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Swiss criminals: perverse tradition of espionage

Cruel reality in Switzerland with illegal and criminal espionage and secret services...

by Michael Palomino (2012)

Criminal tradition of espionage in Switzerland provoking to be antisocial

Swiss population has a big tradition of espionage. That was already like this during the two big World Wars. All spied all, on which side one would stay, and foreigners were chasing foreigners etc.

Since decades rich Swiss people are allowing oneself big telescopes for watching life on lakes who feels too "free" there. Well, this spying activities are not provoking more intelligence, but only provoke that people is more envious or morose. And again and again others are laughed down which is the following tradition after tradition of espionage. Therefore, tradition of espionage is followed by a sadistic and antisocial laughing tradition.

This for example also counts for Swiss political parties which are spying each other mutually with their "moles", or which have their "connections" with police forces etc.

Swiss espionage does not know any limit either, because Shitzerland is simply too little for the spies. They have no education because they mean that with their military machine gun in the cellar they could afford all. The fathers with their antisocial laughing tradition are the models, and the sons are the copies. And all espionage in Shitzerland would be "a service for the state", this is officially said. But criminal Swiss secret service even lets spy on foreigners abroad for keeping their working posts whereas there IS NO authorization at all for Switzerland for spying foreigners abroad. The tax payer does not notice anything of this wasting of tax payer's money.

And since 2000 the conditions are always worse and worse.

In the meantime these criminal spy groups - above all criminal Swiss spy gangs - can work with cheap computer programs which are in all the world available for controlling and monitoring their victims by cell phone satellite locating and by computer locating tracking and spying them, simply just for fun. All is illegal, but all equipment is cheap to have. Criminal spy groups - also criminal Swiss spy gangs - are melting into any private life without contacting the victims one single time, without knowing their victims, but they are simply manipulating people against them without end etc.

But one has to consider that espionage does not at all make intelligent and does not make bright either.

Spies are not intelligent, because education is missing:
-- sociology
-- psychology
-- medicine
-- history and peace work.

Spies are stuck with an IQ of 90,
-- because spies do never want to read,
-- because spies mean that their espionage would be education work.

Spies do not want any further education otherwise they would realize that they are stupid.

Spies do not want any further education because they want to be spies for ever because spies have one of the highest salaries, above all in Shitzerland with 800 to 1,000 Swiss Francs PER DAY.

That's why spies - above all criminal Swiss spies - are at the lower level of intelligence. They mean that their tricks and maneuvers would be education work.

Add to this criminal Swiss are in a megalomania because all Swiss have to guard a military machine gun in their flat or house. This is "tradition" like this in Shitzerland, but is seducing to a megalomania as will be prescribed later yet.

In a non developed country the spies then can impress the population with their technical equipment and can even provoke that intelligence development there is also stopping.

All in all spies will be inescapably convert into psychopaths because they mean that their tricks and maneuvers would be "intelligent", but they are only damaging to the society spreading half-truths and maneuvers. Above all the megalomaniac criminal Swiss spies are converting into mentally ill persons because they have so much money that they also are falling into addictions and into an absolute madness.

Shitzerland: Espionage has always been one of the main businesses - ill persons get work

With all this one has to consider: Espionage is one of the main businesses in Shitzerland. The situation being an island in the middle of Central Europe and the (faked) claim to be politically neutral provokes that all kinds of foreigners are coming to Switzerland founding enterprises there to spy other enterprises, or political persons, embassies etc. And Swiss spies are always in big business. That means clearly: Collecting negative news is serving for career and for a better salary. And unfortunately this negative moral has not changed since 1945 but is going on, at the present time (year of 2012) with a daily salary of 800 to 1,000 Swiss Francs PER DAY (year 2012).

The following news about spies in Shitzerland of 2012 is describing details how Swiss spies are working and controlling their victims with Nazi and Stasi methods:


But the fact is this one: The spies are the ill persons. The spies are the persons manipulating neighbors and complete populations of house blocks using and abusing them as a "weapon" against certain persons, also when all reproaches are WRONG. Briefly said: Swiss spies are demonstrably IDIOTS because they never are searching well, but they only want

-- to reproach

-- to claim

-- to give wrong conclusions

-- to defame.

One can say it also like this:

Espionage in Shitzerland is like a drug: There are 800 to 1,000 Swiss Franks to have PER DAY!!! (effective 2012).

And Swiss spies never want to investigate precisely because they want to keep their working post so their high salary is continuing coming in.

And now one can imagine what these criminal Swiss are working with certain persons in the whole world: Faked reasons and wrong rumors are spread so the salary is continuing coming in. Swiss tax payer cannot control anything of this criminal work, and the victim is well noticing that neighbors and friends are manipulated, but the victim can never say who it is, and therefore no complaint is possible.

The facts of ugly Swiss spies with a daily salary of 800 to 1,000 Swiss Francs are presented here in this article:


House owners have not the courage to speak with the victims because the reproaches are absolutely lied and heavy and criminal.

"Tightening" of cases giving work to spies

Examples of criminal Swiss espionage tactics with deliberately wrong interpretations by ill psychopath criminal Swiss spies from Shitzerland pursuing humans

Criminal Swiss justice has a great custom "tightening" cases provoking work for more people with propaganda against certain persons. Swiss tax payer does not get aware anything of this waste of the tax payer's money by super fluent persecution of humans. Peace is not allowed with Swiss spies because work and salary would stop. That's why police and justice in Shitzerland also like criminal Yugoslavs very much because Yugoslavs provoke always work and working posts for them.

Here are examples how cases are "tightened". And one has to know that Swiss justice has always a special motivation when the victim is a German, because Germans are the "archenemy" for Swiss people whereas the whole university wisdom came from Germany during the 19th century.

Example how cases are "tightened"

Who wants peace with a person ringing at a door, this is making a "dirty pass".

Who is performing handicraft work making plays for children, this should be a pedophile action.

Who is playing with children within a family circle for half an hour in peace performing a peaceful place as a model how it's possible to manage life in peace, this is said to be a pedophile action.

Who is advising parents how they could help their children with blood group nutrition, that is said to be a pedophile action.

When a teacher is giving his rest to a pupil because the pupil is performing music so well and is well learning, then the parents are coming with a protest that this would have been a deprivation of liberty and would have been a "dirty pass".

When a teacher is sending music by mail during the week then this sending of music is also rated as a "dirty pass".

When a violin teacher is correcting the position of a pupil "forming" the left hand, then the teacher is stamped as a pedophile toucher.

When a teacher is sympathizing with youth girls of a doctrined Steiner school because the girls are kept in prison in this Steiner world and are not allowed to grow "normally", then this is also rated as a "pedophile" action.

And when the teacher at the end has to give up because of the criminal headteacher passing some time in psychiatry curing a depression, then the criminal Swiss psychopath spies are even manipulating the psychiatry staff against the teacher. That's the truth in Shitzerland.

When there is an alleged offense like writing political truths on trashcans, then the criminal district attorney of Zurich district 4 is acting "in a free way" composing another offense into the case which was committed by another person. That is "political correctness" in Shitzerland!!!

Hotel espionage

Nowadays criminal Swiss spies love especially hotel espionage. Spies want to listen what the innocent person is saying during making love. That is "interesting" for criminal Swiss spies because when there are certain words one can "compose" a rape to the innocent spied victim spreading this in the street, and the aim is probably an extra tip of course!!!

Swiss spies don't want to have further education - IQ 90 is the upper border line

To the people from Swiss spying mafia from criminal Swiss secret service is missing a book: Art of Loving from Erich Fromm.

But there is an additional condition: One has to be able to read.

And there is a second additional condition: One has to take earnest the German author Erich Fromm. But Swiss spies from Swiss mafia cannot do this, take earnest a German, but they like going on with their eternal manipulations. With a daily salary of 800 to 1,000 Swiss Francs (effective 2012) it's more worth going on with illegal manipulations and criminal spying actions instead of doing further education and peaceful life in a peaceful profession.

Criminal Swiss spies are always spreading half-truths damaging on and on the whole world with it. They even mean that their criminal espionage would be important and that they had "influence" with their espionage to the world wide events - drinking beer many times like a barrel or purchasing drugs and converting into drug addicted people. With a salary of 800 to 1,000 Swiss Francs PER DAY a drug addiction should not be "a problem". But their IQ is stuck with 90 or is even falling underneath at the end.

Swiss spies with their high salaries are spreading super fluent fear and horror in the world, but they above all want to provoke that their salary of 800 to 1,000 Swiss Francs PER DAY is going on, and therefore they are going on and on and on with their destructive work always damaging on and on the world.

Swiss spies under alcohol and drugs are mentally ill damaging the world wide society

Such criminal Swiss spies with a DAILY salary of 800 to 1,000 Swiss Francs (effective 2012) are coming more and more into a megalomania taking much alcohol and drugs - and there is always the thought about the military machine gun in their house in the background - and then this combination makes them absolutely mentally ill. Abut the population where these criminal spies are acting has to notice first that they are abused as a "weapon". There are persons criminalized who are living absolutely peacefully even helping to others accepting well the statal structures where they live.

By these criminal Swiss spies with alcohol and drugs, humans are criminalized who are even a MODEL for others with their peaceful lifestyle. But the population has to notice this first that it's abused as a "weapon".

So, Swiss propaganda spies are mentally ill, are under alcohol or under drugs or even under alcohol AND drugs. They NEVER speak with the victim, because otherwise their espionage should stop and the salary would stop, too. Such criminal Swiss spies and propagandists under drugs and alcohol cannot even live peacefully any more, because they want the salary by their espionage work. So, Swiss propagandists are really NOT a model, but are damaging the whole world and are damaging the Swiss tax payer by millions and billions of Swiss Francs, and Swiss tax payer is not noticing anything with this abuse of the tax payer's money. Swiss government does not know anything about it. That only knows the boss of criminal Swiss secret service, but he is keeping all secret with the argument of "secrecy"...

In general there is also this life condition in criminal Shitzerland:

It seems absolutely strange that there is no espionage against drug dealers in Switzerland, but these shopping centers on two legs are even acting with the protection of Swiss justice. And now one can also conclude how the blood levels of criminal Swiss "spies" are: probably there is much cocaine in the blood, and not only a "little bit"...

Swiss spies under alcohol and drugs are threatening for life

When Swiss spies - having all possible technical equipment at command impressing with it also the local population of non developed countries - when these Swiss spies are also with alcohol or drugs and their brain is always reducing more and more, then these criminal Swiss spies are absolutely dangerous, dangerous for life. Then these criminal Swiss spies do not know ANY LIMIT any more, but they are spying anything, they are meaning that any
grass stalk would be important, they make propaganda against the spied person as long as other people are loosing their control attacking the spied person in fact. The barrage of faked information and half-truths is so big then that some people of the population are provoked that much so they attack the spied person.

Then the criminal Swiss spies under alcohol and drugs have reached their aim: Foreign people are performing the attack for them, eventually until there is a murder. Then the sadistic criminal Swiss spies feel especially "intelligent".

Swiss spies electing their victims themselves - without any order of punishment

According to the law of a state of law like criminal Shitzerland it is like this: Nobody can pursue nobody when there is no order of punishment.

But Swiss spies and propagandists are precisely doing the contrary:

1) criminal Swiss spies are pursuing humans without any order of punishment (getting salary for this)

and criminal Swiss spies and propagandists with 800 to 1,000 Swiss Francs salary PER DAY (effective 2012) are also doing this:

2) they provoke a self-administered justice WITHOUT any competence for any investigation!!!

The aim of the spies is not at all the aim to investigate something, but they are simply spying without end so their salary is going on.

Criminality in Shitzerland has got system, that's a part of "political correctness" in Shitzerland, for example illegal criminal espionage work with criminal Swiss secret services. This is "tradition" in Shitzerland.

Until today this criminal tradition of espionage spending millions and billions for nothing damaging the tax payer's money in Shitzerland does NOT stop.