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Nazi Switzerland part 1

Experience report

by Michael Palomino (2013)



Nazi Switzerland, facts

Swiss Nazi system

Money laundering and bank secret for any mafia and lodges

Swiss Nazi practice of bank secret
Bank secret is a law in Switzerland. All governments of the whole world can deposit money in Switzerland clandestinely and thus their own populations remain in poverty. Poor populations are more easy to be governed, and as UNO has a seat also in Geneva in Switzerland Swiss banks are "just around the corner" with their bank secret.

This bank secret is withholding to the world wide economy circulation systematically trillions and trillions of dollars (official Swiss journalists are speaking of 3 trillions of Swiss Francs, but there must be a dark figure of the factor of 10 or even 10, thus there can be estimated a real fortune stored in criminal Switzerland of 30 to 60 trillions of Swiss Francs). And the population of most countries of the world don't know why they are poor. Well, historians know it: Bank secret of Switzerland is one of the main reason for poverty in the world when development funds are given from the World Bank in Geneva just on the bank account on a Swiss bank next door and never are flowing to their destination country but the government families are distributing these funds simply within the government families.

This Nazi practice to provide the whole world a bank secret is a law in Switzerland, and when data is revealed then Swiss Nazi justice is pursuing the person, and also Swiss media are pursuing the person in a very bad way not asking for any moral but only showing Swiss egoism against the whole world of poverty. And in this way this mad Nazi Switzerland is working destroying systematically all moral on the world with it's bank secret and at the same time Switzerland is always richer and the rest of the world is always poorer. Since 1992 there is a "globalization" on the world and poverty was not going down but bank secret is used for the whole world now. That means that Switzerland has won rich clients from the former Eastern block, and who was poor mostly remained poor, or members of the middle class have suffered poverty oar have to make attention not to suffer poverty. At the same time Swiss policy means that this bank secret would be "an important contribution" to the world. We thank the criminal Swiss banks supporting this money hiding play. It's absolutely cruel...

Swiss Nazi practice of money laundering for international Mafia at UBS AG (Basel part which was "Bankverein" before)
Switzerland is laundering funds of world wife mafia. These funds come from international crime, and the laundering is proceeded above all in the high street bank of UBS AG (in the Basel section of UBS which was "Bankverein" before under leadership of Marcel Ospel). There the criminal mafia funds are washed coming from operations like illegal arms deal, women trafficking, drug dealing etc. passing the mafia funds over private bank accounts and their sub accounts. These private accounts are accounts from dead people, from former youth boys and girls, or are blocked private bank accounts blocked by intrigues and their newly added sub accounts.

But not only International Crime is supported by this, but also the destruction of the whole world is supported, because Mafia installed the EU system in Europe and manipulated also all media for this. Thus Switzerland is supporting mafia transactions ("compensations" and "grants" from Brussels) which are systematically landing in mafia hands provoking housing bubbles and stock exchange bubbles etc.) and thus the destruction of the whole continents will be provoked.

Swiss Nazi practice of UBS mafia in Swiss Secret Service: UBS cadres are working in Swiss Secret Service protecting any money laundering extorting all who want to "say something"

Now one can ask: Why Swiss secret service is not acting against these Swiss banks and against their money laundering machines working for mafia? Well, it's very simple: Swiss banks - above all UBS - placed former cadres in Swiss Secret Service thus the secret service will protect UBS from any investigation and prosecution. When there is any judge or attorney against UBS in Switzerland then Swiss Secret Service - who is monitoring every people in Switzerland - will only make one call to the judge or to the attorney presenting him facts about his private life extorting him in this way. And in this way UBS is collaborating with Swiss Secret Service and is also extorting also Swiss politicians. That means: The real government in Switzerland is not the government but is criminal high street bank of UBS with Swiss Secret Service...

We thank all this criminal Swiss government for it's cultural contribution giving in to the bank secret and money laundering for mafia and destroying the world and contributing to poverty worldwide. One of the main representatives of this killer "culture" is - one has to know this - former Government Member and Minister of Finance of Switzerland, Kaspar Villiger (until 2003) who was a member of UBS management board then and is working with UBS until today (2013) leading the "maneuvers" for world wide upper class and world wide mafia with his friends "destroying" all people who are not his poodle...

Swiss Nazi practice of intoxicating the whole world with pills and vaccinations and pesticides - and Nestlé purchasing water springs selling water in plastic bottles

There is another Nazi practice of Switzerland with pharma production intoxicating the whole world with pills and vaccinations and contaminating all waters with the remnants of the "medicaments" by the toilets. All this is provoking more infertility and change of bodies and sexes with frogs and fishes etc. Criminal Switzerland is also a center of pesticide production with it's pharma industries provoking heavy damages in the whole world provoking cancer and infertility also with pesticide products abroad which are forbidden in Switzerland - just for fun. And bee death also comes from pesticides...

The most illogical thing is that not vaccinated people would endanger vaccinated people!

And since about 10 years Swiss trust of Nestlé is purchasing systematically water springs in the whole world selling the water in water bottles provoking a shortage of water more and more in the whole world provoking that poor in the world have no free water any more and provoking more infertility in the world because plastic of the water bottles is also in the water of the plastic bottles and these residuents of plastic enter the blood of the human beings provoking more infertility - and Swiss government is not regulating anything...

Criminal Swiss Nazi police

Swiss Nazi tactic of "police operations" wasting money without end
Since the 1960s "police operations" were introduced in Switzerland under Nazi Government Member Kurt Furgler (Ministry for Justice and Police) introducing big police operations saving the Swiss government's policy. There is NEVER any calculation what these big police operations cost and how many good things one could do with this money.

Swiss Nazi practice with tear gas and rubber bullets pushing through the inhuman atomic power plants
Since the 1970s Swiss policy is fighting the population with rubber bullets and tear gas systematically since the last atomic plants were built. Swiss population principally did never want atomic plants but nobody could say anything. Opponents of nuclear power wanted to hinder any atomic waste and wanted Switzerland with clean energy. They were occupying the building site of the atomic plant of Gösgen, and since then criminal Swiss police has got not only tear gas but also rubber bullets.

In the 1970s the leading political parties concerning atomic power were "Christian Popular Party" (CVP) and "Free Democrats" (FDP). Today (in 2013) criminal Nazi SVP (under leadership of the 3 Blochers, Christoph, Gerhard and Silvia Blocher) is the most stupid political party liking to radiate whole Switzerland never calculating the costs for the atomic waste and the destruction of an atomic plant. To the contrary criminal SVP is always for more and new atomic plants. But calculating is not the focus of SVP but they rather like regulars' table chats with a beer glass without reading or calculating anything. Many Swiss (about one third) are living in this beer glass without brain mentality!

Swiss Nazi practice of criminal Swiss police with "loss of eyes" by rubber bullets - and pneumonia by tear gas
In the 1980s police in Zurich under Nazi mayor Sigmund Widmer and his Nazi police executive Hans Frick were fighting the movement for an Autonomous Youth Center (AJZ) systematically. These people had waited for a youth center since 30 years and then criminal Zurich police were fighting them with rubber bullets thus dozens of Swiss men and women and also uninvolved passerbys were loosing an eye ("loss of eyes").

Additionally criminal Swiss police in Zurich was applying regularly tear gas and tear gas water against the youth center provoking heavy damages not only provoking tears but also heavy pneumonias provoking partly lasting bodily damage and asthma for life and burnt skin up to transplants.

Hospitals in Zurich were ordered a news embargo and the "bourgeois" political parties of Zurich principally wanted a "sharpened" procedure in the 1980s yet: They wanted to have killings without having seen the Autonomous Youth Center (AJZ) from inside only one time.

This guideline against regime critics with criminal police operations with tear gas, tear gas water and rubber bullets is valid until today (2013) and is regularly repeated until today (2013) against demonstration against demonstrations on May 1, and against demonstrations against the arrogant and degenerated World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos.

But the worst police of Switzerland is not Zurich, but is in Geneva where the facade for the seat of the UNO and for the World Bank in Geneva has to be kept. Geneva police is the most intolerant police and is the police with the newest weapons. Therefore demonstrations in French part of Switzerland are regularly not in Geneva but in Lausanne.

Swiss Nazi practice with invented entries in police documents
The same criminal police of Switzerland also has got the characteristic to make faked "entries" in police documents according to inventions or not investigated rumors "hosing" certain persons which are uttering critics to this Swiss Nazi state, or who seem to be "suspicious" because of faked rumors. But for criminal Swiss police any new "suspicion" is a "divine coincidence" giving more work for the police.

Swiss Nazi practice of criminal Swiss police wasting tax money
Therefore criminal Swiss police is committing waste of tax money with millions of Swiss Francs systematically
-- with "preventive" detentions
-- with faked entries in police documents
-- provoking heavy injuries to Swiss men and women applying rubber bullets, tear gas, and tear gas water up to losses of eyes and pneumonias and asthma

damaging Swiss tax payer and Swiss health insurances and Swiss tax payer does not know about this because for mentally retarded Swiss journalists police is always or mostly "holy".

Criminal Swiss Nazi justice

Swiss Nazi practice of criminal Swiss justice with invented reasons for arrests and prison sentences
Regime critics and regime enemies are systematically spied in Nazi Switzerland, detained or "as a prevention" they are detained and pursued, also when there is no delict at all. And reasons for arrests are invented AFTER their detention.

Swiss Nazi practice of criminal Swiss justice inventing actions
Criminal Swiss justice in Nazi Switzerland also has got the characteristic inventing criminal actions of persons registering these invented criminal actions providing more work by pursuing people systematically.

Swiss Nazi practice with faked interrogations
Criminal Swiss justice is faking interrogations interrogating the victim but then the argumentation and the views of the affected person are not at all considered in the following procedure, but mostly criminal fantasies of justice staff and of attorneys are considered who are often even alcoholics or even mafia members and cannot think logically any more. First attorney of Basel prosecution service for example was Thomas Hug. He for example never had any justice diploma but he was member of Russian and Italian mafia at the same time manipulating any juridical proceeding which was in his hands - just for fun...

And when the blamed person is a foreigner or even a German in criminal Nazi Switzerland then the criminal energy of criminal Swiss justice cannot be stopped any more and any statement of the blamed foreign person is not valid at all or is even not read.

Swiss Nazi practice with faked processes
Criminal Swiss justice is organizing also faked processes pretending that there would be justice but the verdict is predetermined. Who is predetermining these results is often not clear or will be known after the process. The inquiry of the blamed person in the process is only a fake and the verdict corresponds to the idea of the criminal First Attorney (for example Thomas Hug in Basel, mafia member of Italian and Russian mafia at the same time), and the verdict in criminal Nazi Switzerland is not following the logic indications of the blamed person.

Swiss Nazi practice of criminal Swiss justice with invented punishments
Criminal Swiss justice is providing work for friends working in jails inventing punishments and actions.

Swiss Nazi practice concealing verdicts after the process
At the end criminal Swiss Nazi justice is simply making the joke "dispersing" the verdict making impossible for any journalist to investigate the case, and this Swiss Nazi justice is even stating that this or that process had never occurred. This is one more Nazi tactic for example by criminal First Attorney Thomas Hug in Basel.

Swiss Nazi practice of criminal Swiss justice with drug dealing in every corner
At the same time Swiss Nazi justice is the biggest drug dealer in Switzerland permitting that also in the last village drugs shopping centers on two legs are walking around dealing drugs. Swiss justice just wants that Swiss population will loose much money with drugs reducing the fortunes of the population.

Swiss Nazi practice of criminal Swiss justice wasting money
This Swiss Nazi justice is committing absolute waste of money with millions of Swiss Francs
-- with invented reasons for arrest
-- with invented actions
-- with faked questionings
-- with faked processes
-- with faked verdicts and punishments

and thus this criminal Nazi justice in Switzerland is damaging Swiss tax payer without Swiss tax payer knows about it, or Swiss Nazi justice is making verdicts with invented fines confiscating these fines by invented actions.

Criminal Swiss Nazi secret services (criminal "Swiss Intelligence Service", SIS)

Swiss Nazi practice of criminal Swiss Nazi secret service spreading wrong data in the whole world

Criminal Swiss Secret Service of Nazi Switzerland has got the character protecting the criminal habits of Swiss upper class when there is a collaborating with mafia groups and protecting all money laundering actions. At the same time the same criminal Swiss Secret Service is pursuing above all foreigners with wrong data from Swiss police documents and from Swiss juridical documents. This criminal Swiss Secret Service is even boasting about these faked data. These faked data is spread world wide then or is even sold to other secret services finding "new friends" on an international level organizing human huntings providing work for people on the whole world.

Thus criminal Nazi Swiss Secret Service ("Swiss Intelligence Service" SIS) is manipulating with faked data
-- justice and police of whole countries or continents
-- other intelligent services
-- Interpol
-- the family of the blamed person
-- media, newspapers, radios, TV stations
-- language schools and other learning institutes where the blamed person is making a further education
-- psychiatry staff is manipulated when the victim is in psychiatry
-- neighbors
-- house owners
-- house managements
-- hotel owners and hotel staff
-- airports
-- bus drivers
and so on and so on. Addiction of boasting does not know any border line with this criminal Nazi Swiss Intelligence Service.

The persecution of the blamed person is going that far
-- that complete hotels are occupied because they want to find out details about the personality
-- that complete buses are occupied with faked passengers because they want to find out details about the victim. Members of criminal Swiss secret service are sitting  as a "passenger" next to the victim listening the victim or trapping the victim with conversations and the same members are monitoring what the victim is taking as a photo when the victim is on tour as a tourist, which motive is focused most etc., and all this is interpreted and reported with criminal interpretations to the "headquarter"
-- the victim is pursued and watched in restaurants
-- the victim is pursued and watched at bars.

The principle of criminal Swiss secret service: one time calumny - always calumny - saving the jobs

Thus criminal Swiss secret service is committing a systematical calumny with certain persons on the whole world, above all with foreigners who have lived a certain time in Switzerland. Criminal Swiss secret service is distributing faked and invented data and actions from Swiss police documents and from Swiss juridical documents without any control or investigation.

As the criminal Swiss secret service is provoking on more and more jobs with these cases of calumnies (above all against foreigners) this criminal Swiss secret service is going on with the calumnies keeping their jobs not loosing jobs also when there is NO crime during 20 years. Thus something more criminal than this Swiss Secret Service or Swiss Intelligence Service does NOT exist in the world.

Examples of Nazi practices of calumny against Swiss and foreigners by criminal Swiss Secret Service (Swiss Intelligence Service) - they must have giant sex problems in this Swiss secret service

Invention of "racists": historians thinking and investigating the Holocaust against the Jews logically are systematically defined as "racists" and thus this criminal Swiss justice is blocking any Holocaust research and lies of the criminal "U.S.A." concerning the Holocaust against the Jews using German dead bodies in summer 1945 presenting them as "Jewish dead bodies", hiding all facts about tunnel system constructioning in the Third Reich 1942-1944 by this criminal Swiss justice, and also hiding all secret deportations from European Jews to Stalin's Gulag by this criminal Swiss justice etc.
Invention of "criminal pedophiles" 01: Foreigners are pursued as "criminal pedophiles" only because one can work well and in a constructive way with children, but there was never any delict
Invention of "criminal pedophiles" 02: all people watching good porno are in the focus with the fantasy that they could be also watcher of child porno
Invention of "violators": Foreigners are systematically pursued as "violators" because criminal Swiss secret service is listening to sex life of foreigners by their spying devices but this same peeping criminal Nazi Swiss Secret Service does not want to distinguish good sex and violation.
Invention of "murderers": all demonstrators in a demonstration are defined as murderers and after a "preventive" detention can be charged with the words "attempted killing" also when the victim was without any weapon just shocking and paralyzing the victim mentally respectively for having a crime described in the juridical documents with a bad effect concerning the judge.
Invention of attacks: when there is a graffito saying the truth with a marker pen (thus not a nonsense design, but a real important message), then criminal Swiss justice calls this a "felt pen attack" converting the intelligent person into a "wild attacker"
Invention of "arson attacks": criminal Swiss justice is systematically inventing arson attacks against detained and blamed victims shocking and paralyzing them mentally - for example inventing arson attacks in trash cans - getting some criminalities into the documents justifying the detention having bad effect to the judge.

That means, this criminal Nazi Swiss Secret Service has got giant sex problems and is projecting his sex problems on foreigners pursuing and calumniating them, and such huntings of humans of this criminal Swiss Secret Service are principally a systematic torture and sedition of the whole world against certain persons. At the same time this criminal Swiss Secret Service is never presenting himself and is never communicating presenting his identity, but members of this criminal Nazi Swiss Secret Service are even hiding his identity with at least 5 languages and 10 passports thus the hotel owners were indicating that there would live a "Danish" person or a "Russian" man. But I could hear them speaking Swiss German very well in the hotels...

Swiss Nazi practice of criminal Nazi Swiss Secret Service wasting tax money
With it's propaganda, huntings of humans and calumnies with faked data in the whole world this criminal Nazi Swiss Secret Service is committing a huge waste of tax money with millions of Swiss Francs damaging Swiss tax payers and damaging the tax payers of the whole world and the tax payer does not know about this waste of funds, or the criminal Swiss Secret Service wants to boast with invented fines which the Swiss sate is getting back from the invented culprit.

Censored Swiss history school books

Swiss Nazi practice of censorship and not reporting facts
History books of Nazi Switzerland are often systematically concealing a big part of the collaboration with the Third Reich between 1933 and 1945 and are simply blaming Germany being the only culprit for the Second World War without mentioning Hitler's international and above all "U.S." financiers, but there is even more: These criminal Swiss history books
-- are systematically concealing money laundering for mafia groups and for world wide governments playing a destructive role for the whole world with the bank secret
-- are systematically concealing criminal practices of Swiss police, Swiss justice and Swiss Secret Service concerning domestic and external policy
-- are systematically concealing huge waste of tax money by criminal practices of criminal police, justice, and secret service.

That means that Swiss history books are more the history books of the "U.S.A.".

Criminal political Nazi party of SVP with propaganda against minorities and foreigners - missing protection of minorities and foreigners in Nazi Switzerland

Until today (2013) Switzerland is without protection of minorities and without protection of foreigners

Concretely everybody as a member of a minority and above all every foreigner can go to Switzerland having the experience how is a country where no protection of minorities and no protection of foreigners exist. Criminal political Nazi party of SVP is just using this juridical gap in it's political program since 1992 making propaganda against minorities and above all against foreigners in advertisings, posters and leaflets and since 1998 also in clear Nazi colors black and red. With this Nazi method SVP is catching votes since 1992 and since 1998 just this SVP has sucked almost all right extremist voters of Switzerland.

Advertisements, posters and flyers of this criminal political party of SVP cost a lot of money, really lots of money. Spending 10 million Swiss Francs for advertisements, posters and flyers in one year is normal for SVP. In certain years it also can be 17 million! This propaganda is made partly only "stimulating" topics in Swiss media. The responsibles of this criminal SVP are only watching the data in the police computer and the data of the migration police. Minorities and foreigners are systematically described only with bad data. Foreigners are depicted on posters, in advertisements and on flyers as black figures systematically. The political enemy is depicted in form of animals like lice or rats. And in propaganda advertisements are presented only negative points systematically and positive deeds of minorities or of foreigners are NEVER communicated. Thus SVP is demonstrably a Nazi party, also when it is calling itself "democratic". But this party of SVP is not at all democratic because it is dominated by billionaires and by only one family with the name "Blocher" (three Protestant "Christian" Nazi extremists: Christoph Blocher, his "big brother" Gerhard Blocher, and the wife of Christoph Blocher: Silvia Blocher). They just have fun to pursue minorities and foreigners. They have no study in sociology nor in history and are spreading their fears simply in the whole country of Switzerland. There is no further education and they don't speak with foreigners at all for finding the right and efficient measure. Education is just not wanted in this SVP otherwise one could not make any propaganda any more and any topic for the beer regulars' tables...

Propaganda against Germans in Switzerland

Especially this criminal Nazi party SVP is making propaganda against Germans who life in Switzerland, simply by the minority complex because Germans speak German better than Swiss, and by the eternal war memory that the Third Reich was occupying the three neutral Benelux countries in 1940 and also could have "taken" neutral Switzerland. But criminal SVP representatives (above all "Prof. Dr." Baron of the Lies Mörgeli) are concealing always that Switzerland was collaborating with the Third Reich since 1940 by 100% and an occupation of Switzerland never had been real for the Third Reich for example because Switzerland was the currency hub. But the propaganda against Germans in Switzerland by criminal Nazi party of SVP has consequences: Certain militant Swiss mean that they should perform attacks against German cars and against German windows whereas just the Germans in Switzerland are the best workers with the lowest criminality rate even 40% under the Swiss criminality rate. German immigrants are just the best one can have, but not for this criminal SVP. Criminal Swiss are performing their manipulations against Germans then with stabbed tires, broken rear mirrors, scratched cars, broken windows, are organizing intrigues with wrong information given by police, secret service and neighbors etc. This propaganda and these attacks against Germans in Switzerland are not only working since 2008, but the attacks are since 2008 since a propaganda advertisement of criminal SVP showed a faked statistic that German professors would become dominant in Swiss universities and Zurich University would only be staffed by German professors in 5 years. Thus Germans partly do not have the courage any more coming to Switzerland with their car leaving their car at the border taking the train speaking only English in Switzerland. Other Germans in Switzerland take the necessary action by all these Swiss criminalities boycotting Switzerland and boycotting Swiss products spreading the truth about this Nazi Switzerland which will NEVER improve because "hunting Germans" is considered a "Swiss feeling"...

And when Swiss secret service is pursuing Germans abroad who have lived in Switzerland before also this criminal habit of criminal Nazi Swiss Secret Service will be reported to the world. Nazis of Swiss Secret Service are pursuing such foreigners systematically spreading wrong information to other secret services, to CIA, to Interpol etc. and this happens not only to Germans who are born or have unfortunately lived in Switzerland, but also to Turks and so on and so on. Criminality of Nazi Switzerland does not know any border line any more...

Coward Swiss policy does not install any protection of minorities nor protection of foreigners by law

Now see this: Despite of all events until today (2013) this coward and criminal Nazi Switzerland has NO general juridical protection of minorities by law and has NO general juridical protection of foreigners by law. THERE IS NOT ONE SINGLE POLITICAL PARTY IN SWITZERLAND even discussing this subject protecting minorities and foreigners from this criminal Nazi SVP, and criminal Swiss justice - is just permitting all this propaganda against minorities and against foreigners in Nazi colors and with Nazi argumentations. Positive foreigners are just NEVER mentioned by this criminal SVP, and in this way this SVP is catching new voters because Swiss voters are not aware how SVP is manipulating Switzerland. Lies and concepts of enemies of SVP are fixed more and more in the heads of Swiss people and as a foreigner a free life is not possible any more in Switzerland. Thus Switzerland is converted into a racist and discriminating country and is so criminal to foreigners that one cannot describe it. Switzerland with this SVP is really a horror - and Swiss justice is permitting this horror! In short words: Switzerland has converted into a piece of brown shit. And Swiss left wing movements also see this like this always more and more.

Final point: Switzerland is said to be the "best country of the world" - and is the the most criminal country of the world

Swiss Nazi practice with propaganda being "the best system of the world"

National Swiss propaganda is claiming that Switzerland would be "the best system of the world" and would be a "special case" with a "direct people's democracy" but is concealing systematically

-- the manipulation of the population by wrong propaganda, wrong advertisements and wrong arguments and posters in Nazi colors (SVP
-- the money laundering of Swiss banks, above all by UBS AG, for mafia groups (the Basel part of UBS, former "Bankverein", under leadership of Ospel)
-- criminal police provoking heavy bodily damages by rubber bullets, tear gas, "preventive" detentions and invented entries
-- criminal police and criminal Swiss justice and criminal Swiss secret service systematically inventing data and systematically spreading these invented data committing calumny world wide against 1,000s of humans organizing huntings of humans world wide
-- permitting drug dealing in the whole country, inventing reasons for arrests, and inventing entries by criminal Swiss Nazi justice
-- censored history books concealing a big part of the collaboration with the Third Reich and concealing the negative role of the bank secret for the whole world.

That means: Switzerland is the most criminal country of the world. Criminal bank secret is even a law and persons publishing of data of tax defrauders will be pursued with a verdict - because of the "violation of the bank secret". That means that Switzerland is a mentally ill country supporting moral degeneration and supporting poverty in the whole world.

Persons who "say something" are suspicious at once and the employer, police and justice are attacking the person with spying action inventing pretexts and reasons for arrests systematically against this person who "is saying something". This person is fought without rest because the truth is not wanted in criminal Nazi Switzerland.

And when a foreigner is "saying something" then this person is just doubled suspicious and criminal Swiss police and justice are taking all possible action not only attacking the person with spying but also justice of the home country is informed with the faked data and suspicions "supplying" the "colleagues" of police and justice with new jobs above all when the foreigner is a German because then German speaking Swiss criminals are writing the same language with the German authorities.

Criminal Switzerland was never denazified after 1945 - Nazi structures and Nazi kinds of thinking are partly going on until today

This is Nazi Switzerland. Swiss mostly don't know at all that they are Nazis because nobody is telling them this and because Nazis officially never was proclaimed in Switzerland. To the contrary: Since 1945 Swiss policy was pretending an innocence to the whole world and is pretending this innocence to the whole world until today (2013) claiming that Switzerland would be no cause for world wide poverty. But it's just the contrary:
-- thanks to criminal Nazi Switzerland Hitler's Wehrmacht got precision parts for precision weapons (e.g. important rocket parts for rockets against London)
-- thanks to criminal Nazi Switzerland a big majority of "big Nazis" could take their flight passing Switzerland reaching South "America" in 1945 and in 1946
-- and thanks to criminal Nazi Switzerland the complete world wide mafia can wash their funds of International Crime in Swiss banks, above all in UBS AG - and the biggest case will be the destruction of Europe by mafia construction of EU.

After 1945 Switzerland was just NOT denazified but is working partly with all Nazi practices - and it does not matter to criminal Swiss Nazi police and criminal Swiss Nazi justice pursuing people "just for fun" because Swiss people like computer games and they want that real life also would be a computer game where Swiss people are always "winning". In this manner the "best country of the world" is working, criminal Nazi Switzerland.

Systematical waste of money in criminal Switzerland - mad Swiss population by criminal bank secret, police and justice

Instead of doing something good criminal Swiss police, criminal Swiss justice and criminal Swiss secret service are spending millions hunting humans on the whole world - and at the same time they are proceeding money laundering actions for any mafia group and for any government of the world - with the protection of the "bank secret".

Persons "saying something" are pursued juridically. And basically Swiss population is absolutely mad by all this - provoking madness by their bank secret in the whole world destroying moral world wide.

In this way the Swiss Nazi system is working, the "best country of the world". Switzerland was never denazified. Principally Switzerland with it's structures and with it's aid for the International Crime and with it's criminal police and juridical structures is the most criminal country of the world.

Swiss police and justice and secret service are protecting the criminal upper class and criminal mafia groups.

And Swiss psychology and Swiss historians are not telling anything although this system of high criminality is more and more destroying the planet and poverty is always more and not less. And people defending themselves against this Nazi system of Switzerland are defined "mentally ill" (invalid) by Swiss psychology instead that Swiss psychology would do something about this Swiss Nazi state at least.

Swiss police, Swiss justice and Swiss Secret Service are protecting al this propaganda and not one single political party has reached the aim in this criminal bank secret installing a general protection of minorities by law stopping the propaganda against groups of human beings and against foreigners in public.

"U.S.A." were never denazified either

And one has to know: "U.S.A." was never denazified either what concerns economy and social structures of the "U.S.A." after 1945. The emancipation of the black came juridically only in 1968, but the practice with racism against blacks is going on in the "U.S.A." as also the "hatred against Germans" is going on in Switzerland without limits. Switzerland in fact is just a Federal State of war monger "U.S.A." Who is protesting against "U.S.A." telling the truth about "U.S.A." in Switzerland is also "hosed" by Swiss police, Swiss justice and Swiss Secret Service. Criminal Swiss authorities do not read books nor analyze films and photos but are stuck in the East West conflict yet rating all as "communist" what is not heading for "U.S.A."

Switzerland is a Nazi system and Swiss mean they have the best system of the world. Switzerland - Nazi Land...

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