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Swiss Nazi products - index
Nazism - bank secret - toxic pharma - hyper criminal Nestlé - mafia connections - censorship against enlightenment with the persecution of the Jews 1933-1945 - laughing at good people - protection of high criminals - solving conflicts with "arrangements" and "silence" - NO Perestroika in Switzerland

Fuck You Switzerland!

  by Michael Palomino (2014 / 2015)

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From Switzerland has to be warned. Swiss terrorism is everywhere.


1) Creation of Nazism in Switzerland - no denazification in 1945
Swiss weapons: armament industry with weapon parts, bank secret, toxic pills, toxic vaccines, toxic pesticides, purchase of water sources, faked news, censorship etc.  -- Nazism in Switzerland from 1870 on - Swiss eugenics since 1900 about -- Switzerland as a de facto province of the Third Reich 1933-1945: Swiss Nazi parties, Nazi press, Jewish stamp, gold deposits, missile parts, controlled railway line of Gotthard etc.  -- Racial laws and spying without limits 1933-1945 - data are also invented and sold -- Nazism in Switzerland since 1945 is going on - no denazification -- Nazi tactics of Switzerland since 1945: Nazi upper class dominating school books, radio, TV - and the secret service is controlling the whole world -- New Nazi business models of Switzerland since 1945 -- Psycho terrorism and mobbing in Nazi Switzerland - all is legal (!!!) -- The government of Nazi Switzerland is "permitting" everything after 1945 - people's vote of 1974 confirms the criminal bank secret - Swiss Socialist Party is adapting to the bank secret - incurable madness and craziness - sear words are right -- Alternative believer's groups are hunted as "sects" - for example by the Swiss media propagandist Mr. Hugo Stamm -- Swiss journalists have to be quiet and have to "follow" the orders of the criminal Swiss upper class -- Swiss teachers and professors have to be quiet -- Swiss psychology is protecting this criminal Switzerland - people wanting peace are defined as mentally ill (!!!) -- Den Haag and the "peace searchers" never detect Nazism of the "U.S.A." and in Switzerland (!!!) -- Denazification and purges in criminal Switzerland are never proceeded - criminal Swiss secret services are extorting judges and prosecution services --

2) Bank secret is "enhanced" since 1945 instead of being abrogated
Bank secret and Jewish bank accounts - when the account holder is not coming back then the fortune falls to Switzerland -- Swiss bank secret and the faked statement that only Switzerland was not occupied during the last 500 years - UNO and the bank secret around the corner -- Money laundering, secret clubs and business of secret services - with the help of the Swiss bank secret -- Switzerland is a vermin

3) Toxic pharma with pills, vaccines, and pesticides
The well planned intoxication and contamination of the whole world with toxic pills, toxic vaccines and pesticides -- The distribution of criminal Swiss - and the rest has to form the facade -- No restructuring - the governments remain without action -- Switzerland is a vermin --

4) Nestlé - water thief and contamination of humanity with micro plastic
It began with milk powder and chocolate -- Nestlé cutting the water to the whole world -- Nestlé: animal food, ice cream, pizza, baby food, eye care -- No prohibition of Nestlé - the criminal Swiss governments remains without action -- Switzerland is a vermin

5) Mafia connections of Switzerland without end
High Swiss Nazis are never denazified - racial doctrines are present in Swiss universities up to the 1960s -- Italian mafia: Sicily in 1943 - foreign workers in Switzerland since the 1960s are confronted with Swiss racism -- Italian social climbers installing mafia in Switzerland with pizza and polenta -- "High" Swiss mafiosi: Leuenberger, Hug, and a good mafia friend is also Calmy-Rey - tilting train "Cisalpino" always stuck -- Switzerland=mafia springboard -- Italian garbage mafia passing Switzerland -- No or only little measures against criminal mafia in Italy -- Switzerland has become a complete mafia country -- Switzerland is a vermin

6) "Basel Animal Circle" with child torture and child killings since 1964: bankers, judges, laywers, extortion, theft, calumny, and murder
Foundation of "Basel Animal Circle" in Basel in 1964 by criminal Swiss socialists: Helmut Hubacher, Heierli, Miville -- Animal names in "Basel Animal Circle" -- Swiss joy for torturing and killing -- The administration of the "Basel Animal Circle" in the Swiss high street bank of "Swiss Bank Corporation" - since 1998 UBS AG - Aeschenvorstadt 1 -- Members of "Basel Animal Circle": a "high" international network -- "Basel Animal Circle" organizing an own private secret service: P-26, P-27 under Hubacher and Villiger - with direct NATO connection -- Presumption: "Basel Animal Circle" is with CIA and NATO - criminal pedophilia by NATO in Thailand 1964-1975 -- P-26 detected in 1990 - P-26 is directly submitted to NATO - boss Hubacher - the connection "Basel Animal Circle"-Hubacher-NATO is proved -- "Dozens" of children vanishing from orphanages - presumption: social institutions are selling children to "Basel Animal Circle" -- The center of the crime of the "Basel Animal Circle": Restaurant "Rod" ("Stab") in Riehen near Basel -- A side strategy: "catch" drug addicted youth boys -- "Basel Animal Circle" detected in 1998 - but the order comes: minimize the affair and block the investigation: Thomas Hug is blocking -- The Swiss government is not acting (!!!) --  For the "vanished" children there is not even a memorial

7) Censorship and fight against enlightenment concerning the persecution of the Jews 1933-1945
Censorship and fight against enlightenment concerning the persecution of the Jews 1933-1945 -- The extremist organizations in Switzerland: Swiss secret service SND, Swiss antifa, and Zionist akdh -- Swiss journalists are members in these extremist criminal organizations SND, antifa, and akdh -- The maneuvers of the criminal Zionists in Switzerland against history research -- Example of a victim - manhunt by SND, antifa, and akdh concerning the research of the persecution of the Jews 1933-1945 - all provoking high costs for the Swiss tax payer -- "Anti Racism Commission" and the Zionist stereotype propaganda idea for the persecution of the Jews 1933-1945 - all provoking high costs for the tax payer -- All new history research about the persecution of the Jews 1933-1945 is concealed by Swiss Nazi justice and by Zionist akdh -- Conclusion: Switzerland is also contaminated by the Zionists -- Switzerland is a vermin - Switzerland is a wooden board

8) Laughing at good people, racist jokes and calumnies
Laughing -- Right radical Swiss people are bored with beer and card games being frustrated by always the same CIA news -- Swiss people without experience of tragic situations and help -- laughing at good people -- Intelligent foreigners are fought and laughed in Switzerland -- New possibilities with spying equipments and spying programs -- No further education because this is not payed -- Racist jokes in Shitzerland: Austrians, Yugoslavs, and Jews -- Calumnies -- Brute calumnies and concealment tactics in Shitzerland against Swiss and foreigners equally -- Switzerland is a vermin

9) The high criminals are protected by Switzerland
Criminal rich of the whole world are hiding their funds in Switzerland -- The bank secret for "big shots" of the world - example Peru -- Dictators in Switzerland: Hitler, Abacha, Suharto, Marcos etc.  -- High criminals in Switzerland: Lenin, high Nazis, Mengele, Hitler, child killers from "Basel Animal Circle" etc. -- "U.S." mass murderers in Switzerland: Eisenhower, Kissinger, Bush, and Obama -- Obama and Switzerland -- The rich from the EU since 2001 in Switzerland: "milking" countries and "fishing" tax evaders -- Switzerland is a vermin

10) How criminal Switzerland is solving conflicts: "agreements" and "silence"
The truth is not at all loved in criminal Switzerland - examples of life-lies -- The "agreement" and "silence" - victims of the Swiss secret service should not tell anything any more (???) -- Switzerland is a vermin

Perestroika in Switzerland? No no!!!
The elaborated censorship for covering the high criminality in Switzerland -- "Neutralization" of investigating persons: intrigues and manipulations with employers, bosses, justice, servers, and also with google -- The goal of the criminal Swiss secret service is: drive resistant people into the social care -- Nazi Switzerland does not want any Perestroika -- Elimination of problems with a Perestroika: "U.S.A." with never ending wars - EU in Africa - toxic pharma -- Elimination of problems by their roots: "Basel Animal Circle" with child killers - drug wave with drug baron Villiger - censorship concerning history research -- Detain these hyper criminal Swiss culprits in the upper class at last -- The responsibles in Switzerland are not acting (!!!)

Indicated sources

Chapter 1

-- book by Thomas Huonker about criminal psychiatry in Switzerland: "Anstaltseinweisungen, Kindswegnahmen, Eheverbote, Sterilisationen, Kastrationen. Fürsorge, Zwangsmassnahmen, "Eugenik" und Psychiatrie in Zürich zwischen 1890 und 1970." http://www.med-etc.com/soz/buch-hoelle/03_psychiatrie-holocaust.htm)

-- book of Walter Wolf: Fascism in Switzerland (Faschismus in der Schweiz): http://www.chdata123.com/eu/ch/fronten-index.html).
-- book by Heiniger: 13 Reasons. Why Switzerland was never occupied during Second World War (13 Gründe: Warum die Schweiz im Zweiten Weltkrieg nicht erobert wurde)
-- magazine "Iron Broom" ("Der Eiserne Besen") (this and other Swiss Nazi magazines can be seen in Zurich Social Archives, Sozialarchiv Zürich)

Chapter 5

-- book by Heiniger: 13 Reasons. Why Switzerland was never occupied during Second World War (13 Gründe: Warum die Schweiz im Zweiten Weltkrieg nicht erobert wurde)
-- articles about criminal train Cisalpino

Chapter 6

Lion Mothers e.V. ( original in German: Löwenmütter e.V.)
-- connections of NATO to sex tourism and child trafficking since 1964 in Thailand: book by Louise Brown: Sex Slaves

Chapter 7

regulation of the extremist organization akdh with fixed "ideals": http://www.akdh.ch/Statuten%20akdh.pdf