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Money laundering in UBS high street bank passing money over private bank accounts - and pedophile club "Animal Circle" - report of 17 January 2013

Mega criminality of UBS AG high street bank, with Swiss secret service, with illegal Swiss secret services, and with Swiss government

presented by Michael Palomino (2013 / 2015)



Basel, 17 January 2013

Topic: Criminal pedophile circle "Animal Circle of Basel" financed by Swiss high street bank of UBS AG (first in SBV, then after the merger in 1998 in UBS AG) - world wide largest pedophile circle was created - connection with the Dutroux case

Dear yyy!

concerning world wide pedophile activities and concerning the Dutroux case I would like to give you the following information:

In 1998 a "jumbo merger" was celebrated in Switzerland when two high street banks

-- Swiss Bank Corporation (Schweizerischer Bankverein in Basel, SBV) and

-- UBS (in Zurich)

were merging for being the new "UBS AG" as the biggest bank of Switzerland. Officially it was communicated that this merger would provoke synergies and savings for Switzerland.

But there was also another effect with this merger: The criminal habits and practices of Swiss Bank Corporation (Schweizerischer Bankverein, SBV) in Basel were spread also in UBS of Zurich and money laundering for International crime was extended

-- for international tax fraud

-- for international narcotrafficking

-- for international illegal arms deal

-- for international human trafficking.

Money laundering: passing funds over blocked private bank accounts in UBS AG

The high street bank Swiss Bank Corporation (Schweizerischer Bankverein, Basel) was beginning with this criminal habit in the 1970s about, and UBS AG (since 1998) was "accepting" and copying it (all cadres of Zurich were eliminated and substituted by cadres from Basel). Private bank accounts are blocked arbitrarily by faked intrigues and funds of the International Crime are passed over these blocked private bank accounts, and bank account holders have no access to their accounts any more, but banking statements are coming yet indicating millions of funds on their accounts with certain codes indicating the class of crime. Any bank secret is violated with it. UBS AG (respectively in former times it was only Swiss Bank Corporation) is also founding sub accounts with the personal data of the clients and washing millions and billions of funds over the sub accounts. 1,000s of clients of UBS AG are affected by these blocked bank accounts.

Also the family of the writing person here is a victim of UBS AG which was SBV before. Private bank accounts were blocked by SBV by a private and wrong intrigue, and there are bank statements indicating millions of funds and codes for the class of the crime - but there is no access to the bank accounts any more, the family is driven to be a hardship case, and laywers of the family are threatened by the bank for destroying their reputation by spying private data. All proofs can be presented.

But there is even more criminality in this UBS AG respectively in the Swiss Bank Corporation (Bankverein) of before:

Pedophile club "Animal Circle of Basel" ("Basler Tierkreis")

Since 1964 the high street bank Swiss Bank Corporation had a hunting unit. But then some criminals in the Swiss justice system of Basel in the civil court had the idea to convert this club into a pedophile club, which was protected directly by agents of the civil court - respectively agents of the civil court of Basel were main members of the criminal pedophile club ("Animal Circle of Basel"), and other members were from the high street bank Swiss Bank Corporation (SBV of Basel). Children and flights and trips were financed by banking money. And now happened this: Since the merger with UBS being the new UBS AG in 1998 this pedophile circle could enlarge it's activities in the structure of UBS in Zurich and therefore this pedophile club "Animal Circle" has become the world wide broadest center of international pedophile activities financing children and flights and trips with banking money from UBS AG.

In 1998 this "Animal Circle of Basel" ("Basler Tierkreis") also made headlines in the Basel local press with all details of nicknames and methods and also indicating at the end the project of trips to Tailand also purchasing and killing children there at the end destroying the main witness - the child, and all should be financed by banking money from SBV respectively UBS AG.

These articles are presented here:

The investigation of 1998 had to be "stopped"

The investigation against this pedophile "Animal Circle of Basel" by Basel Prosecution Service at Binninger Street 21 was "stopped" when the membership list was in the hands of the Prosecution Service so the pressure from "outside" became too strong. Therefore the membership list was not published either because there were too many famous names, respectively the membership list was suppressed and was not allowed to be published and the pedophile "Animal Circle" was called a harmless "gay's club" at the end. Swiss government did not try for stopping this pedophile circle in Swiss Bank Corporation and in the latter UBS AG either and is tolerating this child abuse congregation until today because there is no habit of civil courage for saving lives - but there is much cowardice.

See the structures: UBS AG has got more power than the Swiss Government in Berne, because Swiss Bank Corporation and latter UBS AG placed their former cadres since decades as spies and agents at the switchpoints of whole Switzerland and in the whole world, and also in the secret services of the world. Therefore this high street bank UBS AG of today has a direct access to all data of the world wide secret services - and UBS AG is not only a bank, but in reality is also a secret service! UBS AG can protect it's criminal activities of money laundering and "Animal Circle" by extortion of all polititians world wide with their bank accounts in the bank and with the private data which is collected in the folders of the secret services - and UBS AG is also delivering data to the secret services as well. Therefore UBS AG is also a secret service itself, and extortion of UBS AG is working world wide. Swiss Secret Service is also violating any law with spying activities which is shown regularly with scandals about data and folders (Fiche).

In this way by extortion with private data and bank accounts not only tax fraud is protected but also all child abuse committed by important politicians of finance is protected (Dutroux case). Abuse victims who are presenting themselves to the public have a broken mind becoming hardship cases for life, and they get a hush money from UBS AG of 1,000 Swiss Francs per month so they are keeping "quiet". There are such cases in Basel and they don't speak...

The today's governing Swiss Government (Bundesrat) and Swiss Federal Police (Fedpol) cannot or don't want to act against UBS AG and against their criminal activities and against this pedophile circle "Anmal Circle" because the banking connections with spies and agents (ex cadres at switchpoints) are too strong with extortion threats against the government and Fedpol. There is a constant threat and constraint by UBS AG against politicians and chiefs of the police. And the government and Fedpol don't have civil courage...

The "faked General Director" Marcel Ospel of UBS AG - he got his job with his connections to the pedophile club "Animal Circle of Basel" (1998-2008)

See another detail about this criminal high street bank of UBS AG in Switzerland:

The merger of 1998 for being "UBS AG" violated the international banking law heavily. General Director Marcel Ospel who came from Basel from the side of the criminal Swiss Bank Corporation (Schweizerischer Bankverein SBV)

-- had no diploma

-- presented a faked curriculum

-- and had no procuration (can be seen in Swiss Commercial Register).

He is not the only case in Swiss economy working as a boss with a faked curriculum and without diploma. Also in Swiss justice system are working "bosses" with these "principles"... Hug.

But let's see this now: In 1998 Marcel Ospel from Basel Swiss Bank Corporation was given the job of a "General Director" of the largest bank of Switzerland (UBS AG) only because of his connections to the pedophile circle "Animal Circle of Basel", and the Minister of Finance, Kaspar Villiger, was accepting all. Then Marcel Ospel got to be a multimillionaire. And he was spreading criminal Basel banking system in all UBS AG - together with his "friend" - Kaspar Villiger. All cadres from UBS of Zurich were simply eliminated and replaced by cadres from Basel. In 2008 Marcel Ospel had to resign because UBS AG needed 60 billion Swiss Franks from the Swiss tax payer for it's "survival". Why this? UBS AG under the "faked General Director" Marcel Ospel - in collaboration with the former Minister of Finance, Kaspar Villiger - had provoked a huge Hedges Fond bubble world wide and also UBS AG was in heaviest troubles with it. But principally any decision of UBS AG between 1998 and 2008 is not valid because the General Director was no General Director. And the Minister of Finance, Kaspar Villiger, accepted all...

Swiss Justice and Swiss Government (Federal Council, German: Bundesrat) know about the criminal events and habits in UBS AG, but both are not capable for any legal action. Kaspar Villiger who was also the President of the Management Board of UBS AG from 2008 to 2012 is blocking any investigation with his connections and is also manipulating the present Swiss government members. The "faked General Director" Marcel Ospel was never torn to justice until today, because of his connections to the pedophile club of "Animal Circle of Basel", and instead of many efforts by the nowaday's governing politicians.

The final point: Dutroux wants to make his statement since years already

Now, the case of Dutroux in Belgium and the "Animal Circle of Basel" are connected. In 2007 there was a rogatory letter from Belgium Justice asking Switzerland for information, and Swiss Government Member for Foreign Affairs, Mrs. Micheline Calmy-Rey, could not answer because of pressure from "outside". She was extorted to resign any answer.

But Mr. Dutroux would like to make his statement since years already, but - by some reason - he cannot make this statement. Therefore can be drawn the conclusion that certain Sirs of the high policy are members in this "Animal Circle" blocking the statement of Mr. Dutroux, because probably Mr. Dutroux could also give information about this criminal pedophile circle "Animal Circle of Basel"...

So, when one wants to bring light into the darkness of this criminal pedophile circle "Animal Circle of Basel" which is the world wide largest pedophile organization financed by Swiss banking money, then a statement of Mr. Dutroux should be allowed by the highest authorities of Belgium Royal Family so the international pedophile circle "Animal Circle of Basel" can be stopped.

Kind regards

also a victim of SBV respectively of UBS AG with blocked bank accounts

No advertizing with criminals.