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Nazi Switzerland part 2

Experience report

by Michael Palomino (2014 / 2015)



Nazi Switzerland, facts

Swiss Nazi mentality - look here what they do

When you are an intelligent foreigner in Switzerland then this is a big problem because Swiss people are so militarized that they will never accept intelligent foreigners. Here are just some advice to an affected foreigner in Switzerland who wanted to feel well in the canton of Bern and the response of the criminal Swiss Nazis was only spying, mobbing, rumors and destroying his life - during 16 years - and now by practically NOTHING by a short video he should pay a high fine or go behind barred windows for 20 days - just by arbitrariness (the comments are on one of the victim's videos on YouTube on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u1joEUDT3RI).

Video: Sean Hross Political Prisoner in Switzerland for Expressing his Opinion against Swiss Nazi Terror (20min.26sek.)

Video: Sean Hross Political Prisoner in Switzerland for Expressing his Opinion against Swiss Nazi Terror (20min.26sek.)

Humanity in Switzerland?
Humanity does not exist for foreigners - foreigners are systematically the victim of Swiss secret service because foreigners have NO rights in Switzerland for their private life - this is a principle of Nazi Switzerland - and this spying of foreigners is done for other secret services abroad because they are not allowed to spy their own people!!! So they make profits with the spied data!!!

The victim states clearly: Swiss justice is terrorist justice:

This terrorism comes from criminal pedophile Helmut Hubacher probably, Hubacher is from canton of Bern and he has an own secret service working against any foreigner who is more intelligent than he is... - and Swiss people are never good to foreigners when foreigners are more intelligent than they are seeing the truth that Switzerland was NEVER denazified in 1945...

When the victim had a German number plate at his car:

You can be lucky you don't have a car with German number otherwise you can never drive in Switzerland because they will destroy the tires every week - this is Swiss Nazi mentality - and there are many such cases and never any culprit was caught so I think this is Swiss secret service destroying tires of German cars in Switzerland - just a Nazi country which is racist as normal as it has been ever before since it's foundation.

Here is an example of corrupt journalism and career points for criminal justice:

Here is an example of corrupt German journalism and criminal justice and secret services fighting the truth for making career points: At the moment I read a book about German journalism from Udo Ulfkotte "Gekaufte Journalisten" ("Bought Journalists"), this Mr. Ulfkotte is a whistle blower telling all the bribes and tricks of journalism between "FRG" and "USA" and he states that a house search is a quality award for his truth journalism he is doing for the world and he was searched 6 times but NEVER charged - just for career points of a Nazi commander, and the same they are doing with you it seems.

I have data e.g. about Swiss Nazi journalism. Swiss journalists get an invitation for press conferences with 500 Swiss Francs in the envelope - just Swiss Nazi bribe for Swiss Nazi pride!

There are about 6 intelligent Swiss people - the rest is I don't know what - one of the intelligent Swiss is Erich von Däniken.

Even in Germany the press is more free than in censored NATO and spying work Switzerland.

Nazi Swiss people are celebrating their career points against intelligent foreigners:

When you have not done anything you are just a point in the career of a Swiss Nazi in Swiss Nazi justice system as I was until 2007 and since then I will never come back to this Nazi Switzerland and I see that my decision was right

You deliver them career points and the point to bring you to jail is a career point for some Swiss police and judges.

The foreign mobbing victim mentions that there is a Ku Klux Klan of Switzerland?

Yes! Ku Klux Klan from Switzerland is SVP, see the Nazi party of SVP here how they were acting with Nazi colors on posters, with Nazi rats on posters, and how they acted against Germans who are working very well, but when foreigners are more intelligent than Nazi Swiss people then the Nazis begin with self defense...http://www.chdata123.com/eu/ch/kriminelle-schweizer-SVP-index.html Many Swiss are not SVP but are not denazified either...

About KKK from Switzerland (SVP) there is the book "Geheimsache SVP" ("Secret Matter SVP") where the "leaders" structure of this party is presented http://www.amazon.de/Geheimsache-SVP-funktionieren-Propaganda-Tricks-Parteibonzen/dp/390570854X - and don't worry I heard already the Swiss secret service in my house moaning already - they pursue intelligent foreigners everywhere in the world, me also in Peru, Thailand and in Germany - because they are with NATO  and Nazi Swiss are NEVER learning otherwise the spying job would be lost...

The victim asks: Why Swiss people are always against foreigners?

In Nazi Switzerland the military service begins with birth and ends with dead - the military service ends and then the service for the secret service begins AGAINST FOREIGNERS (!!!) and in this way for the Nazi Swiss the military service NEVER ENDS but they are spying and counting money without end and mean that they are intelligent - so when you are a little bit rebellion you have more freedom than the Nazi Swiss have and this is not accepted in Nazi Switzerland...

The victim asks: Why Swiss people can lie without consequences against me?

Yes! This is a typical Nazi mobbing structure - and this is in connection with Swiss military service which never ends:

Swiss people in Switzerland can lie as they want - they mean strictly that foreigners have NO right because the criminal Swiss secret service is spying the foreigners systematically. The Swiss liars with their permanent mobbing are backed by the criminal Swiss secret service! And mobbing is just NOT prohibited in Switzerland but is one way of Swiss "self defense"! And as I said for Nazi Swiss people the military service is NEVER ending because after the military service comes the service for the secret service hunting foreigners without end so the Swiss remain always the rich and the rest of the world has to suffer to the ground. This is the principle of Swiss existence since 1815.

Nazi Switzerland does not want intelligent foreigners:

The "criminal" thing you do is that you are an intelligent foreigner and Swiss people are Nazi people and will NEVER accept intelligent foreigners but this is NOT written on any web site of Switzerland and is NEVER written on any welcome board at the border: "Only stupid foreigners are wanted to live in Switzerland, intelligent foreigners stay outside!"

Also many German immigrants are victims of Nazi Switzerland: The same these Nazi Swiss are doing with you was done to the German immigrants with the result that many Germans leave this Nazi Switzerland and now Africans and Yugos and Muslims come but not for work but only for the social systems - this is Swiss Nazi logic because they never want to have intelligent foreigners but only "animals" for the vegetable market or for the garbage services

Of course Nazi Swiss people will never accept that they have to learn something from a foreigner but you have to learn from them also when they don't tell you what you have to learn - this is the normal Swiss Nazi tactic to leave the victim without instruction so the victim remains a victim and can be hosed without end - and this Nazi tactic was applied to you I think as it was applied to me - here is another club: English speaking in Zurich http://www.escz.ch/

The Swiss top Nazi: Helmut Hubacher:

The biggest Nazi in Switzerland is Helmut Hubacher (Swiss "Socialist" Party): He has direct contact to NATO and to the old Russians and he is a criminal pedophile with a child murdering club "Basler Tierkreis" ("Basel Animal Circle") where high politicians , judges and bankers are purchasing, abusing and even killing children - and this Hubacher likes to "kill" foreigners because he is not a Socialist basically but a real Nazi or even worse - he is organizing his mafia against every intelligent foreigner and for this hunting of foreigners this criminal Hubacher is INVENTING reasons for hunting people so he can apply for a spying permission at the local judge and because Hubacher is Mr. Hubacher he gets this spying permission every time and all what he says is considered right also when it's a complete invention - that's why Switzerland is a Nazi Switzerland and a peaceful life in Nazi Switzerland is NOT possible for intelligent foreigners - but when you are a stupid Yugo only working in a vegetable market or only making pizzas every day then you are a "loved" foreigner...

Swiss secret service and his "brethren" spying everywhere 24 hours during day and night:

This Swiss secret service is with NATO, and NATO is everywhere, so be aware that NATO will never loose you and they are following you to every corner of the world because Nazi Switzerland has destroyed your reputation so badly that the NATO thinks that you are a "target" - this is the kind how Nazi Switzerland is managing thinking foreigners - instead of collaborating and respecting new thoughts and logic data - Nazi Switzerland does NEVER want to have logic data from a thinking foreigner - they denounced me also and made secret trials and all shit but truth is truth - but in Switzerland truth is not truth but Zionists in Switzerland are payed so well by "USA" so the Zionists are even collaborating with Nazi Swiss military and justice department for hunting foreigners - and they laugh at the foreigner because the foreigner is a guarantee for 100s of new spying jobs... - this is Nazi Switzerland as it exists until today, and they NEVER will excuse 1 mm - and even journalists are within this propaganda machine against data and logic.

The victim asks: Why should I as a foreigner in Switzerland have behaved in a criminal way when I have not done anything?

These Nazi Swiss just tell you that your behavior was not correct - but of course Nazi Switzerland will never see that their behavior is not correct with all the money laundering, organizing Organized Crime in the directorates of the big Swiss banks, organizing mass murder with toxic pharma pills, vaccines and pesticides etc. Oh, when You as a foreigner tell the truth about Switzerland this is very bad you hurt the Swiss Nazi heart!!!!

Go to a Swiss town and then you go to an English Speaking Club there is better people than in the Canton of Bern which is the Nazi canton of Mr. Hubacher - the goal of this Nazi Switzerland is to break the will of intelligent people as it is also in other countries - and you are just a career point of a judge and a Swiss Nazi police commander, these Swiss Nazi police commanders are the worst they don't speak, they only have their blockheads and form a group of blockheads against you

Swiss will never take a foreigner earnest when it's not for their own profit - they are educated like this and in the Swiss police department there are mostly Nazi Swiss and they are laughing at foreigners not only putting them to jail but also deporting them - and they also make money with deportations - this is just Swiss Nazi style.

English speaking group in Switzerland without blockheads: http://www.englishforum.ch/

Some political victims in Switzerland suffer even that much that their bank account is blocked!!!!! Yes - it IS like this!!!!! This is Swiss Nazi life style!!!!! And NO Swiss lawyer can help in those cases, and not even the Swiss government helps to these political victims because behind the Swiss government there is the real government of political lodges and Zionists - in the cases of blocked bank accounts in UBS AG the culprit is Mr. Marcel Ospel!!!!! I know one of the victims very well!!! Ospel is managing his money laundering passing the black money over the blocked accounts of the victims!!!!!

Prison in Switzerland?

Torture will not be in Swiss prison, but you can feel the building like a torture because Swiss prisons are mostly white or gray and have no colors, and there can be torture by other captives, and there can be mental torture by a Swiss Nazi guard who is not speaking with you or who wants to show that he is a "Swiss" and you are not - more brain the normal Swiss does not have, they only can spy and count money and NOTHING MORE


Neutrality only counts for Swiss and not for foreigners, foreigners are working animals, and when you are not an animal but when you are a thinking foreigner then the Swiss secret service will destroy the foreigner because they think that a thinking foreigner is dangerous - this is preprogrammed in Nazi Switzerland and it's Military Department of Nazi party SVP

How Swiss are treating intelligent foreigners - the case of the ETH (Federal Institute of Technology FIT) professor in Einsiedeln:
Look what the Nazi Swiss did with the FIT professor in Einsiedeln in Schwyz who was a great professor and who did not get the Swiss passport because he now is over 70 years old and feels happy in the sailing club and did not know much about Einsiedeln itself - this is Nazi Switzerland who is not saying "thank you" but who is rating the intelligent foreigners as stupids because Nazi Swiss of justice and police department (SVP) only can spy and count money - but don't go to university...

The case is just about a short video - nothing else?

The justification says that it was just a "short video" - so why should they give 20 days of prison for a short video? Nazi Switzerland just remains Nazi Switzerland and Swiss brains are just for spying and banking and Switzerland is the NATO center for criminal pedophile activity in connection with Thailand, Switzerland is the European center for human trafficking, for drug trafficking (Villiger) etc. and nothing else, these indications are missing at the border shields...

The victim asks: the case is just about a "short video" and nothing more!
When a foreigner knows more about Swiss history than this is an attack against Switzerland of course - and public life is so censored in Switzerland because the black banking business has to run and the facade must never be touched, so this punishment because of a "short video" is an act of Swiss Nazi self defense but now this is going around the world and Switzerland will be blamed because of a "short video" - but the career point against a foreigner imports and nothing else

The victim asks: Why these Nazi Swiss are making so many problems?

Normally social problems are solved with a social worker but NOT so in Nazi Switzerland because in Nazi Switzerland the Nazi police commanders are using their secret service for creating new jobs against foreigners so the problems are never solved but new jobs are created against you and many persons even live from you like cows and you are the feeding farmer for them and they get their salary by your existence and they never give up their position because then their job would stop.

The victim asks: Why the foreigner is fought in the canton of Bern? Because the criminal Swiss political leader Mr. Hubacher is there:

Emme Valley (Emmental) is just the location from Swiss Nazi criminal pedophile and thief and inventor of spying reasons Mr. Helmut Hubacher (Krauchtal is his home village, and Oberburg was the command center of his private secret service P-26, probably also now when the secret service is called P-27). You are just in the center of this biggest asshole of Switzerland Mr. Hubacher who produced already 100s of victims by law being a "Socialist" but in the background with NATO, CIA etc.

The victim asks: And there was a fight about a video. Why Nazi Switzerland will never accept a video which is telling the truth about them?

The Nazi Swiss wanted to stop a video on YouTube - ah you cannot expect that they accept the truth, but normally they block the video and that's it, but against you they wanted to make an extra point: They use you for their career - this is just Nazi Switzerland - as an intelligent foreigner you have no chance against this gang of blockheads, above all these Swiss guys never want to see proofs but they want to destroy the foreigner, above all in canton of Bern where the capital is.

So, this stupid Swiss justice can normally call to YouTube for block a video and that's it, but in your case they want you as a big victim for creating more jobs for Swiss people! Because also when you pay the fine then also this is a career point!

The victim asks: Why the Swiss lawyer is not doing anything for me?

Swiss lawyers are bribed and will never do one cm for a foreigner, you are not the only victim, forget it. Only when there is a case between 2 foreigners one of the foreigners will win a case, but with your case the Swiss Nazi mentality is showed absolutely well - peace goes with CCCM - cookies, coffee, cake, marzipan - in Switzerland also fine butter bread (butter zopf) - so for Switzerland peace would go with CCCB - but Swiss people are so militarized that they don't know what is life and peace.

There is the indication: qualified defamation and some curses=20 days of prison (5min.22sec.)

This seems to be the Swiss Nazi police commander who has invented this and you are a big career point in his life and he made a group of goats against you and they are even drinking and cheering against you - the destruction of the foreigner is a big game in Nazi Switzerland - and Nazi Swiss will never learn because they are not denazified until today.

The victim asks: Are Swiss really so stupid?

Oh, blaming foreigners for nothing is a big hobby for Zionist Swiss justice: Making responsible the foreigners for Swiss criminalities is a normal Nazi behavior - but brains who are only spying and counting money have no capacity to think and they are even playing poker against foreigners betting who will turn the foreigner down first - this is the mental structure of Swiss Nazis in justice and military department - just normal invention of reasons for getting career points. They did the same with me...

The victim asks: Swiss tradition pretends to be "clean"?

Ha ha, but Switzerland is really a big dumping ground. Here are the proof and the government is not doing ANYTHING about it because the garbage producer are part of the secret government behind the official government:

Switzerland is not at all clean, but the company of Nestlé for example is one of the biggest waste producers with theft of water, theft of water resources, water in plastic bottles, and above all the coffee aluminum capsules, and Switzerland is one of the biggest waste producers per person, and Switzerland is one of the biggest poison producers with Swiss pharma with toxic pills, toxic vaccines and damaging pesticides contaminating the whole world, and when a pesticide is forbidden in Switzerland they are even selling it abroad where it's not forbidden yet for contaminating all the world as long as possible - THIS is Swiss Nazi mentality, damage everybody abroad and only Switzerland is safe, the same they claim with banking business.

The victim asks: Swiss Nazis don't want to see that they are Nazis?

Ha, there are proofs without end for that, not because they rejected EU or Euro, but because they collaborate with everybody:

Hitler was very welcome in Switzerland in 1923 already when he was with CS (Credit Suisse) banking people who showed him the Gotthard railway tunnel and after 1933 the Swiss Nazi party "Frontists" ("Frontisten") had to make their initial party even two times because the Kaufläuten (Trader's) hall in Zurich was so full and so many wanted to be with the Swiss Nazi movement, Swiss industries produced rocket parts for V1+V2, for tanks, were darkening the nights so the allies had no orientation on the continent, gave free credit, organized the flight of the big Nazis to Argentina even in the 1960s yet - Switzerland was just NEVER denazified...

And Swiss Nazism is tradition until today:

Imagine that Swiss are scratching Swastikas into German cars, they are stabbing tires of German cars, they are discriminating foreigners because of the names, they are NEVER learning about foreign history because they mean that the Swiss history books would be good but they are censored 1,000%, the Swiss Nazi posters are spreading hatred against foreigners without end also when Germans are running a Swiss hospital with a better standard than it was before. Swiss people are too rich with the black banking business with all the money laundering business for world wide mafia and secret services and Organized Crime and they don't want the intelligent foreigners in their country who see this.

The victim says: One should install warning shields as the Swiss border: Attention, here Nazi Switzerland begins:

There is even more behind this: Swiss bank secret is one more Nazi tactic, and only about half a dozen of Swiss people are really intelligent:

Swiss bank secret is a Swiss Nazi tactic too because at the end all the money falls to Switzerland mostly when the foreigner is too old and never comes again - and there are many more examples of Swiss Nazi criminalities - and you are right there should be warning shields at the border because the only thing they want is money and spying and laughing - and about 6 Swiss are intelligent but not more, one of them is Erich von Däniken who searched in the whole world about extraterrestrials for former times - Swiss criminals are here: http://www.chdata123.com/eu/ch/kriminelle-schweizer-index.html

The victim says: And Fankhauser is also a very dangerous name.

Roger Fankhauser? I knew a teacher Walter Fankhauser he was a child trafficker in the welfare authorities of Basel where dozens of children disappeared from the orphanage probably being purchased by Hubacher's "Basler Tierkreis" ("Basel Animal Circle") child murdering club, this Walter Fankhauser was a terrorist teacher against sensitive children always blaming and laughing them and after 2 years 50% of the school class had changed the school taking refuge from this Swiss Nazi teacher - just another example of perverse military forces in Switzerland disguised as "teacher".

Another comment on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u1joEUDT3RI is more clear (Sky pilot):

<Swiss Nazi fucs , give em gas gas gas till dead>

The Zionist pack in Switzerland - no chance for intelligent foreigners in Switzerland:

Switzerland+Zionist criminal "U.S.A." are a packaged since May 1945 when the "Americans" made holidays in Switzerland and at the same time the Eisenhower commanders were murdering millions of Germans in the Rhine meadow camps and organizing hunger in occupied Germany. Switzerland is a racist Zionist hot spot under direct NATO command and truth is not wanted. Red Cross can send you some food parcels but more is not possible! That's why intelligent foreigners are not loved in this Nazi Switzerland. All this should be written on the border shields and all this is also missing in Wikipedia...

Hyper criminal Swiss money laundering by blocking private bank accounts:

Swiss Nazi banks are not only performing any money laundering for Organized Crime of the world wide governments and secret services but Swiss Nazi banks even block bank accounts so they can pass the black money over the blocked private bank account abusing the name of the political victim for laundering the criminal black money... this is just Swiss Nazi lifestyle e.g. in UBS AG and the culprits are Villiger, Hubacher and Ospel (source is a very well known person of Swiss justice circles) - the culprits are never detained because they have the power with Rockefeller&Rothschild - yet!!! (degenerated Club of 300 where Villiger is one of the members).

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