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Warning from Switzerland - criminal Nazi party SVP - there is only this: boycott

Switzerland has converted into a racist state. Political party of SVP is dominating big parts of police, justice, and criminal secret service - and is rating humans only according to entries in juridical and police documents - and with this is provoking a big racism with advertisements, posters, attacks and pogrom mood.

Real logo of SVP with a gray meadow, a
                        brown sun and a brown Swiss flag - because pure
                        Nazism is working there (brown) with a base
                        without spirit (gray).
Real logo of SVP with a gray meadow, a brown sun and a brown Swiss flag - because pure Nazism is working there (brown) with a base without spirit (gray).
Real logo of SVP with a gray meadow, a
                        brown sun and a brown Swiss flag - because pure
                        Nazism is working there (brown) with a base
                        without spirit (gray).


by my own experience and by documents about other affected people. Michael Palomino (2013)



Criminal Nazi party of SVP

In Switzerland exists a criminal Nazi party, "Swiss Popular Party" ("Schweizerische Volkspartei") which is making propaganda in whole Switzerland with a racism against foreigners since 1992.

This political party
-- is consisting of humans of low intelligence quotient (they are lorry drivers, unskilled laborers, a commercial diploma is only rare, and only in rare cases there is a manager)
-- but these few managers can manipulate the humans of low intelligence quotient very easily with their money
-- SVP is partly dominating Swiss justice and police forces and is also managing criminal Swiss secret service
-- and by this dominance in justice and police forces SVP means that they never have to learn but all "important" data would be in their hands controlling the state.

That means that this political party SVP is not learning sociology nor history nor any combined wisdom but is only making propaganda with figures about criminality which are from the police computer.

That means that this criminal Nazi party SVP is reporting only negative things about foreigners and positive things about foreigners are principally NEVER reported.

SVP is only spying people and rating humans according to the entries in juridical documents and in police documents

With this "strategy" rating humans only with data from justice and police only reporting negative things this political party SVP has a completely wrong picture of the humans. But this pleases to many Swiss people because they feel "better" then having the wrong conclusion that foreigners would be criminal and "Swiss people not".

Criminal Nazi party of SVP is dominating Switzerland spying and dominating people with justice, police and secret service. And about foreign people only negative things are spread and NEVER positive things.

With this wrong and faked picture this political party of SVP is making "policy" additionally meaning that all other political parties would have to taught and missioned with just this wrong and faked picture.

Therefore this political party of Swiss Popular Party SVP is making it's propaganda on and on against those groups which are mostly registered in justice and police system, foreigners who are disoriented, who have no education, who don't know where is help, and who are loosing their control at the end committing crimes. This is the case above all with former Yugoslav people who have a partisan mentality from Tito, with Turks who have a knife culture yet, or with Africans who are simply copying Hollywood films.

That means,
-- SVP is doing everything to make the stay for foreigners in Switzerland more difficult going on and on with propaganda against foreigners
-- SVP is partly even inventing data against foreigners making faked entries in juridical documents and in police documents which are a pure fake and a pure lie
-- SVP is even distributing and selling these faked and wrong data in juridical and police document to other secret services in the whole world pursuing foreigners in the whole world "hosing" the victim
-- SVP with it's billionaire Blocher has billions at it's disposal and can bother whole Switzerland with advertisements and with posters
-- SVP with Nazi propagandist Alexander Segert is publishing regularly advertisements and posters in a Nazi manner in Nazi colors black and red and is presenting foreigners regularly in black provoking unrest and fair
-- SVP with it's espionage and with it's data from justice and police system means that these would be "all essential" data and there are no people in SVP with a study in sociology or history - or there is one historian who cannot think and is also going on with the racist course of the party...
-- that's why most members and fans of this SVP have more an intelligence quotient of 70 and not of 100, with the beer glass in the hand and with soccer TV and with a four wheel drive car, more they don't want and to think they do not want at all
-- SVP had NEVER any political strategy handling sociology or history for rating humans but since 20 years they are making their propaganda against other countries and against whole Europe only interpreting data from justice and police computers. More they don't have.

Nazi party of SVP and it's racist young generation

Since 20 years (since 1992) this criminal Nazi party of SVP is making propaganda in the manner of Nazis with the colors black and red against Europe. Foreigners are always presented in black, and Switzerland is always white (the white Swiss Cross on the flag).

SVP with it's nation wide faked propaganda during 20 years has educated a young and racist generation in Switzerland, above all in the canton of Zurich, the native canton of racist billionaire Blocher. This young and racist generation in Switzerland has the following characters:

-- they drink much beer eliminating the brain since their youth
-- they don't want to think nor read
-- eventually there is a heritage so this people does not work either
-- they have cars and motor bikes without end, in many cases one car for every family member
-- sometimes they make a little bit sport
-- but mostly they watch TV and are believing everything from TV
-- propaganda against foreigners in Nazi colors is approved as a "national defense"
-- prejudices and faked propaganda of SVP is minimized and they believe everything without searching any other source
-- and reading and writing German well is mostly not so good with SVP party members.

Germans in Switzerland are suffering mobbing without end - criminal Nazi SVP wants pogroms against Germans

Racist billionaire Christoph Blocher whose grandparents also were Germans is making propaganda against Germans since 1992 "saving" Switzerland from any European treaty from European Economic Area (EEA) or European Union (EU). And racist Blocher is especially against Germans: He cannot speak German fast like Germans. And Germans are hardly criminal, and thus they are especially suspicious for racist Blocher and his "little brothers" because Germans can "dominate" Swiss people because they understand his posters and the understand Swiss newspapers, and Germans can also organize something in Switzerland easily and manipulate people.

That means, Germans in Switzerland are treated by criminal Swiss Nazi party of SVP and by their fans with their black energy as if Germans would be criminal gangs from Yugoslavia and from Turkey. "Free crossing of borders for persons" since 2005 provoked a huge rage with the racist representatives in SVP, whereas German migrants only took FREE jobs, but criminal racist SVP is criminalizing the Germans because they are "there". People of SVP is only watching the figures of Swiss immigration authorities how many Germans come, where they live, and how many are leaving again. More this SVP does not want to know. They are NOT capable to see the human education and the social qualities of the Germans which are coming with the German migrants.

Criminal Nazi SVP is also working with gangs on motor bikes provoking certain "action" against foreigners, and when there is action against Germans they are always "fully at it" because German can be understood well and criminal and racist fans of SVP like this play "hunt Germans" especially:

These racists of Nazi SVP are committing psycho terrorism

-- manipulating neighbors
-- they are manipulating neighbors who are spying the foreigners
-- inventing reproaches committing calumny also when all is a lie
-- are manipulating employers, drivers and hotel owners
-- are writing anonymously threats by letters or by e-mail
-- and the aim is to provoke a pogrom mood so the foreigner is isolated and is killed in the extreme case also when the foreigners did not do anything bad. Hunting foreigners is a joy for the racists of Nazi SVP not only since 1992 already. Italians also were humiliated and hoses in the 1960s.

But now since the 1990s there are modern means of espionage and criminal Nazi SVP is using them:
-- they are organizing espionage with bugs on the car or on the bicycle or on the entrance door of the flat
-- they are placing a car in the neighborhood with a camera in the headlight or elsewhere at a not visible location
-- they place cameras also in lamp posts in the neighborhood
-- and this espionage NEVER stops because criminal Swiss want to go on with their high salary in this peeping job
-- and when foreigners are leaving Switzerland then this criminal Swiss secret service is even chasing the foreigner in other countries calumniating them at other secret services selling the faked data.

Racists of Nazi SVP also like to perform assaults:

-- they blast letter boxes
-- they pierce car tires with knives when there are cars with German license plates, not only one tire, but all four
-- and Swiss police and Swiss justice is only simulating to be innocent meaning that against these racists of SVP there would be no measure.

In the meantime the situation has developed to be that dangerous that Swiss pupils abroad cannot manage their black energy any more and are beating and injuring badly people abroad and in Germany.

Nazi SVP also is managing criminal Swiss secret service and they like to apply their spying machinery against foreigners and mostly against Germans simply because they understand German well. The purpose in life with this espionage is simply to collect points for the career and when there are many Germans in Switzerland this is just the right time for this.

-- people are observed with detectives who is glad getting 1,000 Swiss Francs per day or night
-- e-mails and computers and mobile phones are watched and criminal people of SVP are interpreting all in a negative way which can be interpreted in a negative way for creating intrigues and calumny respectively for getting more point for the own career
-- criminal Swiss pig secret service is applying modernest techniques with night scopes and short wave devices penetrating also walls thus work in criminal Swiss secret service is a complete peeper job and Germans are the free porn for this criminal Swiss secret service also spreading their sexual life to the neighbors giving them mobile phones or tablets
-- criminal Swiss pig secret service is also applying channelling spying people spying their sleep and their dreams spreading also this content to the neighbors hosing the attacked person.

This is the kind of action of criminal Nazi SVP considered and realized as a "national defense against Germans" - without considering any human and intellectual competence of the German migrants with a medium intelligence quotient of 100 which could be good for stiff gray lonesome Swiss spirit. But criminal Nazi Swiss of SVP are dominating this Switzerland since 1992 and any mean is right for them making action against Germans with faked entries in juridical and police documents or even making faked trials "hosing" a German. This is "national defense against Germans" according to criminal ideas of Nazi SVP. I myself was a victim of such criminal SVP methods, and many more Germans are victims by such criminal SVP methods
-- suffering intrigues
-- suffering espionage
-- suffering assaults
-- suffering calumny etc. on and on without end.

And criminal Swiss pigs of Nazi SVP always mean that this would be "national defense". That means: This criminal Nazi party of SVP in Switzerland wants to provoke pogroms with the Germans - in the same manner like Jews were pursued by NSDAP in former times. This is proved with the fact that Germans are afraid about their children in some cases. Such cases exist in criminal racist Switzerland.

Counter strategy of Germans in Switzerland provoking more hatred against Germans by SVP racists - criminal schizophrenia with SVP

Counter strategy of Germans in Switzerland was until today forming groups, and German managers of hospitals or restaurants were hiring only German staff having a calm in the firm eliminating any aggressive and racist criminal Swiss element. But then criminal Nazi SVP also reproached this to the Germans that they would not feel well any more when in a restaurant or in a hospital would be "only Germans" working. Racist woman Mrs. Rickli was even so racist that she said that she would rather like Yugoslavs with low intelligence than Germans with high intelligence.

Additionally in the 1990s the same criminal SVP was stating again and again that by the avalanche of Yugoslav migrants during Yugoslavia War blond color of hair would die out. Now many Germans came since 2005 and many of them had blond hair but also this is not right for racist SVP. So everybody can see this political party of SVP is racist, mentally ill, with schizophrenia, only working for a victory not considering anything which is important for a cultural and good human life.

One can see:
-- this criminal Nazi SVP is not capable to have an intelligent behavior investigating the own behavior which is causing brutalities and criminalities
-- criminal Nazi SVP is absolutely racist and schizophrenic provoking a chaos only claiming on and on and fighting foreigners up to criminal action and heavy criminal damage and threats
-- criminal Nazi SVP is an element in this Swiss state that is spreading most of criminal energy but never can be fought because big parts of Swiss justice, police and above all criminal secret service are in their hands.

Since 1992 since the rise of criminal racist SVP in Switzerland this country has converted into a racist country under the leadership of racist Christoph Blocher in collaboration with his Nazi propagandist Alexander Segert
-- rating humans only according to juridical and police documents
-- criminalizing people systematically
-- drawing and texting the racist advertisements and posters mostly in racist Nazi colors black and red presenting foreigners always in black
-- not learning anything about SOCIOLOGY OR HISTORY in this powerful political party of pig Switzerland provoking a racist chaos.

There is missing a law in Switzerland for the protection of groups from defamation and calumny

All this criminality of defamation and calumny committed by Nazi SVP is only possible because there is a gap in Swiss law not protecting groups of nations from bad propaganda, defamation and calumny.

Swiss Anti Racism Law is only protecting religions, but is not protecting nations. And Swiss practice of justice is simply permitting any bad propaganda against foreigners as an action of "mental national defense".

And other political parties in Switzerland are not capable to take measures for filling this gap because they don't want or they can't or because they think that it would not be necessary. Also to the other parties foreigners are not important respectively they simply are waiting for the moment that foreigners will be Swiss...

The only good strategy of foreigners against this criminal Switzerland with it's Nazi SVP: boycott

Boycott Switzerland as long as there is this criminal Nazi party SVP.

Switzerland with it's criminal Nazi party SVP is absolutely disgusting, dangerous and even life-threatening because calumny is the principle mean of SVP policy. And many Germans also suffered broken car windows as a threat.

Boycott Swiss products, Swiss cheese, Swiss chocolate, Swiss medicaments from La Roche, Novartis etc. They contain xenophobic poisons of Nazi party of SVP.

There are many other countries with "beautiful" landscapes but with very kind people. It can be estimated that even the countries of former Yugoslavia are more humane than this criminal and manipulated racist Switzerland with it's Nazi SVP.

Boycott this Switzerland as long as this criminal Nazi party SVP exists.

This Nazism in Switzerland has been provoked by 20 years of manipulation which cannot be accepted. Getting a feeling that this is not acceptable a boycott is needed. Because people there don't want to read.

Strategy of foreigners who are living in this criminal Switzerland: have contacts with other places

Foreigners living in this criminal Switzerland with it's Nazi party of SVP should install their contact net having a balance and a defense in the case of attacks and assaults committed by these criminal racist Swiss people. Also criminal Swiss police and criminal justice system can affect their life.

Contact net in Switzerland can consist in
-- contact to political parties (e.g. Humanist Party, Green, Socialists, Free Democrats, Conservative Democrats BDP etc.)
-- contact to social organizations (e.g. Red Cross) and institutions (newspapers, the "Observer" ("Beobachter") etc.)
-- contact with lawyers (unfortunately very expensive in Switzerland)
-- contact to universities (e.g. professors or Swiss students who are studying justice, not expensive)
-- contact to embassies and consulates.

Muslim foreigners are automatically installing their contact net because they have their own little mosques, cafés and businesses.

But when Germans are living in Switzerland they have to be alerted to be attacked and mobbed by criminal racist Swiss Nazi SVP members because the representatives of this criminal Nazi party, Mr. Blocher and Mrs. Rickli (and they are only the worst but there are more), they are the model for this propaganda against foreigners and Germans and they are mobbing and making propaganda systematically.

For example the number of Germans in Zurich was doubled from 20,000 to 40,000 and they made a very good job there. But criminal propaganda of SVP was persuading that German migrants would want to "occupy" Zurich. But the complete number of Germans in Switzerland was not even the half of the Italians in the country, the nationalized Italians not considered! And foreigners receive 1000 Euros less salary per month than Swiss. Thus one can see how this criminal Nazi propaganda of SVP is working against Germans...

Life for Germans in Switzerland only making a good job without a contact net is NOT possible because Swiss racism of the last 20 years spread by this Nazi SVP has been provoked in a very strong way thus racism in Switzerland has converted into an own movement and has really converted into Nazism. Racism against foreigners and above all against Germans is a "cult" now. Switzerland has converted into a Nazi state. Many of the young generation in Switzerland never lived in another world than with this racism of SVP advertisements and posters and mean that this would even be a "normal" behavior! And the other political parties are not doing anything about it because they can be extorted by criminal Swiss secret service of SVP at any time (comes a call asking: Do you want to keep your job? etc.).

Even the countries in former Yugoslavia are more human than this criminal and racist Switzerland where the other political parties are NOT DOING ANYTHING against this racism against foreigners and Germans spread by Nazi SVP.

Therefore there is only one measure: This Switzerland with its faked propaganda of Nazi SVP since 1992 has converted into a racist state.

BOYCOTT Switzerland and Swiss products as long as there is this criminal Nazi party SVP.

The criminal Swiss know exactly why.