Criminal Shitzerland (Switzerland - CH) -
                Rothschild's money island in Continental Europe with the
                highest percentage of criminality worldwide
This is top! - More criminal it's not possible!

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Criminal Shitzerland (Switzerland): note 9

Rothschild Island - Rothschild Centre in Zug - Rothschild-BIS - the Mossad of Rothschild with NDB+akdh, banking secrecy, pharma, Nestlé - "Black Sun" - the "Gnomes of Zurich" - Satanists in the Gotthard Tunnel etc.

by Michael Palomino (Sep.28, 2018)



The Rothschild-Shitzerland (Switzerland) = richest and MOST EXPENSIVE country in the world, serving the Rothschilds to destroy the whole world

CH is the Rothschild Island in continental Europe. The Rothschild network has its centre in Zug. The League of Nations 1918 and the UNO 1946 were installed by Rothschild in Switzerland, as was the World Bank, all in GENEVA.

International fund transactions between banks are processed in the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) in BASEL to organize wars with funds faster - this BIS was also installed by the Rothschilds.

The policy of Shitzerland (Switzerland) is still determined today by the Mossad, the secret service of the Rothschilds (blackmailing politicians and judges to prevent certain decisions, the Mossad founds agitator groups such as akdh against pioneer research and for the installation of laws in favor of Muslims, in order to break the Swiss identity and provoke internal strife etc.).

For the Rothschilds, the CH has banking secrecy, and this banking secrecy is protected in a strange way: The world all around should be destroyed, only Shitzerland (Switzerland) not. That's why CH sells poison pills, poison vaccinations and pesticides with its poison pharmaceuticals, that's why the criminal company Nestlé exists, everything to destroy the world, only CH not - and for distraction there are FIFA and IOC etc., so that nobody will notice anything. That's why the name "Shitzerland" is correct. All around the country everything can break down by wars, only Shitzerland always remains intact. And for inhibiting too many people to enter CH, it is the most expensive country in the world.

To put it even more clearly:

In percentage terms, Switzerland has the highest crime rate in the whole world: banking secrecy, BIS, Mossad, akdh, pharmaceuticals, vaccinations, pesticides, Nestlé, etc..

Switzerland is the Rothschild Money Island (indication from Fulford). The Rothschild network has its centre in Zug (Fulford).

When there is a war in Europe, all money flows into Switzerland - that is CALCULATION by Rothschild, and in this way does the propaganda go manipulating the governments (indication of Swiss judicial circles).

The financing of the wars is organized by Rothschild in the Bank of International Settlements (BIS), in Basel, in Switzerland. This can be done very quickly. JUST FOR THIS the BIS was created: In order to be able to organize quickly wars with billions of transactions (Fulford) - financing wars, and for bribes for dictators or for bribes in the UNO in Geneva, etc.

The secret service of the Rothschilds - the highly criminal Mossad - is spying the WHOLE WORLD with his electronic instruments in the computers and telephones etc. (media reports) and is blackmailing the "decisive people" (data from Swiss judicial circles) with his espionage data of the Mossad (dominating Swiss secret service NDB, there is also the agitation department of Mossad+NDB being called "akdh", there are blackmailed judges, federal councillors, professors, media leaders etc.). In this way the Rothschild money island of Shitzerland (Switzerland) is to be protected, with it's Rothschild-BIS, with the international Rothschild war manoeuvres wich should be protected, so that nothing comes up. Shitzerland (Switzerland) is thus the main Mossad country, almost more important than Israel, and the Swiss population is so terrorized by the "decisive people" that nobody says "anything wrong" (conclusion by Palomino).

Anyone who says "something wrong" is beaten up by the secret services NDB+Mossad+akdh with diffamations, is "beaten up" with agitation and character assassinations in the Mossad media (Basel News (Basler Zeitung), Sunday News (Sonntagszeitung) etc.) and on the Internet, is defined as "invalid" (IV) or is only allowed to work as a garbage man with the Yugoslav partisans or with Romanians and is supposed to languish in eternal poverty (own experience). The criminal SVP with its agitation against fringe groups and its pastor sexual complexes also participates in the game against the truth as a ricochet (my observation), because the SVP usually provides the police directors (indications from Swiss juridical circles). Sometimes the Mossad also wants to "eliminate" a person. Murder attacks by the manipulation of cars by the Mossad (cutting brake tubes) are not uncommon (data from Swiss judicial circles).

The government of Schweinz (Switzerland) - the Federal Council - is also blackmailed by the Mossad, or is even led by the Mossad, so that the Rothschild Money Islands is "always beautiful" and nobody says "something wrong" (my conclusion).

The banks in Zurich ("Gnomes of Zurich") communicate encrypted with mathematical symbols and are directed by Rothschild and are also  led by a being called the "Black Sun" (Fulford). So when there is a being "Luzifer" in London in the Rothschild Committee of 300 (see John Coleman: Committee off 300), there is "Black Sun" in Switzerland.

Since 2 weeks (since about September 10, 2018) negotiations between the "Gnomes of Zurich" and the White Dragon Society (WDS) have been taking place on the instructions of the entity "Black Sun" to save the world from the Satanists. The Rothschild gnomes of Zurich are capitulating (Fulford).
Link with Fulford reports:
Satanic children's rituals (with abuse and murder) take place in the cellars of castles (this is common knowledge now). The Gotthard is also called the "Water Castle of Switzerland" (this is taught in schools in Switzerland), and the Gotthard tunnel was inaugurated in 2016 with half-naked people and a black Madonna who presented a baby in a basket - thus wanted to sacrifice a baby.

In percentage terms, Shitzerland (Switzerland) is the most criminal country in the world. The criminal actors are named here and have to be eliminated: Rothschild, Mossad, NDB, akdh and their puppets.

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Criminal Shitzerland (Switzerland - CH) -
                    Rothschild's money island in Continental Europe with
                    the highest percentage of criminality worldwide
This is top! - More criminal it's not possible!