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Criminal Swiss people: Polyak and Signer family in incest village of Langenthal (canton of Berne with much superstition)

How a family suffered traumas developing fixed ideas against teacher persons being criminal against them - and how criminal Swiss secret service is even collaborating with them

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Criminal superstition in canton of Berne - is stronger than any rational logic thinking.

1  Signer family, Farbgasse 39, Langenthal - 10 children without education, but much slapping

When in one family are 10 children where the father is mostly only slapping and the mother only has the task giving birth to one more and one more child, then this is no education, but this is a concentration camp.

And when these 10 children are leaving the concentration camp then blowing off the steam in the outer world, then there will be wrong reactions until the old age, and sometimes for life. That means that at least one third of these children had heavy psychological damages which were concealed and got their expressions with criminal action then.

2  Gautschi family, Marbach - one restaurant, one child abuse by an uncle

One of these daughters of Signer family, Barbara, was boss of a restaurant in Marbach, and there was also a man (Mr. Gautschi). Well, this man let "serve" by several waitresses at one time. Signer daughter Barbara was forgiving him all and simply did not want to loose him. She had one child of him, Cornelia. At the same time another waitress also had a child of him.

After some years a separation between the man and Barbara followed and Barbara was also separating from the restaurant, and Barbara and Cornelia returned to the parents house of the Signer family in Langenthal, Farbgasse 39.

Then as a little child, Cornelia was sexually abused by one of the sons of Signer family, by one of her uncles. Criminal energy of this slapping education by the Signer father was coming out here directly. This child abuse was concealed completely, was not treated with any psychological help, there was NO advice, there was NO education help during youth times, but there was simply no talk about it, simply pretended as it never had happened anything.

Barbara found a new husband (Alain) and had a son with him - "so Cornelia will not grow up alone" as Barbara said, he was 5 years younger than Cornelia, it was Yves.

3  A violin teacher walking right into the trap in Polyak's house

When Cornelia was 11 years old, a new violin teacher came to Langenthal, and the atmosphere was very good between him and her. Cornelia was the pupil with the best progress. Within one year she developed from Mozart minuet to Leclair duo. With this violin teacher there was
-- no violence
-- always a controlled speaking
-- always a fine humor
-- but despite of all the work was very precise.

All this was in Steiner school, later in music school of Langenthal. Well, Rudolf Steiner - the "great doctor" - was writing in his books again and again that teachers should visit pupils also at home for a "better comprehension" of the pupil's personality. And now the trap came: The violin teacher was visiting Polyak family with Barbara, Cornelia, Alain, and Yves, again and again.

And now after about half a year all feelings were getting into an up and down with ALL sides.

-- Barbara was always anxious that this violin teacher could do any harm to Cornelia like the bad uncle who had abused Cornelia
-- at the same time mother Barbara did not want to give any signal and wanted to keep the secret of the child abuse of Cornelia because it seemed that the violin teacher also was not a stable personality

-- and the violin teacher was feeling "like at home" with Polyaks without knowing who he really was because there had not been any personal analysis yet with him
-- and at the same time this violin teacher was giving the maximum in the violin lessons, violin was played and nothing else, all 6 months there was a little concert, and sometimes he gave a little touch with his hand to the head of Cornelia on her hair, and two times she was sitting on one knee when rhythms had to be taught, the atmosphere was absolutely familiar and there never was anything more, and there was no talk troubling her about her friends or something like this etc. pp.
-- the violin teacher was absolutely taking care that his pupils were well treated and he was with Human Rights since he was 16 years old, and he himself was a beaten child and never wanted to "do any harm" to any child because he knew what this would destroy.

4  Polyak family taking out Cornelia from the violin teacher's class without telling anything before - projections of Cornelia - criminal imputations against the violin teacher

Well, it seems that there was always a little "rumor" that between the violin teacher and this pupil would be "love". But there was no love at all, but there was just "heart". There was a "feeling of heart", but there cannot have been any love. There was no embrace at all. There was NOTHING AT ALL. When there had been something, this had come much later. But rumors were governing this incest village of Langenthal in the canton of Berne. Rumors are part of the mentality of the canton of Berne and are more important as any logic truth. Rumors are very important for having a topic for speaking when there is no other topic to speak about. During all this time every pupil got the same support by this violin teacher. There was no racism of names and there was no blocking of talents. The children came sometimes also in groups of two so they were not alone with the teacher but they were playing duos - also as a preparation of the latter string orchestra group of the pupils.

But this traumatized Polyak family was blocked in their bad ideas and was anything in another way. Above all Cornelia as it seems began with bad fantasies now copying the child abuse which she had suffered by her uncle. She told big nonsense about his violin teacher now. That means: Cornelia was projecting her abuse with her uncle to the violin teacher now and could not control her emotions any more. Cornelia principally was already mentally ill with this like her mother. Cornelia also was kept back with her emotional development and parties and concerts were forbidden for her which were permitted for all other class comrades . And this Cornelia isolated from a normal development was reacting now compensatively against her violin teacher inventing her "first erotic fantasies". Above all she claimed that her violin teacher had touched her breast whereas she had not had any breast in these times. She had not the slightest approach of breast with 12 years, also because the parents were blocking her mental development deliberately, so during her youth she was not with her class friends but with girl friends of one class below "hanging around". This rumor touching a breast was uncovered 2 years later. Mother Barbara Polyak let simply suffer the violin teacher and did never tell him anything about it what the mentally retarded mouth of Cornelia was chattering here. This chattering surely was also a compensation for the maneuver of the mother keeping Cornelia in a "mentally retarded position", and this mother Barbara Polyak was not more intelligent with all this, but seemed to be always more stupid.

Allin all the projections of Cornelia against her violin teacher had several reasons:
-- she had suffered a child abuse by her uncle which should be kept secret
-- and her mother deliberately was keeping Cornelia mentally retarded by one year and therefore the feelings about love and sexuality were seeking their path by projections.

And now this Polyak family was only worse and worse:

After the brute education by father Signer and after the child abuse committed by her uncle, this mentally illness of Barbara Polyak developed one more time another fixed idea that this violin teacher would be "dangerous". And there had "gone" also other youth girls from him which I had taught etc. pp. Well, it's not possible to give lessons with a rebellious girl which wanted a woman as a teacher principally, and one more youth girl was cramped very badly and her hand had to be "rounded" so she could play with a good intonation - but this was rated as an "advance". Wonderful.

Now: Barbara Polyak and Alain Polyak were fixed on her idea and it seems that they also had another ally, the criminal militarist head of Langenthal music school, Rolf Winzenried. Barbara and Alain Polyak were SECRETLY looking for another violin teacher for Cornelia without considering the great progress of Cornelia on the violin, and without telling the present violin teacher one single word. Then one day Barbara Polyak was announcing to the violin teacher in the first floor - during ironing some clothes and Cornelia was in her room in the second floor - she told that Cornelia would not come to violin lessons any more and will not come to the projected string orchestra group either. But Barbara Polyak wanted at the same time that I would continue with the visits and when Cornelia would be 15 there could be more possibilities. So, the situation was this one: The Polyak parents did NOT trust me to be human with Cornelia alone. But there had NEVER been anything, no giving hand, no embrace, no kiss, but only touching head hair a little bit. But Barbara Polyak was converted into an aggressive panther now: She was imputing violation and child abuse without exception, and she developed to be absolutely CRIMINAL now, with CRIMINAL IMPUTATION. At the same time Alain said at the end of the day: "La porte reste ouverte" ("The door is kept opened").

But how should the violin teacher visit a family which was imputing him child abuse and violation? This was not working. And therefore this day in June of 1992 was the last day in Farbgasse 39 for a long time. Barbara Polyak and Alain Polyak had been converted into CRIMINALS. The violin teacher cried the whole rest of June 1992, because damaging people was not his business at all like playing violin without intonation.

It was the bad experience for the violin teacher to realize the reality of criminal women and of criminal mothers which are mentally retarded. These women and mothers which are mentally retarded have a power against teachers when the mothers are with other mentally retarded women and mothers, and they can implant great "intrigues" against teachers. Barbara Polyak seemed to be one of these mentally retarded women, lovely and kind, but reckless with her maneuvers and fixed ideas against other persons. She had her fixed ideas of her education with a "bad brother" and a "bad husband" in a restaurant, and these negative experiences were dominating her now and should be "always right". And now the violin teacher was also stamped a "bad man". And then analysis was coming.

5  Analysis of the violin teacher - presenting his book after 3 months - and now the Polyak family is REJECTING ALL

This violin teacher evaded any contact with this Polyak house at Farbgasse 39, did not come for visit any more, only was seeing the facade a little bit, and he had to ask himself: Why should he scare somebody when he did an optimal work and Cornelia had been the best pupil with the best progress of his whole class? Where was the catch? And now an analysis began, with interviews with the brute mother in Basel, the systematic chronology of the life was performed, of childhood and youth. And it came out that his life was never fixed. He was foreigner in Switzerland with divorced parents without other relatives in Switzerland. Add to this there had been brute teachers in Swiss schools provoking big damage in his youth, and add to this the brute mother had manipulated his puberty almost forbidding it and manipulating him to classical music. At the end the violin teacher was in the saloon of the staff house of the porcelain factory at Bleienbacherstrasse finishing his analysis with a trauma table and it came out that puberty had been blocked with 13 by all this violence of the mother and in Swiss school ("MNG, slapping and mobbing teacher Fankhauser). And this meant: This violin teacher had no experience in puberty life.

But this profession of being a violin teacher was already his second profession. First he should be a viola player, but had to give this up by a joint inflammation at the basic thumb joint of the left hand. Then violin teacher training had been added. And now came the result of the analysis: puberty is missing, and he had to be leader for pubertal children giving classes. How the violin teacher without experience in puberty should lead pubertal pupils? The teacher was looking for literature about puberty - and there was hardly NOTHING. It seemed to be a secret topic.

After 3 months the violin teacher presented his analysis in a book and the trauma table to mother Barbara Polyak during a bazar of Steiner school. this was in September 1992. But now there was an incredible reaction of Barbara Polyak: She had "finished" with me. She blocked the house, and she said that all what I had written was only a "justification". With this she was renewing again and again her fixed ideas of a "bad man" and all what I delivered here would be only a "pretext". Well, now there was no peace with this Polyak family any more. But this peace was needed more than before for this violin teacher - and his pupils.

6  Polyak family is becoming an enemy - the complete manipulation - a Russian violin teacher robbing Cornelia the living element on her violin

It happened now that what was absolutely unbearable for the violin teacher: Polyak family with Barbara and Alain had converted into ENEMIES within 3 months when the violin teacher had worked with his analysis. It seems that the children had the order not to speak any more with him. There was no peace, but the rumors were going around and around without telling anything to the violin teacher himself what was blablaad in Langenthal here and there.

No, with Barbara and Alain Polyak no peace was possible any more. But this peace was a precondition for a good work and for speaking with the children. So everybody could see what these Polyaks wanted now: With their wrong rumors and fixed ideas they wanted to destroy the existence of the teacher. And this peace had been also a precondition for speaking with the children. Without permission of mother Barbara any talk with the children was blocked. But Barbara Polyak was forbidding all now - may be also for keeping the secret of the child abuse Cornelia had suffered by her uncle. About this child abuse Cornelia had suffered by her uncle in her early childhood the violin teacher was reported only in September 1996, this was 4 years after the forced shift of Cornelia to another violin teacher.

And with this new, Russian violin teacher Cornelia was not doing much progress any more. The whole swing and life on her violin were killed, and only a technical firm bow and a varying intonation were remaining. When the old violin teacher could see Cornelia playing under the new Russian violin teacher, he could hardly breathe how Cornelia's nature had changed and destroyed by the new violin teacher. She was falling back to the level of Mozart minuet and then she also began smoking and finished with violin with 19 at the end. One more talent was destroyed.

7  Cornelia Polyak is indoctrinated the fixed ides of mother Barbara Polyak

And now a cruel time followed, because
-- Barbara Polyak was prohibiting any contact with the former familiar violin teacher
-- and it seems that Barbara Polyak was presenting their children her fixed ideas and fantasies of violence about child abuse and violation which were "normal" for her, and the children as it seemed were copying these fixed ideas and never reached a base of Human Rights as a base for solving conflicts.

And as long as Barbara was keeping the prohibition, the violin teacher was not risking any conversation with Cornelia because this had been an infraction of the parents. Without the permission of the parents the violin teacher never did ANYTHING with Cornelia. There had been many opportunities for an arrangement of a talk, for example taking the train for Berne when Cornelia was visiting Steiner school in Berne. But this the violin teacher did NOT do as long as Barbara Polyak was against any talk.

These years from 1992 to 1996 were an absolutely brute time for Cornelia Polyak and the ex violin teacher because Cornelia
-- was ordered by her mother Barbara not to speak with the ex familiar violin teacher
-- the mother was systematically manipulating Cornelia against the former familiar violin teacher with all kinds of reproaches and criminal fixed ideas which are possible
-- and on the violin Cornelia was worse and never better again
-- and stepfather Alain had nothing with this ex familiar violin teacher again and blocked his life with him simply saying "psychopath".

But this ex violin teacher had all "vaccinations" for a life without violence:
-- Human Rights
-- protection of children from violence because he had experience with violence himself when he had been a child.

And this ex violin teacher of Cornelia went on mentally and was not stuck.

8  Manipulations of the head of the school - and Swiss secret service

But in Langenthal counts who has more friends, and when mentally ill people are having many fans with their fixed ideas then the mentally ill people with their fixed ideas have more power than any justice. And in this manner it was working in Langenthal: Barbara Polyak and Alain Polyak made their "propaganda" for their fantasies of violence, were manipulating the headmaster of Langenthal music school, a criminal and militarist headmaster Rolf Winzenried who also had a brother as a police headmaster in Aarau. It seems that they organized Swiss secret service against this ex violin teacher. And with this the mental illness of the Polyak family was implanted in Swiss secret service as their program. The ex violin teacher could not imagine at all that already in these times the Swiss secret service was controlling him, but this is very probable. To give a German any right when 100s of Swiss people are against the German, this could NOT risk any Swiss...

Well, Cornelia Polyak (born 30 June 1979) will always blame the ex violin teacher for her suffering during her youth. But see the details what happened:
-- the ex violin teacher was working with his family reading literature and letters from grandfathers directly from Second World War
-- and there were excursions
-- and there was contact with local youths getting experience what would be "puberty" without harming anybody but even helping in many cases
-- and at the same time this ex violin teacher was contacting his father in Zollikon now for getting him to know better.

Well the whole thing was a very rich treasure of experience, in a positive and in a negative way. This time was also analyzed in a diary. And it could be stated that this father also was not at all a stable person, but had a psychopath tendency and was playing with his money at stock exchange instead of making good investments. Lather this father was even seducing his son to "investments" at the stock exchange but the son was seeing the trap and was stopping all this money plays with a 0-0 balance. The stupid father only had shown his successes and never had presented his losses at stock exchange, and the same way also media was working. So this father was living in a "psychopath residential group", and the son of his girl friend was counting more than the real son. The father was discriminating his own son...

9  There is NEVER peace with this Polyak family - criminal Swiss secret service manipulated and spreading the fix ideas in the whole world

And there was NEVER any peace with Polyak family. Barbara and Alain Polyak were NEVER permitting it. The ex violin teacher was sitting waiting for peace for hours at the other side of the house of Farbgasse 39 on a public little bench. So there was no legal problem with it. But Barbara Polyak and Alain Polyak were mentally blocked. It seems that they had an alliance with this criminal militarist headmaster Rolf Winzenried. But this ex violin teacher NEVER was dangerous, NEVER was aggressive, NEVER or hardly had manipulated anything, but he made his experience, his entrances in his diary, and his long walks in Sängeli forest and elsewhere. But this ex violin teacher was angry about Barbara and Alain Polyak because their fixed ideas NEVER stopped, but they were persisting with it so this ex violin teacher was a non-person for the family. They NEVER wanted admit any peace between the ex violin teacher and Cornelia. And this constant confrontation was destroying the mood in whole Langenthal more and more. And for the criminal Swiss secret service it seems having been welcome "food" beginning a constant monitoring with the "entrance" of a "suspicion". But the mental illness of the Polyak family was never investigated. Instead of that Cornelia developed even an aversion and aggressions against the ex violin teacher, and this was "no problem" for mother Barbara Polyak. Cornelia was manipulated against the ex violin teacher during all her youth and puberty. Cornelia also began to smoke "burning" something in her life, and when she was 19 years old she also stopped with violin.

10  Court decisions don't use anything - propaganda against the ex violin teacher never stops - criminal Swiss secret service making propaganda without end in Switzerland and in the whole world

Well, in 1994 the rumor was detected that the ex violin teacher had touched the breast of the pupil whereas Cornelia had never had any breast in 1991 and in 1992 yet, also not the slightest approach. And it was absolutely impossible for the ex violin teacher performing actions which would damage the motivation of the pupils. Such an action is also mentally absolutely IMPOSSIBLE for the teacher.

When this rumor was controlled by another youth friend, Cornelia was repeating this nonsense also in 1994 one more time, and in 1995 Cornelia was torn to justice in Burgdorf and had to sign that she would not spread such lies against her ex violin teacher any more.

In 1996 mother Barbara Polyak was torn to justice and had also to sign that she would not spread any shit against the ex violin teacher any more.

But the criminal Swiss secret service did not change anything of his work. For him this ex violin teacher was remaining to be a target, also when he was always more and more stable with analysis and diary, also when this ex violin teacher was giving up his profession completely in 1996 for another orientation in his life. But see what this criminal Swiss secret service did: They even manipulated the staff of the psychiatry in Hohenegg in Meilen against the ex violin teacher. It seems that these criminal fix ideas of the Polyak families really were implanted in the structure of this criminal Swiss secret service, without having any scruples spreading these fix ideas in whole Switzerland.

11  Mentally retarded Cornelia Polyak - fixed ideas in criminal Swiss secret service - Cornelia Polyak is victim of several persons

And it can be that Cornelia Polyak is mentally retarded in her aversion and aggression against the ex violin teacher until today and is not getting ANY help.

And it can be that the criminal Swiss secret service is acting with these fixed ideas and mental illnesses of the Polyak family in Langenthal until today.

That means that the whole criminal Swiss secret service is mentally retarded and is a group of psychopaths working against the ex violin teacher.

There has never been ANY delict against any child in the life of this violin teacher, but the ex violin teacher was working always in a constructive way with children so they get a perspective and will keep their drive for life which they deserve. But certain groups of criminal Swiss secret service are not stopping their persecution work and are even making cash with it, "protecting" Cornelia as it seems, or Cornelia Polyak is in the secret service itself meaning that she only was victim of a violin teacher. but she
-- is victim of her uncle
-- is victim of the dishonesty of a stupid mother Barbara Polyak: Why she wanted to conceal the child abuse of her uncle, but she wanted to blame the violin teacher for it?
-- she is victim of manipulations of her stupid mother Barbara Polyak who was presenting her fixed idea to the daughter Cornelia like a doctrine
-- she is victim of the indifference of a father and a step father Alain Polyak who NEVER was honest and was supporting any fixed idea against the violin teacher
-- she is also victim of her own retarded mind and inability for analyzing work because the fixed ideas seem to be dominant in her mind so she cannot analyze how the situation for the ex violin teacher had been.

That means: The complete Swiss secret service is a psychiatric case for finding the logic truth.

12  Peru 2008-2012 - Thailand 2012: criminal fixed ideas and superstition from Langenthal from canton of Berne are spread in the whole world

The persecution of my person in South "America" and also in Thailand is going on without presenting any delict. So, there is the conclusion that the criminal Swiss secret service is behind these maneuvers and is going on spreading the ill and criminal fixed ideas of the Polyak family. With this propaganda work this criminal Swiss secret service also uses the opportunity spreading racism against Germans and finding "new friends". This criminal Swiss secret service is systematically manipulating all neighbors, hotel owner, hotel staff, and also cultural projects are destroyed. The neighbors of the ex violin teacher are also systematically spied, new data is collected and these data are eventually sold to other secret services making cash. And with all these actions the "faked chase" is converted into a profitable "business".

Manipulation of neighbors with certain indications is provoking the conclusion that mentally retarded Cornelia Polyak could even be involved with this criminal Swiss secret service presenting and representing there her criminal fantasies and fixed ideas, with a good Swiss salary from 25,000 Swiss Francs upwards per month. Swiss tax payer is paying this money for an absolute senseless action in the name of fixed ideas for nothing, with 1,000 Swiss Francs per day.

One can see: criminality of Polyak family with criminal fixed ideas does not find an end (yet9. But this secret service has to go to psychiatry. But imagine what is happening: This Swiss secret service is occupying any hotel where the ex violin teacher is sleeping. It's a horror what this criminal Swiss secret service is performing only "saving" his criminal fixed ideas of canton of Berne, and "saving" and "legitimizing" the superstition of canton of Berne.

It's a horror. And there is really the question: When will this nonsense of this criminal Swiss secret service against the ex violin teacher have an end? When these criminals in Swiss secret service will be put into jail for spreading not proved claims against foreigners in the whole world abroad? When this Polyak Signer family will get help for being saved from their criminal fantasies and fixed ideas and for getting on to a constructive way of life?

13  Who was learning more?

This ex violin teacher has developed three web sites which have 12,000 to over 20,000 visitors per day with logic history, logic analysis, with medicine and sociology etc. This ex violin teacher can lead humans to healings or can even organize simple remedies for cases which seem to be without solution. Blood group medicine is decisive for health of men and can be realized in a simple way. Every day these web sites are healing persons mentally and bodily on the whole world.

And what have learnt Polyak Signer family and the criminal Swiss secret service? They are going on with their spying work and are spreading the same shit as they were spreading 20 years ago. Spies NEVER learn because when they would learn many jobs for them would be lost. They should go home and change their job.

Michael Palomino, 11.12.2012

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