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Hugo Stamm: He is really a phony (2014)

Hugo Stamm making propaganda against alternative medicine - he is probably bribed - give Hugo Stamm NO chance

Hugo Stamm,
                        portrait of a criminal propagandist
Hugo Stamm, portrait of a criminal propagandist [1] not knowing what he is doing
                        truth is: Hugo Stamm is a sect and is a bribed
                        phony only leading people into dead ends
The truth is: Hugo Stamm is a sect and is a bribed phony only leading people into dead ends - turn him off, please! [4]

No scientificity -- the word of "sect" against little groups of humans -- Hugo Stamm against freedom of belief -- a "gloriole" - propaganda against healing persons - cancer: Hugo Stamm adoring destructive "conventional medicine" -- deadly fear of Mr. Hugo Stamm -- phony Hugo Stamm concealing that after chemotherapy and radiation tumors are mostly coming back again -- phony Hugo Stamm only speaking about spiritual healers and energy healers and then damning all "alternative" methods -- healing of cancer is well possible since centuries -- Dr. Vogel, blood group nutrition, clinics -- thesis: a hug is a relaxation like impositions of hands -- the truth: conventional medicine is hardly healing cancer -- propagandist Hugo Stamm is the phony - q.e.d. (evidence supplied) - Hugo Stamm laughing against healer Braco

by Michael Palomino (2014); news



Hugo Stamm,
            portrait of a criminal Swiss propagandist
Hugo Stamm, portrait of a criminal Swiss propagandist [1] who does not know what he is provoking with his propaganda
against "sects" or alleged "sects" having destroyed already. All in all church and Islam are damaging the world much more.
Mr. Stamm is "working" at Swiss newspaper of "Daily News" ("Tagesanzeiger") in Zurich. His "work is mostly destructive as also is proved in the following example.

Michael Palomino with integral knowledge
Michael Palomino with integral knowledge can prove that the propagandist Mr. Hugo Stamm is using always the same scheme for "hosing" people. There is no mental development with this Mr. Hugo Stamm but it seems he is suffering a pharma lobby "U.S." mainstream mental illness (syndrome). But mainstream on the world has already made a "turnaround" and Mr. Hugo Stamm is becoming an absolute outsider - remaining a complete bribed idiot. You will see!

Chapter 1: Introduction

Hugo Stamm, a "self-educator" and a phony - general indications

Mr. Hugo Stamm is a "self-educator" without any scientific base. He is rating the things "intuitively" who should be a "sect" and who not.

But there are no sects at all, because big Church is much more criminal than little groups of belief. The big religions are the big "sects" and the little religions are the little "sects". And the big religions are the big killing organizations who are destroying the world with their wars.

Mr. Hugo Stamm is in a mental dead end. Rumors say that he studied philosophy in Zurich, but since then he is stuck with his "philosophy" with the propaganda terms "sect" and "phony".

Propaganda activities of Mr. Hugo Stamm can be followed in Swiss daily press in Tagesanzeiger yet. The slogans are always more or less the same. Principally it's absolutely irresponsible that this Mr. Hugo Stamm was not detained yet by faked propaganda because the damage in the media by him against groups of belief and against humans with positive energy is very high. One can simply see this: Mr. Hugo Stamm is full of negative energy, he is full of envy, further education in other institutions he does not know, and his destructive activities are not finished by the main editorial office of his newspaper "Tagesanzeiger" - because - as it seems - this Mr. Hugo Stamm is just a member of this main editorial office. It can even be admitted that this Mr. Hugo Stamm is working with Swiss Secret Service because with his blogs alone one cannot live principally. That means that it seems that this Mr. Hugo Stamm is as intelligent as a spy and this is not much, IQ85 more or less.

With his propaganda actions with negative slogans like "sect" or "phony" Mr. Hugo Stamm is also contradicting any neutrality.

Mr. Hugo Stamm is also attacking logically thinking people who are contradicting the media propaganda mainstream of "U.S.A." Mr. Hugo Stamm is believing any propaganda story of "U.S.A.", he is believing in moon landings in moon halls, he is believing the escalations of Vietnam War, he is believing in the lies of September 11, 2001, and he is believing in faked Hitchcock Holocaust films with Germans from the Rhine meadow camps, and he is believing faked Hollywood films about German concentration camps with a faked guard "Mr. Schulz" etc. etc., and with all this Mr. Hugo Stamm is absolutely far from any reality - he is a mainstream psychopath.

And there is not only this but just this Mr. Hugo Stamm is even playing with a holy "gloriole" in his logo as if Mr. Hugo Stamm would be a kind of "pope"!

                      blog logo of phony Hugo Stamm with a
                      "gloriole" and a star crown
Sect blog logo of phony Hugo Stamm with a "gloriole" and a star crown - just this logo is an absolute arrogance
and knowing how people were lying with this "gloriole" already then... just read on!

Phony Mr. Hugo Stamm with a "gloriole" playing with the energies of society diverting them

One just can see that this Mr. Hugo Stamm is playing with the energies of the society. Mr. Hugo Stamm is pretending to be important whereas he is NOT PROVOKING ANY EFFECT than a trouble with margin topics. Mr. Hugo Stamm is NOT working for more peace AT ALL because he is leaving out all important topics, truths and "U.S." propaganda lies which had to do with peace! With all this Mr. Hugo Stamm is a phony of "U.S." government and of criminal NATO because instead of contradicting all the lies of the "U.S." propaganda apparatus at least he is setting "wrong goals" in Swiss media diverting the public into dead ends with discussions about not important topics or with wrongly put questions thus all energy for discussions will be lost there - and all this happens with a "gloriole" and a star corona in the logo as if Mr. Hugo Stamm would be another "holy person" or another "pope"...

This phony Mr. Hugo Stamm is just a giant strategic diversion in Swiss media just "giving" the public an "occupation". This Mr. Hugo Stamm is not more. Therefore one can really RESIGN to this phony. Mr. Hugo Stamm is absolutely SUPERFLUOUS.

Mr. Hugo Stamm is resulting even as an extremist collaborating with extremist groups with clearly extremist structures like akdh (analysis of akdh is here).

Chapter 2: April 2014: Hugo Stamm making propaganda against healing persons

"Sputum" of Mr. Hugo Stamm is not only a nonsense blog for example with the title "Is Bible anti-Jewish?", but in 2014 Mr. Hugo Stamm was initiating a blog in his newspaper "Tagesanzeiger" where all healing persons should be "hosed" because he does not like them as it seems. It seems he is bribed by pharma lobby - as in another case Swiss Woman Minister of Finance (Widmer-Schlumpf) is bribed by criminal high street bank of UBS AG - bribing is "just normal" in Switzerland:

Phony Mr. Hugo Stamm presenting his blog
                      with "gloriole" and star crown against
                      alternative medicine
Phony Mr. Hugo Stamm presenting his blog with "gloriole" and star crown against alternative medicine claiming "healers playing with the lives of patients"  ("Heiler spielen mit dem Leben der Patienten") - April 5, 2014

What does Mr. Hugo Stamm mean with this? He means that "healers" would promise a healing of cancer and this promise cannot be hold.

Cancer: Mr. Hugo Stamm adoring destructive "conventional medicine"

What is Mr. Hugo Stamm writing in his article? He is playing with emotions describing a cancer diagnose which would be a lethal diagnose. At the beginning of the article Mr. Stamm is describing lethal fears after a cancer diagnose and people who is awaiting a chemical therapy with pills without end and with radiations - who should await this! But these are lies! All is nonsense and is discounted since decades already! Cancer is healable since a long time already! Media also communicated since a long time that any chemotherapy and radiation against cancer will be for NOTHING but the situation will only be WORSE because the tumor is mostly coming back stronger again! But all this Mr. Hugo Stamm did not read of course. It seems that this Mr. Hugo Stamm has just the wrong "friends" on Facebook...

Phony Mr. Hugo Stamm claiming that cancer would provoke lethal fears

Quotation from the text against healers [web01]:

<Die Diagnose Krebs löst bei Patienten einen Schock aus. Mit einem Schlag ist nichts mehr wie es war. Die Existenz ist bedroht, die Zukunft ungewiss. Pläne, Projekte, Wünsche, Träume werden unwichtig. Das Bewusstsein wird überflutet von der Angst: Was ist morgen, in den nächsten Wochen und Monaten? Und dann die Bilder im Kopf: Operation, Bestrahlung, Chemo. Ein Leben auf Sparflamme, entkräftet, ohne Haare. Ein Alptraum, der beim Aufstehen einsetzt und einen ins Bett begleitet.>

Translation (Michael Palomino):
<Diagnose of cancer is provoking a shock with the patient. With one blow nothing is like before. The existence is in danger, the future is uncertain. Projects, desires and dreams are not important any more. Consciousness is flooded by fear. What will be tomorrow, what will be in the next some weeks and months? And then pictures are coming up: operations, radiations, chemotherapies. Life on a low flame, without force, without hair. A nightmare which is beginning getting up and is accompanying also going to bed.>

Phony Mr. Hugo Stamm is concealing that after a chemotherapy and radiation a tumor is mostly coming back

At the same time this phony Mr. Hugo Stamm does not mention at all that the methods of conventional medicine with pills and radiations are mostly NOT HEALING AT ALL but there is a short healing and the tumor is going away, but then the tumor is coming back stronger than before. This is the real effect of "conventional medicine" concerning cancer treatment which is CONCEALED by phony Mr. Hugo Stamm. So the treatment with pills and radiation is just more expensive than an alternative treatment with a much higher percentage of healing!

Phony Mr. Hugo Stamm is only speaking about spiritual healers and energy healers - and then he is damning all "alternative" methods

Then this Mr. Hugo Stamm is limiting the topic on spiritual leaders and energy healers, but at the end he is just damning all "alternative" methods. And of course he is only mentioning negative examples and no positive healing examples with a successive healing.

See this impossible text of phony Mr. Hugo Stamm:

<Es gibt fast 500 Alternativmethoden zur Schulmedizin und allein in der Schweiz mehrere Zehntausend Geistheiler und alternative Therapeuten. Das Problem: Ein Konsumentenschutz fehlt.>

Translation (Michael Palomino): <There are almost 500 alternative methods parallel to conventional medicine and even in Switzerland there are more than 10,000 spiritual healers and alternative therapists. The problem is: There is no consumer protection.>

But also "conventional medicine" does NOT KNOW ANY consumer protection! 90% of the pills and all vaccines are demonstrably superfluous and garbage!

But Mr. Hugo Stamm wants to proof that spiritual healers are a fake:

<Jeder kann sich Heiler nennen und Patienten empfangen. Er darf aber keine Heilung versprechen. So will es das Gesetz.>

Translation (Michael Palomino): <Everybody can call himself a healer and can receive patients. But he must not promise any healing. This is the law.>

But "conventional medicine" is even worse, is promising healings which are not coming but even kidneys and livers are damaged!

But Mr. Hugo Stamm wants really to proof that healers are using "tricks" and not the pills, radiations or vaccines are the "trick":

<Doch viele Heiler greifen gern in die Trickkiste, wie Berichte von Betroffenen oder ihren Angehörigen zeigen. Sie sprechen dann nicht von Therapie, sondern von Übertragung der Heilenergie. Und sie erzählen von andern Klienten, die nach der Behandlung gesund geworden seien. Die Botschaft ist klar: Heilung ist möglich, Alternativmethoden können Wunder bewirken.>

Translation (Michael Palomino): <But many healers are using tricks as reports of affected or of familiar members show. They don't speak about therapy but they speak of transmission of healing energy. And they are telling about other clients who were healed after their treatments. The message is clear: Healing is possible, alternative methods can provoke wonders.>

With this text phony Mr. Hugo Stamm condemned all "alternative healing methods" as if he would be a pope on a pulpit with a "gloriole" and a star corona. But cancer is well healable with alternative healing methods with herbs in combination with a change of life and with an anti stress training, there are even special clinics for this.

Phony Hugo Stamm condemning the promises of spiritual healers - without condemning the faked promises and side effects of "conventional medicine"!

But Mr. Hugo Stamm is not speaking about the successive alternative cancer clinics at all but he is concentrating on the propaganda against spiritual healers.

Here is his criminal text:

<Doch wer signalisiert, er könne mit Handauflegen oder Energieübertragung Krebs heilen, ist ein Scharlatan. Wer ein Minimum an Empathie und Redlichkeit mitbringt, macht keine unrealistischen Versprechen.>

Translation: <But persons stating that they could heal cancer with the transmission of energy by imposition of hands is a phony. Persons with a minimum of empathy and integrity does not make such unreal promises.>

Now Mr. Hugo Stamm did put wrong words into the mouth of the healers. There was never promised a healing, but there was only said that a healing is possible. And the success rate is HIGHER than with "conventional medicine", but unfortunately not 100% either. Considering success rates of "conventional medicine" with cruel side effects with reduced tumors which are coming back again stronger than before imposition of hands is even better. It seem really strange that Mr. Hugo Stamm is not mentioning any success rate! But Mr. Hugo Stamm just cannot think but he is going on with his nonscientific style - probably he is bribed by Swiss pharma lobby (Novartis, Roche etc.) - and in this way Mr. Hugo Stamm is claiming simply:

<Denn falsche Hoffnungen können tödlich sein: Manche Krebspatienten verzichten auf schulmedizinische Therapien, weil sie hoffen, durch den Heiler geheilt zu werden.>

Translation: <Because faked hopes can be lethal: Some cancer patients were resigning to therapies of conventional medicine because they hoped of being healed by the healer.>

But now there is another strange thing: Why phony Mr. Hugo Stamm does not speak with the cancer patients about the reasons WHY they were resigning to any treatment of "conventional medicine"?

Propagandist Hugo Stamm presenting two negative examples - positive examples phony Hugo Stamm does not present!

And then phony Hugo Stamm is just doing that what any propaganda journalist and phony is just doing in his job: He is presenting only examples fitting his thesis, in this case he is presenting two negative examples but is concealing any name and place and healer! There is no more unscientific method!


<Ein Beispiel: Ein 50-jähriger Mann litt an Krebs. Er war in ärztlicher Behandlung, suchte aber auch Hilfe bei einem Heiler. Seine Frau begleitete ihn jeweils. Nachdem er gestorben war, schickte der Heiler die Rechnung. Er heftete einen Post-it-Zettel drauf und schrieb: «Freundliche Grüsse.» Ein Wort des Trostes suchte die Witwe vergeblich.

Ein weiteres Beispiel: Ein Arzt diagnostiziert bei einer 32-jährigen Frau Brustkrebs. In ihrer Panik wendet sie sich an einen Heiler. Das kriegen wir hin, sagt dieser. Bedingung: Keine harten Therapien wie Operation, Chemo, Bestrahlung. Sie müsse nur ihre spirituelle Blockade lösen und werde gesund. Die Patientin vertraut ihm blind. Alle warnenden Stimmen schlägt sie in den Wind. Als sie nach einiger Zeit über Schmerzen klagt, sagt der Heiler, diese seien Ausdruck des Heilungsprozesses. Auf keinen Fall dürfe sie Schmerzmittel schlucken, weil diese die Selbstheilungskräfte blockierten. Bald leidet die junge Frau Qualen und schreit vor Schmerzen.

Kurz vor dem Tod lässt sie sich doch noch untersuchen. Der Krebs hatte bereits das Schulterblatt durchlöchert. Ihre Überlebenschancen hätten bei schulmedizinischer Betreuung rund 90 Prozent betragen. Der Heiler konnte nicht belangt werden, weil die Patientin eigenverantwortlich gehandelt hatte.>

Translation: <An example: A men with 50 was suffering cancer being in a medical treatment but also looking for help with a healer. His wife was accompanying him each time. After having died the healer sent the bill with a post it paper on it "Kind regards". There was no word of consolation for the widow.

Another example: A medical doctor made the diagnose of breast cancer with a 32 year old woman. The woman was in panic going to a healer. This is no problem he said. The conditions he put were no hard other therapies like operations, chemotherapy or radiation. She only had to solve her spiritual blockage and would become healthy again. The patient was blindly trusting. All warning voices were put aside. When after a time pains were coming the healer said that this would be the effect of the healing process. Pain killers should not be taken because this would block the forces for self-healing. Some time later the young woman is suffering hard and is screaming from the pains.

Shortly before death she is making a conventional consultation. Cancer had made holes into her bladebone already. When there had a conventional treatment her survival rate had been 90%. The healer could not be punished because the patient was acting with it's own responsibility.>

Final question

There is missing any name, any place and any time. The successful cancer clinics in Switzerland and in Germany and any mentioning of a well healed case are not mentioned. Why this Swiss newspaper "Tagesanzeiger" is presenting such unscientific articles of Mr. Hugo Stamm yet without any intellectual level? Because - as it seems - Mr. Hugo Stamm is the boss of "Tagesanzeiger". It's disgusting.

Chapter 3: Healing of cancer is normal since decades!

Healing of cancer is possible since decades already - conventional medicine is hardly healing

See the book of Swiss medical doctor Mr. Dr. Vogel [Bird] (the book's name: The little doctor). There is also prescribed how cancer can be healed. Another method of healing cancer is with blood group nutrition of Mr. D'Adamo (books can be found with Amazon). Additionally there should be a balanced life with work and relaxation thus the body cells will not be vulnerable for cancer cells.

Why Mr. Hugo Stamm does not know about these basic books about alternative medicine and cancer healing?
                      book about herbal medicine by Mr. Dr. Vogel: The
                      Little Doctor
Precious book about herbal medicine by Mr. Dr. Vogel: The Little Doctor (Der kleine Doktor. Hilfreiche Ratschläge für die Gesundheit)
Book by
                      Mr. Dr. D'Adamo and Catherine Whitney with blood
                      group nutrition and blood group medicine: Eat
                      Right 4 Your Type
Book by Mr. Dr. D'Adamo and Catherine Whitney with blood group nutrition and blood group medicine: Eat Right 4 Your Type

These three facts about natural medicine, blood group nutrition and stress reduction are not wanted by criminal pharma lobby and advertising of pharma lobby is a big financial source with millions for the corrupt media - and therefore the media are never or hardly reporting something about natural medicine or blood group nutrition or anti stress training - which goes according to the blood group!

Example of healing with imposing hands in combination with some pills

In Bochum in Germany for example the normal therapy against cancer is a combination of conventional medicine with meditation healing pancreas cancer:

from: Conventional Medicine Counting on Cancer Healing by Imposing Hands (original in German: Schulmedizin setzt auf Krebsheilung durch Handauflegen); from: derwesten online; January 28, 2011;

<Essen.   Immer mehr Klinikärzte setzen alternative Heilmethoden zur Behandlung gegen Krebs ein. Auch der Bochumer Chirurg der Uniklinik St. Josef arbeitet mit sanfter Medizin. Durch Meditation seien bestimmte Bauchspeicheldrüsen-Tumore zu besiegen. [...]

„Ohne Therapie sterben die betroffenen Patienten innerhalb weniger Monate. Bei einer früheren Diagnose kann ein Überleben von drei bis fünf Jahren erreicht werden. Dass jemand vom Bauchspeicheldrüsenkrebs geheilt wird, ist eine Ausnahme, aber diese Wunder gibt es dank der Kombination von Schulmedizin mit Meditation.“>

Translation (Michel Palomino):
<Essen. Always more clinical doctors are applying alternative healing methods for cancer treatments. Also the surgeon of Bochum University Clinic Saint Joseph is working with mild medicine. By meditation he could win against certain pancreas tumors. [...]

"Without therapy the affected persons are dying within months. With an early diagnose surviving can be 3 up to 5 years. Healings are the exception but wonders are possible thanks to the combination of conventional medicine with meditations.">

Well, I can tell you that blood group nutrition and blood group medicine and a herbal healer in Hua Hin in Thailand can heal cancer mostly completely. And also in Europe exist alternative clinics where cancer was healed in many cases already:

Examples of alternative clinics where cancer is healed regularly: Hufeland Clinic in Bad Mergentheim (Germany) and Ita Wegmann Clinic and Lukas Clinic in Arlesheim (Switzerland)

There are many alternative clinics in Europe where cancer is regularly healed without much pharma toxic pill garbage but with a combined therapy of herbs and mental work and meditation:

-- Bad Mergentheim (southern Germany): Hufeland Clinic:
-- Arlesheim (north west of Switzerland):
Lukas Clinic:
Ita Wegmann Clinic:überuns/Ansprechpartner.aspx
Why these big clinics of alternative medicine with their cancer healings are not known to Hugo Stamm?
                        Clinik in Bad Mergentheim, southern Germany,
                        integrative immunebiologic therapy in cases of
Hufeland Clinic in Bad Mergentheim, southern Germany, integrative immune biologic therapy in cases of cancer [5]

Löffelstelzer Straße 1, 97980 Bad Mergentheim, Germany - Tel.: +49 7931 5360 - e-mail: - web site: - contact form:

Ita Wegmann Clinic in Arlesheim, north west
                        of Switzerland, for inner medicine, psychiatry
                        and psychosomatics
Ita Wegmann Clinic in Arlesheim, north west of Switzerland, for inner medicine, psychiatry and psychosomatics [6]

Pfeffingerweg 1. CH-4144 Arlesheim, Switzerland -  Tel. 061 705 71 11. Fax. 061 705 71 00.
web site:

Lukas Clinic in
                        Arlesheim, north west of Switzerland,
                        integrative tumor therapy
Lukas Clinic in Arlesheim, north west of Switzerland, integrative tumor therapy [9]

Brachmattstrasse 19, 4144 Arlesheim, Switzerland - Tel.: +41 (0)61-706 71 71 (07.15am-9pm, Sundays and festivities: 8.30am-9pm)
e-mail: -
web site:

There are several "Hufeland" Clinics in Germany which have their local focus, e.g.
-- Hufeland Clinic in Bad Ems (near Koblenz, NRW) with focus on lung healing and natural medicine
-- there is Sophey's and Hufeland Clinic (Sophien- und Hufelandklinik) in Weimar with the connection between Hufeland Clinics with Diaconal Clinics
-- there is Hufeland Clinic in Mülhausen (Thuringia) specialized in orthopedics and accident surgery
-- there is Hufeland Clinic in Langensalza offering a holistic treatment in over 40 medical sectors
-- and there is Hufeland House (Hufelandhaus) in Frankfurt-Seckbach forming a holistic living center with integrated elder care.

Contact form of Lukas Clinic:

Both clinics in Arlesheim (Ita Wegmann Clinic and Lukas Clinic) were united on April 1, 2014 forming "Clinic Arlesheim" ("Klinik Arlesheim") see the web site:

On this web site "" also a new ambulatory "Ita Wegmann" can be found which was installed in 2011 in the center of Basel near the main train station on Viaduct Street Nº 12:

One can see: healing is provoked WITHOUT gloriole and WITHOUT star crown!

Clinic of Dr. D'Adamo in Wilton near New York
And reading well one can also detect that also Mr. D'Adamo with blood group therapy has got his own clinic in the "USA" also healing cancer away! Just get into contact and go there:

Clinic of Mr. Dr.
                        D'Adamo with blood group therapies in Wilton,
                        Connecticut near New York
Clinic of Mr. Dr. D'Adamo with blood group therapies in Wilton, Connecticut near New York [12]

213 Danbury Road, North Wilton, Connecticut 06897 - Tel.: +1 203-834-7500 - speaking hours working days: 09:30 - 18:00
Mr. D'Adamo has got his own web site where many topics are presented:
D'Adamo's clinic is also on Facebook:
A systematic Internet presentation of D'Adamo's blood group nutrition is here on
and here is the special web site "Cancer according to blood groups" (A+AB have more, 0+B have less cancer):

And there are many more alternative clinics and natural health professionals in Germany, in Switzerland and in the whole world where cancer is healed without pills and without problems - for example in Thailand in Hua Hin where cancer is healed by a healer within 6 months.

Considering that Mr. Hugo Stamm with all his possibilities of spying and searching in the big newspaper "Tagesanzeiger" is not mentioning any healed case of cancer it really seems that he was bribed by criminal Swiss pharma lobby (Novartis, Roche etc.) for this propaganda blog against healers - with a "gloriole" and a star crown in his logo...

Phony Mr. Hugo Stamm did never see big libraries and he does not have Internet - Swiss media leading the public to the death

Well, it seems really strange that this propagandist and phony Mr. Hugo Stamm is blind when he is concealing the well known clinics like Hufeland Clinic or the clinics in Arlesheim where cancer is healed in masses. One just has to google with the search words "cancer" and "clinic" and then the alternative clinics will appear!  It seems that Mr. Hugo Stamm does not know anything about Dr. Vogel and about blood group nutrition either. It seems that this Mr. Hugo Stamm has never seen a normal Swiss library and it seems also that this Mr. Hugo Stamm has NO INTERNET CONNECTION! Thus he is may be mentally only 5 years old and is in the pre-school age yet. And this mental condition is leading Swiss media - with a "gloriole" and with star crown in the logo! This means: Swiss media with their never ending censorship of Hugo Stamm, Christoph Blocher, Kaspar Villiger, Marcel Ospel, Novartis, Roche, Nestlé etc. are intellectually only garbage because they are definitely leading their public to the death - for example with destructive conventional medicine. q.e.d. (evidence provided).

Thesis: hugging - relaxation like imposing hands - a cat in a hospital

It can even be admitted that a simple hug has the same relaxing and healing effect like imposing hands. THIS should be investigated because hugging is also going with transmission of energies. So healing and health are not something special but humans of "civilization" lost their natural behavior partly in a way so they don't even hug any more...

Why hugging with a cat has got a relaxing effect? Because cats are not putting "stupid questions". And why some hospitals have got a cat in the hospital and the patients are healing faster with it? Because there is some life in the hospital and because humans are more relaxing in this way - with the exception of the humans with an allergy against cat hairs. But allergies can be healed well with a natural health professional or in Ita Wegmann Clinic - allergies are often caused by  psychosomatics.

The truth: conventional medicine is hardly healing any cancer

The fact is that conventional medicine with it's toxic pills and radiations are hardly healing cancer but these methods are even healing the healthy cells yet. When chemotherapy or radiations are healing then the tumor is only going away for some time but is coming back again even stronger after 3 to 6 months. That means: The statistic "healing successes" of "conventional medicine" are a big lie NOT considering the recidivism rate!

The only persons profiting of a cancer treatment with conventional medicine are
-- the doctors who will enjoy if you come again and again and are
-- the pharma producers selling you many toxic pills and radiations and other nonsense.

and of course all is paid by "conventional medicine health insurance"!

Take herbs and blood group nutrition and blood group anti stress program and then you live longer without any special costs!

Chapter 4: Mr. Hugo Stamm is a phony - evidence provided

Propagandist Hugo Stamm is a phony - q.e.d. (evidence provided)

Sect Hugo Stamm, a phony, Logo
Sect Hugo Stamm, a phony, Logo

All this simple wisdom about alternative healing methods against cancer - about Dr. Vogel and special clinics and blood group nutrition - is existing in the Internet, but as it seems this phony Mr. Hugo Stamm had DELIBERATELY CONCEALED positive alternative healing methods presenting himself with his "gloriole" and as a "savior", or Mr. Hugo Stamm has no Internet for informing himself but it seems he only has "weak current" at home or his computer is broken and he did not call for help.

Thus evidence is supplied that Mr. Hugo Stamm is a phony deliberately misrepresenting the facts, he is omitting deliberately any positive example, and he is concealing any clinic and research sectors (blood group medicine). q.e.d. (evidence provided).

Measures: Stop this propaganda of Mr. Hugo Stamm

It would be an advantage to pension this propagandist and phony Mr. Hugo Stamm at least putting him into an old men's home - with a prohibition of publishing because it's PROVED that  he is only publishing nonsense provoking that the public will be stuck in mental dead ends.

It is really very sad that such an unscientific propagandist following pharma lobby and "U.S." mainstream like Mr. Hugo Stamm is allowed to write yet in Swiss press! The proves permit to call this Mr. Hugo Stamm a "complete idiot" because he is concealing all proofs for the contrary with all possible manipulations. With this political line Mr. Hugo Stamm is moving into the old "direction" yet of criminal Swiss politics of Socialists (SP) and Free Democrats (FDP) where all new wisdom is concealed so the public is remaining stupid and where all followers are kept in a stupidity. This topic about the behavior or criminal Swiss political parties playing with health of the people would be one more web site.

The most probable case is that Mr. Hugo Stamm is bribed by criminal Swiss pharma for presenting this propaganda against alternative healing methods. And bribed people are incurable, this is well known.

Michael Palomino, logic analytic historiography since 1992


See this example of 2011 where phony Mr. Hugo Stamm is laughing about healer Braco who is traveling and healing in the whole world with his energy. Also in this case it seems that Mr. Hugo Stamm is bribed by criminal toxic Swiss pharma (Novartis, La Roche etc.):

Tagesanzeiger online, Logo

Zürich 5.11.2011: Heiler Braco heilt 100e von Menschen nur mit einem harmonischen Blick - und der Hetzer Hugo Stamm macht ihn lächerlich

Zurich November 5, 2011: healer Braco healing 100s of humans with only one harmonic look - and propagandist Hugo Stamm is laughing at him

from: Tagesanzeiger online: A healing look ecstazising the masses (original in German: Ein heilender Blick, der die Massen verzückt); November 5, 2011; Translation by Michael Palomino;

Healer Braco,
Healer Braco, portrait [10]

<Von Hugo Stamm.

«Die Leute schwanken, zittern und weinen»: Im Kongresshaus lässt Heiler Braco seine angeblichen Wunderkräfte wirken. Er bewegt sich dabei auf dünnem Eis.

Braco, ein Name, der bei vielen Anhängern der Esoterik und Alternativmedizin die Augen zum Leuchten bringt und ihnen ein verklärtes Lächeln ins Gesicht zaubert. Braco ist alles – und nichts. Er kann alles – und tut wenig. Braco ist ein Phänomen, das Wunder vollbringen soll. Mindestens bezeugen es seine Anhänger. Und davon gibt es viele. In Europa, den USA und Japan. Und in der Schweiz. Dies stellt der Wunderheiler am Sonntag im Kongresshaus unter Beweis, wenn Hunderte, vielleicht Tausende anreisen.

Der 44-jährige Braco tingelt durch die Welt und lässt seine Augen über die erwartungsfrohen Massen schweifen. Er sagt nichts, und trotzdem glauben die Besucher, seine Heilkräfte zu spüren. Der Schweiger redet durch seine Augen, angeblich. Seine Blicke treiben den Besuchern Tränen in die Augen. Trotzdem sieht er sich als «ganz normalen Menschen ohne besondere Fähigkeiten».

Fotos von kranken Angehörigen

Das seltsame Ritual im Kongresshaus ist gut organisiert. Helfer werden die Besucher zur Kasse und in den Saal schleusen. Diese tragen Blumen und Fotos ihrer Angehörigen mit sich, die psychisch oder körperlich leiden. Für eine einzelne Session bleiben exakt 30 Minuten. Wenn die Türen geschlossen sind, konzentrieren sich die Besucher auf den grossen Moment. Dann tritt Braco auf die Bühne und schaut in die Menge. Er steht einfach da und blickt über die Köpfe hinweg. Er schaue die Menschen nicht einzeln an, sondern sehe sie als Einheit, heisst es auf seiner Homepage. Nach etwa fünf Minuten verschwindet er so diskret wie er gekommen ist.

Obwohl Braco aus Zagreb (Kroatien) behauptet, ein gewöhnlicher Mensch zu sein, hat er laut eigenen Angaben die «aussergewöhnliche Gabe, Sie auf eine höhere Ebene des Bewusstseins zu bringen, auf die Ebene, in der Ihre Gedanken die Kraft haben, diesen Punkt, Ihr Problem, zu beeinflussen».

Diesen «Punkt» haben alle Besucherinnen und Besucher. Sie kommen an Krücken und in Rollstühlen. Sie haben Aids, Krebs, leiden unter einer Psychose. Aber sie haben die Hoffnung nicht aufgegeben. Die Hoffnung auf ein Wunder, bewirkt durch den Blick des aussergewöhnlichen Mannes.

Leute schwanken und weinen - [haufenweise Heilungen]

Der Wunderheiler weiss, dass er sich auf dünnem Eis bewegt. «Braco gibt keinerlei Heilungsversprechen, er stellt keine Diagnosen und führt keine Behandlungen durch», verkündet er auf seiner Homepage und rät, bei Beschwerden den Arzt aufzusuchen, wohl zur rechtlichen Absicherung. Die Anhänger des Heilers interessieren allerdings die Videos brennender. «Bracos Blick weckt etwas in uns, das uns Liebe zurück gibt und unser Herz, unsere Seele und unseren Körper heilt», verkündet der Sprecher. «Es ist ein Wunder», erklärt eine Frau mit tränenerstickter Stimme, «das ist unglaublich.» «Die Leute schwanken, zittern und weinen, als ob Zeit und Raum aufgelöst seien», erklärt eine weitere Besucherin.

Und dann kommen Patienten zu Wort, die die grössten Hoffnungen auslösen: «Ich hatte Leber- und Zwölffingerdarm-Krebs», berichtet ein Mann. Ärzte hätten ihm nach einer Session bei Braco bestätigt, dass sie keine Spuren von Krebs mehr in seinem Körper finden könnten. Tatsächlich sind die rund 20 Bücher und vielen Videos, die Braco an seinen Veranstaltungen verkauft, voll von Zeugnissen: Patienten berichten von angeblichen Wunderheilungen selbst von schwersten Krankheiten.

Was sagt Braco zum Rummel um seine Person? Nichts. Er hat noch nie ein Interview gegeben. Er schweigt gegenüber der Öffentlichkeit wie er auch bei seinen Sessions schweigt. Eine clevere Taktik, denn wer nicht redet, kann kaum belangt werden. (Tages-Anzeiger)>


Hugo Stamm scheint die "ausserordentliche Gabe" zu fehlen, Menschen ernst zu nehmen, die Heilungen vollbringen, sondern er überschüttet die erfolgreichen Menschen nur mit Häme und Spott. Gottlob wird Hugo Stamm bald pensioniert, dann sind wir ihn los.

Michael Palomino, 5.11.2011

Translation: <By Hugo Stamm.

"People are moving, shivering and crying": In the Congress Hall healer Braco is making working his alleged wonder forces. But he is moving on a thin ice.

Mr. Braco, a name provoking shining eyes withing groups of esoteric and alternative doctors provoking a transfigures smile in their face. Mr. Braco is all - and nothing. He can all - and is not doing much. Mr. Braco is a phenomenon fulfilling wonders. This are stating his followers at least. And there are many of them. In Europe, in the "USA", and in Japan. And in Switzerland. The faith healer is proving it on Sunday in the Congress Hall [in Zurich] when hundreds or even thousands are coming for him.

Mr. Braco is 44 years old traveling in the world looking at the masses who are expecting much from him. He is not saying anything, and despite of all the visitors are believing to feel his healing forces. The mute is speaking with his eyes, allegedly. His looks are provoking tears in the eyes of the public. Despite of this he is "considering himself as a normal being without special capacities."

Photos of ill familiar members

This strange ritual in the Congress Hall is well organized. Helpers are leading the visitors to the cashier and to the hall. The visitors have flowers and photos of familiar members who are suffering psychically or with a bodily harm. For one session there are 30 minutes. When the doors are closed, the visitors are concentrating to the big moment. Then Braco is coming on the stage and looking into the crowd. He is simply there looking to the heads of the crowd. He is not looking them personally but he would consider them as a unity, this is the prescription on his website. After about five minutes he is leaving as discretely as he had come before.

Whereas Braco from Zagreb (Croatia) is stating to be a normal human he is indicating a "special gift to bring YOU on a higher level of consciousness, on a level where the thoughts have got their force to influence this point, their problem."

This "point" have all visitors. They come with crooks and in wheel chairs. They come with AIDS, cancer, they suffer psychosis. But they did not give up their hopes. There is a hope for a wonder provoked by the look of this special man.

People moving and crying - [healings without end]

This faith healer knows that he is moving on thin ice. "Braco is never promising any healing. He is not making any diagnosis and is never performing any treatment", this is the indication on his web site. He is giving the advice to look for a medical doctor when there are health problems. This may be a juridical insurance. But the followers of the healer are more interested in his videos. "This look of Braco is evoking something which is giving love back to us and to our heart, to our soul healing our body", in this way the spokesman is announcing. "There is a wonder", a woman is declaring with tears, "this is impossible". "People are moving, shivering and crying as if time and dimensions would be dissolved", another woman visitor is declaring.

And then patients are cited provoking the biggest hopes: "I had a cancer of liver and pancreas", a man is reporting. After a session with Braco the medical doctors gave him the confirmation that there would be nothing left of this cancer in his body. Indeed the about 20 books and many videos being sold during the events with Braco are full of testimonies of patients reporting alleged miracle healings, even from heavy illnesses.

What is saying Mr. Braco about this hype and fuss about his person? Nothing. He never gave any interview yet. He is silent to the public as he is also silent during his sessions. This is a clever tactic because somebody being silent can hardly be caught. (Tages-Anzeiger)>


It seems that Mr. Hugo Stamm is missing "the special gift" of taking earnest humans who are performing healings, but he is hosing the successful humans only with malice and with mockery. Thanks for God this Mr. Hugo Stamm will retire soon then we get rid of him.

Michael Palomino, November 5, 2011

One can see: healing is provoked WITHOUT gloriole and WITHOUT star crown!

So, delete this phony Hugo Stamm, he is rejecting ANY further education:

Hugo Stamm, portrait of a
              criminal phony and propagandist [1] probably bribed by
              criminal Swiss pharma industries
Hugo Stamm, portrait of a criminal phony and propagandist [11] probably bribed by criminal Swiss pharma industries

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