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Swiss lies: "neutrality" is absolutely a LIE

Swiss neutrality without neutrality: world wars on the German side - expulsion of Germans in 1945 - Jewish bank accounts - Shitzerland on the "US" side since 1945, a CIA territory - organized crime with the political party of SVP, with "Basel Animal Circle", drugs, arms, women trafficking, child trafficking, censorship - NATO and "Basel Animal Circle" - anti racism law and propaganda against history data - censorship of truth about criminal "U.S.A." since September 11, 2001 - propaganda against Germans without end since 2004 - Ukraine of 2014 and censored truth - peace operations - no responsibility - Shitzerland has become a Zionist "U.S." terror state without neutrality etc.

by Michael Palomino (2015)

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1. The giant lie about neutrality of Shitzerland - France as cultural guideline since Napoleon - Germany as cultural guideline since 1871

Switzerland is politically rated as a "neutral" country still today (2015). Officially this Shitzerland is NO EU country and is NO NATO country. But this Shitzerland is encircled by other countries which are much bigger than Shitzerland, and despite of all this little country remained untouched.

The state is said having existed at the beginning of 1291 of three little territories in the Alps - just in this year when the Cruzader States lost their last battle in Accon and they had to leave the Middle East definitely - and then there was an expansion to the Midlands step by step - and in South of Switzerland today yet ruins of castles can be seen near Bellinzona as testimonies of the domination by the three Swiss German speaking cantons of the Alps. Then the canton of Bern had also his colonial territory in the today's French part of Shitzerland until the canton of Vaud got it's independence. And Geneva came as the last canton in 1815 joining Shitzerland. In those times Geneva was the biggest town of Shitzerland.

Then there came a development which was like a "wonder" considering it from outside: The bit European central states around this Shitzerland NEVER parted this Switzerland and NEVER dissolved it, but since Napoleon the money laundering action came to Shitzerland. And this money laundering for the big neighboring states is the guaranteed protection for Shitzerland for not being attacked. Only since 1850 the Swiss Franc was introduced as a unique currency. It seems a surprise that there are similarities with the female statue of Helvetia with the female statue of Liberty on the "U.S." dollar of criminal "U.S.A." - and Helvetia has no breasts until today (2015). Shitzerland was mentally retarded in these times already...

Until to the German victory over France in 1871 France was the cultural model in Shitzerland and the French language was spreading more and more into the German part of Shitzerland until there was a "turnaround" in 1871: With the German victory against France the "cultural flags" were changed in Shitzerland and German universities became the model. Many Swiss went to Germany for studying being professors then in Shitzerland broadening the Swiss universities. Within this development Shitzerland became a model for whole Europe concerning racism and eugenics, prejudices against poor and racist psychiatry. Swiss psychiatric "science" copied without limits the "new science" from the criminal "U.S.A." for forming a "better state". Shitzerland was the first state in Europa implementing marriage prohibitions for certain groups of people by law in 1907, and in those times this meant also a prohibition of sex. This is the second clear connection of Shitzerland to the criminal "U.S.A." adopting that the the statue of Helvetia on the Swiss Franc is like Liberty on the "U.S." dollar. So the suspicion that there are secret lodge connections to the criminal "U.S.A." is not without reason already for those times - and of course there is NO neutrality when this is true.

2. 1914-1918 - 1939-1945: no neutrality at all - copying Germany and de facto membership with the Third Reich

During the two world wars 1914-1918 and 1939-1945 Shitzerland was always split, not only by language, but also politically. And even the "democratic" political parties of the "Christians" (CVP) or the "Free Democrats" (FDP) were agitating with Nazi methods and are acting until today like this because Shitzerland was NEVER denazified until today (2015). Every time when there is the topic about "neutrality" the political leaders of this Shitzerland are indicating as a "sign of neutrality"

1st how many refugees were accepted
2nd how many states had their diplomatic representation by Switzerland during world war times
3d for how many states of the communist side also services were rendered.

First of all during the world wars this criminal Switzerland converted into a "spying island" for all parts, and already because of this the country of Shitzerland was never attacked preserving this spying island. There were some projects for attacking Shitzerland by the surrounding states but this was always a big show and nothing else, it was a measure for more work and nothing else. Economically this country of Shitzerland was above all dependent on German coal until the oil heating systems were installed. And from 1940 to 1945 this country of Shitzerland was clearly connected with Germany and to the Third Reich, worse than Vichy France. This extreme connection to the Nazi Empire of Germany was realized VOLUNTARILY in big parts because one did not want to separate the cultural connection with Germany and one did not want to break the big friendships. Instead of appeals for peace the elites of Shitzerland of the 1930s and 1940s were "fully engaged" with the idea to destroy communism, when not military so economically. This tight economical connection between Shitzerland and the Third Reich was mentioned and praised even several times in the German Nazi press, for example in the newspaper "The Reich" ("Das Reich"). So all about neutrality is a big lie considering the real facts what happened during the Nazi period in Shitzerland. Partly this Shitzerland did grant to the Third Reich even more rights than to Vichy France.

From 1940 to 1945 Shitzerland was a de facto Nazi occupied country, simply without German Wehrmacht. But the elite of Shitzerland of 1940 wanted to abolish democracy. Swiss economy was headed to the Third Reich practically by 100%. Shitzerland was part in the Nazi programs for new tanks and new rockets (V1 and V2). A Swiss voluntary military unit which wanted to fight against Russia had to be stopped by the Swiss government. Railway lines passing the Alps between the Third Reich and Italy were guarded by Swiss military forces especially to prevent attacks. In Swiss military under General Guisan there were death sentences in 1944 yet whereas the defeat of the Third Reich was clear already. And Shitzerland rejected the neutral lightning of the state's territory during the night: This means: Shitzerland was behaving not at all "neutral" but was ordering also the brownout (darkening) as the Third Reich did and with this measure Switzerland was practically a part of the Third Reich - for reducing the orientation capacities of the allied air planes. There was restriction of free speech and there was censorship. There was political prosecution by Nazi members of government like Mr. Von Steiger. Shitzerland was the German smuggling center and currency center, also for melting looted gold from occupied Nazi states. Gold from national banks was simply brought from one cellar to the German one. The directors of Swiss National Bank were "good friends" with the directors of German Reichsbank. For the Third Reich always "free currency limit" was granted, just free credit without limit for purchasing Swiss products. This was wonderful Swiss "neutrality", with Jewish stamp inclusive!!!

These data can be searched in the following books:
-- Die Schweiz, das Gold und die Toten (Switzerland, gold and deads) by Jean Ziegler
-- 13 Gründe. Warum die Schweiz im Zweiten Weltkrieg nicht erobert wurde (13 reasons. Why Switzerland was not occupied during Second World War) by Markus Heiniger
-- Treuhänder des Reichs (Trustees of the Reich) by Beat Balzli and so on.

Concerning Jewry in Shitzerland the story went like this: the established Swiss Jews in Shitzerland did not want too much Jewish immigration from outside and wanted to hinder this, so the Swiss Jewry were even supporting the measures against too much Jewish immigration. Swiss Jewry wanted to hinder a proletarianization of Swiss Jewry, and Swiss Immigration Police (Frepo) did also execute this - simply with another word as a "goal": claiming that a "Verjudung" should be hindered whereas many Jews on their flight were not at all having a Jewish life any more and whereas they were only "Jewish" by a little part, just by definition by the Nuremberg Laws from 1935 and 1936. These racist Nuremberg laws were partly created by a Swiss racist, Mr. Rüdin. For this "pioneering" work he even got a Nazi decoration. There is NO neutrality. Rüdin was only one of the many racists in the Swiss psychiatric system coming from the psychiatry of racist Nazi Zurich, called "Burghölzli"...

The data about the
catastrophic Swiss psychiatry can be found in the book about forced treatments in psychiatry and about robbery of children written by the historian Huonker.

(Thomas Huonker: "Anstaltseinweisungen, Kindswegnahmen, Eheverbote, Sterilisationen, Kastrationen. Fürsorge, Zwangsmassnahmen, "Eugenik" und Psychiatrie in Zürich zwischen 1890 und 1970." Sozialdepartement der Stadt Zürich, Departementssekretariat, Postfach, 8026 Zürich;  Edition Sozialpolitik Nr. 7, Sozialberichterstattung 2002)

1945-2015: There is NO neutrality at all

3. Blocked Swiss fortunes in the criminal "U.S.A." - a little compensation - the expulsion of the Germans who were Nazi party members of NSDAP - robbed goods - and robbing of Jewish bank accounts

All this Nazi collaboration of Shitzerland was expressed also by the fact that in this Shitzerland not only an own part of NSDAP was allowed with a prepared Nazi district leader (Gauleiter) and with a "German sanatorium" in Davos which was a traditional Nazi holiday center in those times, but in Shitzerland existed also many more Nazi holiday centers with euphoric festivities of Germans with Swastika flags. The red color for the German swastika flags was deliverd from Swiss chemical production plants in Basel. Swiss industry was even applying the measure to drive away any Jews from the production plants. So one can see, neutrality did NOT exist.

This euphoria without brain in the Nazi holiday centers which was systematically supported by the Hitler state had to be "stopped" in 1945 in Shitzerland immediately. At the same time the Swiss fortunes in the criminal "U.S.A." had been blocked since 1944. Swiss policy was forced to take distance from Nazism and to pay a compensation to the allies so the Swiss fortunes in the "U.S.A." could be freed.

Criminal Shitzerland payed a relatively little sum as a reparation, but then they did also do another thing. Shitzerland did not at all behave "neutral" then. Simply all members of NSDAP in Shitzerland were expelled from the country, also when they had done nothing politically or militarily than holding a flag in their hand or being present at sessions or festivities. WITHOUT any investigation about delicti just all "NSDAP Germans" were expelled generally - and for the country of Shitzerland this was a "neutral" action. In the Swiss media there was hardly mentioned more than the German ambassador of Bern who was kicked out of the country. But in fact this action was another mass robbery: All Germans who were members of NSDAP were kicked out and the goods could hardly be taken with it. Germans go and robbed - this is a Swiss tradition. For the Swiss this is a "neutral" action as it was also with the Jewish bank accounts. Many Jewish account holders never came back and by this the Swiss lawyers could rob all fortunes from the numbering accounts with millions on it. By this mass robbery with Jewish accounts the "Gold Coast" of Zurich was created. The way how one had become "rich" is mostly kept secret in Shitzerland. The money could be from a German or from a Jewish bank account and the Swiss could be a thief so. But basically this is the normal Swiss policy: having many foreigners as bank clients and then by political measures expelled them or just wait until nobody is coming back or wait until all will die. Then the money on the bank account will fall to the Swiss bank or to a Swiss lawyer. - THIS is just "neutral" or not?

And when a Jews or a Jewish woman had survived the persecution of the Jews then the Jewish person had to make a journey to Shitzerland and had to fight against the criminal Swiss banking system with a lawsuit. Who had no money could not come. Who had destroyed all evidence by the persecution from 1933 to 1945 for not being detected as a Jew had no chance. But when in fact was a lawsuit against the criminal Swiss banking system then the bank was even denying the whole account and the judge at the Federal Court of Lausanne had to decide if there had even been a bank account! - THIS is really "neutral" or not?

And because all of these mass robberies the word of "Shitzerland" is really JUSTIFIED. Considering the evidence one can use this term. The data can be found in the book "Trusties of the Reich" (original in German ("Treuhänder des Reichs") by the Swiss historian Beat Balzli.

4. The facade of Shitzerland since 1945: for high Nazis and for criminal "U.S.A." - Shitzerland becoming a CIA territory since 1947

In the year of 1945 Swiss policy was working on several "lines": at one hand the "old friends" from Germany were helped for their flight to South "America". A special emigration office of Swiss Migration Police was installed in Bern, and certain banks in Switzerland could manage the transfer of big Nazi fortunes to Argentinian banks - see the book by Balzli above. Swiss policy forgot in this case that all Nazi fortunes belonged to the German population principally - and this is again just a "neutral" action NOT to consider this fact. As a second political line Swiss policy since 1945 was installed in connection with criminal "USA" which had blocked the Swiss fortunes in the "USA". In 1945 1,000s of "American" soldiers made a summer holiday in Shitzerland and the friendly living soldiers were purchasing Swiss watches. IN this way the Swiss population was manipulated with many dollar bills and their brains were brainwashed from any doubt of "peace by Americans"...
One can see this in the Swiss media on micro film, for example on the micro film of New Zurich Newspaper (Neue Zürcher Zeitung) from 1945.

The fact that Eisenhower had prolonged the Second World War deliberately by 2 years for bombing Germany into ruins waiting for the atomic bomb is concealed until today in Switzerland. The Rhine Meadow camps of the "USA" against German soldiers were also concealed completely whereas the Red Cross of Shitzerland knew about it what a mass murder was going on there against 100,000s of German soldiers by systematic overcrowding, hunger and arbitrary shooting actions. Also the big hunger in Germany from 1945 to 1950 with 6 million lethal hunger victims provoked by criminal "USA" was NEVER reported in Shitzerland. In short words: Since 1945 this Swiss policy was NEVER mentioning the criminal "USA" as a culprit. And since 1947 since the criminal CIA exists this Shitzerland is a CIA territory which has to behave harshly like a "western country" in the case of war. Swiss neutrality is only a PR gag...

It can be that this Zionist "US" line in Swiss policy is also supported with special gifts of "US" passports for Swiss members of governments. In this case the Swiss members of governments would not only be mafia members of Italian mafia like Leuenberger or the faked First Attorney of Basel Thomas Hug (which is also a member of Russian mafia), but then the Swiss members of governments would also be partly "Americans" like German politicians and "journalists" are - which are not journalists any more then but they are only servants of the high lodges getting journeys and 5 star hotels with girls for free...

About passports as gifts and about bribed journalists read the book of Udo Ulfkotte "Purchased Journalists" (original in German: "Gekaufte Journalisten").

5. Bank secret of "neutral" Shitzerland since 1945: mass robbery at Swiss banks without end, under the protection of the bank secret

In the 1930 the bank secret was "invented" under the pretext that the bank customers should have the safety from political persecution. The clients could wish even to have a number account without name. These number accounts were administered by Swiss banksters and lawyers. When in 1945 many Jewish account holders did not come back any more then the Swiss banksters and lawyers robbed these fortunes after a certain waiting time just without any word secretly. This money was "spreading" in Shitzerland, above all in the region of Zurich, and by this the "Gold Coast" of the "Rich" was created.

And the principle of the bank secret was also applied "in the other way" now: the bank secret was protecting the Swiss thief from any persecution. Instead of making an agreement with the Jewish associations giving back the REAL amounts of fortunes into Jewish hands with a share for the administrators and lawyers the Swiss administrators and lawyers simply committed their "quiet vigilante justice" and robbed almost all completely and they organized some shows giving back only a tiny part of the funds. Swiss Socialists knew about this manner of mass theft of Jewish bank accounts, but they had no chance to change anything because the right wing parties (Nazi Swiss, they were NEVER denazified) had just the majority, and because certain people were keeping certain positions like the former boss of the stock exchange of Zurich who was the President of the Federal Swiss Court in Lausanne now for example. With this mass theft the right wing parties in Shitzerland were just realizing their antisemitism - under the protection of the "bank secret" (!!!).

During the same 1950s and 1960s many states in Asia and Africa became "independent". And many dictatorships and dictators were established who were on the side of "USA" then, and who had their seats in the UNO in Geneva, and the bank account with the bank secret was just around the corner there. Swiss policy was making now a systematic policy to manipulate the dictators for "parking" their funds in Shitzerland on Swiss banks - always with the arguments that Shitzerland would be safer than all other countries, and always with the manner of thinking that after the death of the account holder the funds would fall to Shitzerland. When one of these dictators in Asia or in Africa was overthrown the new governments had to plead for help by a rogatory letter against the old dictator claiming to give the funds which were stored in Shitzerland. But Shitzerland was hardly giving any help. Nazi tactic of Swiss government with Furgler etc. was answering simply not answering, or the case was prolonged in a manner so the case was lapsed. This tactic of prolonging was applied by Shitzerland against complete states and populations in the world - just "neutral". This means that already in the 1970s this Shitzerland was in fact a CIA republic with the clear order to keep the whole world in poverty so only the "USA" and Shitzerland with some other Anglosaxon states would remain rich...

6. Facts about "Swiss neutrality" since 1945: Swiss media are always on the "American" side with lies and propaganda

Thus in 1945 this Shitzerland did hand out it's "neutrality" which principally never existed to the criminal "USA". One can "revise" the Swiss newspapers just in a cool way in any university library on micro film, and then one can find the clear following facts:

-- Zionist Israel was NEVER put into question in the Swiss media
-- Palestinians had HARDLY ANY political chance in the Swiss media
-- Vietnam War was always presented in the Swiss media from the "US" point of view, and criminal "USA" were NEVER put into question
-- in 1968 the Swiss media did all claim that the criminal "Americans" had been on the "moon" whereas there were only moon halls, a moon crane and cockpit simulators and whereas in 1974 already were books published with hard evidence that "moon landing" had never been
-- Swiss media were always making propaganda against Soviet Union as the criminal CIA was ordering it
-- Swiss media were always on the side of criminal "U.S.A." and did always make propaganda against the countries which were attacked by these "U.S.A.".

7. Democracy and facade since the 1960s: What is not written in the school book: organized crime by UBS AG - absolutely criminal duo Ospel and Villiger

The school books in Switzerland all mean until today (2015) that Shitzerland would be a "neutral" country. The truth is another one: ALL is a lie, all is only a facade. Even democracy and popular votes are partly only a facade for covering the criminal and corrupt system of the "high lodges" in Shitzerland so the criminal methods of the Organized Crime with weapon trade, drug trade, woman trafficking, children trafficking and murdering children is not coming up. The high culprits with this are Free Masons, Illuminati and other "high" criminal political groups, mafia memberships and so on. Swiss secret service under the leadership of Nazi orientated political party of SVP is directly responsible for all procedures of organized crime and lets it "go on". The "cleaning man" Mr. Blocher and the good hearted farmer Mr. Maurer are just a facade and in the background the criminal deals with millions are running - with money laundering by friends of the Free Democrats (FDP) in the directorate of the UBS AG, Mr. Ospel and drug baron Villiger - also from FDP.

Of course about the "Basel Animal Circle" ("Basler Tierkreis") with it's murdered children there is nothing written in the school book. Of course about criminal former government member Kaspar Villiger as a murderer of children in the "Basler Tierkreis" and as a drug baron with his Villiger cigar production plant is nothing written in the school book. Since Mr. Villiger was a government member the drug consumption in Switzerland has just tripled in Shitzerland and until today hardly anybody knows why this was like this. There is just not coming only tobacco from Cuba but there is also coming white powder from Cuba. And of course there is nothing written about the criminal bankster Marcel Ospel in the school book who only made his career with money laundering, who was an illegal bank director of UBS AG from 1998 to 2008 even without any official apprenticeship and who provoked a loss of 60 billion Swiss Francs in UBS AG by his criminal business methods leading this UBS AG to the ground. Not only this: In 2008 criminal UBS AG was a big part of the housing bubble in the "USA" causing a tremendous social damage to the population of the "USA". Just occasionally these two men Ospel and Villiger are both from the Swiss Free Democrats (FDP), both are murderers of children in the "Basel Animal Circle" ("Basler Tierkreis") and both are simulating a normal life until today. One of them (the faked bank director without procura Mr. Ospel) is playing golf in the canton of Schwyz. His bride is not only a successful manager but is also in the directorate of Swiss media newspaper of Basel (Basler Zeitung) and is censoring there the truth until only not important news or lies remain in the newspaper.

The other one (Villiger) is going on as a drug baron for half of Europe with his Villiger cigar production plant importing white powders from Cuba. Additionally Mr. Villiger is also a member of UBS Foundation going on controlling the bank of UBS AG so nobody will "say wrong things". Additionally Villiger is a member of the "Committee of the 300", this is an international organization under the leadership of the Queen of England, together with 3 times Rockefeller and 3 times Rothschild, with Bill Gates, with many Saudi Arab oil princes and with other destructors of mankind who want to reduce the mankind down to 500 millions destroying and contaminating Earth systematically with chemistry, atomic waste, oil, genetically manipulated products, chemtrails and pesticides and son on, and considering the members' list with the many oil princes then it can really be that it's the "Committee of the 300 that is persecuting the inventors of free energy and is killing them partly so the world has to consume the oil of the Saudi oil princes and all the world has to give them their money into the ass.

These data are from confidential Swiss juridical circles
and the members' list from the "Committee of 300" is in the Internet. It just seems very sad, but considering all this evidence the word of "Shitzerland" is more than justified. Neutrality would be really ANOTHER policy (!!1). But there are even worse things:

8. Swiss "specialty": "Basel Animal Circle" ("Basler Tierkreis") for child trade, child abuse, child torture up to even murdering children

It's no surprise that the faked and long lasting First Attorney of Basel, Mr. Thomas Hug, is also from the Swiss Free Democrats (FDP), that he did not even have a juridical diploma and that he was one of the organizers of Organized Crime of the "high" Swiss upper class in the restaurant Stab in Riehen near Basel. weapon deals, drug dealing, human trafficking with child murdering inclusive by ritual torture, all this was accepted by Mr. Thomas Hug. With all this Mr. Thomas Hug did not at all fulfill anything of his working task. Thomas Hug, a puppet of Ospel and Villiger, let do the criminal pedophiles of Shitzerland as they wanted, also after the "Basel Animal Circle" was detected in summer 1998. Thomas Hug himself was working as a "First Attorney" in the Basel Prosecution Service with illegal weapon deals using the Basel Prosecution Service as the dealing point until it was detected that he was without diploma and had to leave his post because of missing good actions. Until today a monument for the missing children of the orphanage of Basel is missing. And it can be admitted that there are missing even many more children in other orphanages having "disappeared" just like this - abused, tortures, killed, put away in a trash bag.

And now one has to imagine that the criminal Swiss secret service KNOWS ABOUT ALL THIS AND IS NOT TAKING ANY MEASURE against this organized crime. So the political party which is leading the Swiss secret service - SVP - is also a part of the business and is even one of the main organizers of world wide woman trafficking - is leading world wide (!!!). Thus the cleaning men Mr. Blocher and Mr. Maurer are not at all "cleaning men" but they are only making propaganda against foreigners for concealing the Swiss world wide criminality.

These data are also from Swiss juridical circles. And the data about murdered children in a trash bag is mentioned on the web site of "Lion Mothers" (original in German: "Löwenmütter") from Hamburg where are more data about high political circles where children are murdered. German justice and criminal German secret service (BND) are protecting these murderers of children until today (2015)...

9. Swiss "specialty": "Basel Animal Circle", NATO and Helmut Hubacher - the decisive year of 1964

For rating well this "Basel Animal Circle" one has to know something about NATO and Vietnam War - what is not written in any school book either: In 1964 the criminal "USA" under President Johnson claimed that an "American" ship had been attacked by North Vietnamese speedboats. There was NO proof for this, but there was the lying media of CIA. In those times there was no Internet with free world wide communication yet. The lying press of CIA had the complete power in those times in the "western" world yet, and they could perform their propaganda for war as they wanted. Also President Johnson was manipulated to escalate Vietnam War always sending more troops to Vietnam. NATO was installing itself in three "restrooms" then: Thailand, South Korea and the Philippines.

And now one has to know: Asia is a prostitution society because any sex at home is rated principally as "dirty" and as "forbidden". By this giant sociological handicap there are many whores in Asia and around the rich NATO soldiers little villages were spreading with women who were offering their vaginas for hard "US" dollars. And in this way Thailand was developing as a sex center of NATO - child sex inclusive. In Thailand and in other Asian countries (with the exception of Japan) it's "normal" that poor parents from the countryside are selling their children to brothels. There the children are trained to an absolute obedience by selling flowers because they only can come home when they sold also the last but last flower to tourists. And when menarche is coming they have to work for sexual services, and many boys are operated by order for being a "ladyboy" for sexual services. The parents are coming one time per month taking the money home which was "worked" by the child. NATO from 1964 to 1975 was "fully" part of this system. Vietnam War was very long, and it can be admitted that the reason was because the child sex in Thailand pleased so well to the NATO commanders and NATO soldiers. Insofar this NATO was not at all helping to the poor but is a criminal pedophile organization. Thus in Thailand not only the "US" bombers were charged with Agent Orange but there was a systematic change between killing and sex, a cruel NATO tactic for "keeping loyal" the soldiers. The same procedure can be admitted for the Philippines and on a lower level also for South Korea. Development aid was NOT given to Thailand because by introducing whiskey the brains in Thailand were reduced back on the level of animals.

NATO in Thailand is described in the book "Sex Slaves" of Louise Brown in chapter 1. Alcoholic whiskey Thailand could be watched and analyzed by the author from 2012 to 2014.

In the same year of 1964 - what a surprise! - a Swiss group of "high criminals" were founding an association which was called "Basel Animal Circle", and which was also organizing child sex systematically - in whole Europe with Basel in Shitzerland as it's center. The leader and main organizer of this group was Helmut Hubacher, the leader of Swiss Socialist Party of Shitzerland (SPS) with other Socialist "Friends" in Basel (Court President Heierli etc.). Hubacher was and is until today (2015) the direct joint in Shitzerland to the old communists and to NATO at the same time. His "Basel Animal Circle" developed an own secret service (P-26, "Gladio") for keeping down Swiss justice system in Basel (in those times the First Attorney was Mr. Hungerbühler) which had liked to eliminate this child abusing and child murdering club, and who had liked to detain Hubacher with his "friends" of child sex and child murder. Officially the organization of "Gladio" was called a "resistance organization against communism". But the real purpose was another one as it seemed obvious.

Now after a short time being "protected" by criminal NATO and by an own secret service P-26 ("Gladio") always more "high animals" of the society came to join this child sex and child murdering club, among others members of the Free Democrats, with a banker Ospel, with a cigar producer Villiger, with high juridical staff members, with medical doctors and so on, up to Mr. Schröder and the King of Belgium. Additionally - there is no wonder of this - repeated trips to Thailand were organized where was the real child sex center of NATO. When P-26 was detected in 1991 a certain Mr. Cattelan from Münchenstein near Basel was appointed having been the "boss" whereas he had certainly not be the boss. Cattelan had made many trips abroad - without exception to Thailand. The same kind of trips to Thailand was also performed by Socialists in Germany, among others by the President of North Rhine Westphalia, a certain Johannes Rauh, and there are many more. P-26 was followed by P-27 and is "working" until today (2015). In this way Swiss "neutrality" is working...

The data about NATO in connection with Gladio and P-26 are from Swiss juridical circles and from videos about Mr. Cattelan. The indication about Johannes Rauh comes from a German whistleblower from North Rhine Westfalia.

10. "Basel Animal Circle" against Swiss justice with the First Attorney Hungerbühler in Basel

This "Basel Animal Circle" was defending itself with all possible maneuvers against Basel justice with the First Attorney Mr. Hungerbühler. The Hungerbühler family was systematically persecuted by the hipercrimnal Swiss bankster Ospel then. The death of this First Attorney Mr. Hungerbühler was not natural as it seems. And criminal Marcel Ospel was inventing new methods of money laundering: using the bank account data of dead people, using the bank account data of youth accounts, and he invented also the blockage of currently running bank accounts and account banking cards. 1,000s of bank customers of Swiss Bank Corporation (Schweizerischer Bankverein, since 1998 UBS AG) were at the counter standing in front of nothing with the indication of the staff member that their account would not exist any more (!), and the bank account cards were declared just "invalid" by the money machines (!). In this way for example the whole fortune of the youngest daughter of the Hungerbühler family was robbed with all life insurances inclusive which had a value in 2014 of 7 million Swiss francs. And then comes the second step: over the blocked bank accounts all the criminal money from the Organized Crime is flowing and washed with the name of the blocked bank account holder, and even sub accounts can be created (!!!).

The absolutely criminal Mr. Ospel and Mr. Villiger are applying this method since 1998 also in the whole world when UBS AG was found forming one of the strongest world wide branch networks of the world. Bank accounts are blocked in the branches of UBS AG in the whole world, money laundering passing blocked bank accounts is applied in the whole world. The robbed customers get no help by justice against this UBS AG because mafia of UBS AG is everywhere with maneuvers. UBS AG is not only the "Basel Animal Circle", but cadres of this UBS AG are also working in the Swiss secret service and thus this bank is also Swiss secret service! Whistle blowers are punished also in neutral Shitzerland. Neutrality does NOT exist!

In 1998 the "Basel Animal Circle" was presented in public with some news in the Swiss media, and the investigation staff of Basel Public Prosecution Service found also a members' list. But in the same year of 1998 the faked First Attorney Mr. Thomas Hug (Free Democrat of FDP, friend of the absolutely criminal Mr. Ospel and Mr. Villiger) was stopping the investigation against the criminal pedophiles of "Basel Animal Circle". The members' list was NEVER published whereas there were the "high culprits" presented which should be in jail principally. Swiss toilet paper newspaper BLICK (SPOT) has got this list but is not publishing it and in this way the absolutely criminals are "free" until today (2015). The leader of the investigation in the Basel Public Prosecution Service was leaving then this Service as a protest. This was just right for the First Attorney Mr. Thomas Hug (FDP) because he could "go on" with his criminal weapon deals in the house of this Prosecution Service without difficulty until the daughter of the Hungerbühler family was catching him: he had never passed any juridical diploma and he had no right to be a First Attorney... Until today (2015) this "Basel Animal Circle" is active censoring the news in Switzerland so "nothing" will come out otherwise half of the world wide politics would crash. And the enlighteners are always called as "conspirators" - very intelligent. Swiss secret service of SVP (the word "ShitVP" is justified) is just nothing else than a CIA office...

This is the manner how Swiss "neutrality" is working.

11. More Nazi activities in Shitzerland: bully police against atomic plants protesters, AYC, rubber bullets, eliminated eyes - just "neutral"

Switzerland was NEVER denazified. All Nazi Swiss of 1945 could just go on like before and could remain with their racism and hatred against people who was thinking in another way and they could establish themselves in the "high society" - and their children were copying partly this Nazi habits. Since the foundation of CIA this Shitzerland is a CIA territory. And for concealing this Organized Criminality Crime and for concealing this Organized Crime policy has to INVENT always new enemies for faked battles so the corrupt media will never be interested in what is really happening in the "high politics".

All enlighteners of the society have to be kept without voice. This is the PRINCIPLE of "high policy". And such enlighteners were forming a group in the 1960s in the alternative movements being provoked by the Beatles and by the Rolling Stones. The "high criminals" could hardly save themselves but with clear Nazi methods, above all in intolerant Nazi Shitzerland - very "neutral".

The protests against atomic power: The big demonstrations against more atomic power plants at the end of the 1960s were the decisive point that the Swiss government was arming Swiss police like a Nazi bully group of SA. Big parts of the Swiss population did not want any atomic power plant any more and they wanted to save their country from atomic waste. But "high policy" in Shitzerland was going on to be a Nazi government and was NOT at all neutral and did NOT accept to be convinced that atomic waste would be a long lasting problem for the country. That's why the Swiss governments and police commanders let systematically fight all atomic power plant protesters. There was above all a big resistance against NEW atomic plants in Gösgen and in Kaiseraugst. Police was trained with sticks, shields, fighting boots, tear gas and with the even more dangerous rubber bullets. This is the way Swiss quality is working (!!!). All atomic plants, all atomic waste, all profits should be on the shoulders of the Swiss tax payers. Even today (2015) Shitzerland does not know where the atomic waste will be (!!!). The demonstrators who wanted to save Shitzerland from more atomic plants were fought, were beaten, were shot and driven out. THIS is the way Swiss neutral Nazi policy is working, and criminal Nazi party of SVP was "fully a part of it": They were always standing for atomic power and for atomic waste instead of protecting their country (!!!).

Autonomous Youth Center movement (Autonomes Jugendzentrum, AJZ) at the beginning of the 1980s: Flat emergency was always becoming bigger and bigger in Shitzerland and at the same time the "high capitalists" like Mr. Victor Kleinert or Mr. Emil Bührle were speculating with empty houses. Additionally some social problems like alcoholism and drug addiction were more and more coming to the surface. This alternative movement was forming then with occupation of empty houses and forming the Autonomous Youth Centers (Autonomes Jugendzentrum, AJZ). And now one can imagine what the Nazis of Swiss "higher policy" were doing with these enlighteners and alternative people: criminal Zurich police made a war against this AYC and within two years the AYC was destroyed. Zurich police (Nazis in blue) were beating and shooting with all what they had, they just did not use their revolvers. In this way Swiss "policy" of the Town's President Sigmund Widmer (Landesring, LdU) and of the Police President Hans Frick was working in just a neutral Swiss way (!!!):

-- right of demonstration was limited or manifestations were even forbidden
-- peaceful demonstrations were manipulated and then the blame was put to the peaceful demonstrators
-- action was performed with tear gas provoking eye damages, pneumonias, lasting lungue damages and lasting skin damages
-- action was performed with rubber bullets from only little distances against persons and heaviest injuries were provoked heading rubber bullets to the heads up to losses of eyes - also against people who were just passerbys "just for fun" (!!!)
-- projects of the AYC were blocked and all people were rated as enemies and were taken prisoner when they had long hairs also WHEN THERE WAS NO DELICTI AT ALL (!!!)
-- criminal Zurich police are always protected by corrupt Swiss justice and the blame is always put on the demonstrators.

Sigmund Widmer and Hans Frick did realize a "policy" which was not even applied in the Third Reich against the own population. After having studied the Third Reich for years I have never found a detainee or passerby WITHOUT DELICTI who has lost an eye. This means that Swiss policy is even worse than Nazi policy.

One can see all these facts about Swiss Nazism in Zurich in the newspapers of AYC in the Social Archives in Zurich near Stadelhofen train station (Icebreaker, Eisbrecher etc.) - with all the details. Documents should also be available at the "Association of affected parents" ("Verein betroffener Eltern"). Data about the absolutely criminal rubber bullets of Zurich Nazi police can be found at pigbrother web sites:
(Folder 2: rubber bullets (Gummischrot): http://www.ssi-media.com/pigbrother/Gummi1.htm)
(10.2 rubber bullets (Gummischrot): http://www.ssi-media.com/pigbrother/GPK.htm)

This taboo topic of Swiss "neutrality" should be worked out since a long time principally, but there is no one who has the courage for this because SVP with it's criminal Swiss secret service and with other big political parties would persecute the journalists then as many were persecuted already having been robbed of their voice simply with a scandal with spied data from their private life being presented as a scandal...

One can see: The term "Shitzerland" is JUSTIFIED. Shitzerland is NOT AT ALL NEUTRAL, but Shitzerland is ABSOLUTELY CRIMINAL terror state with almost all possible repression means. People not following the line are also put into psychiatry - being payed by the health care system so the affected human will adopt to the system adopting to the criminal elites and not the other way round...

The alternative movement of the 1980s in Zurich got the "Red Plant" ("Rote Fabrik") then. At the same time the AYC was the first point for drug therapy in Shitzerland because this AYC was near Platzspitz Park and the drug addicted needed housing during winter times. When the AYC was closed and destroyed the drug addicted remained in Platzspitz Park for themselves and only many years later the Nazi policy of Shitzerland was accepting that drug addicted people are also human beings and that a drug addiction has certain causes which have to be detected within the society itself - also in "clean" Shitzerland.

Thus Swiss policy is inventing delicti against Swiss people, did really beat them with sticks, did arbitrarily shoot with rubber bullets eliminating complete eyes etc. Police forces were NEVER convicted. In the case of doubt Coward Nazi police forces of Shitzerland simply never want to know who was shooting (!!!). This policy in Shitzerland is a Nazi policy until today. Police forces are NEVER convicted, or are only convicted when a marijuana indoor station is found in the house of a policeman - this was the case in February 2015 in the canton of Basel Countryside...

12. More Nazi activities in Shitzerland: A movie about a concentration camp against Germans - not at all "neutral"

Hollywood is a Zionist lead propaganda company working for criminal racist Zionism. There is always propaganda against Germans because the World War against Germany never stops since 1945. This counts for the propaganda with the gas lie concerning the persecution of the Jews, and this counts also for all Germans in general. To eradicate Germany is the aim of the Zionist extermination program since 1917. When Germany is eliminated so 50% of the strength of Europe is eliminated and then Europe will be in the hand of other powers. One can see this among others in the speech of Benjamin Freedman of 1961 in Washington in the Willard Hotel. Freedman ist ein ehemaliger Zionist und hat das genaue Insiderwissen.

So since 1945 this criminal Zionist Hollywood was producing films without end against Germany and in the 1960s the Zionist managed movie production of Hollywood was among others producing a propaganda movie against Germany with a concentration camp as it's topic. It seems that this cc movie was used in the military forces of Shitzerland as an "instruction" ans all Swiss soldiers were trained against Germans with this movie. The cc guard in this movie was called "Schulz". Now one can imagine that all people called "Schulz" in Switzerland and in the whole world will not get good jobs any more simply because the Zionists were spreading an aggression against this German name in the whole world. This tactic is fun for the criminal Zionists. Imagine if a German would make a movie against Zionists and the principle actor would be called Sharon. At once the criminal Shitzerland would come with it's anti racism law propaganda against the film producer. But when the propaganda victim is a German this is "following the guideline of Swiss national defense" ("schweinzer Landesverteidigung").

Because of this this Shitzerland is a country TO VOMIT for many Germans. Because the senseless aversion against the new generations of Germans born after the war has NOT stopped until today (2015) but is just fostered by the criminal Swiss Nazi party of SVP which is managing the secret service and which is hunting Germans in Shitzerland with unilateral and manipulated statistics. Instead of investigating also English and "American" history with over 20 ccs in the English Empire and with concentrations camps against natives in the "U.S.A." listing the Anglosaxon crimes with 20 million killed natives the criminal Swiss politicians and media are always hunting Germans, and mostly these Swiss propagandists come from Swiss Nazi party of SVP. Stupidity is called Shitzerland and SVP as it seems, ALL Germans have to know this since the 1960s! Of course this is one more proof that this criminal Shitzerland is not at all "neutral", but this criminal Shitzerland is manipulated completely in a Zionist way!

13. More Nazi activities in Shitzerland: Schwarzenbach, Cincera, and Tettamanti - not at all "neutral"

The Swiss persons Schwarzenbach, Ernst Cincera and Tito Tettamanti are only three more of 100s of examples how the Nazi behavior of criminal Swiss people is going on. It's very simple: Somebody is damaged, and with this action profits are coming out.

Mr. James Schwarzenbach was a Swiss populist of the political party of "National Action" ("Nationale Aktion", NA). He meant that there would be too many foreigners in Switzerland, above all too many Italians and Germans. The Italians and Germans should simply "not come any more". He was generalizing his claims and at the end of the 1960s and at the beginning of the 1970s he was organizing just three people's votes for limiting the foreigners in Shitzerland. By a coincidence this was also the time of the Beatles and of the Rolling Stones, and with this Schwarzenbach was more or less an anti Beatle and an anti Rolling Stone, a "cleaner" without contents. What he reached was three lost people's votes, but he reached also a giant damage of reputation concerning the Italians and Germans in Shitzerland: he committed defamation and calumny without end. And all this was never punished - just "neutral".

Mr. Ernst Cincera was a Zurich lawyer - what a surprise, again another right extremist culprit of right extremist Zurich. Mr. Cincera was in CSSR, and returning from there he installed in the early 1970s (1972-1974, in the same time of the Schwarzenbach popular votes) a registry registering persons with a "left" past from the 1968 movement. In this way he made propaganda for his "information office" where bosses and companies could "inform" and "investigate" about the past of the applicants for a new job. With this registry Mr. Ernst Cincera was blocking the social integration of many socially orientated Swiss persons. But after 2 year already this Nazi Ernst Cincera was detected. It seems that he meant that his registry would keep Shitzerland "clean" - as the Nazi Schwarzenbach wanted - WITHOUT knowledge of history, WITHOUT knowledge of sociology which are necessary for a well balanced policy. But now one has to know this: criminal Swiss secret service did continue with this method of unilateral information of Mr. Cincera installing a big registration system (fiches system).
And the today's (2015) spying activities of CIA, FBI, NSA, google, Facebook, BND, SND, MI6 etc. are just performing the same methods, but now world wide and without limits. And in this way the social catastrophe with spying and distribution of unilateral information for systematic defamation of people is going on - just "neutral".

Mr. Tito Tettamanti is today (2015) yet a financier, a Free Mason, a trader of territories, but it's a pity that he is also a garbage and a drug trader. In the 1960s he was forming his first fortune with hot money from Italy installing a trustee office in Lugano and installing connections to Liechtenstein. In the 1960s it was easy to provoke fear in Italy, the "fear from communism". And after the communist occupation of CSSR in 1968 it was even easier to provoke that hot money was lured from Italy to Shitzerland. With all this Tettamanti himself did hardly pay any tax in Shitzerland having his domicile abroad until a short time ago until 2010 approximatly. But his FIDINAM TRUSTEE office provoked a huge damage for Italy. And since the 1990s Tettamanti was turning to the negative side - it's really a pity. Tettamanti was one of the assists of Berlusconi (Berlusconi was the President of Italy who did never want to work and the most important fact of the day was the weather girl in TV)
and Tettamanti was managing a part of garbage tourism between Central Europe and Southern Italy. South Italian mafia got money for accepting garbage from Central Europe depositing this garbage in Southern Italy, in other words, mafia was digging tons of garbage in the agricultural fields of Southern Italy or was blasting garbage ships at the coast lines of Southern Italy - rumors say that these ships were with atomic waste. According to some indications Tettamanti was one of the mediators for this garbage mafia activity. Instead of installing garbage incineration plants in Italy Mr. Tettamanti and Mr. Berlusconi were garbaging Italy. Here is a quotation from Weekly News (Wochenzeitung, WoZ) from the article "Tettamanti and the garbage mafia - a seek for traces without limits" ("Tettamanti und Müll-Mafia - eine unendliche Spurensuche"):

<Sandro Mattioli und Andrea Palladino haben für ihr Buch ("Die Müllmafia"; München 2012 [web12]) über das profitable Giftmüllgeschäft ausgiebig recherchiert. Sie sprachen mit Opfern und Tätern, mit ÖkoaktivistInnen und Staatsanwälten, mit Informanten und Politikerinnen. Ihr Schluss: Es ist nicht nur die Mafia, die von der Entsorgung profitiert. Auch honorige Firmen haben ihre Finger im Spiel, Geheimdienste und Staatsbeamte. Und immer wieder laufen Fäden in der Schweiz zusammen, bei Anwaltsbüros und Finanzgesellschaften im Tessin zum Beispiel. Und es tauchen Namen auf wie der von Tito Tettamanti und dessen Investmentgesellschaft Fidinam, die zumindest zeitweise im Müllvermittlungsgeschäft tätig war.>

<Mr. Sandro Mattioli and Mr. Andrea Palladino edited their book ("Waste Mafia" ("Die Müllmafia") in Munich 2012 [web12]) writing and describing the profitable waste business with many details. They were speaking with victims and culprits, with ecological activists and with attorneys, with informants and with politicians. Their conclusion is: There is not only mafia getting their profits by this way of getting rid of the garbage. But also famous companies are playing within the game, also secret services and also state's officials. And always again and again the connections are coming together in Switzerland in lawyer's offices and in financial companies for example in southern Switzerland in Ticino. And there are names coming up like Mr. Tito Tettamanti and his investment company FIDINAM which at least temporarily was working with waste businesses.>
(from: WoZ: Tettamanti und Müll-Mafia: http://www.woz.ch/1212/die-muell-mafia/eine-unendliche-spurensuche)

And this Mr. Tito Tettamanti - not using his connections with Italy for environment protection, incineration plants and recycling - is also engaged within the FDP drug commerce in South of Switzerland in Ticino. His FIDINAM TRUSTEE became a drug dealer company in collaboration with hotel chain Enterra in Panama. These informations are from confident Swiss juridical circles.

So we have Mr. Villiger from the political party of FDP as a drug baron - and we have Mr. Tettamanti from FDP also with drugs. What a coincidence! Both come from the Swiss Free Democrats
- very "neutral"!

The conclusion is that the "high politicians" who have studied only economy or right and justice - it's a pity - they have no knowledge about history and sociology and therefore they are not immune against criminality. There is NO "neutral" behavior at all, and Schwarzenbach, Cincera and Tettamanti are only three examples of 100s. Concerning Italy the regions of southern Italy applied financial aid in Brussels for a recovery of the agricultural fields which were contaminated by mafia garbage, but in 2014 the same mafia was only garbaging central Italy with garbage - and the whole garbage mafia structures are not eliminated yet, and garbage incineration plants  are not existing in South of Italy yet. The garbage scandals in Naples from 2008 to 2012 were enough signal for this. Tettamanti and Berlusconi with the whole Swiss policy with their many mafia connections consider this problem NOT IMPORTANT - just very "neutral" (!!!).

14. Swiss justice since the anti racism law was installed: new history data should be "racist" - historians should be "conspirators"

Since 1945 this criminal Shitzerland did not only cash almost all Jewish bank accounts where the account holder did not come back, but since Shitzerland has installed the new propaganda law (anti racism law) within the codex of Swiss Penalty Law against truth of history this Shitzerland did give up ANY NEUTRALITY concerning historiography, and judges are committed to represent the manipulated wrong Zionist historiography. Also that's why the term of "Shitzerland" is absolutely justified. Criminal Swiss justice is representing the version of the persecution of the Jews from the Auschwitz trials from the 1960s and is blocking any new historiography since the KGB documents in Moscow were opened by Gorbachev. Criminal Swiss justice is simply claiming that the KGB documents would be forged, and they are going on claiming that 6 million Jews were gassed. In other words: With this anti racism law the criminal Zionists have "missioned" Shitzerland and the judges are extorted regularly to represent a fake about the persecution of the Jews from 1933 to 1945 claiming a gas murder of 6 million Jews.

The facts being proved by new history research are just other ones. I was studying new books about this topic during 4 years and then from time to time during 4 more years from 1999 to 2008.
The result was a great timeline with a German part, a Russian part and an emigration part. The conclusion with it is this one:

Data can never conspire but at most can be incomplete.

One fact during the persecution of the Jews from 1933 to 1945 was for example that the Nuremberg Laws of 1935 and 1936 provoked that world wide about 4 million more persons were counted as Jews. These 4 million are reduced in the statistics of 1948 again. And with this indication a loss of about 3 million Jews can be right. But now the word of "loss" does not mean always a bodily death, but it can be also a death of Jewish identity with change of religion, change of name, or there were Jewish children on Christian farms which were not given back in 1945 because nobody knew where the Jewish parents were and Christian men were rare because many did not come back from the war, too etc. The new science cannot prove any gas murder but there are many new kind of deaths with tunnel constructioning, death by lack of food, death by mass shootings, death by deportation to the Gulag system and death under Stalin,. in the Red Army under Stalin etc. But this Swiss justice does not allow all these new data but is even claiming that a death by gas would count more than a death by another kind of death. There is NO NEUTRALITY at all (!!!).

With this manner of judging forging and rejecting history data deliberately maintaining alive the faked fantasy of a gas murder by absolutely contradicting court decisions the criminal Swiss justice has proved that this Swiss justice system is a Zionist puppet system. In this way it happened against the author in the year of 2007 at the court of Basel, followed by a sophisticated justification in written in 2008 which was NOT signed by ANYBODY and has no value so (!!!). In this "justification" there is simply the claim that a death by gassing would have more value than another death - and in this way the criminality of Swiss justice system against documentations and proofs with the percecution of the Jews of 1933 to 1945 is going on without end.
It can be admitted that the justification was written by the "anti racism commission" under the leadership of a mentally retarded Mr. Kreis in collaboration with the propaganda group of akdh with a certain mentally handicapped psychiatric assist Mr. Samuel Althof.

It seems striking that this office of akdh is also domiciled in Münchenstein, the same spot where is living the alleged "boss" of the secret service of the "Animal Circle" P-26, Mr. Cattelan. So when this propaganda group of akdh would be in fact also the "Basel Animal Circle" this would not be a surprise at all.

There is NO neutrality AT ALL (!!!). Principally any neutrality of Switzerland was abrogated with just this anti racism law - what is not written in the school books of course. People studying history and compiling new history data in a neutral way in Switzerland is attacked immediately as a "conspirator" and as a "racist". This propaganda has got it's system an is also worked out by the criminal circles of absolutely criminal Antifa which is financed by tax money also in Switzerland, not only in stupid Germany.

There is NO neutrality AT ALL (!!!). Neutrality was ELIMINATED by the propaganda of anti racism law.

15. Swiss propaganda media since September 11, 2001: all truth about criminal "U.S.A." is censored

Since September 11, 2001 any neutrality of Switzerland is completely eliminated. One has just to see the facts:

-- Swiss media did accept the lie of September 11, 2001 WITHOUT ANY HESITATION spreading this lie presenting the Muslims as "attackers" of the WTC, and Swiss media were never rejecting the warfare and the destruction of Muslim states by the criminal "U.S.A." whereas already after one week the evidence was clear that many of the allegedly comparing Muslims were living in other countries working regularly there
-- Swiss media are performing their propaganda against Islam until today (2015) by NEVER doubting the criminal wars of "U.S.A.", and by never pointing out the criminal "U.S.A." as culprits, the criminal "U.S.A."
-- Swiss media are manipulating Swiss population on and on with the climate lie with CO2, they are rejecting spreading any information about toxic chemtrails, as also the truth about absolutely toxic vaccines by Swiss pharma (Novartis etc.) is rejected, and also Ebola was presented as a danger in Swiss media whereas this illness exists only in faked movies and "aid money" has "disappeared" in Africa with the West African governments for millions
-- in 2014 Swiss media were only reporting the CIA version of the disappeared airliners of the flights MH370 and MH17 and all logic data which are contradicting the CIA version were presented as "conspiracy"
-- since February 2014 Swiss media are spreading the lies of CIA against Russia without any contradiction and they are NEVER reporting the truth about the manipulations by the Pentagon and the Illuminati in Ukraine
-- in the Swiss media the "high lodges" are completely concealed as they would not exist at all whereas there is always more information about them in the Internet
-- and when there are reports about alternative truth then all the data are doubted with the words "conspiracy" or "racism".

Since 2008 this brute censorship in Shitzerland is performed among other reasons because of the criminal work of UBS AG in the "U.S.A.". UBS AG caused a big part of the housing bubble in the "USA" of 2008. Since then Obama is extorting Shitzerland with the threat to introduce visum for Swiss people. Therefore Shitzerland cannot say anything against the criminal "U.S.A." any more. Main culprit of UBS AG was the criminal and faked bank director without procuration Mr. Marcel Ospel - who was never detained until today (2015). Main culprits concerning censorship in the Swiss media is not only the criminal propaganda journalist Iso Ambühl but also the racist propagandist Hugo Stamm who is degrading, calumniating and defaming everybody who is not on his line. There is the heavy suspicion that both propagandists Iso Ambühl and Hugo Stamm are also working for Swiss secret service - and maybe even for more secret services like CIA or MI6.
This would be "just normal" for these criminal Swiss propaganda journalists - and it would be clearly "neutral" isn't is?

"Neutrality" should look like IN ANOTHER WAY or not? And the worst thing is: People reporting the truth is regularly presented as a "conspirator" in the criminal media of Shitzerland. Swiss policy just does not want that Swiss people have to apply for a visum for criminal "U.S.A." (!!!). This means: Shitzerland does not only perform a censorship corresponding to CIA policy, but this Shitzerland is systematically operating with political propaganda and with man hunts against enlighteners and is even beginning own man hunting action against enlighteners. The author is for example persecuted by this Swiss secret service around the whole world. Delicti are simply INVENTED and these inventions are spread abroad to other secret services - probably even for much money (!). Criminal Swiss from Swiss secret service have just "their fun" making cash with a high Swiss salary against history data. Swiss tax payer does not know anything about this because Swiss secret service has not to present any balance...

16. And again: criminal Shitzerland and SVP against Germans since the Schengen Agreement of 2004 - not at all "neutral"

In 2004 there was a people's vote about Schengen Dublin agreement. The vote was a "yes". With this people's vote the border controls were abrogated and Shitzerland had full access to the central European police computer. Additionally there was another people's vote about free traffic and work between Shitzerland and EU. Also this project was accepted. All Swiss should have free work possibilities abroad and all EU people should have free work possibilities in Shitzerland for free jobs. After these people's votes many Germans came for work in Shitzerland filling free jobs - note this: FREE jobs.

But now the criminal Nazi party SVP (Swiss Popular Party) tried on and on to charge the new German working people with criminalities committing one defamation after te other against Germans in Shitzerland with faked and unilateral statistics. Well, defamation against foreigners is just this, what this criminal Swiss political party of SVP understands about "neutrality" so the Organized Crime which is protected by the Swiss secret service would not come to the surface. Supreme propagandists of Nazi party of SVP working only with posters in aggressive Nazi colors black-red-white (the colors of the Nazi flag) had their "joy" to persue the German domiciles with the data of the Swiss Migration Police and Swiss secret service, and they had their "joy" to INVENT always new delicti against Germans in Shitzerland. The propagandists Blocher, Mörgeli, Rickli, Maurer and Fehr etc. were always more and more "hot" against Germans, the best employees in the country. There were tons of advertisments, interviews, "the Germans" were a topic in the talkshows, and all this had an effect in the Swiss society which did not want to realize that this ShitVP is really a Nazi party. Instead to inform the German newcomers with a booklet about Swiss characteristics the Germans were fought by the Swiss media by this ShitVP now. They simply combined the data of the secret service about Germans in a way so there was always a faked reproach against them. The consequences with this massive propaganda against Germans were absolutely cruel, for example

-- piles of threatening letters to Germans in Switzerland also when the German person was living in Shitzerland since 30 years already
-- tons of stabbed tires of cars with German license shields
-- cars with German license shields got swastikas without end (up to 30cm big)
-- mirrors of cars with German license shields were broken or car windows were smashed
-- also German bosses of companies were harmed with smashed windows or smashed car windows
-- German tourist families in Shitzerland were not served in restaurants any more
-- German car drivers did not want to come to Shitzerland by car any more and let their car at the border coming by train to Switzerland
-- Germans in Shitzerland were speaking English in Shitzerland for being treated more politely
-- academic associations in Germany began to warn from criminal Shitzerland officially.

This list of events is only the top of the iceberg with official reports in the Swiss media. These are more or less the methods of 2004 to 2014 how criminal Swiss understand the word "neutrality". Nazi Shitzerland was showing it's face how it really is, how they really are: criminal Shitzerland is a Nazi country and is NOT denazified since 1945. Denazification of criminal Shitzerland is NOT performed yet.

And of course the terms Shitzerland for Switzerland and ShitVP for SVP are absolutely justified. And one has to see also the fact that there was NEVER ANY culprit detained who was committing a delicti in this connection against Germans in Shitzerland. Therefore the suspicion is justified that the culprits against Germans in Shitzerland came from criminal Swiss secret service itself. Criminal Swiss secret service was arranging the "fight against Germans" in Shitzerland.

During the 1990s during the Yugoslavia War the propaganda against foreigners by criminal Nazi party of SVP was against former Yugoslavs, and now since 2004 against Germans. First the propaganda was against black haired people stating that blond people would die out. Since 2004 SVP was making propaganda against blond Germans with the indication that Swiss people would die out. So one can see what this poisoning SVP wants: SVP only wants a stupid population and wants votes and nothing else.

At the same time this SVP does NOT KNOW ANYTHING about German history, does NOT KNOW ANYTHING about Rhine meadow camps with 1 million murdered German soldiers AFTER the war, does NOT KNOW ANYTHING about criminal "USA" in Germany how famine was DELIBERATELY organized during 5 years provoking 6 million more German deaths from 1945 to 1950, does NOT KNOW ANYTHING about the partition of Berlin, does NOT KNOW ANYTHING about the post war era how the criminal allies were robbing and destroying tons of intact industries for "fulfilling" the famines etc. The brain of SVP is basically absolutely empty concerning the neighboring country of Germany. The same counts for Germans about Shitzerland: Germans hardly know anything about the real Nazi criminality in Swiss politics otherwise the adoration for "untouched Shitzerland" would have stopped in 1970 already. Shitzerland is an absolute trap for Germans, and German Foreign Office is not caring about Germans in Shitzerland at all because these emigrated Germans are rated only as "treators of the fatherland" and are never taken earnest. But there is an important reason for this negligence of German politics to the Germans in Shitzerland: German politicians can simply not protest against Shitzerland because too many "high Germans" have too much money on Swiss bank accounts (!!!).

Ahen after 2008 after the stock exchange crash a little recession came to Shitzerland the German employees could hold their domiciles in Shitzerland but some were replacing some former Yugoslavs on their jobs. THIS was another reason for criminal SVP to make more propaganda against Germans and again an argument against Germans was found. Germans would take the jobs of former Yugoslavs which would charge now the Swiss social network. May be these were 50 or 100 cases. SVP propagandist Rickli from Nazi canton of Zurich was making her propaganda then against Germans simply stating that there would be "too many Germans" in Shitzerland and the Germans should go home fast. THIS is democracy and neutrality how ShitVP understands it - blessed and approved by SVP leader Blocher. Statistics proved then that Germans were on average even better working and had more motivation in their jobs than Swiss people had. THIS was unacceptable for criminal SVP that there would miss something to Swiss people: a part of the Germans in Shitzerland was working better than the Swiss, for example in handicrafts. Also therefore "the Germans" should go home so the former Yugoslavs without former education could keep their jobs. Well, all this propaganda is legal in criminal Shitzerland. Groups of humans are not protected by the anti racism law so the propaganda against Germans is always possible - instead of giving former education to the former Yugoslavs (!!!).

Then a Swiss enlightener with his pseudonym "Sandro Stark" was publishing an enlightening book "Secret Affair SVP" ("Geheimsache SVP") about this Swiss Nazi party of SVP with the clear conclusion that this SVP has leader's structures and is celebrating a leader's cult like a Nazi party. There is a guru family trio Blocher which is fixing all tactics and enemies. People who is not from this family has hardly anything to say and has only the right to move the head up and down. People saying "wrong things" will be eliminated from their posts being shifted to the "rows of behind". And people of the "rows of behind" have NOTHING to say and can only watch how the others are moving their heads up and down. And now comes the real truth: The goal of this criminal SVP with all the propaganda against foreigners is the absolute domination of Switzerland, a dictaturship of SVP. Psychological terrorism of SVP in Shitzerland is going on since 1992 since the people's vote about European EWR and is heavily charging the Swiss society, with posters in a Nazi stile in black-red-white without end, with propaganda and with wrong slogans without end, with calumnies, defamations and lies and faked statistics without end - and there is NO justice against this criminal party of SVP because SVP is managing the secret service and with this SVP has the access to all spying data and can extort the whole world with private data - also spying is absolutely criminal, and nobody is stopping them. Approval for spying is provided at the judge simply with invented delicts...

THIS is the most important thing: the political party of SVP is leading the Swiss secret service and has access to all data within the world wide spying network and with this they can invent and construct their intrigues and propaganda tactics and they can create their faked statistics within one minute for "hosing" and destroying people. Other political parties or foreign secret services may only ask and then the criminal SVP is electing data which are authorized or only unilateral data are authorized, again for "hosing" and destroying people.
THIS is "neutrality" how this criminal Nazi party of SVP understands it. And the other political parties are never taking measures against it. This SVP will NEVER get it's lawsuit despite of thousands of violations of human rights without end against foreigners. Foreigners can be hunted in Shitzerland until today without limit and have no protection concerning calumny. Anti racism law is only protecting religions but not groups of humans. Thus any propaganda, calumny or mobbing remain without any punishment. THIS is well known in this SVP and therefore they mean until today (2015) that with propaganda and inventions against groups of humans this Shitzerland would be "saved" (!!!).

So all in all Shitzerland has a terrorism from the political left side with propaganda groups of akdh and Antifa, and there is a terrorism from the political right side with criminal Nazi party of SVP. And both sides are organized by Swiss secret service with CIA as the real center. The strategy has the goal that Shitzelrand should remain and the rest of Europe should be destroyed into ruins again, above all Germany should be destroyed again. Swiss population is mentally destroyed and despite of being so rich this Shitzerland is not more happy than other poorer populations. Swiss population should be weakened that badly that they would accept a dictaturship of SVP. And there is NO neutrality AT ALL. Madness of propaganda and invented delicti are dominating for "hosing" people and for blocking careers. Cincera, the Zurich Nazi lawyer with his registration of "left" people 1972-1974, has born his little children with this Nazi SVP.

Therefore more and more Germans are also leaving this criminal Shitzerland and want to see this Shitzerland eliminated from the map because there is no peaceful life possible there. It's a painful process to confess this, but at the end there is only the statement: Fuck You Shitzerland. The left and the right propagandist groups don't permit any peace in the Swiss society. Some Germans have a psychological shock in Shitzerland and after going back home to Germany they suffer a mental breakdown. In this way was the experience for a German radio speaker which had a job in Zurich. THIS is what SVP wants: killing Germans. During Second World War this Shitzerland was not fighting with troops, but the war against Germans is never ending since all NSDAP Germans were driven out in 1945. SVP is never learning anything - this is the order by leader Blocher. But the propaganda from the left and from the right side in Shitzerland has got it's sense: The population should be diverted so the truth about the Organized Crime and about "Basel Animal Circle" is not coming up to the surface, and in this way the Organized Crime can go on being proceded in the directorates of criminal Swiss banks - and this system is working until today (2015) unfortunately. The criminals are Ospel, Villiger and the boss of the Swiss secret service Maurer and they are free yet - just "neutral", being protected by Swiss secret service of SVP.

At the end there was another people's vote of SVP in 2014 about limitation of immigration which was blocking the agreement about free work in Shitzerland and abroad practically. The Nazi poster of SVP with black legs walking on a red Swiss flag was shown during years in Shitzerland characterizing the landscape and the brains of Swiss people against foreigners and above all against Germans. The propagandist Blocher did win this vote against Germans. But the refugees from Muslim countries who are coming since 2014 there is no propaganda against them by SVP because Muslims are a religion and are protected by Swiss anti racism law. So one can see why groups of humans are not protected by this anti racism law: Propaganda against Germans would not be possible any more in this Shitzerland.

THIS is "neutrality" how Swiss people understand it and NOTHING is done about it to change something with these criminal conditions in Shitzerland (!!!).

17. Ukraine in 2014 and the new Russian Campaign - truth about criminal "U.S.A." is censored - truth about MH370 and MH17 is also censored

In 1945 criminal "U.S.A." did "catch" the best Nazi searchers and they let them work for their purposes for world domination. When the Russian Campaign of 1941 did not work, then it should work in 2015 then, this means CIA and this mean all the Illuminati and Skull&Bones lodges etc. And the Swiss media leave the real truth about criminal "U.S.A." with their illegal troops in Ukraine to the alternative media alone. Concerning the alternative media Shitzerland is practically NOWHERE but these are the German media which are presenting the logic news about criminal CIA and about the criminal "U.S.A." - for example 30% of unemployment in the "U.S.A.", poverty in "U.S.A." with life in cars, caves, tunnels or tents, death by cold in tents during winter times in Oregon, murders against black people without end, "U.S." troops near Dnepropetrovsk in central Ukraine near the border to the Republic of Donezk preparing another military attack against Donbass etc. - All this is NEVER reported in the criminal Swiss media.

For example in the Swiss media is missing also any neutral investigation and analysis about the missed air planes of the flights MH370 and MH17 from 2014. Clear analysis about the truth of these kidnapped flights with landings on Diego García Island are at once and systematically ridiculed as "conspiracy". Thus one can see also in this case: neutrality does NOT exist in Shitzerland.

18. Shitzerland="American" Federal State - spying is worse than in the Third Reich

All in all there was happening the following between 1945 and 2015 in Shitzerland:Swiss "neutrality" has converted into an "American" Zionist policy. The truth is that Shitzerland is in reality a Federal State of "U.S.A.". NOTHING is neutral any more, but Swiss media are copying Fox News. Neutral information and history data are presented in the Swiss media always as "conspiracy". Zionist Wiesenthal Center has got the guidelines in it's hand simply because many Swiss politicians and political parties can be extorted because they are collaborating or even organizing the Organized crime with it's top like torture and killing children in the "Basel Animal Circle", and because Shitzerland is even more vulnerable to be extorted because of criminal UBS AG with it's criminalities between 1998 and 2008. The bosses in the Swiss upper class who are absolutely criminal are Ospel and Villiger. It seems very strange that they are not in jail yet. But as it seems also "high Americans" are in this children torture club. There are indications that for example Mr. Soros is also in such circles. Remember that the case is not just a sex party, change of partner of swinger club, but the case is about torture of children and killing children as a ritual murder.

Since 2008 - since this housing bubble provoked mostly by UBS AG has blown up in the "U.S.A." - Shitzerland has become a killer state. The political party which is managing the Swiss secret service (SVP) has become a complete office of Zionist CIA. The new spying means and spying programs from the Internet in combination with spying microphones on cars, on garden houses, in hotel rooms and magnet resonance espionage spying through walls with an X-ray view on the victim are provoking that the secret services are converting into peeping services wasting millions every day, and this criminal Shitzerland with it's - sorry - ShitVP is "fully part of it". Criminal Swiss secret service is even INVENTING reproaches for hunting new people for having enough "work" for peepers in the secret service. With these activities of the secret service this SVP is even worse than any spying activity during the Third Reich. In other words:
Shitzerland has remained what it was in 1945, it's an absolute Nazi Shitzerland, simply not connected with the Third Reich any more, but connected with the absolutely criminal Zionist "U.S.A.".

All in all considering the Organized Crime of Shitzerland the term of "Shitzerland" is absolutely justified.

19. "Peace work"? - Services within destructive child sex NATO

Peace work by some 100 Swiss soldiers since the 1990s are not limiting Swiss "neutrality" because these "peace missions" are in coordination with criminal NATO which has one of it's centers in Shitzerland with Hubacher and the "Basel Animal Circle" in connection with it's secret service P-26 ("Gladio") until 1991 and since 1991 until today P-27. So these are actions within the Zionist child sex NATO which is always destroying everything for creating new poverty everywhere so the women will be cheaper and impoverished families will sell their children. In this way it was with Vietnam War, in this way it was on the Balkans during the 1990s, in this way it was in Africa in the 2000s, and in this way it is with Islamic State (IS) since 2014. NATO has it's fixed child sex system. NATO is NOT bringing any development help. And with all this this NATO is - like many others - an absolute destructive and criminal organization.

20. Shitzerland is not representing any moral or responsibility any more - Shitzerland has converted into a terror state

Shitzerland has become an "American" Zionist lying circus with a censorship as it existed during the Nazi times from 1933 to 1939 - and all this censorship is performed only for preventing that Shitzerland will become a visum country for "U.S.A.". War censorship is missing yet, but you can be sure that it is well prepared already. When a Swiss journalist wants to write the truth today then he can look for a new job at once. Resistance against this criminal upper class of Shitzerland does practically not exist with the exception of for example little leaflets like the A-Journal of the atomic power plant protesters. Many politically prosecuted people of Shitzerland have changed their domicile abroad because life in this criminal Zionist NATO Animal Circle CIA Shitzerland is simply not possible.

All in all Shitzerland has given up it's responsibility as a "neutral" state. Neutral voice against wars is missing. Neutral analysis which is typical for a neutral state and with is a guideline for the world is missing. Swiss media have converted into Zionist CIA offices of Bush, Obama, Sharon and Netanyahu. Zionist propagandists like Iso Ambühl, Hugo Stamm, akdh, Antifa etc. are going on with their propaganda in Shitzerland because they think that their work would be "a spirit" and because they even get a high salary for this - payed by the tax payer or by their newspaper. They simply elect some people, stamp them as racists and are persecuting them during their whole life around the world, and with all this they are "making new friends" in other countries who are "collaborating" in this manhunt. This is just the normal CIA tactic for "hosing" people - just "for fun" (!!!), and for keeping the defamation strategy against Germany with the invented gas murder stories.

Since the anti racism law was installed in Shitzerland this country is principally a puppet of the Zionists.Neutrality has past and is only a past fantasy. Shitzerland is collaborating with criminal German secret service (BND) too which is also hunting people together with criminal Antifa, since 2014 for example against PEGIDA etc. Criminal Antifa for example gets an hourly wage when they are organizing counter demonstrations, and the German Union Association (Deutscher Gewerkschaftsbund, DGB) is paying to the criminal Antifa members the fines when there are riots and damages with criminal Antifa members.

From 2012 to 2014 the author had a stay in Thailand during 2 years. It was just striking for the author to watch how the criminal Swiss from the secret service of Shitzerland and how the Germans from the German secret service BND were organizing their intrigues in Thailand - always with much alcohol with beer and whiskey. There in Thailand the center of all secret services could be stated: Thailand with women trade, with child trafficking and with child sex without end - not in the official bars but according to Louise Brown in the book "Sex Slaves" in the secret brothels. Information of Swiss juridical services even describe that the criminal Swiss secret service is world wide the leading power concerning women trade. The observations of the author can confirm this: the criminal men and women of Shitzerland are manipulating Thailand everywhere, are manipulating neighbors, hotel owners, drivers, they are installing a radio against the victim, they are installing a tv channel against the victim, they are spreading spying mobile phones with spying by magnet resonance spying through walls etc. All this manhunt against the author is only happening because of his historical research about Jewry. Peace is NOT WANTED with the new data. In other words: also Mosad and CIA seem to be in Thailand for not loosing any information.

Neutrality DOES NOT EXIST in this criminal Shitzerland. The bosses of criminal Swiss secret service are from criminal Swiss Nazi party SVP - Mr. Blocher and Mr. Maurer. They could save the Swiss Franc, but in almost all other topics this SVP is wasting the tax money for nothing and for nonsense with millions. And this spying work is never stopping - because this criminal Swiss secret service has to present no balances...

Since the 1990s this Shitzerland has converted into a killing state, into a state of criminals, into a Zionist "U.S." puppet state.

There is NO neutrality in this "American" Zionist country of Shitzerland - NOT AT ALL (!!!)

And the peepers of criminal Swiss secret service are the last who are getting aware of it. They are kept stupid with spying and peeping (!!!)...

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