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Data about Mosad Rothschild Shitzerland (Switzerland)

Data cannNOT conspire, they can only be incomplete. Also criminal MoSSad has to learn this!

Gold haben - CH im
                          Zweiten Weltkrieg   Matterhorn mit
                          Leisee - ein Berg in Form einer Pyramide   SBB mit
                          schweizer Kreuz  
Have gold - Switzerland in Second World War -- Matterhorn Mountain in form of a pyramid -- SBB

by Michael Palomino (*1964) - A few facts: blood money (arms exports), poverty money (water robbers Nestlé), nuclear waste (axpo with SVP shareholders), poison pills (Novartis, Roche etc.), poison vaccinations (Novartis etc.), pesticides (Syngenta) - Swiss secret services collaborate with MoSSad (Rothschild) + Vatican Lodge P3 (Tettamanti clique) - Ticino South of Switzerland with Tettamanti is mafia territory (Ndrangheta) - Money laundering in UBS AG for the Italian mafia (UBS AG) - Swiss secret service NDB? (UBS cadre switch to NDB!) - SVP provides the police commanders - akdh is from MoSSad (always against Swiss people) - Basel public prosecutor = synagogue 2 with akdh (!) and pseudo-public prosecutor without diploma Eva Eichenberger (always against Swiss people) and Dr . Eymann (Eymann is always with Eichenberger) - Hugo Stamm is allied with akdh (web site: Watson!), CH media have been taken over by "Skeptics" (MoSSad group from Germany!) since 2014 (20minuten, BaZ, Tagesanzeiger etc.) - Tettamanti organizes international trash trade with his Fidinam Trust Company (Fidinam Treuhand) in Lugano in order to destroy beautiful Italy with toxic waste together with Berlusconi - Switzerland = Rothschild money island in continental Europe since 1848 and will never be harmed - the SVP incites against foreigners, but collaborates with the most criminal foreigners (secret services MI6, BND, CIA, MoSSad etc.!) - since 2020 the situation is different: The SVP has to "save" Switzerland against the SP-Berset!

Situation Oct. 2022: The company Switzerland: Switzerland was defined as a company in 2012 (signature of Mrs. Federal Councillor Schlumpf). And since 2014 the criminal trillionaire Bill Gates bought Switzerland with an agreement. And GAVI was installed in Geneva, the worldwide vaccination organizing center - extra-territorial, WITHOUT any control. The government of the company Switzerland is NO government any more, but is a board of directors in the sense of the deadly Pharma and AGAINST the whole population. Resistance to survival exists in natural medicine . Against "Corona" (snake venom in drinking water) and against the "Corona vaccination" (spike proteins, graphene oxide, destroyed blood etc.) is the data here on the Corona index (link). The justice of the company Switzerland runs with the board of directors (Federal Council). That is, the justice of Switzerland is AGAINST the population and pigeonholes all lawsuits because of "Corona" and "Corona vaccination". It is about shares. The only thing that counts now is the walk. Since now the Corona mania provokes a recession, however, the shares are worldwide in the fall.
Criminal woman Agota Lavoyer: She is from Solothurn, a propagandist against men with lectures at universities and colleges. She is probably collaborating with criminal Mossad-Antifa from the synagogue Leimenstrasse 24 at 4055 Basel for destroying all Swiss men and Switzerland as a whole for driving Switzerland into the EU. Now Lavoyer was detected 1) because whe wants to be a language police officer WITHOUT having studied languages (Fuck You), and because she INVENTS sexual delicts (she invents sexual violence). And she claims that she liked to discuss, but with me after appr. 15 e-mails she does not discuss but she is denouncing me at justice. More criminal it's not possible.
Data about Agota Lavoyer (German): 01 - 02 - 03.
Updated: Oct 22, 2022

Against "Corona" and against the "Corona vaccination" you have the data here: link  
Updated: Oct 22, 2022

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Some specials:
Old Swiss lies:
-- Wilhelm Tell
-- Caesar and the  "Helvetians" (the lies with Caesar

-- banking: Shitzerland would be the only countro which was not occupied during the last 500 years

-- "Neutrality" of Shitzerland (Switzerland) is a GIANT LIE

Traveling with Jen Reviews:
100 tourist spots for people with money in Shitzerland (Switzerland)
Switzerland during Second World War - and then Switzerland was never denazified
-- Ma-gi-no-ko: The show of Swiss government and the population
-- Fronts without end
-- Nazi tactic of "bank secret"
-- Bank secret: trustees of the Reich
-- "Bank secret" protecting dictators
-- Bank secret against the whole world

Cleaned Switzerland? - Criminal like nothing else:
-- beautiful photos from Switzerland
-- Criminal Swiss without end (index)
-- Criminal Switzerland: notes (index)
-- UBS AG directorate 1998-2008 (FDP) and Organized Crime
-- Nazi party of SVP never learning anything
-- SVP with propaganda against Germans without end - truth about SVP in big words
-- Nazi police of Zurich with tear gas, sticks and rubber bullets since 1967 without end
-- "Basel Animal Circle" with purchase, torture and murdering children
-- Swiss dark room - dozens of children are missing...
-- a little bit of aviation noise
-- propagandists of Mosad-akdh against science in history: Samuel Althof+Iso Ambühl etc.
-- criminal secret service NDB against teachers - Shitzerland without male teachers (!!!)
-- CH=Rothschild island Zug with Mosad+NDB+akdh for difamations+BIS for wars+Black Sun+
Gnomes of Zurich etc.

The criminal + bribed Berset
Why is there a devil at the Federal Building and a child eater fountain 500m away?
Why do Swiss police still have rubber bullets?

Resistence in Switzerland
-- Surava
-- Graffitis against the criminal bank secret

Genious Swiss people:
-- Erich von Däniken!
-- Dimitri!
-- Pestalozzi!
-- Nicolas Hayek (Swatch, Smart)!
-- Peter Salocher (water engine)!
-- Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg
(solar airplane)!
-- Migros!
-- pastor Sieber

This page was founded to prevent the criminal Swiss secret service (NDB) and the criminal Swiss judiciary from attacking the web site History in Chronology (from 2005 to 2014 approx. 6 to 8 blockades due to difamations against me on servers). It turned out at the end of 2017 that akdh = MoSSad because MoSSad-Psiram (from Fourth Reich of Merkel) had taken over incorrect data from MoSSad-akdh (from Switzerland). And at the end of 2020 it turned out that the "Education Director" Dr. Eymann (Basel) and the Pseudo public prosecutor Eva Eichenberger (Basel) together with akdh (Basel: Althof + Ambühl, 2 Steiner chicken!) in Switzerland are forming a "second synagogue" against the truth media (including against my person). Instead of protecting Switzerland from criminals and protecting it from poisons (nuclear waste, pesticides), Eymann and Eichenberger wanted to protect Switzerland from truth data. It's funny that Eymann and Eichenberger receive high wages and high pensions!

Since the beginning of 2020 the Socialist Party of Switzerland is destroying Switzerland with lockdowns, and since then the atomic party SVP (Swiss Popular Party) is the defender of "freedom". Köppel has mutated into a "nice guy", but hardly finds any comrades-in-arms because everyone knows what he's hiding something. Drug trafficking at Villiger in Reinach (AG) is standard, a first public prosecutor Thomas Hug without a law degree is standard, contaminating Italy with toxic trash and letting freight trains with toxic trash go through Switzerland is standard (Transport Minister Leuenberger is in the Ndrangheta!), the children's parties are the side party.

Since Switzerland has NEVER been denazified, the upper class is still organized in the same way, which has been in effect since 2020: laughing at the people, inventing viruses, inventing measures, and in case of doubt there are still rubber bullets in the deposits.

The discriminatory term "fringe group" ("Randgruppe") from Blocher (SVP) is still not forbidden! Scientists are therefore a "fringe group" and truth is not asked ... Isn't it strange that Mr. Blocher does not distance himself from the term "fringe group" which causes so much discrimination? Swiss justice is NOT intervening! akdh is NOT intervening!

As of March 3, 2021

Details about Switzerland (the SVP can now save Switzerland from the Berset)

-- everything around can break, only Switzerland remains intact (this has been arranged by Rothschild since 1848 - Club of the Isles Knechtel: The Rothschilds)
-- The "neutrality" of Switzelrand is wanted by Rothschild and is not "organized" by Switzerland
-- nuclear waste? Nobody knows what to do with it ...
-- toxic Pharma Roche is allowed to destroy Basel with 200m high domino towers, AGAINST any building law and WITHOUT a popular vote...
-- the agitation against Germans in Switzerland is organized and wanted by Rothschild so that Swiss and Germans NEVER will fraternize (Blocher is the puppet financing the posters)
-- The euro is also arranged by Rothschild in this way, and the fact that the EU states hardly organize any popular votes is also organized by Rothschild (with propaganda against referendums in the MoSSad media calling the population would be "stupid" etc.)

Switzerland = instrument of the Rothschilds to destroy the world, with the satanist world organizations: The Rothschilds have their center in Zug, then the League of Nations came in 1918 to Geneva, the BIS in Basel in 1930 to organize money for wars, the UN in 1945 in Geneva, with the World Bank in Geneva in 1945 (all is satanist, organizing wars, celebrating the masses of the deads, operating the injured, inventing new weapons - with the slogan: "War is progress").

Distraction: Rothschild organized the IOC (1894) and FIFA (1904), both also based in the criminal Pharma-Tettamanti-Shitzerland (Switzerland). Sorry, anyone who lets the garbage freight trains pass to Italy and KNOWS that the garbage is buried there and contaminated Italy is a ... there are also about 30 ships lying on the seabed - Leuenberger and Hug let the garbage pass through Switzerland ... and the Foreign Minister of those times were Deiss and Rey

Akdh (MoSSad group in CH) collaborates with Psiram (MoSSad group in Merkel's 4R) still against pioneering research - but 90% of the conspiracy theories turn out to be TRUE - most recently since February 2021 the project "vaccination pass" with the planned discrimination of non-vaccinated people becomes true - against the resolution of the European Council of Jan.27, 2021! The criminal propagandist for a vaccination passport is the Socialist Party (SP) with criminal corrupt Berset - and the SVP can play the savior. Well then go! Avanti avanti! END with this Corona SHIT!

As of March 3, 2021
The order of UNO against censuration of 2011:
In 2011 UNO gave the order to Germany, Austria and Switzerland (CH) to avoid censuration concerning history

<Article 19: Freedoms of Opinion and Expression

"Gesetze, welche den Ausdruck von Meinungen zu historischen Fakten unter Strafe stellen, sind unvereinbar mit den Verpflichtungen, welche die Konvention den Unterzeichnerstaaten hinsichtlich der Respektierung der Meinungs- und Meinungsäußerungsfreiheit auferlegt. Die Konvention erlaubt kein allgemeines Verbot des Ausdrucks einer irrtümlichen Meinung oder einer unrichtigen Interpretation vergangener Geschehnisse."

(UN Human Rights Convention paragraph 49, CCPR/C/GC/34)

This indication came from Adrian Preissinger on Facebook, March 7, 2014

Corrupt governments of Berlin, Berne and Vienna will have to follow this UNO order.

The word "Shitzerland" is RIGHT

The truth is that the truth hurts.

Shitzerland is the center of organized crime
-- CH is a secret NATO center (Hubacher was the NATO boss of Switzerland)
-- The NATO operation "Gladio" seems to me not only a "defense project" but also a network for child trafficking for child rituals
-- "Neutral" Switzerland is the espionage island for whole Europe and the world
-- Switzerland is territoriy of P3 Vatican lodge and protects the criminal pedophile gay Vatican with 150 soldiers (Vatican guard) - with that Switzerland is the main responsible for destructive colonialism with Fantasy Bible, slavery and world wars in the name of the "cross"
-- the bank association (since 1996? UBS AG) is the accounting center for organized crime (high pedophiles with Basel Animal Circle)
-- the UN and the "World Bank" in Geneva push development funds to one another, in the same city, and the Africans and Asians NEVER see anything of the money
-- the Basel Zodiac Circle (Basler Tierkreis, cr.ped. ring) is only ONE of the organizations of high, criminal pedophiles (Hubacher, Ospel, Villiger - officially only 1 Villiger is living in 2021)
-- Swiss pharmaceuticals are uniquely toxic with pills, vaccinations and pesticides, especially if they are banned in Switzerland and are sold abroad ... so pharmaceuticals is an organized crime to poison the whole world (you NEVER know whatever is in a pill or vaccination, kidney and liver are damaged, the leaflet is often incomplete - the same applies to the highly toxic pesticides that not only kill the fungus, but also all insects, snails, worms, animals eat pesticide grass and die from it, the pesticides get into the water and cause poisoning of animals and humans with infertility etc. - and it is not that difficult to learn permaculture in order to realize an agriculture WITHOUT pesticides!)
-- Toxic waste is passing through Switzerland to Italy to contaminate Italy, the two mafiosi Leuenberger and Thomas Hug let pass everything and at Tettamanti in the Fidinam Treunhand in Lugano the accounts are processed - this is where the escape funds from Italy have also been processed since the 1960s
-- I was able to experience an "employee" of the Basel Zodiac Circle (Basler Tierkreis) as a teacher in Basel, who also worked in the "welfare office" and allegedly made children of the orphanage disappear: They went on an excursion and never came back: It's about the military shouter (Walther Fankhauser in the Math Grammar School MNG in Basel), and the rector of the MNG Basel (Rolf Hardtmann, Riehen) covered the militarists, and he covered many other such militarist teachers in the MNG (Hannich!). After 2 years, half of the Fankhauser class was no longer there - half ot the class took their flight from MNG changing the grammat school (!!!). That was MNG Basel 1977-1979

Why doesn't the SVP say anything? Because the commanders organize the child trafficking for the children's parties and can therefore be blackmailed. Everything is arranged.

Why was the SVP never for environmental protection? Because many SVP people have shares in toxic Pharma, and young SVPers with environmental protection concerns cannot do anything against Blocher, but they can only change the party joining the Green Liberals. Because Blocher doesn't want to learn permaculture!

Why are child soldiers not so important to be reported? Because they fight with Swiss weapons? Could be. But children are brutal when they are militarized. Militarized children chop off each other's hands. That is why many people in Africa only live with one hand. Children need GoCards, not weapons!

Germany is doing the same thing: Saudi Arabia's militarists play with German tanks and kill with "US" bombs in Yemen. Trump didn't end the Yemen war? Why not?

The Red Cross in Geneva is just a FACADE - you have to know THAT. And is a vaccination organization, i.e. a poisoning organization. However, the parties often use precisely the Red Cross as a FACADE in order to present Shitzerland in a "good light" (but there are: NATO, Animal Circle, garbage trade, nuclear waste, BIZ, bank secret, money laundering for drug money of the Vatican and drug mafia funds, water theft by Nestlé etc.).

WHO is really a help in Switzerland? Havelaar, Pfister, Hayek, Piccard, Sieber, and many other small initiatives that receive LOW or NO support!

Who is ruining Switzerland?
-- the poison pharmaceuticals with poison pills, poison vaccinations, poison pesticides (main shareholders? SVP?) - the soil of Switzerland is becoming sterile like in China - farmers don't want to learn permaculture!
-- the nuclear lobby (main shareholders? SVP!) with nuclear waste, where you don't know what to do with it
-- Villiger's drugs don't play that big a role, but you just keep seeing reports that Switzerland has high drug levels in its wastewater, and black drugs. push rents down so they don't rise as they would without drugs.
-- The highly toxic chemtrails are still kept secret by the MoSSad media, although they sometimes form whole lattices in the sky - Switzerland is FULLY there when the chemtrails are kept silent
-- the main culprit who will destroy Switzerland in 2021 is the interior minister of the Socialist Party: Mr Berset - this criminal Federal Councilor Mr Berset provokes trillion damage with his Corona19 fantasy - 6 million francs per HOUR DAMAGE!
-- So in March 2021 the SVP is currently not dealing with foreigners, but with a Swiss person: The Socialist SP Federal Councilor Berset is destroying Switzerland with Corona19 fantasy and business bans - one can assume that Berset seems to be bribed by World Bank with 20 million euros to "pull through" the Corona19 theater - the presidents of Belarus + Madagascar have ALSO received such bribe offers and thankfully declined! Who the fuck is the satanist World Bank offering the bribes? amont others a Mrs. Lagarde! Bill Gates and Soros act in the background. Lagarde is the girlfriend of Merkel, Von der Leyen, Hillary Clinton etc. (satanic women's club!).

-- why does the SVP tolerate the NATO wars with refugees - and then child trafficking is provoked - I don't understand - shares in arms factories?

-- why does the SVP tolerate vaccinations when it is total poison? Stocks in pharmaceuticals ... Shares are stupid and provoke stupidity!

The criminal SVP pursued the whistleblower - together with the criminal Vatican Lodge P2, since 2020 P3
I myself am a victim of this criminal shitVP, as a foreigner abroad! They spend millions against me every day out of taxpayers' money without a balance sheet, because a secret service does not have to show any balance sheets. They
-- haunt me all over the world,
-- spread false rumors,
-- invent offenses like sand on the beach
-- manipulate neighbors and commanders and entire countries,
-- rush against me on TV
-- The SVP seems to be part of the Vatican Lodge P3
-- the last topic since 2016 they are persuing me because they are looking for a fantasy god that does not exist, and they are inventing crimes against people who are not believing in this fantasy god.

But the SVP has NO research results to show - such a PITTY! The P3 Lodge or the MoSSad also have NO research results to show - such a PITTY!

Save Switzerland from the Berset! Avanti!
But since 2020 the SVP can play the "savior" of Switzerland against the criminal SP-Berset. Let's go! Avanti avanti! Berset is the worst pest that Switzerland has ever had! To provoke 6 million francs in damage per HOUR, nobody has ever done that before! And now this fool Berset wants to introduce a vaccination passport for discrimination of non vaccinated people copying racist Israel with racist Netanyahu policy? And all this WITHOUT PEOPLE'S VOTE? What a CRIMINAL IS THIS BERSET!

Michael Palomino, March 3, 2021

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