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Slave children. News 01

Slave children (Verdingkinder) in criminal Nazi Switzerland


presented by Michael Palomino (since 2013)



Switzerland - Shitzerland - Nazi Land

Basler Zeitung online, Logo

Criminal Nazi Switzerland, Jan 31, 2014: Slave children of the 1970s were human guinea pigs for masses of medicament experiments - and there were also killings

from: Basel Newspaper online (Basler Zeitung online): "I was filled with tablets like a goose" (orig. in German: «Ich wurde wie eine Gans mit Tabletten vollgestopft»); Jan 31, 2014; http://bazonline.ch/leben/gesellschaft/Ich-wurde-wie-eine-Gans-mit-Tabletten-vollgestopft/story/11559498

<From Michèle Widmer.

This is a dark chapter of Swiss history: In the 1970s persons were abused for medical experiments. The fate of the today's 57 years old Walter Emmisberger.

"Perhaps I would be a professor at a university today", Mr. Walter Emmisberger from Fehraltorf [canton of Zurich] is telling. As a youth he had liked to study classical music, the today 57 years old man is telling. One time he was with a friend and they had visited secretly a music high school. When they were detected they had to go again. But the dream had been near - but it remained a dream. Walter Emmisberger is one of the many slave children of Switzerland (orig. in German: Verdingkinder). I was born in a prison and then he was put to a children's home. Later he was done to nursing parents. As many others he was also slapped, he was caged, and he was abused.

Additionally there is another factor: Between 11 and 14 years Emmisberger was abused with medicament experiments for psychotropic drugs. "I was brought to the psychiatric clinic in Münsterlingen [canton of Thurgovia at the Lake of Constance] regularly", Emmisberger remembers in a talk with Basel Newspaper (baz.ch/Newsnet). "There I had to take some different medicaments and then I was connected with some machines." He had been "filled with tablets like a goose, partly even provoking vomiting". The question why this was done with him was never answered, as with all slave children. He should read about his own fate later in the documents step by step.

After having searched much about his past Mr. Emmisberger was presenting this in public and he was founding the association "Places Home At A Foreign Place" (orig. in German: Fremdplatziert). The news magazine "Watchman" (orig. in German: "Beobachter") was rewarding this step with a Courage Prize ("Prix Courage"). In the meantime he is father of several children.

Looking for protection during an illness

Emmisberger does not know which substances were given to him. But it's clear that many of the tested medicaments of those times were only developed for adults, other medicaments have no permitting at all until today. According to Emmisberger the experiments provoked also the death of the involuntary experimentees. These experiments giving him many different agents is leaving psychological and physical wounds until today.

"I thought that I had to die when I was ill a short time ago" he says. He was hiding himself like an animal in a shrub. His medical doctors were saying that his illness had a connection with his past. At the beginning he did not want to believe this. What had been should be over he said to himself. But then Emmisberger was deciding to have a therapy. And he is not the only one. The costs were high. "I wanted to become healthy, I had no money for the treatment", he said. One part of the fees was repayed with work in the garden at the end. A relapse is just a scheme he knows about.

Help from the Round Table

Slave children like Mr. Walter Emmisberger can hope for a compensation now. Mrs. government member Simonetta Sommaruga was installing a Round Table for the victims of forced measures of welfare. From summer on requests can be made for emergency aid. According to Mr. Luzius Mader between seven and eight million Swiss Francs should come together from the cantons and from other institutions. Of course this amount is not enough, says the vice director of the Federal Board of Justice: "An emergency aid is a kind of bridging until the legislator has found and created a definite solution with a law", he says. Decisive for the compensation is the actual financial position of the affected people. Only in this way could be a fast help where it's very urgent.

For historian Mr. Thomas Huonker this emergency help "is a modest beginning which has to be developed much by the time." Compared with the number of affected people these seven or eight million would be "something like a little piece of egg in a pan" or "narrow gauged". This contribution of the cantons would refer only to just 60 cents per inhabitant. The claim of the representatives of the affected at the Round Table was also much higher at the beginning: 50 million Swiss Francs emergency aid, this was their idea. Also the time table to create the law for the compensation for all victims which should be installed until 2017/2018 is lasting too long for historian Huonker. "Because also affected people who are not suffering an emergency are qualified for a compensation", he is stating.

He knows what he is speaking about. Mr. Huonker knows personally the fate of at least 40 slave children placed into foreign households and he wrote a book about this. Some of them are living in beautiful houses now, others are suffering poor conditions and can hardly pay heating. As youths any apprenticeship and education was resigned to them. That's why that many are are in bad financial conditions today. Additionally many victims are traumatized heavily.

Since 25 years Mr. Huonker is working with the scientific accounting for this dark chapter of Swiss history. Now he gets support from federal boards too. The Round Table will investigate what were the consequences of the forced measures of housing for the affected people and how the society can handle it. There were housing placements of children in foreign households, there were forced adoptions, there were sterilizations, and there was the handling of handicapped people, and now also the forced medicamentation in psychiatric clinics should be investigated. The results should be presented to a broad public and an access should be permitted to specific lobby groups.

A salary for work being done

For Mr. Emmisberger the financial compensation is an important aspect, but no the most important one: "I see the money as a salary which I have the right to get. Because there was much hard work when I was a child and my body was exploited for medical experiments", he says. The accounting of this past of slavery of Switzerland is enormously important - but is also provoking some fear at the same time. "I am anxious about what will come out yet with it", he says.

There is a statement of a cantonal government member of Thurgovia [east of Switzerland], Mr. Kaspar Schläpfer, makes him sad. Concerning the investigation about the clinic in Münsterlingen [at the Lake of Constance] he was stating to Swiss TV: One also had to consider that the value of the research was rising by this drug administration. In East of Switzerland this report of Swiss TV station "Tele East of Switzerland" (orig. in German: "Tele Ostschweiz") was provoking protests.

But many other reactions presenting this topic in public are positive. "In Fehraltorf [canton of Zurich] where I am coming from I was getting much assurance and comprehension from the population and from politicians", he says. Emmisberger hopes he will get more hearings for the affected, and that such a thing will not happen again. This would be a present. One of the most beautiful presents the postman brought him at New Year's Day: It was a new year's post card from Mrs. Simonetta Sommaruga personally. (baz.ch/Newsnet)>

Comment: Murder of children by pharma - in Nazi Switzerland - where is the monument? The pharma culprits are not mentioned?

In this article is missing the second part: the CULPRITS!!!

Missing information: Pharma companies are never mentioned as the real culprits: Ciba, Sandoz, La Roche
-- the pharma is never mentioned: Ciba, Sandoz, La Roche etc.
-- these psychotropic drugs came from Vietnam War where they should manipulate the "American" soldiers
-- these psychotropic drugs were only a big profit for these poison pharma companies damaging livers and kidneys and brains and any damage was NEVER payed by the pharma but by the public health insurance
-- these psychotropic drugs are for nothing and today it's proved that other natural measures have more effect without any damage (e.g. blood group nutrition against depressions, color therapy etc.)
-- these pharma companies of today's Novartis (merger of Ciba and Sandoz) and La Roche etc. should be on the Round Table are NEVER mentioned in the article
-- that means that the culprits are deliberately CONCEALED in this article of Basel Newspaper (which is the guideline of pharma industries who are good friends with leading persons in Basel Newspaper in the management board like Mr. Blocher and Mrs. Adriana Ospel-Bodmer, the wife of criminal pedophile money launderer Marcel Ospel handling "Basel Animal Circle" - who is also protected by Swiss government until today by just this same government member, Mrs. Sommaruga...)
-- these pharma companies should present their profits they made with these experiments and with the poisoning psychotropic drugs and then they should pay 20% of this profit to the victims and to the victim's families where a child has died because of the experiments, thus this can be a sum of 200 million Swiss Francs only from this criminal pharma companies who are only damaging the world - 90% of the medicaments can be left out
-- a MONUMENT is missing for the victims of the pharma experiments
-- a posthumous conviction is missing against the responsible Swiss Nazi government members who were permitting all this because such human experiments are just what the Nazis of SS have done with their victims too!!! (Furgler?1)
-- and there have to be investigations if also foreign pharma companies were taking part in these human experiments.

Nazism in Switzerland with Furgler, Sigi Widmer, and Sigmund Frick with rubber bullets is proved already - they have rubber bullets until today!
Nazism in Swiss governments was already proved in the case of Swiss government member Mr. Furgler and in the case of the mayor of Zurich Mr. Sigi Widmer and his police commander Sigmund Frick who were instructing Swiss police for fighting enemies of lethal atomic plants and for fighting alternative Swiss people from autonomous youth center "AJZ" in Zurich with rubber bullets eliminating dozens of eyes with it - also from many not involved persons. This investigation was principally only about a right radical poster of Swiss Popular Party against a dwelling project "Cartago", but the youth center was the prehistory of it and then all was discovered (rubber bullets with eliminated eyes, tear gas up to pneumonia, Zurich police with their sticks hitting women on their head for nothing, arbitrary detentions, invented reasons for detaining persons, policemen are NEVER convicted, all this is clear Nazi behavior!)


Can it be that this same Swiss Nazi, Mr. Furgler, was also responsible for the pharma human experiments?

Police in Zurich is going on with rubber bullets shooting into peaceful groups of humans making their jokes WITHOUT being attacked at all just eliminating eyes, also in 2013 (case in Winterthur during a dance demonstration "Dance yourself free", German: "Tanz dich frei").

Winterthur (canton of Zurich) October 13, 2013: Criminal police in Winterthur eliminating an eye with a rubber bullet - the eye has a remaining capacity of 16%

from: 20 minuten online; 1.10.2013;
Zurich policemen are still the same Nazis of the 1980s as they were with the youth center AJZ where so many new ideas were born, but then they were flooded by many ill people because Swiss politics were FAILING COMPLETELY concerning the drug victims and alcoholic victims in the Swiss society. Ant this Nazi canton of Zurich does not want to reject rubber bullets until today!

Therefore the word of "Nazi Switzerland" is right. Do you want to loose an eye or have an eye with a capacity of only 16% yet? This is Switzerland! And the policeman is NOT convicted! Even nobody wants to know who was shooting!

Censorship concealing the culprits of the murders of children - probably pharma companies Ciba, Sandoz, and La Roche - is working in the Basel Newspaper (Basler Zeitung) in the management board
-- by criminal pedophile Mr. Helmut Hubacher, and
-- by Ospel family (the wife of money launderer Mr. Marcel Ospel).

Accidentally Mr. Hubacher and Mr. Ospel are in the same children torture club "Basel Animal Circle" (Swiss dark room):


Thus Swiss censorship is executed by murderers of children in the "Basel Animal Circle", where children are also bought and tortured and killed as criminal Swiss pharma was doing. That's one more reason calling Switzerland a "Nazi Switzerland" where "Nazi Swiss" are dominating Swiss upper class...

Michael Palomino, February 2, 2014