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Switzerland a.o.: Bank secret protecting criminal dictators

How Switzerland with it's bank secret is helping any dictator getting rich and helping any population staying poor

Data sheet by Michael Palomino (2005 / 2015, translation 2010)



Any criminal bank secret is promoting dictators and global poverty

Swiss political economy profits by bank secret banking system with many criminal dictators of all the world. They are bunkering their money in Switzerland, also Russia and "USA".

Bush und Hitler mit der Axt
vergrössern Dictators: Bush and Hitler with a battle axe
Bush-Hitler mit Flaggen
vergrössern Bush and Hitler with flags
                        mit erhobenem Zeigefinger
Dictator Putin showing a forefinger
Bank secret is protecting dictators!

Let's see an example: dictator Suharto of Indonesia got any service of Swiss collaboration from 1966 to 1998 [!]

Suharto, Portrait
Dictator Suharto from Indonesia, portrait

Schweiz-Kappe mit schweizer Kreuz
Swiss cap with Swiss cross


One example how a dictator is governing a country with all his family letting slide all the population in a great poverty getting more and more rich with this system, is Suharto family in Indonesia:

-- Suharto family had their funds abroad on Swiss Franks accounts

-- when there was inflation in Indonesia, so the Suharto family is rated richer in the own country

-- when there is collapsing a bank, so the Suharto family is not affected at all

-- when there is war in Indonesia and economy is going wrong, the population is getting poorer and poorer, but the Suharto family is staying rich

-- and the dictators are managing their monopolies for a regular income, whereas the big part of the population is suffering hunger

-- and the coronation of this system in the Suharto case -- but this can be shown also with all other dictators -- the army is protecting the dictator: because probably there is paid hard currency there, so every Indonesian will "make a good income" being a soldier protecting the dictator... that was the case until the resignation of Suharto.

The total connections for Indonesia about Suharto family (1966-1998) are described here in a chronology:

Bank secret supports dictators, poverty and death by hunger world wide

All together all dictators use more or less the bank secret and economic monopolies having and saving their richness, and keeping poor their populations, and mostly functions. Swiss government also likes this system because Switzerland had no hunger, but is only charged by some refugees, but after some time also the ancient refugees are working for this system because they will not be criminal.

In the cases of some dictators like Marcos, Suharto, or Abacha, Switzerland has paid back funds, but that is only the tip of the iceberg. All South "American" countries, Mexico, all Arab countries have exactly the same system, and Communist leaders have resp. had also this system: Funds are given to Switzerland in a safe currency, and the own populations are kept in poverty or will be poorer than before. The same has happened with Russia, and probably will be with the "USA": Depth, poverty, and the president's clique is saving itself with Swiss accounts.

Ferdinand Marcos, Diktator der
Ferdinand Marcos, dictator of the Philippines with Swiss bank accounts

Abacha, Diktator von Nigeria
Abacha, dictator of Nigeria with Swiss bank accounts

Swiss government ("Federal Council", German: "Bundesrat") and the whole financial sector in Switzerland do not want to see these connections until today and their preferential treatment for world wide poverty and mass murder by hunger (30.000 deaths by hunger per day), but Swiss government claims that a bank secret will provoke "jobs". This is really a big lie, because

-- when less people are poor, so more people can purchase products

-- and Switzerland could resign to criminal bank secret, but could produce other products which could be sold to the populations when they are not poor any more.

The claim that bank secret will provoke more jobs is not so sure any more because of the high computer standard in the world. Swiss banks are reducing their apprenticeships because they don't need much staff any more... But Federal Council does not want until today (2005) to get rid of the bank secret (above all the political parties FDP and SVP. Proofs against their claims have no effect.

Bankier in Zürich IBM-Server-Computer
Banker in Zurich. Jobs in banks and in other financial sector in Zurich are producing 30.000 cases of death of hunger per day.

IBM server computer. Computer is making much work for the humans and many humans are victims of the computer left without job.

These connections can be seen also in other bank secret states, but not in such a big quantity: Liechtenstein, Monaco etc. So we have the following connection:

Since the invention of the bank secret the criminals (the bank secret governments) are playing a dance with other criminals (the dictators).

Money islands of murder capitalism

Karte mit der Position von Liechtenstein
Map with the position of Liechtenstein, money island of murder capitalism

Karte mit der Position von Monaco
Map with the position of Monaco, money island of murder capitalism

Weltbank, Logo
World bank, logo


Until today World Bank is not ready to take any measures because also there the employees have their profit by the bank secret. Any foreign aid is for nothing and is a ridiculous maneuver: the money is coming from a bank in Geneva with the account from the World Bank simply to another Swiss bank: to a Swiss bank of the dictator... and Switzerland has got "jobs".


UNO-Hauptsitz in New York
UNO headquarters in New York: UNO is only a matter of the rich families of the world, a mafia, nothing more.

As long as UNO only has got representatives of the rich families, and as long as the rich get always richer and richer, these facts will not change, and the government families of Africa, Asia, but also from Russia etc. will live well with it. Poverty and dead persons by hunger in the own country? That's not important...

UNO plenum: UNO is only a matter of the rich families of the world. It's a mafia, nothing more.

Thanks to Swiss bank secret -- "developing country" exist. That IS really like this.

Grafit in Zürich:
                          "Der Sündenfall heisst
Graffiti by Michael Palomino in Zurich 1998: "Fall of mankind is called bank secret" (orig. German: "Der Sündenfall heisst Bankgeheimnis")
                          WC mit Eimerbedienung in Lima
Development country Peru: toilet functioning with bucket in Lima because there is water only for 2 hours all two days and the money for a tank is missing

So one can call Parade square in Zurich with it's biggest Swiss banks UBS and CS as a "seepage square". Until today (2005) simply nobody is doing anything about it. Other bank secret centers are Geneva and Lugano.

"Seepage squares": Zurich, Lugano, Geneva

Paradeplatz mit
                          Banken in Zürich, der "Platz der
Parade square with it's banks in Zurich, a "seepage square"

Banco del Gottardo in Lugano
Banca del Gottardo in Lugano, another station of money bunker for rich families world wide, only one of many banks in Lugano

Genf, Crédit Lyonnais
Geneva, Crédit Lyonnais, another station of money bunker of rich families in the world, only one of many banks in Geneva

Swiss bank secret also served to Third Reich of Hitler

Another chapter -- yes, a typical chapter for Swiss bankers -- are the connections between "Swiss safe" and dictator Hitler,

-- where Hitler's men could bunker big quantities of German "national wealth"

-- where the "men in black" (SS) regularly were plundering Jewish bank accounts in Switzerland (on "neutral" soil)

-- where after the war the accounts without money traffic were cleared by Swiss layers

-- and where - as a coronation of Nazism - Swiss diplomats were helping the Nazi representatives who already were in Argentina: The Swiss diplomats brought the Nazi money in their attaché case, for the preparation for a "Fourth Reich" etc.

Books about the collaboration of Switzerland with the Third Reich
Buch von Jean
                          Ziegler: "Die Schweiz, das Gold und die
Book by Jean Ziegler: "Switzerland, the Gold, and the Deads" (orig. German: "Die Schweiz, das Gold und die Toten")
Buch von Adam
                          Lebor "Hitler's Secret Bankers",
                          Buchdeckel 2000
Book by Adam Lebor: "Hitler's Secret Bankers", cover 2000

Here is a chronology of the events of criminal collaboration of Swiss elite families with the Third Reich:


For Switzerland in general: http://www.chdata123.com

There are some cases of "money laundering" per year detected by "law against money laundering ("Geldwäschereigesetz"). But this is only the tip of the iceberg, and poverty in the world is always growing and growing.
Villiger, Portrait
Villiger, he is satisfied with his law against money laundering

Armut in Perú, z.B. Kinder am
                          Süssigkeitenstand in Lima Poverty in Peru, for example children working as sellers for sweets in Lima with an average salary of 200 Soles per month, about 80 Swiss Franks, for a 60 hours week.

The conditions in the development countries are made like this so the poor hardly can liberate themselves. Water is hardly available and has to be paid with high prices. Energy is expensive, and public traffic is badly organized and very expensive, and the salaries are low.

But the responsibles of G8 states don't like to know this that they are serving the rich families of the "development countries", but they never develop...

Chronology by Michael Palomino, May 2005 / 2007 (translation 2010)


2009: Dictators are going on bunkering their money

1 November 2009: Bank secret: Switzerland has got rank 3 of secrecy

from: http://www.20min.ch/finance/dossier/bankgeheimnis/story/Schweiz-auf-dem-unschoenen-dritten-Platz-12903089

The ranking of secrecy in respect of hiding money:

1. US federal state of Delaware
2. Luxembourg
3. Switzerland
4. Cayman Islands
5. City of London


In 2010 also other states have the thought that bank secret is serving "despotes and dealers":

                online, Logo

24.2.2010: Swiss bank secret legend since 1966

from: Spiegel online: The play with the number accounts (orig. German: Die Nummer mit den Nummernkonten); 24 February 2010;

<Was it humanity creating Switzerland as an oasis of taxes? For decades Swiss policy affirmed that bank secret since 1934 was installed protecting Jewish funds from the Nazi's greed. But this is only a beautiful legend - told by the banks in 1966.

From Christoph Gunkel

There were some hot indications for the tax investigation: On 26 October 1932 at 16:10 hours the policemen in Paris were storming the luxurious 5 room apartment near Champs Elysees. There was the director and the vice director of the highly serious Basel Commerce Bank (Basler Handelsbank) presenting some members of French upper class the offer transferring dividend documents to Switzerland secretly. By this maneuver the French coupon tax should be prevented. And not only this: With it's razzia at tea time the police detected a list of names of 2,000 Frenchmen who had shifted no less than two billion French Francs to Switzerland evading any French tax.

So, the two bankers from the neighbor country were captured, and this was followed by a wave of disgust. Press attacked Swiss banks, French parliament hold it's debates. A socialist deputy escalated the situation giving the names of prominent tax evaders - there were bishops, senators, generals, the big boss Peugeot, and the owner of the conservative daily "Le Figaro". But also in Switzerland this scandal provoked something like an earthquake: Only by a guarantee of 3.5 million the two Basel bankers were given free, and their bank had to pay back hundreds of millions to upset customers - the bank was almost collapsing.

This scandal about Swiss tax loophole was the moment of birth for a reform of special manner: This was the most important cause introducing the code system in Swiss bank secret system. The corresponding law was installed in 1934, and said that hurting bank secret was punished by law - and by this there was installed the base for any criminal advantage of site in the fight for foreign capital, and this would create a new Swiss identity within some decades.

Protection for despotes and dealers

But Swiss representatives now developed a pride and honor with secrets and number accounts of tax refugees: Since the beginning bank secret provoked scandals and indignations abroad. Until Swiss credit economy was giving their answer to the critics from abroad: This was the creation of a legend which is repeated until now, and considering the tax refugees list purchased by German government this legend is in another light now.

In November 1966 an essay of 12 pages was published in a bulletin of Swiss Credit Bank ("Schweizerische Kreditanstalt" SKA). The thesis said in the article that bank secret had been installed by law since 1934 because "intensive espionage for Jewish money" had to be defended. "Without exaggeration one can state", so the author without name indicated, "that the resoluteness with which the bank secret was bewared and will be bewared, has saved thousands to humans their funds and existence". Bank secret, that was the message, was introduced saving Jewish money from Nazi raids.

For decades nobody was putting this legend into question. In many articles this legend was repeated until Switzerland had adopted it as a general knowledge. Even Social Democrats like Jean Ziegler and Rudolf Strahm, basically critics of banks, adopted this argumentation, and also abroad was told this legend. But Swiss Bankers Association ("Schweizerische Bankiersvereinigung") already indicated in 1966 when was presented this legend that it would fight for "bank secret which was often understood in a wrong way in world press" with "clearing articles".

"Well told fairy tale"

Only 3 and half decades later historian of Bern, Peter Hug, was investigating the whole story of birth of bank secret with a spirit of humanity in the archives - and detected the "well presented fairy tale". With "an absolute pride without limits" Swiss Credit Bank (Schweizerische Kreditanstalt SKA) had answered the critics from abroad. For decades this was the tactics for an immunization of any critics.

At the same time foreign governments, above all USA, claimed since the 1950s again and again that Switzerland was fostering flight of capital and tax evasion and was protecting dirty money from despotes, from drug dealers or from money shifters. During Cold War the debate also was about word's policy. USA believed that Soviet Union tried purchasing secretly the right to vote with US armament enterprises by the purchase stocks. The reproach was that the real owners of the US involvement would be kept secret by Swiss bank secret.

Historian Hug presented the proofs that the propaganda campaign of 1966 has eliminated the harsh critics of the US in these times. So, the president of Banker's Association in US Congress said during the presentation of a law against Swiss bank secret that bank secret "was an invention directly against dreadful German Gestapo operations".

German spies in Zurich

Well, there were cases of German bank espionage in Switzerland supporting the supporters of the bank secret. But the reasons were in the time before Hitler's takeover of power. Tax charge after First World War was heavy in Weimar Republic, and by this was a flew of German funds to Switzerland. In 1931 Chancellor Heinrich Bruening introduced currency control and installed a state's control of foreign exchange trading. At the same time Berlin bank espionage was searching at Bern and at Zurich. 1932 approximately first German tax evader Arthur Pfau was detected who wanted to collect information about German bank clients with Swiss Bank Association (Schweizerische Bankgesellschaft SBG [today UBS]).

And not only historian Hug is proving that many politicians were victim of this well presented legend. Hug was rated as an "ultra left" by his enemies, they wanted to destroy his reputation. Well, also another study of another historian, Robert Vogler, around 100 pages, of 2005, is showing that the history of origin of bank secret "is a myth". And with this author cannot be any suspicion harming Swiss banking system, because Vogler is the press speakerand head historian of Zurich big bank UBS.

But in some points Vogler has other conclusions than Hug. For the installation of the bank secret the German and French cases of tax evasion were not that decisive, but the big cause was the bank crises of the beginning 1930s in Switzerland. Between 1930 and 1935 the sum of balance of the eight big banks had reduced by more than 50%. Swiss People's Bank had to be saved by the estate with 100 million Swiss Francs.

The success is getting a boomerang

This spectacular rescue operation - this indicates Vogler - had been the principle reason for the installation of a proper banking law. Bank secret was introduced without big debates. This is the proof for Vogler that the this element was only a side effect of the crises package. Nobody had planned giving any privilege to Switzerland. Add to this bank secret was "only one of many elements for success" for rise of Switzerland for one of the most important financial hot spots in the world - and historian Hug has not the same meaning: From the beginning the success of Switzerland was made by "criminal action against tax laws of abroad".

Well, one thing is sure: Bank secret cannot be defended by ethic arguments any more, but it was a boomerang - when in the middle of the 1990s was published that Swiss bankers, managers and layers had systematically cooperated with Nazi representatives and allowed the confiscation of Jewish money. Add to this some Swiss banks had to avow that they had confiscated secretly "funds without owner" of Holocaust victims, without informing any family member before.

And it is more unbelievable: Since Second World War Swiss National Bank was collecting looted gold of Third Reich. The scandal was like a hurricane in Switzerland disturbing calm atmosphere there. At the end Swiss banks presented thousands of bank data from NS times so family members could present themselves for these funds. This was the end for the idea of justification of bank secret by moral manners. But secrecy has not ended until now, not yet.>


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