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Data about Mosad Rothschild Shitzerland (Switzerland)

by Michael Palomino (*1964) - CH is consisting of: money of the dead of wars, money of the rich who let suffer the poor, atomic waste (axpo), toxic pills production (Novartis, Roche etc.), toxic vaccines production (Novartis etc.), pesticice production (criminal Syngenta), and: lies in Swiss secret service of the political party of SVP. Bank of UBS=part of this secret service NDB (!).

Shitzerland is the financial island of the Rothschild Family - Swiss people are the money race of Europe, and therefore Shitzerland has to be neutral since 1850 and all around Shitzerland can go into ruins all 50 years again and again - it's all arranged FROM OUTSIDE
(this is the conclusion from studying Swiss history in combination with the book from Knechtel: The Rothschilds - keyword: Club of the Isles)

Since Shitzerland is "neutral" since 1848 the world wide Organized Crime has accumulated there - it's organized in the banks' directorates and in criminal Swiss secret service managed by Nazi party of SVP - 1933-1945 with the Third Reich - since 1945 with the drug Queen of England, MI6 and since 1947 with CIA... - and Shitzerland was NEVER denazified!

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Data cannNOT conspire, they can only be incomplete.

The Rothschild-Shitzerland (Switzerland) = richest and MOST EXPENSIVE country in the world, which serves the Rothschilds to destroy the whole world
CH is the Rothschild Island in continental Europe. The Rothschild network has its center in Zug. The League of Nations of 1918 and the UNO of 1946 were installed by Rothschild in Switzerland, as was the World Bank, all in GENEVA. International funds between banks are handled in the BIS in BASEL, organizing wars with funds in a faster way - also installed by Rothschild. The policy of Shitzerland (Switzerland) is still determined to this day by the Mossad, the secret service of the Rothschilds (blackmailing politicians and judges to prevent certain decisions, the Mossad founds propaganda groups such as akdh against pioneer research and for the installation of laws in favour of Muslims in order to break the Swiss identity and provoke internal civil war etc.). For the Rothschilds, CH has the banking secret, that's why CH sells chemical poison pills, poison vaccines and toxic pesticides, that's why the criminal company Nestlé is existing, everything to destroy the world, only CH will survive - and for distraction there are the FIFA, the IOC etc., so that nobody notices anything. That's why the name "Shitzerland" is correct. All around Switzerland can be destroyed by wars, only Shitzerland always remains intact. And so that not too many people come to CH, it is the most expensive country in the world. Michael Palomino, September 27, 2018

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-- Wilhelm Tell
-- Caesar and the  "Helvetians" (the lies with Caesar

-- banking: Shitzerland would be the only countro which was not occupied during the last 500 years

-- "Neutrality" of Shitzerland (Switzerland) is a GIANT LIE

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Cleaned Switzerland? - Criminal like nothing else:
-- beautiful photos from Switzerland
-- Criminal Swiss without end (index)
-- Criminal Switzerland: notes (index)
-- UBS AG directorate 1998-2008 (FDP) and Organized Crime
-- Nazi party of SVP never learning anything
-- SVP with propaganda against Germans without end - truth about SVP in big words
-- Nazi police of Zurich with tear gas, sticks and rubber bullets since 1967 without end
-- "Basel Animal Circle" with purchase, torture and murdering children
-- Swiss dark room - dozens of children are missing...
-- a little bit of aviation noise
-- propagandists of Mosad-akdh against science in history: Samuel Althof+Iso Ambühl etc.
-- criminal secret service NDB against teachers - Shitzerland without male teachers (!!!)
-- CH=Rothschild island Zug with Mosad+NDB+akdh for difamations+BIS for wars+Black Sun+
Gnomes of Zurich etc.

Resistence in Switzerland
-- Surava
-- Graffitis against the criminal bank secret

Genious Swiss people:
-- Erich von Däniken!
-- Dimitri!
-- Pestalozzi!
-- Nicolas Hayek (Swatch, Smart)!
-- Peter Salocher (water engine)!
-- Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg
(solar airplane)!
-- Migros!
-- pastor Sieber

This web site was installed because criminal Swiss secret service (NDB) and criminal Swiss justice were attacking the big web site History in Chronology again and again with 6 to 8 times without warning from 2005 to 2014. Behind these maneuvers is Swiss Nazi party of SVP with their pitbull politicians Maurer and Blocher and they also like to attack and to destroy other web sites in connection with hyper criminal Swiss "Free Democratic Party" (FDP) with drug baron Kaspar Villiger, faked first attorney Thomas Hug without any diploma, faked bank director Ospel of UBS AG without bank's apprenticeship etc.

As Switzerland was NEVER denazified and as this criminal Switzerland is NEVER communicating but is only spying, peeping and killing and executing web sites the isolation of Switzerland on this web site was the only solution. Swiss SVP dictatorship is an element of NWO and is absolutely agressive and destructive. With all these maneuvers the political party of SVP is collaborating with criminal CIA and with criminal Swiss justice. Therefore the Swiss dictatorship with SVP, atomic plants, pesticides, toxic pills and rubber bullets with iq50 really needs an own web site. SVP pitbulls and Swiss liears in Swiss justice of Antifa, akdh and ShitVP really need this special treatment so they are getting aware of what they are really doing.

The fringe group of Switzerland (SVP with their pitbull politicians Blocher and Maurer are just operating with this term of "fringe group" since 1998) have not the right to block a world wide important web site with world wide important content. Finally it's clear what should happen with aggressive pitbulls. Swiss Nazism of SVP has to be ...

The order of UNO against censuration of 2011:
In 2011 UNO gave the order to Germany, Austria and Switzerland (CH) to avoid censuration concerning history

<Article 19: Freedoms of Opinion and Expression

"Gesetze, welche den Ausdruck von Meinungen zu historischen Fakten unter Strafe stellen, sind unvereinbar mit den Verpflichtungen, welche die Konvention den Unterzeichnerstaaten hinsichtlich der Respektierung der Meinungs- und Meinungsäußerungsfreiheit auferlegt. Die Konvention erlaubt kein allgemeines Verbot des Ausdrucks einer irrtümlichen Meinung oder einer unrichtigen Interpretation vergangener Geschehnisse."

(UN Human Rights Convention paragraph 49, CCPR/C/GC/34)

This indication came from Adrian Preissinger on Facebook, March 7, 2014

Corrupt governments of Berlin, Berne and Vienna will have to follow this UNO order.

The word "Shitzerland" is RIGHT

It's just like this: truth is provoking aches.

Shitzerland is the center of the organization of Organized Crime
Shitzerland is the center of world wide Organized Crime and is the secret NATO center because the country is calling "neutral" itself - so the secret service of Shitzelrand can do ANY MANEUVER for all sides of the world. Gladio was not only a "defense project" but as it seems probably it was also the European network for child trade and child murder rituals. The administration center for Organized Crime is the directorate of UBS AG which was "Bankverein" before - in Basel. UNO and World Bank do not have their seats in Geneva just by fun. But the sense is that "development funds" can be shifted fast to the bank secret banks and the world wide populations remain poor - this is arranged DELIBERATELY like this.

Shitzerland is the secret NATO center - child trade and criminal pedophilia
These truths are like this and Shitzerland cannot evade that this enlightenment about criminal pedophiles Helmut Hubacher (Swiss NATO boss), Ospel and Villiger is happening. These are the criminal child murderer old men of "Basel Animal Circle" ("Basler Tierkreis") and they are walking free around yet. I myself I had a teacher in Basel which was involved in child trade of the orphanage there. It was an incredibly terrible military troublemaker (Fankhauser), and the rector (Mr. Hardtmann, Riehen near Basel) did protect this militarist, and he protected many more (!). After 2 years half of the class had gone (!!!). This was Math Nature Science grammar school (MNG) in Basel 1977-1979.

Shitzerland is one of the poison centers of the world with "medicaments", vaccines and pesticides - and SVP is tolerating all this
Shitzerland is also going on contaminating the world with chemical medicaments, with vaccines and with pesticides, and they don't stop with it. Swiss secret service of criminal political party SVP (Swiss Popular Party) is tolerating everything instead of protecting the country, and Swiss people
-- know about it but don't tell anything
-- don't know about it
-- know about it and want to tell something but they are extorted by secret service by their working place or by their private data.

Instead of eliminating the poison centers in the region of Basel and instead of changing their industry to natural medicine even Monsanto comes and wants to purchase Syngenta pesticide poison production plant, and Syngenta is defending instead of self distruction. And Swiss government ist not acting at all against these poison production plants. Also Nestlé is one of the distructive production plants with plastic bottles and water theft in the whole world. And also against Nestlé the Swiss government is not doing anything. Also when Blocher (from SVP) was a Justice Minister NOTHING was done against these poison production plants. Maurer is a farmer and today's minister of SVP and is not doing ANYTHING EITHER.

Fassade with "help" for Donbass and with "Red Cross"
The Committee of 300 are shaking because they are feeling bad about their war in Ucraine more and more, and Ucraine itself is organizing child soldiers now and resistence against this war is always growing more and more. NATO is going on to protect the criminal pedophiles and is just only a vomit and nothing else.

Water projects of Swiss and Germans in Donbass are all only a hypocrisy. Truth is that this Shitzerland is producing gold for the Committee of 300 and these 300 are paying the Asian drug lords with this Swiss gold. Germany is also a country of hypocrisy selling weapons in the whole world, and then help is coming for reinstalling water supply. WITHOUT weapons this water supply in Donbass had never been hit and been broken... - So: Red Cross in Geneva is only a FASSADE - THIS one has to know as a Swiss. And SVP is using just this Red Cross as a FASSADE for presenting poison Shitzerland in a "good light".

SVP is destructing Shitzerland systematically
Blocher and Maurer are that criminal and are tolerating everything bad and 1,000 of Swiss people are copying these two poison gnomes. So the termin "Shitzerland" has got it's sense - what I never wanted but truth is showing no other possibility to call this country. In 50 years the soil of Shitzerland will be sterile like the soil of China. Chemtrails and pesticides will contaminate ground water completely. All this is working under the control of Blocher and Maurer. And as long as this criminal political party of SVP is existing this Shitzerland is really a Shitzerland. This Nazi party is chasing also foreigners and at the same time they are tolerating NATO's wars which are provoking refugees - and child trafficking (!).

Criminal SVP is pursuing whistleblowers - SVP has to come down to 0% to save Shitzerland
I am one of the victims of this criminal ShitVP, as a foreigner in a foreign country!!! they are spending millions daily against me from tax money without showing a balance because secret services never have to present a balance. They
-- are pursuing me over the whole world
-- are spreading faked rumors
-- are inventing delicts without end
-- are manipulating neighbors and commanders in other countries
-- are making TV propaganda against me.

Therefore as long as this SVP is not on 0% this Switzerland is a Shitzerland. This term is really right UNFORTUNATELY!

Michael Palomino, August 19,2015

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