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Notes about criminal Shitzerland (Switzerland) - index
It's too criminal! - Fuck You Shitzerland!

by Michael Palomino (since 2014)

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From Shitzerland has to be warned.

Criminal Shitzerland is the biggest money island of Satanist Rothschild family.

Notes about criminal Shitzerland (Switzerland)

Criminal Shitzerland - the word "neutrality" supports any Organized Crime - criminal Swiss secret service - bank secret - no denazification - Shitzerland=CIA center since 1947 - "Basel Animal Circle" 1964 - NATO in Thailand since 1964 - main culprits: Hubacher, Villiger, Ospel - drug baron Villiger

Criminal Shitzerland (Switzerland): note 02: CH+300+Royals - highest drug criminality

Shitzerland is one of the bases for the crime of the drug Queen of England - mentally mad -- Shitzerland's and English mentality: enjoying wars and propaganda against Germans are in common -- Shitzerland=mentally mad

Criminal Shitzerland (Switzerland): note 3: Murder tramway: murders and accidents with Glatt Valley tramway with 60km/h without gates

Money race of criminal Swiss people with their "place in the sun" with Organized Crime - billions of profits - but no gates? -- Lethal Glatt Valley tramway - deliberately provoked murders by Glatt Valley tramway - it's organized crime (!) -- The building stages of Glatt Valley tramway from 2006 to 2010 -- Concepts with railway crossing with or without gates - and the users -- The "selection" at Glatt Valley tramway: hit people will be killed -- Political party of SVP is the strongest faction dominating the councils of the municipalities at Glatt Valley line - graphics -- Trams number 10, 11, and 12 on the Glatt Valley tramway line -- The accident series and murder series of Glatt Valley line in Dübendorf, Wallisellen, Opfikon/Glattbrugg and Kloten (with Zurich Airport) -- High accident rate with Glatt Valley tramway line -- Final question: Why Swiss Federal Traffic Office (Bundesamt für Verkehr, BAV) and Swiss Consultant Center for Accident Prevention (BfU) were sleeping??? -- Three times murder with Glatt Valley tramway - Glatt Valley tramway = threefold murder case

Criminal Shitzerland (Switzerland): note 4:  Shitzerland="neutral" money island - a state by the grace of the Rothschilds - most criminal and most perverse state of the world

Shitzerland is the "neutral" money island - a state by the grace of the Rothschilds on the European continent - the most criminal and perverse country of the whole world -- About criminal Shitzerland and the Rothschild reptilians -- Absolutely criminal Shitzerland = financial center of the Satanist Rothschilds -- Toxic Shitzerland=the most criminal and most perverse country of the world

Criminal Shitzerland (Switzerland): note 5: Satanist opening ritual for Gotthard Base Tunnel (57km long Gotthard tunnel) from June 1, 2016 - clear indications for child murder rituals in the "water castle" of Shitzerland

Satanist ritual of June 1, 2016 at the opening ceremony of 57km long Gotthard Base Tunnel with an ibex (capricorn), victim women and victim lamb etc. -- Video -- Satanists at Gotthard Base Tunnel, June 6, 2016 -- "Water castle" of Gotthard: opening ceremony is a clear indication for new child murder rituals in the "water castle"

Criminal Shitzerland (Switzerland): note 6: the gang of Swiss secret service NDB (SVP)+CIA+MI6+BND spending millions for NOTHING - details - and CH is going down

Criminal Shitzerland (Switzerland): note 7: Systematic torture during detantions and in Swiss prisons

Criminal Shitzerland (Switzerland): note 8: Tour of Crimes
Basel (Novartis, La Roche, Syngenta, UBS) - Zurich (UBS, Bührle, FIFA) - Lausanne (IOC) - Vevey (Nestlé) - Geneva (World Bank+UNO) - Berne (Satanist government)

Rothschild Island - Rothschild Centre in Zug - Rothschild-BIS - the Mossad of Rothschild with NDB+akdh, banking secrecy, pharma, Nestlé - "Black Sun" - the "Gnomes of Zurich" - Satanists in the Gotthard Tunnel etc.