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UBS, rumors

Mega criminality of UBS AG high street bank, with Swiss secret service, with illegal Swiss secret services, and with Swiss government

presented by Michael Palomino (2011 / 2012 / 2015)

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2011: There are bad rumors about high street bank UBS AG

All in all I have got internal information from Basel justice about UBS (from a well informed attorney family which is badly prosecuted by UBS, they are not allowed having passports etc.), and these internal information is like this:

-- UBS is committing money laundering for organized crime in big style: They shift secretly money over private accounts, and by this the transactions are healed:

-- the private customers simply get no bank statements for a wile
-- or UBS bank accounts are blocked arbitrarily.
-- or there are youth savings accounts which are not stopped, and by this money is washed passing over he ex youth savings accounts
-- or there are formed many sub accounts of a client account number.

This system is working since years.

-- add to this UBS is fostering a secret international pedophile circle "Animal Circle" (orig. German: "Tierkreis") with high ranked persons. This pedophile circle is in the section of Basel which was called "Bankverein" before. Unfortunately public prosecution department never published the membership list because it seems that the members are high ranked political personalities. Victims report that this "Animal Circle" also is making tours in Thailand for watching how children are not only abused but also killed.

As long as this membership list of "Animal Circle" is not published, there are many rumors, and this is not at all bettering the situation of UBS high street bank.

It can be admitted that there are always disappearing children because of such criminal activities and are never found again because extremist pedophile circles are also killing children eliminating the victim and preventing any testimony of the victim.

-- UBS high street bank has totally lost the realities, but UBS has installed it's mafia: This high street bank UBS has ex cadres in the government's departments in Berne, and these ex cadres are protecting UBS from any juridical persecution. These ex cadres of UBS are working at the hot spots of high politics, also collaborating with criminal Swiss secret service, and these ex cadres with the world wide power of UBS in their back are organizing political persecutions against people who know too much, are limiting the media, are even organizing attacks and murder actions etc. (report from Honigmann). People knowing too much are blocked their UBS accounts, or are even not allowed any more to enter the UBS bank building etc. etc.

Add to this there is another fact:

-- UBS wants to go on as before and it's hot spot is going on with "USA" and by this UBS is loosing money every day because US Dollar is collapsing more and more as long as the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are going on. That means that US Dollar will be with 30 Rappen soon, and then "USA" will be an emerging nation because intelligence will emigrate to Europe because of the higher wages. This will the first time when the "Americans" will be forced to learn foreign languages to survive.


June 22, 2012: Letter to Amnesty about criminalities of high street bank UBS AG and some Swiss Government members - and one old duck of Socialist Party of Switzerland

<Ladies and Gentlemen
Presidents of Amnesty,

since decades Swiss Secret Service is abusing private bank account data of blameless persons.

In the documents in the annex one can see exactly that this is happening in former SBV high street bank which is UBS AG high street bank today.

This is happening in Swiss politics since the 1970s.

The two biggest political parties of Switzerland in these times were partly right radical, and also anti-Jewish, above all in the canton of Basel Town in the Socialist Party of Switzerland (SPS).

This party SPS in Basel also had a friendly connection with the Gaddafi clan.

These intrigues began in the 1970s and 1980s when an ex member of secret service died. This member was a good one, was against Hitler regime and was member of Swiss resistance during Second World War, my father Werner Hungerbühler [former attorney in Basel Town].

Now his data are abused since his death - by high street bank SBV which was converted into high street bank UBS AG later, and his data are abused for managing organized crime by Swiss Secret Service [for money laundering in big style].

Tracks of truth are destructed systematically, as e.g. in the archive in Mulhouse (France) where was a "fire". Sources of this ex member are destructed and therefore it's possible defaming him because he is dead.

The organization of pedophile circle in Basel ("Animal Circle", German: "Tierkreis") was found in 1964 by civil justice court in Basel Town, and they are operating world wide (Dutroux case in Belgium is a part of it), and a section in UBS AG is managing the child commerce paying with bank money, or the victims are forced for working in prostitution business.

This human traffic was managed with the international Swiss Airline "Swissair". Then this air line was grounded by the new policy of UBS AG (formed by UBS and SBV). By this grounding all eventual proofs could be destroyed.

DC 9 Graubünden!

This Swiss secret service is abusing until today personal data in reference to UBS AG which caused the main part of the financial crisis of 2008. But there was developing more with tax fraud on a global level.

Swiss Government (Federal Council) is not stopping these grievances but is protecting all these criminalities of organized crime as among other things
-- mafia finances in UBS AG,
-- pedophile circle in UBS AG,
-- money laundering for international crime in UBS AG.

But the Swiss government is protecting this bank.

Bank members and Swiss politicians in Swiss Secret Services are themselves getting profits by the illegal transactions with UBS AG high street bank world wide.

The today's CEO of UBS AG since 2011 was himself a trustee of "Secret Service P2" by trust company "Fidinam" which is member of this secret service P2.

Before - since the union of UBS and SBV to be UBS AG - the General Director was Marcel Ospel, but he was illegal and had no diplomas and was installed there only by the Swiss Secret Service. He was President of the management board from 1998-2008. But
-- his biography was absolutely forged and
-- he had no procuration,
-- no official bank apprenticeship, and
-- he never had been approved for being a head of UBS AG high street bank.

But this ex General Director of management board - Marcel Ospel - is also member of the pedophile circle "Tierkreis" ("Animal Circle").

World economy was deceived massively by this UBS AG founded in 1998. UBS AG broke many international bank laws by fraud, and the intrigues of UBS AG provoked on the international level a big part of the financial crisis in 2008, and also a part of Euro crises is provoked by UBS AG by bad "Hedges Fonds", housing bubbles in the USA, off shore business in the USA etc.

For this corruption in Swiss policy with Swiss Secret Services some UBS bankers were arrested in the USA, but one has to consider that these bankers were put under pressure by the Swiss headquarters performing their bad businesses!

The mostly involved person of Swiss Government was former government member Kaspar Villiger (Free Democrat FDP). Villiger as a Minister of Finance and Ospel as a General Director of UBS AG were a criminal duo arranging the UBS world "business" which ended in financial disasters above all in the USA and in Europe. When Mr. Ospel had to leave UBS AG in 2008 after the financial crisis, Mr. Oswald Grübel was following him (dismissing some people of the criminal gangs in UBS AG), but it was Kaspar Villiger in 2009 entering to the management board of the same UBS AG hindering the elimination of all grievances in this bank and after all Grübel had to leave UBS AG (by intrigues of Villiger and Ospel after the London case where a UBS employee had lost 3 billions) and now the members of the criminal gangs are reemployed again...

And there was also Helmut Hubacher-Hungerbühler (member of Socialist SPS, with a wife "Hungerbühler", friend of Gaddafi, but NOT member of the family of the writer of this letter). This Mr. Hubacher is abusing the private data of the ex secret service member Hungerbühler (my father). Mr. Hubacher is also more or less a right wing man with sympathy for right radicals, only in some points he is a "Socialist".

This Mr. Kaspar Villiger is a person with international experience:

-- in the 1970s were juridical activities in Germany against law purchasing properties from persons with Jewish descent

-- then Kaspar Villiger was working as Swiss Government member as Minister in the Military Department and then in the Finance Department and was especially stopping one of the world wide best narcotics agents as in the case of Fausto Cattaneo, and Kaspar Villiger was protecting the dealings of Swiss Secret Service and of UBS AG in this "business" sector and let them grow on

-- Mr. Kaspar Villiger - government member of Switzerland - was abusing his own name and family name with effects up to "European Court" in 2007 acting by the former judge "Marc Villiger", and any lawsuit of EU against Switzerland in 1997 and 2003 was "not answered", and therefore the international organized crime acting in Switzerland was going on to be protected and could grow on

Human rights are badly violated - Application

It's definitively time to stop this world wide crimes passing and organized by Switzerland and UBS AG
-- violating any human right of thousands of people by international crime managed by UBS AG protected by Swiss Government
-- violating any human right of thousands of children by the international pedophile circle "Tierkreis" ("Animal Circle") in UBS AG
-- violating any human right of my person and of my family by blocked bank accounts in UBS AG abused for money laundering (Swiss Government protecting criminal UBS AG lets live my family on the level of the minimum of social welfare)
-- and there are many more victims with blocked bank accounts in UBS AG abused for money laundering.

The account numbers added are the proof how the high street bank of UBS AG and Swiss Government (Federal Council) are acting, and international crime in Switzerland can go on and on.

These accounts of UBS AG are originally my accounts and are blocked and are abused for money laundering since decades by Swiss Secret Service organizing world wide economic crime. I am the daughter of the ex member of Swiss Secret Service, of Mr. Hungerbühler, who was fighting for thousands of Jews during Second World War, and who helped saving them in Switzerland during their flight.

My bank accounts are blocked and my account data are abused since 25 years now, abused by former SBV high street bank, converted into UBS AG high street bank since 1998. The bank is inhibiting any access to my bank accounts, and also the authorities are blocking all access to my bank accounts - without any legal base - but protected by Swiss Government!

That's why there was my lawsuit to European Court in 2007 against Switzerland, but Mr. Kaspar Villiger was blocking it.
When I have lawyers the lawyers are threatened by Swiss authorities or by UBS AG itself.

So, I would like to appeal

-- to stop this political persecution and these intrigues of Swiss Federal authorities
-- to stop the intrigues of UBS AG
-- to stop the criminal affairs of Swiss Government and high street bank UBS AG committed world wide.

More proofs and facts can be given in personal communication, perhaps with a juridical person who also speaks German but must not work in Switzerland because otherwise will be existentially destroyed by the Federal Government and by UBS AG.

J. H. / Basel Town


Not all members or ex members of Swiss Government are working in such a criminal way like Mr. Villiger. But there was never any correctness, there was never any blockage of the criminal groups, but the criminal sections of Swiss Government and of UBS AG were always ignored and lawsuits were blocked as in the present case. And there is another justified suspicion with ex Government Member Adolf Ogi.>


August 4, 2012: Illegal Swiss secret services P26/P27/P2 with illegal data collections working for a global advantage of UBS AG - tracking and extorting people world wide

Basel, 04 August 2012: Letter to "U.S.A."

Concerns: Switzerland - illegal Swiss secret services P26/27/2 with illegal data collections working for a global advantage of UBS AG high street bank - fraudulent operations world wide

Since 1980 UBS AG high street bank is collecting and abusing data of private clients - and Swiss secret service is using them and tracking people world wide!

Ladies and Gentlemen of Democratic Party in Washington,

with this letter I request to consider the added documents which were sent to President Obama. The documents are about accounts with transactions of UBS AG high street bank passing money over dubious accounts. This abuse of data, names and accounts in UBS AG high street bank is working since decades, and Swiss government in Berne and Swiss authorities and Swiss secret service are also working in this matter using the data!

Considering my case with blocked UBS bank accounts abused for money laundering I never was a member of any secret service nor of any secret service and I never had any political ambition. But the abuse of my accounts does NOT STOP!!!

Since 1998 this account abuse has been enlarged e.g. for the management of a secret Swiss army, first with Marcel Ospel (faked CEO without procuration) and with the today's CEO of UBS AG, Axel Weber. Involved in this case of a secret Swiss army is also Kaspar Villiger, ex Swiss minister of finance since 1989. And global economic fraud operations were enlarged massively with these persons.

These fraudulent operations are:

- financing organized crime

- financing narcotrafficking

- help for tax fraud

- operations with illegal weapon trafficking

- money laundering

- dubious property credits

- organizing terrorist funds etc.

Now there are elections in the USA and I want to offer you the possibility presenting some more truths so the nowadays president will stay - who had no necessity presenting any "material" background.

My request is in this UBS matter as a victim with blocked UBS accounts:

Stop Switzerland with it's criminal habits - block UBS and their accounts!

-- because UBS AG will not stop the abuse of bank accounts for international crime

-- because Swiss secret service has installed an illegal data collection of private persons and is pursuing and tracking 200,000 persons in the whole world (also persons without any political background, pursuing persons "just for fun" having work and salary from Swiss tax payer for nothing!)

-- because there is the justified suspicion that UBS AG high street bank (the management) is working with this criminal Swiss secret service giving them personal data of UBS clients.

Therefore UBS AG high street bank (the management) is putting my name and many other persons and families world wide into danger.

In short words: My name as many others world wide are in danger by these habits

-- of Swiss UBS AG high street bank (collecting data, blocking accounts, working for international crime)

-- of Swiss government (7 Federal councilors collaborating and not blocking these criminal habits of UBS AG)

-- of Swiss secret service (collaborating with UBS AG collecting data and pursuing people world wide putting them into danger).

Any private law and any banking law is violated by these three Swiss groups - in collaboration with "Swiss authorities" in Switzerland. This is a Swiss spy net without limits and acting without control.

In short words: Switzerland with UBS AG collaborating with Swiss government and with Swiss secret service has converted into a danger for many national and international clients world wide.

J. H.


December 19, 2012: Illegal data collections of Swiss Secret Service and federal authorities in Berne - 'used' by UBS against certain clients blocking and abusing bank accounts for money laundering

This Swiss Secret Service - in collaboration with all Swiss Federal Authorities in Berne and in whole Switzerland - this Swiss Secret Service is collecting illegally any data of private persons since 3 decades, because there is an illegal business with illegally collected data: Swiss Secret Service is selling these illegal data to other authorities or to other secret services, on a national or even on an international level, also when there is no delict, or even when a foreigner has left Switzerland and is not living in Switzerland any more. Therefore there are data scandals in Switzerland in a regular rhythm, but the behavior is never changing, but this business with illegal data collections is going on without limits until today - and all is authorized by Swiss government. Swiss Secret Service is not controlled!

Concretely see how it works: Swiss Federal Authorities and Swiss government members (Federal Councillors) are not willing to delete these illegal data collections ("Fiche") where data of Swiss people and of foreigners is "collected". And Swiss secret service "P27" is not dissolved either. All in all these illegal data collections only serve to high street bank UBS AG. Why this?

The victims first are systematically criminalized in these data collections because only "negative" data without overall context is "collected". And then UBS is "using" these "data" blocking and abusing arbitrarily bank accounts for their illegal businesses, also when a person NEVER had any political or criminal law suit. Interpol has to know about this how the criminal "Swiss system" of persecution and money laundering is working - in the whole world.


December 19, 2012: Addicted rich and arrogant staff of UBS AG and Swiss Secret Service - world wide extortions with personal data and with bank accounts

UBS staff often is addicted to computer games but have such a high salary so they also can afford a drug addiction. And when they are staff member of UBS and Swiss Secret Service at the same time they get two Swiss salaries in one, and such persons have direct access to drugs. UBS is an absolutely criminal aparatus in the whole world.

On the small base of social and historical education in Switzerland and because of the high swiss salaries provoking an absolute arrogance and vulnerability for addictions for computer games, drugs and alcohol in UBS AG and in Swiss Secret Service many staff members there loose their common sense for reality. Therefore many staff members are working with wrong visions and with impossible and also with criminal ideas in UBS AG as also in Swiss Secret Service. By such wrong actions and criminalities UBS AG and Swiss secret service are provoking damages and costs of millions which - and this seems really strange - is tolerated by Swiss government (yet). UBS staff is partly also the staff of Swiss Secret Service, and therefore this is an absolute criminal and corrupt institution terrorizing the whole world by extortions with personal data and bank accounts.

And this not knowing, mostly addicted people with their high Swiss salaries even mean that they would be "intelligent". Well, the fact is a total arrogance in this Swiss bank of UBS which can provoke new damage every day and night worldwide.


January 10, 2013: Money laundering at high street bank of UBS AG for International Crime passing funds over blocked private bank accounts - codes for the different areas of money laundering - UBS AG in collaboration with secret services - Swiss government and Federal Boards accepting UBS AG without limits - global poverty by the behavior of high street bank of UBS AG

To be a client of high street bank of UBS AG means that the private bank accounts can be blocked fron one moment for being abused for money laundering, respectively criminal funds are passed over the private bank accounts and "washed" by this procedure. This practice is working with 1,000s of UBS bank accounts world wide since decades. There is also a justificated suspicion that funds of LIBOR scandal could be hidden on these accounts. And ex "General Director" Marcel Ospel is not without guilt concerning the LIBOR scandal.

Bank accounts abused for money laundering of International Crime - "collaboration" with secret services - UBS "placing" ex cadres and spies with a mafia system

Since decades UBS AG has the "business practice" to "place" their ex cadres on "switch points" of the state. Therefore ex cadres of UBS AG are also working in secret services and can cause intrigues or can support intrigues spreading half truths or false information (from the data collections of the secret services) - and then "reasons" are found for blocking bank accounts of their victims abusing these accounts then for systematic international money laundering. And UBS AG is also delivering data to the secret services. That means: UBS AG is de facto a part of Swiss Secret Service. There are 1,000s of victims with blocked UBS bank accounts world wide and now are abused for money laundering for International Crime.

The clients receive bank statements yet, but now there are certain codes on them as an indication for which section of money laundering the account is serving now. And the access to the account is blocked. The affected families are degraded and driven to be social cases systematically, with depressions etc.

Then money laundering is performed passing criminal funds over the blocked UBS private bank accounts, for

-- tax evasion

-- illegal arms trade

-- narcotrafficking

-- human trafficking

-- dubious business at stock exchange, or with mortgages, or with properties a.s.o.

Accounts and sub-accounts for money laundering for billions

In the case of a well known Swiss family a fortune reserve of several 100,000 Swiss Franks is blocked without any reason since 1989/98. Also accounts and data of the dead father of this family are abused for money laundering until today. Bank statements are coming with codes and are indicating fortunes of billions, but without any access. In 2005 a lawyer of my side could effect that UBS AG was sending a list of the "bank accounts" of the family, and it came out that UBS AG had founded 100s of sub-accounts "just like that" and is washing funds with them, too. And in this manner the billions of washed funds are accumulated - down to the present day.

Ex minister of finance Kaspar Villiger blocking any investigation

There were several pleads for help at UBS AG and at Swiss government from the part of the family, but it seems that Ex government member Kaspar Villiger (Minister of Finance 1989-2003) is blocking any investigation about the illegal habits in UBS AG. He is informed about everything what is happening in UBS bank. Then he also was President of the Management Board of UBS AG (2009-2012) and blocked any investigation or access to the accounts. Lawyers pleading for information about the blocked bank accounts are also threatened massively by UBS AG for not "putting any further question".

UBS AG (since 1998) is an illegal bank - details about the merging in 1998

When Swiss Association of Banks (in Basel SBV) and UBS (in Zurich) were merging in 1998 for being "UBS AG" this merging was also an illegal maneuver violating International Banking Law in a very hard way. Therefore UBS AG principally is an illegal bank because of the following reasons:

1 General Director of UBS AG (Marcel Ospel, 1998-2008) had no qualification (no diploma!) and had no authorization (had no procuration!) and never had any authorization to lead UBS AG (with a forged curriculum!), neither on a national nor on an international level (see Swiss trade register). Procuration was always executed by a henchman. That means that Marcel Ospel as a "General Director" was a FAKE and all actions from 1998 to 2008 are not valid.

2 Add to this there is a document written for Singapour and Interpol.

3 Marcel Ospel, the faked "General Director" (1998-2008) could get his position only with unfair practices by insider information about the pedophile ring "Animal Circle" ("Basler Tierkreis") with it's world wide high ranking members (bankers, politicians etc.). Swiss government is protecting also this pedophile group which probably is also connected with the Dutroux case in Belgium, and UBS banking money is financing a part of the world wide child abuse pedophile actions.

Swiss government accepts the criminal habits of UBS AG - favoritism

The whole illegal habit of UBS AG blocking private bank accounts and passing funds over the blocked bank accounts for international money laundering is well known to the Swiss government (Bundesrat). But Swiss government is not wanting to stop these illegal habits of UBS because UBS itself has got it's mafia system with ex cadres and spies on switch points of whole Switzerland and also has got contacts to the secret services. Therefore there is a strong favoritism and a constant extortion habit in Switzerland with extortion by UBS and by secret information about private life. In fact UBS mafia system with ex cadres and spies at switch points and with bribes has Switzerland and the whole world in their hands.

Also Swiss Finance Control "Finma" and also Swiss Justice or other prosecution services are NOT acting against the criminal business habits of UBS AG either. Also the nowaday's Minister of Finance is not willing to act.

The bank accounts of the well known Swiss family at UBS AG are blocked until today - since the 1980s - down to the present day, without any indication of any reason and without having committed anything against any law!

Since 3 decades, UBS has got a "free hand" acting in Switzerland - contradicting to the statement of the nowaday's President of the Management Board, Mr. Axel Weber. UBS AG can do what they want in Switzerland - in collaboration with the secret services, can collect any data, can start any maneuver they want. It's not sure if Mr. Axel Weber is concealing this - as is doing CEO Sergio Ermotti -, because there is also the possibility that Axel Weber is simply cheated.

UBS supporting poverty world wide by their illegal maneuvers world wide

By their illegal business habits UBS AG is not only supporting any criminality in the world, but is also supporting poverty world wide, and all is protected and accepted by the Swiss government. Here are details:

  • UBS AG was one of the main causes for the global financial crises in the 2000s. Illegal "General Director" Marcel Ospel (1998-2008) was "collaborating very well" with Swiss Minister of Finance Kaspar Villiger (1989-2003), respectively "friend" Kaspar Villiger permitted his "friend" Marcel Ospel of UBS AG all possible illegal business practices, and at the end the whole world economy was the "victim" of "UBS" at the end, for example with the housing crash in 2006 or with the financial crisis of 2008 (which was the cause for the retreat of the faked "General Director" Marcel Ospel when UBS AG needed 60 billion Swiss Franks from the Swiss tax payer to survive...)
  • then Oswald Grübel was the new General Director (2009-2011, he came from CS high street bank), and Mr. Grübel wanted to stop the criminal business habits. But in the same year of 2009 yet (!) ex Minister of Finance Kaspar Villiger was elected for being the President of the Management Board of UBS AG (2009-2012) and he was blocking all reforms of Grübel and therefore there were only some dismissals of responsibles for illegal business habits. But the principle causes for the crisis as for example Marcel Ospel remained without any prosecution and could evade any prosecution - and get high pensions now...
  • then Oswald Grübel (2009-2011) was the victim of UBS AG by the witch hunt of Kaspar Villiger and by the Adoboli affair in London where UBS broker Adoboli was "loosing" 2 billions of Swiss Franks which probably are NOT "lost" but are concealed on secret bank accounts. Mr. Adoboli was confessing in court that he was always acting by the order of Swiss Headquarters of UBS AG, and he was indicated to use certain bank accounts so he could conceal his transfers at the stock exchange. And now see this: Adaboli also indicated bank account numbers of accounts with the name of the well known Swiss family which are on the list of 2005...
  • and since Oswald Grübel is not a General Director of UBS AG any more (since 2011), the formerly dismissed persons are getting new jobs in UBS AG, and the illegal practices of UBS AG are not changing at all!
  • and since Kaspar Villiger is not a President of Management Board of UBS AG any more (since 2012) he not only gets a good pension, but he is also "acting" in foundations and is blocking any investigation concerning UBS AG.
  • giving this letter to all WEF members
  • forcing Swiss Federal Boards and forcing Swiss Government to stop criminal high street bank of UBS AG and their "connections" in Switzerland and in the whole world
  • neutralizing the criminal parts of high street bank of UBS AG delivering these criminal parts of UBS AG up to international justice
  • deblocking the blocked bank accounts and approving a complete transparency and freedom of information (there are 1,000s of cases of blocked private UBS bank accounts).
With criminals there is no advertising.