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Criminal Swiss prosecution department and justice with propaganda against men

Criminal methods and waste of money without limits at Swiss prosecution department with propaganda against men in Switzerland and in the whole world - installing child porn web sites where they want to "catch" "pedophiles" - propaganda for years against allegedly suspected also when there is no delict at all


presented by Michael Palomino (since 2013)

Point 1: Some facts about countries with much sexual child abuse

An article in Basel Newspaper (Basler Zeitung) mentioning a flyer in a Swiss town with the warning from an allegedly man in black with a long black wig who is said to contact children ( provoked the following remarks:

Child abuse in underdeveloped countries - for example in Peru - the culprits are mostly family members

In Peru I could follow the press for years where there is much child abuse, officially there are 4 cases of sexual child abuse every day. The dark figure can be 10 times higher. And the culprits are mostly family members in normal clothes and their task is to survey the child. All other chattering is rubbish what is written there about a man in black or of a long artificial hair. Being together with children has to be mentally constructive - of course also joyful funny times must be - otherwise human rights would be violated and both sides would suffer a damage. In the underdeveloped countries this constructive mentality is HARDLY or is NO topic at all, mental growth is not recognized and often there are even no playgrounds for children.

Supporting the mental growth with the child means to give motivations, to give ideas, to mention other possibilities, flexible thinking, not speaking in a boring way, make plays with variations, to work with constructive fantasy, and giving ideas for more fantasy. In the underdeveloped countries it's not possible to "bring" them something because people in such countries mostly mean (for example in criminal Peru) that in the whole world it would be like in their own country (as for example in criminal Peru). The countries are full of negative energy: There is much violence in TV, TV with violence is also installed in buses, there are gangs working, there are murders, there is revenge, there is proud, there is violation, there is criminal pedophilia etc. And the governments are mostly a part of this system. Peace is boring for them!

Anxiety of mothers and propaganda against men - the psychopathic women making propaganda against men - and what is a hug?

Anxiety is only that strong because women have no ideas that men are also sensitive. This sensitivity has to be educated. Teh worst case is a school camp with girls who have no father. Then these girls want hugs from the leaders and the leaders never know if one should permit it or not. There is a clear rule for this: The leader has to be remained in a good memory. Then it's clear where the limits are: hug not longer than 30 seconds and diverting the child then and taboo zone from the shoulder to the knee. But in the teacher's training? - this is missing.

Women who never read anything about love and sexuality (for example Erich From "Art of Loving") are mentally retarded then developing a general suspicion against men without thinking and then they are chasing teachers and leaders and they are provoking even police actions against innocents - but in reality the are concealing a child abuse case in their own family etc. Therefore one cannot be a teacher in Switzerland any more because women are just infecting each other which is working up to women in the prosecution department. And what is a hug? This is saying the child what is a hug. Caressing is NOT a hug, but a hug is just a hug - this the girls want often in a camp when they are living without fathers at home.

What is a hug? A hug is a slight hug when the adult person thinks: Here you are safe my child. A hug for the child is the acquisition of the feeling for the base of life, getting the basic confidence, the basic feeling, the feeling for the basic force, for the basic safety. Normally girls get this from their father. When there is no father then the camp leaders are playing this role for one or two weeks and they get it there. When there are visits in the home then the children are behaving like cats sometimes around the legs of the visiting person for feeling his energy. Sometimes also a tree can have this function when the tree is hugged again and again, for example during holidays on a farm. Then the tree is loved, the girls are climbing on him, swings or huts are installed on the tree etc. There is also a connection to the basic force of nature, as with a father. Why some persona are feeling a big pain when a big tree is cut and destroyed? Because then the symbol for the basic force of life is cut and destroyed.

A hug is no smooching or petting because smooching or petting is not a question for the basic safety or the basic feeling any more but for a love relationship.

Criminal Swiss prosecution department does not know anything about humans - but they only want higher salaries and a "successful manhunt"

People who don't know what is a hug don't realize anything about life or education of beings. Such people never realizing anything about life are for example the criminals in Swiss prosecution department who are only thinking in certain schemes and patterns and who HAVE NEVER STUDIED ANYTHING about history or about the creation of the civilization. Criminal Swiss are just the most criminal state world wide with their bank secret and with their criminal money laundering on earth. They are thinking about their bank account daily and they are only thinking about money - moral they DON'T have which is absolutely proved. They are hunting humans for getting a "successful manhunt" - also when there is no success during 20 years - but there is much salary with every person who is at least hunted, much salary for the criminals in the criminal Swiss justice...

The criminal Swiss prosecution department is appointing who is "suspicious" or not. They are also inventing cases and deliberately the are putting people on a "black list" and then they want a "successful manhunt", also when there is no delict at all. They are pursuing the suspicious people during decades, they are wasting millions for their manipulations, they are wasting millions for their spying claiming that this spying would be for more "safety" in the country. They are destroying totally the life of the "suspicious", they are manipulating neighbors and hotel owners systematically, but they are blocked again and again by the truth and then they have to go. But in any new domicile this "play" is beginning again.

The fact is that the stupid Swiss judicial officers are the criminals, they are so stupid and they have NO idea about life. Because further education in criminal Swiss justice is NOT foreseen. The stupids in this criminal Swiss prosecution department REMAIN STUPID and a part of them are even mafia members - above all in the racist canton of Zurich where is the center of banker's criminality. There the judicial officers have lost any feeling for life. Unfortunately justice in Basel is not better at all with their barbarity and cruelty because they are permitting all the poison from Swiss pharma in Basel and they are pursuing human rights activists and historians etc.

Point 2: Missing literature

Literature is missing - child slavery for example in Thailand - the girl is the hero at the end with the money for a new house

It seems that literature is missing describing clearly what is "heart", what is a love relationship and what is criminal pedophilia. Mothers in their panic are often not distinguishing this any more and then they make propaganda against men up to police and prosecution department, and also there the officials don't make any difference because they don't know Erich Fromm's book (art of loving) and other literature. In other continents this distinguishing is absolutely unknown and life is only working with to give and to take, children are often the slaves of the parents or children are even sold like in Thailand in the countryside and police officers are visiting the children brothels then.

In Thailand pedophilia is not at all called like this but this is a normal job for poor families in the country side where the government and economy are missing. Above all Japanese and Chinese businessmen are coming to Thailand for being with a "virgin" during one week. Often the girl will be operated two more times for "selling" her virginity three times getting the money for a new house and the girl is a hero of the family then. These are the facts in the countryside in Thailand, and the virgins come also from Burma / Myanmar. Thus it's not a question of the human beings, but the question is poverty and poverty is creating this system.

Feelings of men have to be educated - Erich Fromm - political party of Nazi SVP and criminal Swiss prosecution department don't want to learn

Feelings of men have to be educated and for this the book of Erich Fromm (art of loving) is one of the basic books. In countries without books this has to be taught by TV. But in TV of states without books there is mostly only show and discotheque and news and nothing else.

And all these stories about a dark black man are nonsense but these are fantasy images and these stories are also a product of the criminal advertising of the political Nazi party of Swiss Popular Party (SVP) in Switzerland, and these stories of a dark black man are also the product of criminal Swiss prosecution department where many staff members are from just this criminal political party of SVP who are really mentally retarded and should go to psychiatry for getting a better knowledge of men and life as a further education. There is no sense when just this Swiss justice is installing new web sites in the Internet just for "catching" "pedophiles" but the teaching has to be with feelings. Thus Swiss prosecution department is wasting millions for nothing.

Point 3: Pedophile women

Pedophile women abusing boys - example of a woman teacher in a math grammar school

There is a reader presenting a strange experience:

<I was suffering much by one of our women teachers in school (first three classes of former math grammar school, [German: Mathematisch-Naturwissenschaftliches Gymnasium, MNG]) committing sadistic plays with me (for example I had to stay on a chair and I had to shout answered into the class room because I had a soft voice). What is with such beasts? Harmless only because they are women and are rated as being precious and good by the feminist doctrine? (and they should be sexually well adored of course...?)

Well as the experiences are similar I also had a criminal experience in a criminal math grammar school in Basel 1977-1980 and I can present this here:

Math grammar school is one of the inhuman inventions which exist in the world: A complete grammar school only with mathematics, 3/5 of the classes are boy's classes. Parents even could "choose" if their boy should be in a boy's class so there would "not be much" with girls with him yet. There in the math grammar school (MNG) the robots of the state are formed and the drill teachers of Swiss military are abusing many boys there as their "parade ground" - and in this way also the woman teacher did it as it seems and this woman teacher was copying just the behavior of the sadistic military teachers. Math grammar schools should be forbidden.

Pedophile mothers slapping their son but want him as a replacement for the husband who has gone before

And then there is another experience with pedophile mothers:

Pedophile women are projecting their fury against the former husband to the son later. These pedophile women are treating the son in the way like the former husband treated her. The pedophile mother is prohibiting to the son everything so he will not be so "wild" like the former husband, and at the same time this son should be a replacement of the former husband. These pedophile mothers are cruel beasts and the sons are often not protected at all from them - I could see it myself and I saw this case again in disrupted families in Peru. But then the prosecution department and justice are protecting the mothers meaning that the son would be a case for psychiatry. But basically the prosecution department and justice are a case for psychiatry - because they are unteachable.

Point 4: Kidnappings are a question about "possession" - or for mafia clubs or organ commerce

Abduction of children (kidnapping) by unknown people are mostly a lie - because the culprit is mostly the divorced part of the parents

Another event is the abduction of children but this is completely another delict than sexual child abuse with criminal pedophilia, and it needs also other preconditions. Abduction of children is hardly working with sexuality but the big feeling with this action is "possession" and the inability for sharing. But hysteric women in Switzerland an din prosecution departments are simply mixing all in one claiming that criminal pedophiles would abduct children. Not at all! This would be much too striking! But in the times of nowadays (2013) with always more not educated staff in justice and in prosecution departments and with a police force only playing computer games and watching videos instead of making a further education reading books - then this madness mixing everything will be possible.

A reader is writing the reality here:

<Considering kidnapping I can say the following: There are 30 to 35 cases of kidnapping in Switzerland per year. A big part of these cases are committed by the divorced parent who has no right to educate. Thus the danger that just your child will be kidnapped by an unknown person is really low.>

And then one has to see the following clearly that sometimes also criminal Swiss police is committing kidnapping when children are detained without reason and without any proof being even charged by faked action yet - as it happened in 2004 when 300 soccer fans were generally detained for half a day in Zurich being fixed with cable ties - and there were children in this group but they had not committed anything. Thus we see also in this case: Police is creating more work by criminalizing also children. This Switzerland is shit.

Robbed children by mafia and organ trade gangs

But sometimes children are really disappearing - probably they are encircled and then shifted into a car ordinarily and transported away and never come back again. This happens world wide. One can see this in the statistics of missed persons and in the advertisings about missed children. I for myself saw some posters about missed children on poles when I was in Chile. Or on Aruba Island in the Caribbean a 16 years old youth girl was robbed by mafia and then always a Dutch was blamed only for having been the last person who did see her.

Who is robbing children there? This is mafia for pedophile clubs or these are gangs dealing with human organs. Truth about this organized crime is in the dark. And Dutroux in Belgium is not allowed to present the truth yet because criminal justice is prohibiting it - otherwise the whole political system could collapse. Therefore we see what criminal justice is also doing in Switzerland: They are protecting the criminals in politics and "economy" (in Switzerland banker's criminality and poison pharma) and the population is not so important for Swiss justice - and little cases are goof for career maintaining the job and justifying the existence. That means: Criminal Swiss justice knows much more than they are telling and probably they are bribed and extorted - by high political lodges... (R&R, Skull and Bones etc.).

One of the most criminal women blaming men in the whole world for nothing is Mrs. Clinton with direct contact to CIA and NSA and all spying devices because she is a frustrated woman because "her" Bill had other affairs, too. This Mrs. Clinton is so criminal and is probably one of the strong forces for the persecution of the Dutch on Aruba - and may be criminal Swiss secret service is collaborating with her also for hunting other men in the world - all for nothing and blowing millions of dollars for nothing. But further education with books is not wanted in this world of computer games - where spying is considered just one more game. They turn mad and this criminal Mrs. Clinton is never detained for her criminal "work". The same counts for Interpol playing with humans and spying as if it would be a computer game, and the really criminal persons and the war mongers on the world are NEVER detained: Bush, Obama, Rumsfeld, Mrs. Clinton, Zionists etc.

You know why there are wars in the world? - Because within mafia groups one can make careers only by murders and in the political lodges one can make careers only by wars.

As Europe is a well organized social system there is hardly any kidnapping in Europe. Therefore mafia or gangs for organ commerce are more active in the not supervised areas in the underdeveloped countries - and this is really sad - where children are sold until today for getting the money for a new house etc. Children are not robbed but sold.

Point 5: Criminal Swiss prosecution department and justice with maneuvers against men - they have to go

Criminal Swiss prosecution department blowing millions for propaganda campaigns and spying - instead of teaching mankind and themselves

WITH PROPAGANDA THERE WILL NEVER BE ANY EFFECT, but only with EDUCATION, SCHOOLING AND READING. This counts also for women - for example in the justice system and in the Swiss prosecution department. Millions of Swiss Francs are blown for spying and child porn web sites are installed in the Internet DELIBERATELY for "catching" "pedophiles" who never were with such stuff before - but this prosecution service should work with themselves with further education about anthropology. This criminal Swiss prosecution department is systematically spying all teachers and their sexual life - without any juridical base - and even former teachers not being a teacher any more are spied and pursued. And it seems that criminal justice members are even making bets against people on the black list. Intelligence of Switzerland is coming down to 0 by this, intelligence quotient for Switzerland is 0.

Considering where this Swiss prosecution department is failing and where violence is permitted then this Swiss prosecution department is the criminal factor number 1 of the society:
-- permitting masses of violence in TV
-- installing child porn web sites in the Internet deliberately for "catching" or even "creating" new "pedophiles"
-- sending anonymous letters with child porn offers in it by mail
-- permitting masses of violence in the streets against bikers and pedestrians in Switzerland
-- permitting masses of psychological child abuse in schools with criminal military officials as teachers or with hyenas as women teachers against boys
-- permitting a general suspicion and a general spying work against teachers and former teachers also when there is not one single slice delict in this way
-- performing manipulations of private life of the persons on the black list, for example teachers and former teachers, pursuing also foreigners and even abroad
-- permitting the criminal bank secret and criminal money laundering for any Organized Crime in the world in criminal high street bank of UBS AG protecting also human trafficking
-- permitting financing of wars by the world wide banks
-- permitting any invention of new poison by pills, vaccines and pesticides.

These are the products of criminal Swiss prosecution department and of criminal Swiss justice - the most criminal country in the world: Switzerland - Shitzerland.

Criminal Swiss prosecution department and criminal Swiss justice - with world wide spying in the net of UBS AG - not serving the world at all and should be put in jail

This Swiss justice and state's prosecution service - installing child porn web sites in the Internet deliberately and sending anonymous letters with child porn offers - is absolutely criminal and has to be locked up. This Swiss prosecution department with it's criminal Swiss secret service in it's back ground (where cadres from high street bank of UBS AG are working world wide with Swiss salary) is number 1 wasting and blowing millions of Swiss Francs daily - financed by UBS AG instead of investing the money for social measures reducing criminality world wide.

With all this money any social measure could be financed for schooling the feelings of the humans - and above all this money could be used for further education of the criminal clerks of Swiss justice and Swiss prosecution department so these criminals in Swiss prosecution department would not only have straw and beer in their heads. It's really awful and dreadful in which hands the richest country of the world has landed - criminal Switzerland.

The facts are just these ones: Swiss secret service with it's world wide banking net of high street bank of UBS AG is not at all interested in reducing world wide criminality but is interested in MAINTAINING the Organized Crime because MONEY LAUNDERING is processed in UBS AG itself - and criminal mafia bosses and bosses of lodges are good "customers" of these criminal Swiss banks - and all this is PROTECTED by criminal Swiss prosecution department and by Swiss justice. Swiss justice and Swiss secret service are just protecting the big criminality and are even organizing it - and this counts for example also for cigar company "Villiger" which is in the hands of former government member and "Minister of Finance" Mr. Villiger who is not only importing tobacco cigars from Cuba but also white powder cigars with powder from South "America", and this counts also for the secret pedophile club of world wide upper class financed by UBS AG in Basel (e.g. "Animal Circle", German: "Tierkreis"). Mr. Dutroux is not allowed to tell the details...

Until today all is concealed what is going on there because Mr. Dutroux is not allowed to speak what he knows, justice is simply not working... probably being bribed or extorted by the big lodges. It comes out clearly that Swiss justice is not serving anything for peace but they are even creating criminality because they don't know anything about schooling and education - mostly they don't know what is a tree either - but they get five-digit monthly salaries in Swiss Francs and they want to keep their "job". Further education is NOT projected and thus they are "going on" as before with propaganda against men and the are installing more child porn web sites in the Internet for "catching" "pedophiles" but in reality they are creating new pedophiles. But one has to ask: Who is watching child porn mostly? Right: Swiss judicial clerks. The "system" is like this.

Criminal Swiss prosecution department and justice don't want to think - criminal association

In short words: Criminal Swiss justice and criminal Swiss prosecution department are NOT CAPABLE TO THINK but they mean - because they are the most rich country world wide (and unfortunately they are also the most criminal country world wide) - they could organize huntings of human beings and thus they are organizing above all hunting of teachers and former teachers also up to the end of the world. Well, this criminal Swiss justice should be LOCKED UP and put in jail because of demagoguery against teachers and because of the rejection of further education, FOR LIFE.

Why: Because Swiss prosecution department and Swiss justice are demonstrably a CRIMINAL ASSOCIATION - because they are protecting
-- criminal bank secret supporting poverty in the whole world
-- criminal money laundering for Organized Crime in UBS AG
-- criminal poison pharma industry distributing poison pills, damaging vaccines and poison pesticides world wide
-- and they are organizing political persecutions of human right activists and they are organizing propaganda against men with all tricks and traps
-- and for all this destructive "business" this criminal Swiss justice and prosecution department are wasting and blowing millions of Swiss Francs of tax money for not being detected and they are even pretending protecting women "from men" - but the tax money is mostly absolutely wasted and spying is basically working with only 1% efficiency - and often even with 0% efficiency - but the tax payer will not know about because all is working with the "national secret service"
-- or their spying work is financed by criminal funds of UBS AG from the Organized Crime creating new Organized Crime - this is the Swiss "system".

This criminal Swiss justice and this criminal Swiss prosecution department protecting international Organized Crime are absolutely mentally ill and degenerated and are only DAMAGING the world and have to be ELIMINATED.

Switzerland is only a horror.

There is no advertising with criminals.