foreigners. But there is a special things with Swiss against Germans that a similar cultural group is attacked here. There hardly was any suggestion that well educated and integrated migrants can provoke such conflicts. SVP always claimed that only foreigners from higher social layers will com to Switzerland because there would be no problems with them.

(orig. German: Das stimmt, weil sie auf Erklärungsmuster zurückführen, die man in der Forschung zu Fremdenfeindlichkeit bereits kennt. Aussergewöhnlich bei der Deutschenfeindlichkeit in der Schweiz ist allerdings, dass in diesem Fall eine kulturell recht ähnliche Gruppe angefeindet wird. Es hätte auch kaum je jemand vermutet, dass gut ausgebildete und integrierte Migranten solche Konflikte auslösen können. Die SVP hat ja immer gefordert, dass nur Ausländer aus höheren sozialen Schichten ins Land gelassen werden sollten, weil diese angeblich keine Probleme mit sich brächten.)

[Also this is WRONG: Germans were only attacked when criminal SVP was manipulating the masses with their criminal advertisings claiming there would be too many German professors claiming that Germans would be another race claiming that Germans would rob jobs to Swiss people when there was no Swiss applicant. SVP is absolutely racist, more racism is not possible, and Max Helbling does not see the criminality and madness of SVP. When primitive people like Yugoslavs are coming Blocher is making protests, and when intelligent people from Germany come then Mr. Blocher is also making protest. Thus principally it's NEVER GOOD for this crazy Blocher but he is making ALWAYS propaganda and Nazi Alexander Segert is collaborating and SVP leadership is accepting everything. And such a man to whom nothing is good is a political vermin - a case for psychiatry].

With the debate about Germans also the thesis is debunked that good education protects from hostility to foreigners.
In fact also well educated Swiss are in a negative mood to the Germans. It was admitted that good education would protect from hostility to foreigners because badly qualified immigrants will be no competition on the market for them. Thus well educated people are not more tolerant principally. They will not be more tolerant because the case is their own good job.

(orig. German: Tatsächlich sind auch gebildete Schweizer den Deutschen gegenüber negativ eingestellt. Daraus kann man schlussfolgern, Bildung schütze vor allem deswegen vor Fremdenfeindlichkeit, weil schlecht qualifizierte Migranten keine Konkurrenz auf dem Arbeitsmarkt sind. Gut Gebildete sind also nicht grundsätzlich toleranter. Sie sind es nämlich dann nicht, wenn es um den eigenen Job geht.)

[Also this is WRONG: Germans were only for free jobs and made a good job. But when Blocher is seeing that Germans are making a good job in Switzerland then he is reminded to a big problem: His own grandfather came from Germany. And as Blocher did not go to therapy with his inferiority complex, he begins with a propaganda wasting millions of Swiss Francs for keeping to be "loved" in the population...]

Dislike to Germans was rising in the last few years?
There are hardly figures about this question unfortunately. SVP was beginning with this topic only recently after the debate was going on since a long time already. And also the tax conflict came in a second step only. But dislike to Germans was in the population in general already without policy or media. But all these aspects only have a reinforcing effect.

(orig. German: Darüber gibt es leider kaum Zahlen. Die SVP hat ja das Thema erst vor Kurzem aufgenommen, nachdem die Debatte schon lange am laufen war. Und auch der Steuerstreit ist erst in einem zweiten Schritt hinzugekommen. Die Abneigung gegen die Deutschen gab es aber bereits jenseits von Politik und Medien. All diese Aspekte haben aber nun einen verstärkenden Effekt.)

[Also this is WRONG: The differences with the mentalities are not mentioned: Germany lost two world wars and had a big reconstruction action and a big solidarity and a big learning process. But Switzerland was NEVER denazified and is working with criminal bank secret for the whole world and thus is in a depressive mute strategy so the whole psychical potential of the Swiss population is limited. Therefore when Germans are feeling happy in Switzerland Swiss people are asking how one can only be so happy and they don't understand anything about it. This provokes a big envy and a dislike because nobody understands anybody].

You say dislike of Germans would not be something specific of Switzerland
In international studies it could be shown that Switzerland is not very hostile to foreigners compared with other West European states.

(orig. in German: In internationalen Studien hat sich gezeigt, dass die Schweiz im Vergleich zu anderen westeuropäischen Staaten nicht fremdenfeindlicher ist.)

[Also this is WRONG: Criminal SVP was forming a racist country in Switzerland in the last 20 years since 1992. Damages, threats, insults, mobbing and attacks are normal in this Nazi country, above all against Germans, and the proof for this Nazi brutality in Switzerland is the fact that many Germans are leaving Switzerland since 2013 provoked by this criminal propaganda of SVP. Racist propaganda principles of SVP are painting posters in Nazi colors black, red and white (like the Nazi flag) and this strategy is working since over 20 years now in whole Switzerland. This combination of colors is the most aggressive and the most destructive energy spread with advertisings and posters. A complete generation now was educated with this Nazi strategy with the meaning that this racist propaganda of SVP would be "normal". This young generation never lived without this racism of SVP without Blocher, Mörgeli and Segert. It's time that this SVP will stop their manipulation].

Thus Swiss people has not to be ashamed. At the end all peoples are hostile to foreigners.
I would say it like this: When suddenly foreigners are surrounding a group then one is not feeling well. This is the case in any case. Hostility to foreigners - in this case the refusal of Germans - is a natural reaction of defense. We have to take this mentality serious. But racism can be overcome easily. For example when the foreign element will be more familiar. Italians also were fought first and today they are one of the most loved foreign groups in Switzerland.

(orig. German: Ich würde es so formulieren: Wenn wir plötzlich von Fremden umgeben sind, fühlen wir uns unwohl. Das trifft auf alle zu und war schon immer so. Fremdenfeindlichkeit – in diesem Fall die Ablehnung der Deutschen – ist somit ein natürlicher Abwehrmechanismus. Wir müssen diese Einstellungen ernst nehmen. Rassismus kann aber leicht überwunden werden. Zum Beispiel wenn das Fremde über die Zeit vertraut wird. Die Italiener wurden früher extrem angefeindet, heute gehören sie zu den beliebtesten Ausländern in der Schweiz.)

[Also this is WRONG: There is a big reason in Switzerland that the Swiss population is ashamed for the racist and criminal activities of this Nazi party of SVP which was ONLY manipulating the complete Swiss population by their Nazi propagandist Alexander Segert and racist leader Blocher. Continuous insult and calumny of foreigners and above all of Germans is one of the  MAIN PRINCIPLES in this SVP. Such a racist political party is UNIQUE in the whole world. And Swiss justice let them go all these 20 years and a racist Switzerland was created so the Germans are leaving this racist Switzerland taking their flight. Shame on this racist Switzerland!]

You live in Berlin as a Swiss since one year. You were attacked already?
My nationality does not play any role here. And when there is a talk about it Germans like Swiss people and have a good idea of our country.

(orig. German: Meine Nationalität spielt hier überhaupt keine Rolle. Und wenn, dann ist es vor allem so, dass die Deutschen die Schweizer mögen und ein sehr gutes Bild von unserem Land haben.)

[Swiss people also want to live in peace with Germans, but the mentally ill and mentally retarded SVP with it's racist propaganda for years in whole Switzerland does not permit this peace!!!]

When you speak High German in Berlin you feel inferior sometimes?
Not at all.

(orig. in German: Nicht im Geringsten).

[Switzerland has got the reputation that she was not destroyed during the war. This unique fact is well adored in the German population. Swiss don't know this as it seems that they are adored by the Germans. Instead of this criminal and racist SVP is making war just against these Germans...]

How can be peace between these two groups?
Science was showing always again and again that a direct inter cultural contact can reduce negative ideas. But above all over a longer time people are adapting to each other.

(orig. in German: In der Forschung hat sich immer wieder gezeigt, dass direkte interkulturelle Kontakte negative Einstellungen abbauen. Vor allem aber: Über längere Zeit gewöhnt man sich an das Fremde. (>
[Also this is WRONG: It's not possible to adapt to this racist SVP. This criminal and racist political party with it's racists Blocher, Mörgeli and Segert at it's top should go where criminal propagandists belong to so they can see what social damage and costs they are provoking for the Germans and for Switzerland: go in jail.

Peace between Swiss and Germans will be when this propaganda party SVP is not existing any more and when the Nazis Blocher, Mörgeli and Segert are politically eliminated, and when there is a law in Switzerland protecting foreigners and groups of human beings in general from negative propaganda. Thus there is missing a supplement in the anti racism law.

SVP is working with lies and with half trues manipulating the Swiss population provoking INSULTS, MOBBING and MANY ATTACKS against German property, and therefore this criminal political party SVP has to be ELIMINATED. Additionally a general EXCUSE is missing from this SVP, COMPENSATION and PAIN AND SUFFERING MONEY TO ALL GERMANS IN SWITZERLAND. Criminal propaganda party of SVP is politically an absolute destructive force and has NOT solved any social problem until today. As EU with it's EURO with it's mafia is going down more and more (Estate 2013) this propaganda party SVP is not necessary any more because a people's vote in Switzerland will always state independence of Switzerland. Thus also this psychological complex of Mr. Blocher is solved.

Fact is that Mr. sociologist Max Helbling does not see all these supplements. This is the proof that Switzerland is mentally retarded concerning intellectual education and German intellectuals are really needed in Switzerland. But the mutual learning process can only be when there is no propaganda against groups of foreigners any more. All in all SVP with it's eternal racist propaganda against foreigners and especially against Germans is a RACIST AND CRIMINAL CONGREGATION]

2010: Germans are less criminal (0.6%) as criminal Swiss people (1%)

A graphic of Swiss TV about criminality of foreigners in Switzerland in 2010 is stating clearly:

Germans are less criminal than Swiss people, respectively Germans only have 0.6%, almost half of the criminality of criminal Swiss people with 1%.

Graphic of Swiss TV showing
                  criminality of foreigners with Germans (0.6%) compared
                  with criminal Swiss people (1%)
Graphic of Swiss TV showing criminality of foreigners with Germans (0.6%) compared with criminal Swiss people (1%) [x002]

And listen: Also French and Austrian in Switzerland are UNDER the criminality rate of criminal Swiss people, and Germans are the group which is less criminal of all with 0.6%. This is the result of an investigation of men between 18 and 34. Quotation:

<At the top of this statistic about criminality for the year 2009 people of Angola are on the top with 6.3% more criminality than Swiss people. Second rated nationality is Nigeria. Sri Lanka has got a quota of 4.7. Serbia, Montenegro and Kosovo 3.1%. Less criminal complaints than Swiss are the case for Austrians and French people in Switzerland. Less of all have Germans. [...] According to the speaker of Federal Board of Statistics of Switzerland (Bundesamt für Statistik BfS) Silvia Steible the investigation was made with "men between 18 and 34". This is a normal range in all the world. This period of life is also called the "period of delinquency".>
(orig. in German:
<An der Spitze dieser Kriminal-Statistik für das Jahr 2009 liegen Angolaner. Sie werden 6,3 mal häufiger verzeigt als Schweizer. Auf Rang zwei liegt Nigeria. Für Sri Lanka ergibt sich eine Quote von 4,7. Für Serbien, Montenegro und Kosovo 3,1. Weniger Strafanzeigen als die Schweizer bekommen Österreicher und Franzosen. Am wenigsten verzeigt werden die Deutschen. [...] Laut der Kommunikationssprecherin des Bundesamtes für Statistik BfS Silvia Steible ist die erhobene Altersgruppe «Männer 18-34» international üblich und repräsentativ. Genannt wird sie «Periode der Delinquenz».>)
Thus one can see that within Central Europa Swiss population is one of the most criminal population.

And what reports the next news?

Tires - the mass of Rickli - holidays and a whiskey bar

Racist Zurich on August 20, 2011: tires of German cars are stabbed again - probably during street parade in Zurich

                        people at Street Parade in Zurich in 2011
Party people at Street Parade in Zurich in 2011 [25]

When German tourists visit Street Parade coming with their car they have to fear that their car is damaged thus they need a protected place. This is the consequence of anti German propaganda of political party of Nazi SVP with the racists Blocher, Mörgeli and Segert. These are conditions like in a civil war like between Chile and Peru...

Criminal Blocher Town (town of Zurich with it's racist "leader" Blocher) with it's eternal propaganda of SVP against foreigners and Germans develops a hatred against Germans which is absolutely crazy, and nobody wants to be responsible for such attacks as it's reported in the next news under the minimizing title "Was there working a hater against Germans?" from August 20, 2011:


<ZURICH - Unknown people stabbed tires of several German cars at a parking place of Zurich cemetery in Zurich. A reader reporter has taken photos of the damage. For him it's clear: a hater of Germans was working here.

Reader reporter (45) from Zurich was walking around at about 12 o'clock walking to his garden plot in Zurich Wiedikon District. He parked his car in one of the parking lots of the cemetery at Uetli Mountain (Uetliberg) but suddenly he saw the stabbed tires of the neighboring cars. He was walking on and stated: There were many more cars with flat tires!

Then he watched the license plates and stated seven damaged vehicles and stated: Only cars with German license plates were damaged. "This must have been somebody who is agitating against Germans", the Zurich civilian said. Because Swiss cars there were all without damage. Thus he took the photos with his camera.

And the culprit did not only stab one tire: "Every car had two flat tires at one side, at the back and at the front side", the facts were reported. Until today it's not known who was committing the crime, nor why. It's also unclear how many cars are affected. May be the car owners leave here their cars for long times.

"Perhaps these were tourists for the Street Parade of last weekend", the reader reporter is suggesting. "And when they wanted to go home they could not go because of the damaged tires." Because normally there are no German cars parked on this parking place.>
(orig. in German:
<ZÜRICH - Unbekannte haben auf einem Friedhofparkplatz in Zürich die Reifen an mehreren deutschen Autos zerstochen. Ein Leserreporter hat den Schaden fotografiert. Für ihn ist klar: Hier war ein Deutschen-Hasser am Werk.

Der Leserreporter (45) aus Zürich ist heute gegen 12 Uhr unterwegs zu seinem Schrebergarten in Zürich Wiedikon. Er stellt sein Auto auf dem Parkplatz des Friedhofs Uetliberg ab, als er plötzlich ein Auto mit zerstochenen Reifen sieht. Er läuft weiter und stellt fest: Auch viele andere Fahrzeuge stehen mit einem Platten da!

Dann schaut sich der Leserreporter die Nummernschilder der sieben beschädigten Fahrzeuge an und stellt fest: Es hat nur Autos mit deutscher Kennung getroffen. «Da muss jemand am Werk gewesen sein, der etwas gegen Deutsche hat», ist sich der Zürcher sicher. Denn die Schweizer Wagen auf dem grossen Parkplatz sind allesamt unversehrt. Also drückt er auf den Auslöser seiner Kamera.

Und der Täter hat es nicht nur bei jeweils einem Reifen belassen: «Jedes Auto hatte auf jeweils einer Seite sowohl Vorder- als auch Hinterreifen zerstochen», sagt der Leserreporter. [...]

Die Stadtpolizei bestätigt die Vorfälle gegenüber «Es gab mehrere Anzeigen wegen Sachbeschädigung», heisst es. Bislang weiss man aber weder, wer die Taten verübt hat, noch warum. Auch wie viele Autos betroffen sind, sei unklar. Es handle sich bei den Autobesitzern wohl um Dauerparker.

«Vielleicht waren das Besucher der Street Parade vom letzten Wochenende», mutmasst der Leserreporter. «Und als sie nach Hause fahren wollten, konnten sie das wegen der kaputten Reifen nicht.» Denn normalerweise seien auf dem Parkplatz kaum deutsche Fahrzeuge abgestellt.>
Well, what are doing right wing SVP people during a Street Parade? They are not dancing, but they are consuming alcohol and are watching women. Because most SVP people cannot dance but they have a big envy to the people who can dance. The energy of ency in combination with the propaganda of SVP against Germans resulted the crazy destructive energy of these low intelligence SVP human beings who committed the attack against German tires.

August 7, 2011: boot poster of criminal Nazi SVP against Germans

Plakat der SVP von
                          2011 "Masseneinwanderung stoppen"
                          mit schwarzen Stiefeln
Poster of SVP of 2011 "stop mass immigration" ("Masseneinwanderung stoppen") with black boots [x003]

A Swiss blog in the Internet about policy where people did not loose their brain by the beer glass is clealry stating what this boot poster is claiming a "mass immigration". Of course this cruel Nazi poster with it's saying "stop mass immigration" showing black boots on a red Swiss flag is remembering to German SS, and of course this poster is headed against German immigrants, the best immigrants a state can have. In Switzerland German immigrants have only half of Swiss criminality. But this beer SVP does not like Germans because this beer SVP does not want German bosses and does not want German teachers, but this beer SVP is making propaganda against Germans since 2008 already and rather likes Yugoslavs than Germans because Yugoslavs have an intelligence of 70 to 80 IQ which corresponds more to the members of this beer SVP.

An intellectual evaluation of the situation about Switzelrand in 2011 is clearly saying that this boot poster is not needed in Switzerland because German employees in Switzerland are not charging the social institutions but to the contrary German employees are FILLING UP THE SOCIAL INSTITUTIONS!

Quotation of this Swiss blog:

<But fact is...

that despite Euro crisis and strong Swiss Franc Switzerland is in a top position within Europe, and the next fact is that this initiative of SVP "against mass immigration" is endangering this top position.

Negative effects by the agreement of Free Movement of Persnos cannot be stated. To the contrary. Economic growth and low unemployment quota are directly in connection with this agreement of Free Movement of Persons. It is also a lie that Swiss social institutions would be charged. According the the Federal Board of Statistics the AHV insurance is even becoming better and better by the immigration [of Germans] than without them. Additionally immigration [of Germans] is going in a direct connection with economic growth. When there is much work, then economy is rising, when not, it is sinking.

This initiative claims for a fixing of quotas and would be a step backwards and would provoke more burocracy. And even worse would be that this initiative would endanger the bilateral treaties and would break the economic development.

This initiative is no solution for future problems. A consequent application and realizaiton of already existing law would be enough adjusting grievances [which are not caused by Germans].>

<Tatsache ist aber...

dass die Schweiz trotz Eu­rokrise und Frankenstärke im europäischen Kontext immer noch sehr gut da steht und dass die­ser Vorsprung durch die SVP-In­itiative «Gegen Masseneinwande­rung» fahrlässig aufs Spiel gesetzt wird.

Negative Auswirkungen sind durch die neue Personenfreizügigkeit nicht feststellbar. Im Gegenteil. Das Wirt­schaftswachs­tum und die tiefe Arbeitslosigkeit haben mit dem Freizügigkeitsabkommen ganz direkt zu tun. Es ist auch eine Mär, dass die Sozialwerke geschröpft werden. Gemäss Bundes­amt für Sozi­alversi­cherun­gen sieht die AHV-Rech­nung dank Zuwande­rung wesentlich bes­ser aus als ohne. Kommt dazu, dass die Zuwanderung ganz direkt mit der Konjunktur verläuft. Ist viel Arbeit da nimmt sie zu, ist wenig da, nimmt sie ab.

Die durch die Initiative verlangte Kontingentierung wäre ein Rückschritt und würde uns noch  mehr Bürokratie bringen. Und noch viel verheerender ist, dass die Initiative die bilateralen Verträge gefährdet und somit die wirtschaftliche Entwicklung hemmt.

Die Initiative ist keine Lösung für die anstehenden Probleme. Eine konsequente Anwendung und Durch­setzung des bestehenden Rechts würde bereits jetzt einiges ins richtige Lot rücken.>

Well, this propaganda against German immigration had it's effect in Switzerland:

-- Germans in Switzerland are more and more isolated
-- Germans in Switzerland don't feel accepted whereas they do "all right"
-- criminal SVP is pursuing Germans with this propaganda poster absolutely irritating them because many Germans are internalizing such a poster and they know that on the poster SS of former times is depicted and they - as the third generation after WWII - don't want to have to do anything with this war.

But one has to know that it was Swiss collaboration with the Nazis which should be concelad in this poster maneuver once again, with tank parts and rocket parts from ABB, and with the collaboration with the passage through the Alps until April 1945, and with aiding an escape even until 1946 for the big Nazis for their flight to Arentina and Chile - and even with their fortunes were brought there by Swiss lawyers.

Thus more criminal SVP cannot act than blaming German immigrants for being an SS or a Wehrmacht. Criminal SVP is also always comparing Germans with wards of concentration camps when a German is called "Schulz" because in a Hollywood movie there was a ward called "Schulz". In this criminal way of psychological terrorism this criminal Nazi party of SVP is destabilizing the German immigrants systematically and is evoking Swiss criminality against them. And criminal German Nazi graphic artist of Nazi SVP, Mr. Alexander Segert from Hamburg working for this Nazi SVP, he KNEW EXACTLY WHAT HE DID WITH THIS POSTER AGAINST GERMANS IN SWITZERLAND. And criminal Swiss justice did NOT do ANYTHING one more time stopping this Nazi propaganda gainst Germans depicting them in black boots. With this Switzerland really has converted into a Nazi state, because foreigners - not important from where - are always a target of criminal Swiss policy, and Swiss justice is NEVER protecting them.

Nazi poster of SVP
                            from 2011 "stop mass immigration"
                            ("Masseneinwanderung stoppen")
                            with masses of posters at Zurich main
Nazi poster of SVP from 2011 "stop mass immigration" ("Masseneinwanderung stoppen") with masses of posters at Zurich main station [x004]
3 fold Nazi poster
                            of SVP in 2011 "stop mass
                            immigration" with black boots on a
                            Swiss flag at an entrance of a village
3 fold Nazi poster of SVP in 2011 "stop mass immigration" with black boots on a Swiss flag at an entrance of a village [x006]

The vote is about asylum abuse, but the Nazi poster itself is headed against Germans.

Additionally this poster is pretending that the immigrants would walk and abuse the Swiss flag as a carpet and would condemn and occupy Switzerland. But Germans in Switzerland have only the half of Swiss criminality, are taking over leader positions and are filling up the social institutions with their contributions. Thus this SVP poster is describing just the contrary to that what Germans are doing in Switzerland.

Criminal Swiss justice does not hinder such propaganda and therefore Switzerland is a real Nazi state.

Well, this initiative was "only" headed against asylum seekers of course. But on the poster there was no word written about "asylum seekers"!!! In 2012 Swiss government was sharpening the asylum law again. But the initiative was not retired by this criminal blockhead beer SVP and therefore the vote was in 2013 with over 70% No. Even not all SVP people wanted to have this initiative any more...

Additionally there was a counter poster to this racist immigration poster because there is more and more the emotion in Switzerland coming up that this visual terrorism by Nazi SVP has to stop:

Resistance, cannot see SVP
                  posters any more - splash
Resistance, cannot see SVP posters any more - splash [x005]

But this was no use for the Germans in Switzerland because the poster was just against the Germans and the propaganda against Germans in criminal Nazi Switzerland was not stopping but was even enforced without end.

since April 23, 2012: war of racist Mrs. Rickli against Germans

She does
                        not know much ans is generalizing much and is
                        copying racist strategies against Germans - SVP
                        representative Natalie Rickli, portrait
She does not know much ans is generalizing much and is copying racist strategies against Germans - SVP representative Natalie Rickli, portrait [3]

Mrs. Rickli is a politician of the young generation of SVP with a mercantile diploma working in the management. But unfortunately she did not study any history and no sociology. Thus she is repeating only prejudices against Germans which are published in propaganda advertisings of SVP, and she does not see the big connections (yet).
Racist Mrs. Rickli from Nazi SVP meant in TV of Zurich (Tele Züri") in the broadcast "Sunday Talk" ("Sonn Talk") that "there are too many Germans in the country" and she claimed to apply the prudential regulation concerning the immigration of Germans to Switzerland (see the news of the newspaper "View" (Blick) of April 23, 2012: "SVP Rickli claims prudential regulation for Germans!" (orig. German: "SVP-Rickli fordert: Ventilklausel auch für Deutsche!")

Well, Mrs. Rickli is just a racist leaving out any truth in a discussion like Mr. Blocher is doing it. She meant that there are 200,000 Germans living in Switzerland, but she did not mention the number of Italians which is just the double. And she did not mention the Yugoslavs in Switzerland at all. Rickli was only making propaganda against Germans claiming that a regulation should have had installed in 2009 already. Concretely there are some cases of sadistic Swiss managers dismissing Swiss employees who were around 50 years old justifying these dismissals with "restructuring", but a short time later a German got the job. And there is also the question about German teachers in Switzerland.


<ZURICH - Not Poles are the problem, but immigration from Germany, means federal deputy of SVP Mrs. Natalie Rickli and therefore she claims for a limitation of immigration fro our neighbor in the north.

There are dozens of replies coming to Mrs. Natalie Rickli after her show in the broadcast "SonnTalk" in the TV station "TeleZüri" yesterday. Reason: She said that the problem of immigration would not be the Poles but the Germans. At the moment there are 200,000 Germans living in Switzerland.

Rickli had clear words: "Swiss government should activate the limitation of immigration already since 2009 so German immigration would reduce" she claimed in TV. Other people in the discussion, Martin Bäumle from the Green Liberals and Kaspar Loeb could hardly  accept this racist statement of Natalie Rickli.

Swiss people fired, German hired - [but no indication of the reason dismissing the Swiss!]

Federal deputy Rickli stated to the newspaper "View" ("Blick") today: "She had many reaction from spectators. 95% were supporting her." And there are several examples reaching her by e-mail, written by Swiss people around 50 years old. They were dismissed by restructuring officially, but a short time later a German got the job.

Martin Bäumle, president of Green Liberals, was attacking Rickli in the TV studio: "I have really big difficulties with this eternal SVP CD. This is not the meaning of Natalie Rickli." This anti German mood would be a really bad and criminal manner of the political party of SVP. "The Germans working here are making a very good job. We need them, just in our health system" [hospitals and old aged homes]. Also Swiss economy is depending on these people. Consultant Kaspar Loeb supported Bäumle.

SVP constructing a hatred campaign

On Rickli's Facebook web site there are over 60 entries to her statements. A woman is writing: "We need really more measures. In the town of Zurich more and more German teachers are hired." Bäumle means that there is a problem in asylum policy and with immigration. But these two topics should not be mixed.

Free movement of people could also provoke a certain competition in the economy. It can be that sometimes a Swiss will lose the job. "But constructing a hatred campaign because of only one example is not at all a serious matter", Bäumle said.>

(orig. in German:
<ZÜRICH - Nicht die Polen seien das Problem, sondern die Zuwanderung aus Deutschland, findet SVP-Nationalrätin Natalie Rickli und fordert deshalb: Ventilklausel auch für unsere Nachbarn im Norden.
Dutzende von Rückmeldungen hat Natalie Rickli nach ihrem Auftritt im «SonnTalk» gestern auf «Tele Züri» erhalten. Grund: Sie sagte, das Problem der Einwanderung seien nicht die Polen sondern die Deutschen. Rund 200'000 Deutsche leben zurzeit in der Schweiz.

Rickli fand klare Worte: «Der Bundesrat hätte die Ventilklausel bereits 2009 aktivieren sollen, dann wären die Deutschen auch betroffen», zeterte sie am TV. Die anderen Gäste im Studio, Martin Bäumle von den Grünliberalen und Berater Kaspar Loeb konnten Ricklis Worte kaum fassen.

Schweizer entlassen, Deutscher eingestellt - [aber der Grund für die Kündigung des Schweizer fehlt!]

Zu meint die Zürcher Nationalrätin heute: «Ich habe sehr viele Reaktionen von Zuschauern erhalten. 95 Prozent gaben mir recht.» Gleich mehrere Beispiele seien ihr gemailt worden von Schweizern um die 50, die offiziell wegen Restrukturierung ihren Job verloren hätten. Und kurze Zeit später seien Deutsche eingestellt worden.

Martin Bäumle, Präsident der Grünliberalen prangert Rickli im Studio an: «Ich habe grosse Mühe mit dieser SVP-Platte. Das ist nicht mehr die Meinung von Natalie Rickli.» Diese Anti-Deutsche-Stimmung sei eine ganz miese Tour der SVP. «Die Deutschen, die hier arbeiten, machen ihren Job sehr gut. Wir brauchen sie, gerade im Gesundheitssektor.» Die Wirtschaft sei auf diese Leute angewiesen. Berater Kaspar Loeb pflichtet Bäumle bei.

SVP baut Hasskampagne auf

Auf Ricklis Facebook-Site gibts über 60 Einträge zu ihren Aussagen. Eine Frau schreibt: «Es braucht wirklich weitere Massnahmen. In der Stadt Zürich werden zunehmend Deutsche als Lehrer angestellt.» Und ein anderer ergänzt: «Sie hat ja nur die Wahrheit gesagt. Ich fühle mich immer mehr als Fremder im eigenen Land.»

Für Rickli liegt der Ball jetzt wieder beim Bundesrat: «Wir haben ein Problem mit der Masseneinwanderung. Die Personenfreizügigkeit muss darum dringend neu verhandelt werden.» Bäumle meinte, es gebe ein Problem in der Asylpolitik und bei der Einwanderung. Diese Themen seien jedoch nicht durcheinanderzubringen.

Die Personenfreizügigkeit könne durchaus einen Konkurrenzdruck in der Wirtschaft auslösen. Dass dabei ein Schweizer mal den Job verliere, könne sein. «Aber auf einem Beispiel gleich eine ganze Hasskampagne aufzubauen ist unseriös», sagt Bäumle.>

Well, it was not reported why the Swiss employee was dismissed. Perhaps he was an alcoholic, or he was mentally retarded, or she had an accident and could hardly walk, or he did not complete the working regulations etc. Every case of a dismissal is a case for itself and had special reasons. All this was CONCEALED by this Nazi SVP. And therefore there is always the same  conclusion: SVP is superfluous.

The reaction to racist Rickli came promptly, even in Germany.

April 24, 2012: Switzerland should send back all Germans - Germans in Germany are claiming

The claim of racist Mrs. Rickli of Nazi SVP sending back Germans to Germany hit open ears in Germany because tax defrauders would pay their tax in Germany again.

from "View" (Blick) online: Limitation for Germans: This is the answer of Germans to Rickli's claim (orig. German: Ventilklausel für Deutsche So kontern Deutsche Ricklis Forderung); April 24, 2012;

<ZURICH - Claims applying a limitation for German immigration provoked hundreds of reactions of readers. Now Rickli's statements are also reported in German media.

Federal Deputy of SVP Natalie Rickli got much support from Swiss population for their open words on "SonnTalk" on "TeleZüri". Also in the forum of was a hot debate about the claim for a limitation for German immigrants.

The discussion was also watched in Germany: news magazine "Focus" reported online about Rikli's claims. And there were 220 comments within only few hours.

Claims on a high level

Many are writing similar like "Siekhardt": "These are problems other countries would really like to have. I never could imagine a better immigrants than a German."

[Schumacher and his "little brothers" should come back to Germany paying their tax in Germany and not in Switzerland]

And "Niils" is countering: "Well, this is a good idea. Because Michael Schumacher and the rest of the German tax refugees with their millions will pay their tax in Germany then. Dear Mrs. Rickli, we hope you will fight and win and send us the Germans back who were profiting in your country during years."

[Germans do not charge the social system - the idea of a quota of criminality]

At last a central problem of Switzerland is mentioned, "Glissander2" said. To the contrary to others Germans are willing for work and are well educated not charging the social systems and not committing criminalities."

More cynically is another idea: "I want that there will be a monthly reward to all Germans. And a quota of criminality should be introduced. In the other case it will be really difficult to construct a problem..."

Propaganda from German left side is supporting the whole thing

The climate between Switzerland and Germany worsened, said reader "Wachauge": "By the propaganda of German socialist media and polemics of some leading Socialist politicians the climate between Germany and Switzerland has worsened."

The fact that highly qualified experts prefer an emigration to Switzerland is because of the better political conditions. This should be the guideline for our politicians.

No special treatment for Germans

Another view has "burned". He is also critical to himself: "For Germans count the same conditions as for other immigrants. The conditions are given and this has to be accepted, not important in which state he is. And there is no special treatment. Basta."

[Germans working in Swiss old age homes]

German nurse Michel G. is irritated watching the Swiss online newspaper "Every year they utter the same sayings. Every year I see that Germans are in the focus. Now Swiss people has to take action. Nurse your old people alone! Support the education for nursing diplomas for old age homes, because then a big part of Germans would not be here."

Rickli's claims are provoking big discussions, in Switzerland and in Germany.>

(orig. in German:
<ZÜRICH - Die Forderung nach der Ventilklausel für Deutsche löste hunderte von Leserreaktionen aus. Nun werden Natalie Ricklis Aussagen auch in deutschen Medien kolportiert.

Die SVP-Parlamentarierin Natalie Rickli erhielt für ihre offenen Worte im «SonnTalk» auf «Tele Züri» viel Zustimmung aus der Schweizer Bevölkerung. Auch im Forum bei lief eine hitzige Debatte zur Forderung nach einer Ventilklausel für Deutsche.

Die Diskussion blieb in Deutschland nicht unbemerkt: Das Nachrichtenmagazin Focus berichtete online über Ricklis Forderungen. Und verzeichnet innerhalb weniger Stunden über 220 Kommentare.

Gemecker auf hohem Niveau

Viele schreiben ähnlich wie «Siekhardt»: «Das sind Sorgen, die wohl jedes andere Land gerne hätte. Ich könnte mir keinen besseren Zuwanderer vorstellen als uns Deutsche.»

[Schumacher und seine "Brüderchen" sollen nach Deutschland Steuern zahlen und nicht in der Schweiz]

Und «Niils» kontert: «Ich finde es gut. Dann zahlen Michael Schumacher und der Rest der millionenschweren, deutschen Steuerflüchtlinge ihre Steuern demnächst wieder in Deutschland?! Liebe Frau Rickli, setzen Sie sich durch und schicken Sie uns die Deutschen wieder, von denen Sie jahrelang profitiert haben.»

[Deutsche belasten die Sozialkassen nicht - Vorschlag einer Straftatquote]

Endlich werde mal ein zentrales Problem der Schweiz angesprochen, sagt etwa «Glissander2».  Im Gegensatz zu anderen seien Deutsche leistungswillige und gut ausgebildete Leute, die die Sozialkassen nicht belasten und keinen Straftaten begehen.»

Eher zynisch mutet sein Aufruf an: «Ich fordere daher eine monatliche Pflichtauszahlung der AHV an alle Deutschen. Und eine Straftatquote. Ansonsten wirds echt schwer ein Problem zu konstruieren...»

Hetze von deutschen Linken fördert das Ganze

Ein Verschlechterung des Klimas zwischen der Schweiz und Deutschland ortet Leser «Wachauge»: «Durch die Hetze der deutschen sozialistischen Medien und die Polemik von einigen führenden sozialistischen Politikern hat sich das Klima zwischen Deutschland und der Schweiz verschlechtert.»

Dass hochqualifizierte Fachkräfte bevorzugt in die Schweiz auswandern, habe unter anderem mit besseren politischen Verhältnissen zu tun. Daran sollten sich unsere Politiker orientieren.

Keine Extrawurst für Deutsche

Anders sieht es «burned». Er übt durchaus Selbstkritik: «Für die Deutschen gelten gleichen Bedingungen wie für jeden anderen Einwanderer. Er hat sich mit den gegebenen Bedingungen des gewünschten Staates abzufinden. Basta. Extrawurst ist nicht.»

[Deutsche arbeiten in schweizer Altersheimen]

Der Deutsche Pfleger Michel G. nervt sich auf «Jedes Jahr die gleichen Sprüche. Jedes Jahr stehe ich, als deutscher im Rampenlicht . Jetzt handelt endlich, pflegt Eure Angehörigen doch selber. Sorgt dafür dass mehr Schweizer den Beruf der diplomierten Pflegekraft lernen, so wäre der Grossteil der Deutschen weg.»

Ricklis Forderung sorgt als weiterhin für viel Diskussionsstoff. Sowohl in der Schweiz wie auch in Deutschland.>

April 29, 2012: This racist propaganda in Switzerland is unique: racist Rickli is going forward: "The mass is upsetting me" - complete idiot Natalie Rickli

Complete idiot Natalie Rickli had made propaganda already one week before there would be too many Germans in the country. Now she is arguing in Daily News (Tagesanzeiger) of April 29, 2012 a little bit more precisely: "The mass is upsetting me". She does not want to be in an restaurant where only Germans are waitresses, and she would not want to go to a hospital where only German doctors are working. She does not see that German managers are evading Swiss employees evading racist conflicts with Swiss rebels in the company - as she is also a racist rebel. Mrs. Rickli is copying any Nazi manner.

It seems that she rather likes Yugoslavs in Switzerland who cannot speak German. Mrs. Rickli means that Germans are robbing jobs to the Balkans foreigners in Switzerland, and then the Yugoslavs would be without job and this would be "a problem" for Switzerland. That's why the Germans who are "too much"  should disappear. It affects those Germans who lost their jobs in the economic crisis in 2010 and are taking the underdog jobs where the Yugoslavs had worked before. She means that the Yugoslavs should stay and the Germans have to go.

This is criminal racist logic of SVP. She is really proving how racist this SVP is, likes more the not educated Yugoslavs and send home the intelligent Germans. Lower intelligence is wanted and is more "acceptable" for SVP people, and relative high intelligence of Germans is rejected. That means that low intelligence human beings of SVP feel in danger by high intelligence of German spirit, also when Germans want to feel happy in Switzerland and are doing everything for Switzerland. The possibility to learn something from the Germans is never mentioned by SVP member either.

Here is the racist interview against Germans of racist Rickli (article in "View" (Blick): The Mass of The Germans Is Upsetting Me (German: Die Masse der Deutschen stört mich):

<Suddenly whole Germany knows [Swiss racist] SVP Federal Deputy Natalie Rickli: "We have too many Germans in the country", she had said last week. And now she is putting even more coal [...]

You said there are too many Germans in the country. What do yo have against Germans?
Some Germans are not bothering, but the mass is upsetting me.

Where Germans are in masses?
Especially in the canton of Zurich. When there are some German doctors, one or two German servants in restaurants, this would not upset me. But when there are only German servants and only German doctors when I am in the Swiss mountains only served by Germans, then I don't feel at home any more. Additionally there are many other foreigners from foreign cultures. We have school classes where is only one Swiss child.

You are provoking an old topic with empty provocations.
This discussion is important and necessary. Middle left politicians and journalists are claiming one of my sentences but never discuss the wrong immigration policy.

We have to say to you: Your statement about Germans is wrong.
Many people are supporting me.

This is a minority. Only one third say in our survey that there would be too many Germans in the country.
One third? this is much. I never had the claim representing the whole population. I am here for my voters. When you have the feeling that one third is not much then you make politics aside the population.

[Well this third is the part which lets manipulate by the criminal racist manipulations by SVP].

Where is the problem? We are one of the richest countries of Europe
That's why there are so many immigrants coming to Switzerland. We are full. Germans are robbing jobs from Balkans people. These are without job and are charging the social system. [...]

Germans in Switzerland are hardly without job. Why you are making propaganda against Germans?
I am not making propaganda against Germans. But I speak about a problem that there are too many of them. Journalists like you should better read about the facts of immigration than with Germans.

You yourself are speaking about Germans.
In Switzerland 276,000 Germans are living. When we would calculate these were 2.7 million Swiss people in Germany.

Oswald Grübel is a German. First he saved bank of CS, then he reached a turnaround with bank of UBS.
I am a fan of Mr. Grübel. He was criticizing Swiss Government in a right way for it's White Money strategy. He defended the financial center of Switzerland which many Swiss bankers did not do.

[So the criminal bank secret is working on and any criminal and mafia can make money laundering in Switzerland, above all in UBS AG].

Who should work in Swiss hospitals when all Germans have gone?
I have no problems with German doctors. My physio therapist is a German. But when there are only Germans in a hospital, I am upset. And in 2011 we had 8,493 persons without job in the health sector.

There are not enough Swiss doctors.
This problem in Swiss health system is homemade. Germans are not the solution. We have to eliminate the limitations for Swiss students of medicine. It must not be that Swiss students are limited to study medicine - and then Germans are wanted.

What's the problem, when a German is serving you in a restaurant?
This is not upsetting me, but when only foreigners are serving and when I am only nursed by foreigners.

With such statements you are provoking hostility of foreigners.
We have a problem of foreigners in Switzerland, this is not a problem of Germans. Hostility of foreigners are provoking those people who reject the debate and journalists like you reproaching hostility of foreigners. [...]

[Rickli is copying the stile of argumentation of SVP racists Fehr and Schlüer].

Germans are seldom criminal. A majority said Yes to free movement of people.
But the government (Bundesrat) promised to apply a limitation. In 2009 he did not fulfill this.

You are wanted for interviews in Germany. What will you say there?
I am a Swiss politician. I am making politics here. Therefore I did not answer to any request from Germany.

In the next few years Switzerland will reach 8 million people. Where is the limit for you?
The limit is reached.

What does that mean?
Many people have no space in this narrow area. Infrastructure cannot be broadened without limits.

What is your idea for that problem?
Switzerland is a sovereign country and is no branch of EU or of "U.S.A." [but is just a branch of "U.S.A."!]. We have to say which foreigners we want. I want to return to the season laws with fixed limits. Immigration should serve to the whole economy.

How do you mean this?
Swiss people have to be privileged concerning jobs. When there is no Swiss a specialist can be called from all the world, not only from EU.>

(orig. in German:

<Plötzlich kennt ganz Deutschland die SVP-Nationalrätin Natalie Rickli. «Wir haben zu viele Deutsche im Land», sagte sie letzte Woche. Jetzt legt sie nach. [...]

Sie sagen, es hätte zu viele Deutsche im Land. Was haben Sie gegen Deutsche?
Einzelne Deutsche stören mich nicht, mich stört die Masse.

Wo treten denn die Deutschen in Massen auf?
Speziell im Kanton Zürich. Gäbe es einzelne deutsche Ärzte, eine, zwei deutsche Serviertöchter im Restaurant, störte mich das nicht. Wenn es aber nur noch deutsche Serviertöchter hat, deutsche Ärzte, ich in den Schweizer Bergen nur noch von Deutschen bedient werde, fühle ich mich nicht mehr daheim. Dazu kommen die Einwohner aus fremden Kulturkreisen. Wir haben heute Schulklassen, wo es nur noch ein Schweizer Kind hat.

Sie wärmen mit leeren Provokationen ein altes Thema auf.
Die Diskussion ist wichtig und nötig. Mitte-links-Politiker und Journalisten werfen mir einen Satz vor, statt über verfehlte Zuwanderungspolitik zu reden.

Wir müssen Ihnen sagen: Ihre Aussage zu den Deutschen ist falsch.
Sehr viele Leute teilen meine Ansicht.

Es ist eine Minderheit. Nur ein Drittel sagt in unserer Umfrage, wir hätten zu viele Deutsche.
Ein Drittel? Das ist doch viel. Ich habe nie den Anspruch, das ganze Volk hinter mir zu haben. Ich bin für meine Wählerinnen und Wähler da. Wenn Sie das Gefühl haben, ein Drittel sei wenig, politisieren Sie am Volk vorbei. [...]

Wo ist das Problem? Wir sind das reichste Land Europas.
Deshalb drängen so viele in die Schweiz. Jetzt platzen wir aber aus allen Nähten. Deutsche nehmen Leuten vom Balkan die Arbeitsplätze weg. Diese werden arbeitslos und für uns zur Belastung. [...]

Deutsche in der Schweiz sind selten arbeitslos. Warum hetzen Sie gegen die Deutschen?
Ich hetze nicht gegen Deutsche. Ich spreche die Problematik an, dass zu viele hier sind. Journalisten  wie Sie sollten sich besser mit dem Thema Zuwanderung befassen als mit den Deutschen.

Sie selbst reden über Deutsche.
In der Schweiz leben 276000 Deutsche. Rechnen wir das auf Deutschland um, wären 2,7 Millionen Schweizer in Deutschland.

Oswald Grübel ist ein Deutscher. Erst rettete er die CS, bei der UBS gelang ihm der Turnaround.
Ich bin ein Fan von Herrn Grübel. Er kritisiert den Bundesrat zu Recht für die Weissgeldstrategie. Er verteidigt im Gegensatz zu vielen Schweizer Topbankern den Finanzplatz.

Wer soll in Schweizer Spitälern arbeiten, wenn die Deutschen weg sind?
Ich habe kein Problem mit deutschen Ärzten. Meine Physiotherapeutin ist eine Deutsche. Mich stört aber, wenn es nur noch Deutsche hat. Überdies hatten wir 2011 8493 Arbeitslose im Gesundheitswesen.

Schweizer Ärzte hat es aber zu wenig.
Die Probleme im Gesundheitswesen sind hausgemacht. Deutsche sind nicht die Lösung. Wir müssen den Numerus clausus aufheben. Es darf nicht sein, dass wir Schweizer daran hindern, Medizin zu studieren – und Deutsche holen.

Was stört Sie, wenn eine Deutsche Sie in der Beiz [Kneipe] bedient?
Es stört mich, wenn ich nur noch von Ausländern bedient, nur noch von Ausländern gepflegt werde.

Mit solchen Aussagen schüren Sie Fremdenfeindlichkeit.
Wir haben in der Schweiz ein Ausländerproblem, nicht ein Deutschenproblem. Fremdenfeindlichkeit schüren jene, die diese Debatte nicht führen wollen und Journalisten wie Sie, die mir Fremdenfeindlichkeit vorwerfen. [...]

Deutsche sind selten kriminell. Eine Mehrheit hat auch Ja gesagt zur Personenfreizügigkeit.
Der Bundesrat hat aber versprochen, bei Bedarf die Ventilklausel anzuwenden. Daran hat er sich 2009 nicht gehalten.

Sie haben Interview-Anfragen aus Deutschland. Was sagen Sie dort?
Ich bin eine Schweizer Politikerin, ich politisiere hier. Deshalb habe ich alle Anfragen aus Deutschland nicht beantwortet.

Demnächst werden in der Schweiz acht Millionen Menschen leben. Wo liegt für Sie die Grenze?
Sie ist erreicht.

Das heisst?
Viel mehr Menschen haben auf diesem Raum nicht mehr Platz. Die Inf­rastruktur ist nicht beliebig ausbaubar.

Welche Rezepte haben Sie?
Die Schweiz ist ein souveräner Staat, keine Filiale der EU oder der USA. Wir müssen sagen können, welche Ausländer wir wollen. Ich will zurückgehen zum Saisonnier-Status und fixen Kontingenten. Zuwanderung soll den gesamtwirtschaftlichen Interessen dienen.

Wie meinen Sie das?
Schweizer sollen Vorrang bei der Stellenbesetzung haben. Findet man keinen Schweizer, sollen wir Spezialisten von überallher holen können, nicht nur aus der EU.>

Well, SVP is only confirming one more time that this SVP is a racist party and does NOT want to learn anything. This is not foreseen in the human program of SVP. More than a beer regulars' table is not wanted. Additionally there is no report how many German tires are stabbed every year. May be the complete number is between 400 and 600. And therefore this SVP is superfluous: is making propaganda and is provoking only hatred.

And now the answer is coming to racism against Germans of Mrs. Rickli which is going around in European press since weeks:

April 30, 2012: Germans cancel holidays in Switzerland - Swiss tourism associations condemn extreme right wing Natalie Rickli

Already one day later after the many statements against Germans of Mrs. Rickli the reaction from Germany came: German holiday makers began to cancel their holidays in demonstrably racist Switzerland (here is a report of Focus: "Swiss deputy Natalie Rickli is scaring away German holiday makers for Switzerland" (orig. German: "Schweizer Abgeordnete Natalie Rickli vergrault deutsche Schweiz-Urlauber")


<The trouble about Swiss national deputy Natalie Rickli does not stop. This conservative deputy is scaring away German holiday makers, federal tourism associations complain. Also party members are condemning this propaganda.

Since last week whole Germany knows Natalie Rickli: The deputy of conservative Swiss Popular Party (SVP) said in a TV talk show that there are too many Germans in Switzerland. Last weekend she was even making more propaganda: The mass of the Germans in Switzerland is upsetting me, she said in Sunday View (Sonntagsblick).

According to a report of Daily News (Tagesanzeiger) the director of Swiss Tourism (Schweiz Tourismus) as also the boss of tourism in the canton of Wales were reporting reducing numbers of visits from Germany. Germans are not feeling welcome in this mountain state of Switzerland after Rickli's statements. According to surveys on a web site three quarters of the users believe that Rickli is damaging to Swiss tourism with her stupid statements which are not needed in the scenery.

Vulgarities against German immigrants are more and more "accepted"

The boss of Grisons Holidays (Graubünden Ferien), Gaudenz Thoma, is uttering his anger in the newspaper "Sunday" (Der Sonntag). Rickli's statements are blocking intensive work in his sector for stopping the reducing movement of German tourists. For Switzerland German tourists are the most important foreign market, and scaring away just these tourists is absolutely counter productive in the times of a strong Swiss currency.

Critics also come from politicians from the own party. Rickli had been even called an "extreme right wing fighting blondie". SVP party member Ulrich Giezendanner was warning in the newspaper "Sonntag" to make such bad jokes about German immigrants. He just has good experiences with them. Kathy Riklin of Christ Democrat People Party (CVP) stated in Daily News (Tagesanzeiger) that it is really "alarming" that such statements of hatred against Germans are "accepted" in Switzerland.

Rickli: "One third? That is just much!"
But Rickli means she had never made any mistake stating that there are too many Germans in her home country. In an interview in "Sunday View" (Sonntagsblick) she was correcting: She did not say in the TV conversation that she claimed for the limitation of immigration. But she only said that this limitation should have applied in 2009 when just many Germans came to Switzerland. But there was no action instead the Swiss government had promised that this limitation would be applied when it is needed, Rickli said in the conversation.

The newspaper "Sunday View" (Sonntagsblick) made a survey and asked if there are too many Germans in Switzerland. 37% answered that they would support a limitation of immigration. For Rickli this is enough as she told to online Blick. But 58% of 1,000 questioned people think that the relation is "just right". "Switzerland is depending on foreign workers", Natalie Rickli is confessing in the interview. But when there are 8 million people in Switzerland the boat is full. "Who has no job should leave the country.">
(orig. in German:
<Seit voriger Woche kennt die gesamte Bundesrepublik Natalie Rickli: Die Abgeordnete der konservativen Schweizerischen Volkspartei (SVP) sagte in einer TV-Talkshow, in der Schweiz gebe es zu viele Deutsche. Am Wochenende legte Rickli nach: Die Masse der Deutschen in der Schweiz störe sie, sagte sie dem „Sonntagsblick“.

Nach einem Bericht von „“ berichtete sowohl der Direktor von Schweiz Tourismus als auch der Tourismuschef des Kantons Wallis über einen Rückgang der Besucherzahlen aus dem großen Nachbarland. Die Deutschen fühlten sich in der Alpenrepublik nach Ricklis Standpauke einfach nicht mehr willkommen. Laut einer Umfrage auf der Webseite glauben denn auch drei Viertel der User, dass Rickli mit ihren unbedarften Äußerungen der Schweizer Tourismusbranche schadet.

Gemeinheiten gegen deutsche Immigranten „salonfähig“

Der Chef von Graubünden Ferien, Gaudenz Thoma, ärgerte sich gegenüber der Zeitung „Der Sonntag“ darüber, dass Ricklis Aussagen die intensiven Bemühungen sabotierten, die seine Branche unternimmt, um den Gästerückgang aus Deutschland zu stoppen. Für die Schweiz ist die Bundesrepublik demnach der mit Abstand wichtigste Auslandsmarkt, die Touristen zu vergrätzen sei gerade in Zeiten des starken Franken kontraproduktiv.

Kritik an der Politikerin, die sich schon den Stempel der „rechtsextremen Kampfblondine“ aufdrücken lassen musste, kommt auch aus den eigenen Reihen: SVP-Nationalrat und Rickli-Parteikollege Ulrich Giezendanner warnte gegenüber dem „Sonntag“ davor, so mit deutschen Einwanderern umzuspringen: Er mache ausnahmslos gute Erfahrungen mit ihnen. Kathy Riklin von der Christlichdemokratischen Volkspartei (CVP) nannte es „“ zufolge „bedenklich“, dass Gehässigkeiten gegen Deutsche schon „salonfähig“ seien.

Rickli: „Ein Drittel? Das ist doch viel!“

Für einen Fehler hält Rickli ihre Aussage, es seien zu viele Deutsche in der Heimat, trotzdem nicht. Im „Sonntagsblick“-Interview will sie außerdem richtigstellen: Die sogenannte Ventilklausel zur Zuwanderungsbeschränkung habe sie nicht in besagtem TV-Gespräch gefordert. Sie habe lediglich gesagt, dass die Klausel 2009, als besonders viele Deutsche in die Schweiz strömten, eingeführt hätte werden sollen, betonte sie. Das sei nicht geschehen, obwohl der Bundesrat versprochen hätte, die Klausel bei Bedarf anzuwenden, beklagte Rickli in dem Gespräch.

Von seinen Lesern wollte der „Sonntagsblick“ wissen, ob nach ihrem Geschmack zu viele Deutsche in der Schweiz seien. 37 Prozent befürworten demnach eine Beschränkung der Zuwanderung, für Rickli sind das genug, wie sie gegenüber der Online-Ausgabe der Zeitung sagte. 58 Prozent von den 1000 Befragten finden das Verhältnis dagegen „genau richtig“. „Die Schweiz ist auf ausländische Arbeitnehmer angewiesen“, gibt denn auch Natalie Rickli in dem Interview zu. Doch mit acht Millionen Bürgern in der Schweiz ist das Boot ihrer Meinung nach bereits voll: „Wer keinen Job hat, soll wieder gehen.“>

This reaction of Germans canceling their holiday is not solving any problem but criminal SVP is only continuing a criminal racist campaign in Switzerland. The real problem is the political party of SVP with their not educated members and their beer idiots on their regulars' tables. But NOBODY in Switzerland has the courage to tell this because nobody wants to confess that in this "neutral" Switzerland racism is existing. The result of this taboo of racism against foreigners and Germans by SVP propaganda can be seen in the next news:

Propaganda and attacks against Germans in SVP racist Switzerland are not stopping. Here is an elected news:

Santa Maria (Munster Valley, Grisons) June 19, 2012: German manager Gunter Sommer with his whiskey bar, living already 10 years in Switzerland: "I am attacked and mobbed because I am a German" - a manipulated Swiss woman has a house ban and does not want to accept any law and is manipulating a group against bar owner Sommer with damage without end
(see the article from Focus: Terrorism in Swiss Whiskey Bar: I Am Mobbed Because I Am a German (orig. German: Terror in schweizer Whisky-Bar: Ich werde geplagt, weil ich ein Deutscher bin)

                          bar of bar tender Mr. Sommer in Santa Maria in
                          Munster Valley in Grisons in Switzerland
Whiskey bar of bar tender Mr. Sommer in Santa Maria in Munster Valley in Grisons in Switzerland [26], this is the most little whiskey bar of the whole world, with an entry in the Guinness book of records.
                          to the whiskey museum in Santa Maria in
                          Munster Valley in the canton of Grisons
Attack to the whiskey museum in Santa Maria in Munster Valley in the canton of Grisons [27]

In this case it's clear that there is a mood similar to pogroms, with a pogrom mood against Germans which is provoked by Swiss racists.

In this case German manager Gunter Sommer not only installed a whiskey bar in Santa Maria and a whiskey museum, but he brought Santa Maria an entry into the Guinness book of records. Read precisely what criminal Swiss people manipulated by racist propaganda of racist SVP are manipulating on and on against this German bar manager Gunter Sommer in Santa Maria. Against a criminal Swiss woman there is a house ban, and there is a condemnation of justice, house windows are broken, cars are destroyed, and Gunter Sommer even is afraid for his child.

<Gunter Sommer is managing a little bar and is in the Guinness book of records with it: He is 50 years old managing officially the most little whiskey bar of the world in Santa Maria. But this entry and this success of the German manager provoked only difficulties in the canton of Grisons: "I am terrorized. It's always worse and worse and in the meantime I am afraid for my daughter."

Since last November German bar manager Gunter Sommer is again and again the victim of vandalism. In the night from Saturday to Sunday the culprits attacked again directly before his whiskey bar: "Somebody damaged my beautiful Chrysler. Hood, doors and logo of whiskey bar, even the back lights: All is scratched!" the bar tender reported to online newspaper "".

"Shit Germans should go off from here!"

In the end of last year all began with broken cabinets. Leader of this terrorism was a 37 years old native woman who has a house ban now. "You shit Germans should go off from here! You will see what will happen!" this woman said. And the revenge came with a hammer, with a knife and with whiskey bottles: "Tires of my Ami truck were stabbed. Windows of my whiskey museum and of my cabinets and of my cars were broken. There was also a very well renovated Renault Alpine and for this car are no parts to have any more."

Whiskey bar tender Sommer is sure: "There is a hostility against foreigners and an envy. I am mobbed because I am a German. I am here in Santa Maria since almost 10 years. I installed everything myself with all my diligence. It seems that I have too much success." The woman was condemned in March to pay 120 daily payments of 90 Swiss Francs with a conditional jail term. If she is also the organizer of the latest attack is not clear yet. With a leaflet Sommer is looking for testimonies. And he made an charge against unknown because of damage, threat and constraint.>
(orig. in German:
<Mit seinem kleinen Lokal steht Gunter Sommer im Guinness-Buch der Rekorde: Der 50-jährige Unternehmer betreibt im schweizerischen Santa Maria die offiziell kleinste Whiskybar der Welt. Doch mit seinem Erfolg hat der Deutsche Riesenärger im Kanton Graubünden: „Ich werde terrorisiert. Es ist so schlimm geworden, dass ich mittlerweile Angst haben muss um meine Tochter.“

Der deutsche Barbesitzer ist seit November immer wieder Opfer von Vandalismus. In der Nacht auf Sonntag haben die Täter wieder zugeschlagen, direkt vor seiner Whiskybar: „Jemand hat meinen schönen Chrysler übel zugerichtet. Die Motorhaube, die Seitentür mit Whiskybar-Logo, sogar die Rücklichter: Alles ist zerkratzt!“, sagt der Barbesitzer der Onlinezeitung „“.

„Ihr Scheißdeutschen solltet wieder abhauen!“

Ende des letzten Jahres hat alles mit eingeschlagenen Vitrinen angefangen. Hinter dem Terror stand damals eine 37-jährige Einheimische, die in der Bar Hausverbot hat. „Ihr Scheißdeutschen solltet wieder abhauen! Ihr werdet noch sehen, was passieren wird!“, sagte die Frau. Sie rächte sich mit einem Hammer, einem Messer und Whiskyflaschen: „Die Reifen meines Ami-Trucks waren zerstochen. Die Scheiben des Whisky-Museums, meiner Vitrinen und meiner Autos waren kaputt. Darunter ein hergerichteter Renault Alpine. Für den gibt es keine Ersatzteile mehr.“

Der Whiskybar-Inhaber Sommer ist sich sicher: „Es geht wohl um Fremdenhass und um Neid. Ich werde geplagt, weil ich Deutscher bin. Ich bin seit fast zehn Jahren in Santa Maria. Ich habe mir mit viel Fleiss alles selber aufgebaut. Ich bin wohl zu erfolgreich.“ Per Strafbefehl wurde die Frau im März zu 120 Tagessätzen à 90 Franken bedingt verurteilt. Ob sie auch hinter der neusten Attacke steht, ist noch unklar. Mit einem Flugblatt sucht Sommer Zeugen. Und er hat Anzeige gegen Unbekannt wegen Sachbeschädigung, Drohung und Nötigung eingereicht.>
Also Swiss newspaper "View" (Blick) is presenting an article about terrorized German manager Gunter Sommer:

Well, criminal and racist agitating SVP with it's racist band leader Blocher and other racists Mörgeli and with Nazi propagandist Alexander Segert from Andelfingen are provoking more and more emotional ditches between Germans and Swiss people thus Germans are feeling well only with Germans, thus there is a fear from Swiss, or thus German managers are hiring only German employees not coming into danger that Swiss rebels will upset the company causing costs with dismissals and processes causing a bad reputation. But Germans not organizing themselves stay alone. With all this propaganda of Nazi SVP they did not believe any more in themselves. And in this way this criminal Nazi SVP with it's propaganda against Germans without limit reached what they wanted: Germans began to give up their dream in Switzerland going back to Germany to their families. Dreams are destroyed, and the way home began with burnout and depressions.

German warnings from racist town of Zurich - burnout and depression and movement to Germany

Spring 2013: Warning from a job in racist town of Zurich and in general in racist Switzerland

Switzerland had converted into a Nazi country. Other political parties always accepted this propaganda and never installed a new Swiss law against this propaganda against foreigners or groups of humans in general. Propagandist Mr. Blocher and his brothers and sisters from SVP with the German Nazi propagandist Alexander Segert are making propaganda since 2008 since the Schengen agreement and since 2009 since the advertising against German professors during 4 years WITHOUT BREAK against Germans in Switzerland, and this provokes consequences of course. In the meantime (2013) there are voices warning from criminal structured bank secret Switzerland:

-- "German professors are warning from Switzerland" (March 9, 2013) (German: "Deutsche Professoren warnen vor der Schweiz"):


[The successor professor for journalism is vacant - and there are only German applicants in the short list - and there are insults and threats]

Logo of
                        German High School Association
Logo of German High School Association
(Deutscher Hochschulverband)

<The reputation of university of Zurich is suffering with a bothering search for professors at the institute of publishing studies and media research (Institut für Publizistikwissenschaft und Medienforschung IPMZ). The manager of German High School Association is convinced of this. Zurich is one of the top universities in the world wide science, but when the nationality is playing a role for a professor job then the candidates will consider two times if they will applicate or not.

Last week University of Zurich was stopping an appeal hearing for a professorship of journalism from professor Heinz Bonfadelli. Before Daily News (Tagesanzeiger) published that there are only German candidates on the short list which have hardly any idea of Swiss media market. The article "For the Last Swiss a German Comes" ("Für den letzten Schweizer kommt ein Deutscher") provoked reactions which made an ordinary procedure impossible, the university said. Members of the appointments committee were insulted and even threated.>
(orig. in German:
<Der Ruf der Universität Zürich leidet unter der unrühmlichen Professorensuche am Institut für Publizistikwissenschaft und Medienforschung (IPMZ). Davon ist der Geschäftsführer des Deutschen Hochschulverbands, Michael Hartmer, überzeugt. Zürich mische zwar in der Weltspitze der Forschung mit, sagt er. Wenn aber die Nationalität bei der Berufung einer Professur eine Rolle spiele, würden es sich Kandidaten künftig zweimal überlegen, ob sie sich bewerben sollen.

Vergangene Woche stoppte die Universität Zürich das Berufungsverfahren für den frei werdenden Publizistik-Lehrstuhl von Professor Heinz Bonfadelli. Zuvor hatte der «Tages-Anzeiger» publik gemacht, dass nur deutsche Kandidaten in die engere Auswahl kamen, die zudem kaum mit der Schweizer Medienlandschaft vertraut seien. Der Artikel «Für den letzten Schweizer kommt ein Deutscher» habe Reaktionen ausgelöst, die eine geordnete Weiterführung des Verfahrens verunmöglichen, teilte die Universität mit. Mitglieder der Berufungskommission wurden beleidigt und sogar bedroht.>

University of Zurich, the
                  main building
University of Zurich, the main building [28] This university should be without German professors, racist Nazi SVP means.

Well, when Blocher Town (criminal racist town of Zurich with it's dominance of Nazi SVP) has got an university which is more and more reducing it's staff and student's capacity, this can only be good for the world!

[German High School Association is warning Germans from jobs in Zurich in this unpredictable racist town of Zurich]

from the same article: "German professors are warning from Switzerland" (March 9, 2013) (German: "Deutsche Professoren warnen vor der Schweiz"):

<The latest case in Zurich is an alarm for the German High School Association - and the association is warning from harassments in Switzerland. "It's our duty to inform all our members about this", Hartmer said. The association with it's seat in Bonn has got more than 30,000 members and is the Europe wide biggest association of scientists.

That's why the events at the University of Zurich and the suggested Swiss hostilities against Germans will be a topic in the next edition of "Research and Teaching" ("Forschung und Lehre"), the strongest high school review of Germany. All members will receive this magazine for free. They should be warned.

"Obviously there is a large fear from foreign domination", Hartmer said. He is pointing this out now already now when they are applying for the professorship in Switzerland. "They have to calculate that there will be a resistance because many Swiss will have the feeling that Germans would flood their country."

But there are differences between the universities, as Hartmer knows from talks with members. At Basel University there never were hostilities against Germans. More difficult are Berne, and as the latest case shows, Zurich.

"The applicants will be in danger which will have strong counter reactions", Hartmer said. But other countries like Holland, Denmark or Austria never consider international applicants as a danger, but as a mark of quality. Also Switzerland would be better with this. "Without foreign professors Switzerland cannot keep on it's quality in research."

[The university of racist town of Zurich will be evaded by German professors]

According to Federal Board of Statistics of Switzerland Swiss universities are hiring over 3,800 professors. 1,990 of them are Swiss. The biggest foreign group are Germans with over 800 professors. About the further procedure at Zurich University will be decided after a hearing of the appointments committee. There must be cleared the suspicion if German applicants were preferred. But this questions could be not important any more, Hartmer said: "The question if there will be German candidates for this University in Zurich, this will be the point", he said. "As a German it is even more difficult now to be a professor in the institute of journalism." The applicants were asked for a statement but nobody wanted to say anything.>
(original in German: <Den neusten Vorfall in Zürich nimmt der Deutsche Hochschulverband nicht auf die leichte Schulter – und warnt vor den Schikanen in der Schweiz. «Es ist unsere Pflicht, alle unsere Mitglieder darüber zu informieren», sagt Hartmer. Der Verband mit Sitz in Bonn ist mit rund 30 000 Mitgliedern die grösste Wissenschaftsvereinigung Europas.

Die Vorkommnisse an der Uni Zürich und die mutmasslichen Schweizer Animositäten gegen Deutsche werden deshalb zum Thema in der nächsten Ausgabe von «Forschung und Lehre», der auflagenstärksten Hochschulzeitschrift Deutschlands. Alle Mitglieder erhalten das Verbandsmagazin umsonst. Damit sollen sie gewarnt werden.

«Offenbar gibt es eine verbreitete Furcht vor Überfremdung», sagt Hartmer. Darauf weist er schon heute die Verbandsmitglieder hin, wenn sie sich für einen Lehrstuhl in der Schweiz bewerben. «Sie müssen mit Widerständen rechnen, weil viele Schweizer das Gefühl haben, die Deutschen überschwemmen ihr Land.»

Doch es gibt Unterschiede zwischen den Universitäten, wie Hartmer aus Gesprächen mit Verbandsmitgliedern weiss. An der Uni Basel habe er nie von Anfeindungen gegen Deutsche gehört. Schwieriger sei die Situation hingegen in Bern und, wie der neuste Vorfall zeige, auch in Zürich.

«Mir tun die Bewerber Leid, die nun mit den heftigen Reaktionen klarkommen müssen», sagt Hartmer. Dabei würden andere kleine Länder wie Holland, Dänemark oder Österreich Internationalität nicht als Gefahr, sondern als Qualitätsmerkmal sehen. Das täte auch der Schweiz gut. «Ohne ausländische Professoren kann die Schweiz ihre hohe Forschungsqualität nicht halten.»

[Die Universität der Rassistenstadt Zürich wird von deutschen Professoren gemieden werden]

An den Schweizer Universitäten sind gemäss Bundesamt für Statistik über 3800 Professoren tätig. 1990 sind Schweizer. Die grösste Ausländergruppe stellen die Deutschen mit rund 800 Professoren. Über das weitere Vorgehen an der Uni Zürich wird erst nach Anhörung der Berufungskommission entschieden. Geklärt wird der Verdacht, ob deutsche Anwärter bevorzugt worden sind. Doch das könnte sich laut Hartmer bald erübrigen. «Die Frage ist, ob die Kandidaten überhaupt noch nach Zürich wollen», sagt er. «Als Deutscher ist es jetzt noch schwieriger, die Nachfolge am Publizistikinstitut anzutreten.» Von den Bewerbern wollte sich auf Anfrage keiner zu den Vorkommnissen äussern. >
The same content has another article "German professors are warned from Switzerland" (March 10, 2013): "German High School Association is warning it's 30,000 members from harassments at Swiss universities."
(orig. in German: "Deutsche Professoren werden vor der Schweiz gewarnt" (10.3.2013): "Der Deutsche Hochschulverband warnt nun seine 30'000 Mitglieder vor Schikanen an Schweizer Universitäten.")

Spring 2013: Germans are leaving Switzerland giving up their dream

-- the propaganda against Germans for years in Switzerland is provoking an emigration movement of Germans from racist Switzerland: Germans find no friends in Switzerland, a propaganda article means. This general statement is only a lie of course, because this is the case for about 3% of Germans in Switzerland who are totally lonely and don't know that there are political parties for getting help. The title of the news is an allusion to Nazi titles according to the slogan "home to the Reich": "Germans are driving for going home because they are lonely" (April 2, 2013):


"The number of Germans in Switzerland going back to their country is rising. At the same time the number of immigrating Germans is going back. One of the reasons it that they don't find friends here."

(orig. in German: "Die Zahl der Deutschen in der Schweiz, die zurück in ihre Heimat ziehen, steigt an. Gleichzeitig wandern weniger ein. Ein Grund dafür ist, dass sie hier keine Freunde finden.")

That means that the political party of SVP remains stupid and mad and is going on watching only the numbers in the computer of the immigration authorities which is also in the hands of racist SVP. This behavior of SVP to consider Germans of today is absolutely mentally ill because good actions of Germans in Switzerland were NEVER presented and NEVER published.

And why were there Germans left lonely? Because the complete idiot and propagandist Blocher NEVER stopped his propaganda against Germans, but was always enlarging the ditch between Swiss and Germans. It's his goal of his life acting out his complexes of inferiority and sexuality against Germans - also when his grandfather was a German. Unfortunately he is not the only one in this criminal political party of SVP. And the final goal of this SVP is the unique dominance of whole Switzerland, with the racist Blocher at it's top. That's why the number of intelligent Germans has to be kept as low as possible. But Yugoslav people with an intelligence of only IQ 70 and with drug commerce "for the benefit of Switzerland" is better loved by SVP. This is never confessed of course, but the facts are like this. Shopping centers are walking on two feet in Switzerland in every little village already...

Strategies of low intelligence level Swiss against Germans are always the same.

April 2, 2013: final balance for Germans in Switzerland: damages and mobbing without end against Germans - burnout and depressions etc.

The following article ("Germans driven home", orig. German: "Deutsche ziehts heim") are reporting mobbing against Germans without end in Switzerland and the consequences for Germans with burnout and depressions etc:

Michael Engler [29] created a self-help
                        group without any efficiency.

Michael Engler [29] created a self-help group without any efficiency. He is only commenting and is not detecting Swiss Nazism of SVP developing counter strategies.
<Michael Engler was installing a self-help group in Zurich and was reporting last spring [2012] already to the newspaper "20 minutes" that many Germans would suffer hostilities and attacks by Swiss people. For example "there are precise attacks against cars with German license plates". The consequences are up to burnouts and depressions. Also in Germany this is a topic. For example Focus Online was reporting about a bar tender in Grisons who was a victim of riots and feels very terrorized. "I am mobbed and attacked because I am a German". In Germany the remigration wave is responded in a positive way because the Germans are mostly well educated experts. A clinic in South Germany is precisely looking for medical doctors in Switzerland with the drive for home. The title of an advertising is "Do you think to Germany in the night?" ("Denken Sie an Deutschland in der Nacht?") And the contact address is:>
(orig. in German:

<Michael Engler, der die Selbsthilfegruppe in Zürich leitet, berichtete schon letzten Frühling [2012] gegenüber 20 Minuten, dass viele Deutsche unter Anfeindungen und Angriffen der Schweizer leiden. Beispielsweise «würden gezielt Autos mit deutschen Kennzeichen kaputtgemacht». Die Folgen reichten bis hin zu Burn-outs und Depressionen. Auch in Deutschland ist dies ein Thema. So berichtete unter anderem Focus Online gross über einen Barbesitzer im Bündnerland, der Opfer von Vandalen wurde und sich terrorisiert fühlt. «Ich werde geplagt, weil ich Deutscher bin.» In Deutschland wird die Rückwanderungswelle angesichts der vielen gut ausgebildeten Fachkräfte positiv wahrgenommen. Eine süddeutsche Klinikgruppe sucht bereits in der Schweiz explizit nach Ärzten mit Heimweh. Der Titel des Inserats: «Denken Sie an Deutschland in der Nacht?» Die Kontaktadresse:>
We see that also Michael Engler is not realizing the decisive points in this conflict provoked by racist SVP against Germans but he is commenting only the facts of action. Also he has not studies history. But one has to know: Switzerland was NEVER denazified, and SVP is this party where Nazism was more or less completely living on after 1945, also when the party had another name in these times. SVP of today is an absolute Nazi party wasting millions of Swiss francs for posting whole Switzerland with Nazi posters in Nazi colors. Up to the end this is not clear for the Germans in Switzerland that they are in a country with a completely developed Swiss Nazism. The Germans in Switzerland are confronted with this Swiss Nazism but they don't see this and they are not developing any counter strategy.

New reproaches against Germans: Their existence is the reproach - swastikas in the car paint of German cars - positive action of Germans is never mentioned

At the same day on April 2, 2013, the news agency "Shortnews" was reporting that criminal Nazi Swiss people is acting always more and more in a racist manner and there are even swastikas scratched into the car paint of German cars. Additionally "the Germans" in general are reproached that they exist and they would provoke a rise of rents in Switzerland and they would rob "good jobs" which would be for Swiss people. But at the same time Germans have a salary which is in the average 1,000 Francs lower than Swiss people have in the same sector. The news has an absolutely racist Nazi title ("In this way Germans are shown that they are detested" (orig. German: "So wird den Deutschen gezeigt, wie sehr man sie verabscheut"):


<Michael Engler, former leader of self-aid group for Germans in Zurich was giving answers in an interview about Swiss mentality rejecting Germans which is confronting the Germans in Switzerland. After the polemics of Mr. [German Minister of Finance] Peer Steinbrück he said that the situation has worsened.

Engler is not surprised that many Germans want to leave Switzerland. According to Engler the Germans are generally reproached to provoke high rents and to rob Swiss people good jobs, and these arguments are not more than a "giant impudence".

The fact is that Germans in the average earn 1,000 EURO less per months than Swiss people in the same sector. Germans are suffering burnouts and depressions. According to Engler there are even swastikas scratched into the car paint of German cars expressing the dislike against Germans.>
(orig. in German:

<Michael Engler, der ehemalige Leiter einer Selbsthilfegruppe für Zürcher Deutsche hat in einem Interview Stellung zu der ablehnenden Haltung genommen, der sich Deutsche in der Schweiz angeblich gegenübersehen. Nach den Ausfällen von Peer Steinbrück hat sich die Situation für Deutsche verschärft.

Engler ist nicht überrascht, dass viele Deutsche die Schweiz wieder verlassen wollen. Man wirft ihnen ihm zufolge vor, die Mieten in die Höhe zu treiben und den Schweizern die guten Jobs wegzunehmen, was er für eine "Riesenfrechheit" hält.

Dabei verdienen Deutsche in der Schweiz oft umgerechnet 1.000 Euro im Monat weniger als Einheimische aus der gleichen Branche, leiden an Burnout und Depressionen. Engler zufolge werden sogar Hakenkreuze in den Lack deutscher Autos geritzt um die Abneigung gegenüber Deutschen auszudrücken.>

But the real cause for the propaganda of Nazi SVP is NOT mentioned in this article:

All positive things which Germans have made for Switzerland are NOT mentioned neither in the propaganda articles, nor in the propaganda advertisings nor on the propaganda posters of SVP:

-- there was never mentioned how many Swiss students studied with German professors and teachers
-- there was never mentioned how many kilometers of tunnels the German tunnel engineers and workers have blasted in Swiss Alps Mountains
-- there was never mentioned how many Swiss patients were healed by German medical doctors or were successfully operated
-- there was never mentioned how many Swiss persons were nursed in Swiss old age homes by German geriatric experts
-- there was never mentioned how many Swiss clients were served in Swiss restaurants by Germans
etc. etc.

This is not only the absolute proof that this political party of Nazi SVP in Switzerland is absolutely blind, but this party SVP is mentally ill and mentally retarded. The fact that 30% of Swiss voters are voting for SVP provokes the conclusion that these inferiority complexes and sexual complexed in Switzerland against Germans is spread really in this range of 30% in the Swiss population. Thus Switzerland is a country which is really mentally ill and mentally retarded - and SVP is wasting money for its racist propaganda and all positive action of Germans in Switzerland is NOT seen nor presented nor published. More blind a political party cannot be.

The big mute: Westerwelle and German ambassador - the big power of Nazi SVP - Zurich University will be little

German Foreign Minister is mute, and German diplomatic missions are also mute - extortion with publications of secret ban accounts - pogrom mood is accepted

German Foreign Minister Westerwelle

German Foreign Minister Westerwelle (FDP) [30]. During all this propaganda he is only mute and not present. The topic was not important for him or was a taboo, and was a catastrophe for the Germans in Switzerland AND for the Swiss who cannot defend themselves from racism of Nazi SVP.

German embassy in Berne
German embassy in Berne [31]

Also German embassy in Berne was not present during all this time with propaganda against Germans by Nazi SVP. More cowardness is not possible. Germans are without protection with this propaganda of Nazi SVP. Perhaps SVP is also extorting German offices also with the publication of secret bank accounts in Switzerland. From SVP only comes black energy...
German Foreign Minister Westerwelle (FDP) did not act at all concerning the Germans in Switzerland but was only mute. He never helped. It seems he never detected that Germans in Switzerland are confronted with a Swiss Nazi tactic and with a Swiss Nazi party, or he NEVER took this topic earnest. But Mr. Westerwelle and his ministry were only waiting "what will happen". The same is doing German Embassy in Berne and German consulate in Zurich. There is no action for the Germans in Switzerland, but they are permitting that this Nazi SVP is hosing the Germans in all kinds of manners, with insults and threats, and then a "anti German mood" is reported. But in the times before there was never such a mood. I was living in Switzerland during the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s, and there was never such an aggressive mood against the Germans. This mood of pogrom against Germans - this is the  real truth - provoked by expenses of millions of Swiss Francs is provoked by the racist leader of Nazi party of SVP, Mr. Blocher. He is an ill person, mentally retarded, with some more ill persons in his group, playing the computer game "shooting" Germans. In this situation German Foreign Ministry and German agencies were mute and are not protesting until today. And this fact of being mute is a cowardice which will never be forgiven. Of course from this cowardice there is one who is profiting - Nazi-SVP.

Well, it's clear why Westerwelle and his ministry were mute: There are secret bank accounts in Switzerland and when Germans are claiming then Nazi SVP are threatening to publish the German bank accounts of German politicians. Thus this is a clear extortion tactic of SVP. Because of this the Germans in Switzerland are at the mercy of this racist pogrom mood of Nazi SVP.

At the same time there is hardly any development of intelligence in the Swiss population against this criminal SVP because German diplomat agencies are extorted and are keeping their mouth. Thus one can see that secret bank accounts in Switzerland can have incalculable consequences and Nazism and pogrom mood in Switzerland are supported by these secret bank accounts...

Sadistic joy of SVP against Germans with the play "cops and robbers" - just normal espionage - the power of SVP in justice system, police system and in the Swiss secret service - and Swiss justice is not doing anything - Blocher leading Switzerland into the chaos

For SVP this is just a "funny" game to make propaganda against Germans. For the arrogant racists of SVP, Blocher, Mörgeli and Segert etc. this is just a play "cops and robbers" where SVP will always win because SVP is also dominating big parts of Swiss justice and police, and the whole Swiss secret service with all espionage device

                        center in Zurich, the center for the play cops
                        and robbers
Police center in Zurich, the center for the play cops and robbers [32]

Here is one of the centers of Nazi party of SVP. Here is also the police jail. SVP racist are deciding here about faked deportations, about faked charges in collaboration with Swiss justice, also in the hands of SVP. They make faked entries in police documents, they make intrigues with faked data against foreigners and Germans in connection with justice of Zurich. They keep detained people for hours in the court yard in chains rejecting toilet to the detained people have to urinate into their trousers, also when the temperature is under 0 grades Celsius, also with innocent people. This is "normal" in this Nazi state of Switzerland with SVP, acting headless. And that's why the term "ShitVP" is right. Compensation is not foreseen because Swiss Nazis are Nazis without limits until today. Nobody stops them.
and espionage techniques is lead by SVP. Germans are systematically spied. There are bugs fixed under cars, under bikes, there are short wave devices installed in flats or in neighbor's flats with which espionage through walls is possible spying night and bed life like a porno film. Mobile phones and computers of Germans in Switzerland are spied systematically. SVP has installed a huge secret service against Germans. Nazi SVP with its inferiority complex is feeling superior with this espionage but cannot present solutions because wisdom of sociology is missing in this political party of idiots. Thus this Nazi SVP is only turning around itself "in a circle": making propaganda - winning people's votes - finding no solution - making new propaganda - winning people's votes - finding no solution. This procedure is going on over 10 years now. Since 10 years this SVP is in an absolute idle and is making propaganda against minorities and is destroying any humanity in Switzerland. This Nazi SVP is making what NSDAP in Germany was also doing: always provoking unrest and pretending a fight without looking for solutions.

Positive actions and deeds of Germans in Switzerland are systematically concealed so Germans never will "feel well" in Switzerland. Germans do not see this and are not organizing any counter strategy presenting their good deeds rejecting and limiting Nazi SVP by this. Germans in Switzerland are not looking for help in other political parties either getting and organizing help against SVP racism. Other political parties of Switzerland are simply not getting aware of the emergency situation of the Germans in Switzerland. There is a helplessness and blindness on all sides, and only Nazi SVP is making propaganda without limit. It seems that a German Popular Party in Switzerland is needed (GPP, in German Deutsche Volkspartei der Schweiz, DVS) which is defending the Germans in Switzerland reinstalling the connection between Swiss and German population on a peaceful base. Germans in Switzerland accepted much too much and too long everything and did not say anything.

Mentally retarded Mr. Blocher and his racist brothers of SVP were successful: With a continuous psychological terrorism spread by low intelligent human beings with attacks and threats they were intimidating Germans in Switzerland, and there were never any juridical consequences. Complexed of inferiority and sexual complexes of this criminal propagandist Blocher and of his "brothers" were satisfied just in two ways:

-- with damages and threats against Germans
-- with Swiss justice and Swiss police not acting at all and protecting the Swiss culprits letting suffer the Germans until "the Germans" will go home at the end.

The complete idiot and racist propagandist Mr. Blocher and his Nazi friends Mörgeli and Alexander Segert from Andelfingen reached their goal, the emigration movement of Germans from Switzerland - and Swiss law is permitting this systematic propaganda against Germans and foreigners until today. Nations and foreigners are not protected from political defamation until today in Switzerland. Thus Switzerland is an absolute propaganda state, or even a racist state, a unique brown Nazi state in Europe. Justice is often in the hands of SVP, and when a judge of another party is preparing a decision against SVP then espionage of Nazi SVP from Swiss secret service is acting promptly making a call with the question to the judge if he wants to keep his job. Then the judge will decide in the "right" way - for Nazi SVP...

The advantages of Yugoslavs in Switzerland: lower intelligence and drugs from Balkans route

Propagandist Blocher likes more Yugoslavs than Germans because Yugoslavs have more his level of intelligence. Yugos are also more loved by low level human beings of Switzerland because they are not putting stupid questions. They will also come again and again because Yugos are active in drug networks of Switzerland. They are accepted by Swiss justice or Swiss justice (often SVP) is also working in the drug traffic networks. Yugos are supporting Swiss upper class with heroine etc. This is essential for Switzerland compensating the continuous frustration against the Germans provoking an artificial euphoria with drugs reducing their frustration. Additionally Yugoslavs do not understand the advertising and posters and this is a big advantage for the propagandists of SVP. Yugoslavs mostly only look Balkans TV. thus no Yugoslav will never make any problem concerning Swiss politics.

For Germans a dream is destroyed - forced EURO - lies of SVP against Germans - Zurich University will be little

University of Constance [33] - a little
                        town with German professors. Here is no SVP, but
                        a weak EURO...

University of Constance [33] - a little town with German professors. Here is no SVP, but a weak EURO...

Until about 10 years ago diplomas from abroad were not accepted in Switzerland...

Germans will not come again when they have left one time. Blocher destroyed a dream to the Germans when the Germans wanted to have an "ideal world" and developing Switzerland. Above all Germans were forced to accept EURO, and Germans with their efficiency would really have liked when Swiss Franc would also count in Germany. As German government never permitted a people's vote about EURO many Germans mean that Switzerland would be the "better" system. These dreams are all destroyed systematically by Nazi SVP. Not only this: SVP propagandists are charging "the Germans" with the blame that they have EURO. But EURO never had a majority in Germany and was never wanted. Thus polemic blames of SVP against Germans because of EURO is simply - one more lie.

Concerning Zurich University Swiss students will have to learn in English and French languages when the professors are only speaking in English or in French. Or Swiss students will have to go to Constance when Zurich University has no German professors any more when Zurich is reducing sectors of studying. That means that racist Blocher is leading Switzerland into a chaos with many Yugoslavs and much drugs and with professors who are teaching in German speaking part of Switzerland but they cannot speak German. Well, this is not at all corresponding to the criteria of immigration put by SVP! And Zurich University will be reduced because no German professors will come any more.

One can see: Life in Switzerland will be very peaceful WITHOUT this racist political party of SVP. This SVP is superfluous.

More poison of SVP: systematic contamination of the environment with atomic plants and speed without limits

Well, SVP is not only spreading mental poison and is not only committing mental contamination of the environment in Switzerland, but this Nazi SVP is poisoning Switzerland also in reality:

Criminal SVP contaminating the country with atomic plants - percentage of SVP members being members of atomic friendly organizations on March 24, 2011: 72%

                          plant in Leibstadt in Switzerland

Atomic plant in Leibstadt in Switzerland [34], one of many atomic plants in "clean" Switzerland
We have to see the case clearly: Nazi SVP is NOT respecting a healthy life but loves life with much alcohol. When healthy life would be propagated alcohol consumption would reduce and nobody would smoke there, and all had adapted blood group nutrition and had reduced their overweight. Wrong! SVP human beings partly love their unhealthy life with massive adiposity and diabetes. Also atomic plants were built in Switzerland with the support of SVP and FDP. Radioactive waste will be active for 100,000s of years and nobody known were will be the deposit. Nobody wants to have it...

This atomic policy without head is steered also above all by criminal SVP. Why this?

There was a report in Basel Newspaper (Basler Zeitung) from March 24, 2011 showing clearly that a big majority of Swiss Parliament in Berne are members of atomic friendly organizations. And the percentage within SVP is the biggest one (news: "Atomic lobby is dominating the parliament steadily" (in German: "Die Atomlobby hat das Parlament fest im Griff")

-- from two Swiss right wing extreme political parties SVP and EDU (Democratic Union) 72% of the deputies are members in atomic friendly organizations
-- within FDP 57%, and
-- within CVP, ESP, EVP and Green Liberals (GLP) 43%.

Graphic about SVP and EDU with the
                              percentage of national deputies being
                              members in atomic friendly organizations:
Graphic about SVP and EDU with the percentage of national deputies being members in atomic friendly organizations: 72%

A bigger treason of the own population building up atomic plants producing atomic waste for 100,000s of years is not possible principally. This treason by Nazi party of SVP with 72% is the biggest treason in Switzerland. And Swiss population? is not even getting aware of it because there is enough propaganda against foreigners and Germans diverting them from the main economic topics. This is Nazi tactic of SVP, absolutely precise and dominant.

Pesticides and pills and no speed limits
It has also to be mentioned that SVP never supports any claim for the environment and has accepted any pesticide and any poison in Swiss agriculture contaminating Swiss soil, Swiss fruits, Swiss vegetables, and also Swiss human beings and waters. Biological agriculture is a foreign word for SVP for ever. The same contamination of Swiss waters is happening by the application of pill medicine, and natural medicine and alternative medicine is principally NEVER accepted within this SVP.

Additionally SVP is never for any speed limit but means that "freedom" would be best without any speed limit provoking any danger of accidents and any contamination with gases and pollutants. SVP is never respecting life aside the roads and noise of cars is not important for them. They are even making attacks against speed control posts and radar posts.

Thus in reality SVP is contaminating Switzerland instead of protecting it from contamination.

ShitVP is betraying Swiss population - something "brown" - a "brown spot" in Europe - and there is nothing constructive

All these proofs for Nazi tactic of SVP permit the term that Nazi SVP is something "brown": ShitVP. This term was created by Yugoslav groups when they were attacked by racist propaganda of SVP in the 1990s (e.g. Albanians from Kosovo). This Nazi SVP (ShitVP) is betraying systematically Swiss population never presenting social solutions only making propaganda against Germans and foreigners "making more votes" dominating also Swiss justice and police with it and leading criminal Swiss secret service. Thus Switzerland is converted more and more into a racist SVP propaganda state, into a "brown spot" in Europe, into a mental racist scum of Europe - and Swiss people voting for SVP, and the other political parties, they are not at all aware of these manipulations or they "are not allowed to get aware of it" because in the other case they would be extorted suddenly by institutions under leadership of SVP. The same game of extortion is working against politicians, by SVP secret service and by the criminal bank of UBS AG where any criminal money is washed white...

Later we will see the goals of SVP winning the unique power in Switzerland eliminating the other political parties. More Nazism is not possible. This party should be forbidden immediately because of it's destructiveness. Constructive party members can change to BDP. But Nazi members like Blocher, Mörgeli, Segert and their brothers and sisters without any sociological education should be eliminated - with a prohibition for being politician. The funds of Mr. Blocher should be given to a foundation so he will not finance any propaganda any more with it and the funds will have a helpful effect and not a destructive effect.

Closing word

-- there was never mentioned how many Swiss students studied with German professors and teachers
-- there was never mentioned how many kilometers of tunnels the German tunnel engineers and workers have blasted in Swiss Alps Mountains
-- there was never mentioned how many Swiss patients were healed by German medical doctors or were successfully operated
-- there was never mentioned how many Swiss persons were nursed in Swiss old age homes by German geriatric experts
-- there was never mentioned how many Swiss clients were served in Swiss restaurants by Germans
etc. etc.

Nazi Switzerland was NEVER denazified and Nazi structures and habits are partly working until today - and since 1992 neo Nazism is reinforced by SVP.

As long as this Nazi party SVP is existing Switzerland should be consequently excluded and boycotted because one cannot live in peace in this Nazi state of Switzerland.

There is no advertizing with criminals.

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