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Swiss lies: the lie of the 500 years

500 years not occupied - as the only country in the world? England, Spain, Portugal, Liechtenstein etc. forgotten!

Giant lie of Swiss Secret Service and of the Swiss bankers: Shitzerland would be the only country which was not occupied during the last 500 years, and therefore the bank secret would be "especially save"

by Michael Palomino (2015)



Swiss giant lie of Swiss Secret Service and bank directors that only Shitzerland had NOT be occupied during the last 500 years

Swiss Secret Service with the naive bank directors (above all from Credit Suisse and UBS AG) have found a giant lie to trick naive and rich foreigners for considering Shitzerland as a "safe country" storing all millions and billions in Swiss banks. First certain bank staff is trained to organize workshops abroad where propaganda for the Swiss bank secret is made. There is simply the claim

-- that all countris would be unsafe countries with the exception of Switzerland

-- no other country but Switzerland hat NOT be occupied during the last 500 years.

But Swiss bankers with their "Bankers Association" and with their "Banking Supervision FINMA" etc. are just making more then: The "workshop" is "embellished" with "beautiful group tours" where the "elected" new clients are even more manipulated. Organizing a perfect journey is just Swiss style, more is not needed for "milking" the rich and naive foreigners - because only THIS is the goal of the operation: more and more new millions and billions should come to Swiss banks so when the account holder dies then all these millions and billions  will fall to Shitzerland - it's that simple. And this is happening daily!

Promotional events ("workshops") abroad - which countries were never occupied since 500 years?

The naive and rich public coming to such financial "workshops" of Shitzerland being manipulated by Swiss banker's ties and white shirts practially have NO chance against this giant lie that only Switzerland was NOT occupied during the last 500 years, because for finding the truth one has to have the historical survey of world wide history of the last 500 years to find out that there were many other countries yet which were NEVER occupied during the last 500 years either. And it comes out: The claim of the Swiss Secret Services and of the Swiss bank directors and banking ties with their white shirts is a giant lie.

Here are more countries which were NEVER occupied during the last 500 countries:

-- England
-- Spain
-- Portugal
-- Sweden
-- San Marino
-- Vatikan
-- Liechtenstein
-- Andorra
-- some states in the South Sea which were never occupied
-- and so on and so on!

And only occupied by a little part but never disabled politically was
-- Russia.

Countries which did not exist 500 years ago

Additionally there were many countries which did not exist 500 years ago but their territories were always integrated into empires or the territories were tribal territories. This concerns
-- the whole Middle East
-- Africa
-- Asia
-- Australia
-- New Zealand
-- criminal racist "U.S.A."
-- Canada
-- all states in Latin "America".

Shitzerland was a de facto Nazi state 1940-1945 - no limits for credit and precision products for the Third Reich

And there is another fact yet: From 1940 to 1945 Shitzerland was a de facto Nazi occupied country, simply without German Wehrmacht. But the elite of Shitzerland of 1940 wanted to abolish democracy. Swiss economy was headed to the Third Reich pracitally by 100%. Shitzerland was part in the Nazi programs for new tanks and new rockets (V1 and V2). A Swiss voluntary military unit which wanted to fight against Russia had to be stopped by the Swiss government. Railway lines passing the Alps between the Third Reich and Italy were guarded by Swiss military forces especially to prevent attacks. In Swiss military undder General Guisan there were death sentences in 1944 yeat whereas the defeit of the Third Reich was clear already. And Shitzerland rejected the neutral lightning of the state's territory during the night: This means: Shitzerland was behaving not at all "neutral" but was ordering also the brownout (darkening) as the Third Reich did and with this measure Switzerland was practically a part of the Third Reich - for reducing the orientation capacities of the allied air planes. There was restriction of free speech and there was censorship. There was political prosecution by Nazi members of government like Mr. Von Steiger. Shitzerland was the German smuggling center and currency center, also for melting looted gold from occupied Nazi states. Gold from national banks was simply brought from one cellar to the German one. The directors of Swiss National Bank were "good friends" with the directors of German Reichsbank. For the Third Reich always "free currency limit" was granted, just free credit without limit for purchasing Swiss products. This was wonderful Swiss "neutrality", with Jewish stamp inclusive!!!

These data can be searched in the following books:
-- Die Schweiz, das Gold und die Toten (Switzerland, gold and deads) by Jean Ziegler
-- 13 Gründe. Warum die Schweiz im Zweiten Weltkrieg nicht erobert wurde (13 reasons. Why Switzerland was not occupied during Second World War) by Markus Heiniger
-- Treuhänder des Reichs (Trustees of the Reich) by Beat Balzli and so on.

The naive rich bank customers from abroad are believing the invented story from the criminal Swiss and banksters!

Now there is really the question why so many naive and rich bank clients abroad exist being tricked by this giant lie of Swiss secret services which is collaborating with the bank directors for "robbing" foreign countries. Shitzerland should have been the ONLY country which was not occupied during the last 500 years? These naive and rich bank clients are mostly elder people over 50 who are successful piling money but who have NO idea about history. And in this way the Swiss pinstriped banking ties and white shirts are simply believed. As the workshops are a group event and as there is also a group dynamic and a peer pressure hardly anyone will have the courage to contradict to this giant Swiss lie. And just these "workshops" are also a possibility to get to know new rich people. When such an "elected" circle is meeting just nobody wants to step out of line telling the truth!

In other words: This giant Swiss lie of Swiss Secret Service in collaboration with the criminal Swiss banksters that only Switzerland hat not been occupied during the last 500 years is

1st not only a giant lie, but is
2nd also a psychological trap!

Swiss banking language is describing these group events with this giant lie as "marketing" for "milking" foreign states. When the bank account holder is dying then the complete fortune and / or the complete depot is falling the the Swiss bank. This mass robbery of Swiss banks is installed systematically since the 1930s when many many many Jewish bank account holder never came back. And this mass robbery working just with this giant lie is going on until today.

And therefore the word "Shitzerland" is also justified because this giant lie is the official banking policy of Shitzerland, until nobody comes any more to the group events...

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