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UBS, rumors 02: Swiss dark room (murders of children) - no or a fairy tale

Summary about criminal pedophile ring "Basel Animal Circle" in Swiss high street bank of Swiss Bank Corporation (since 1998 UBS AG) in 10 points - Ospel, Villiger, Hubacher, Heierli / Heierle -- 1: center Bank Corporation in Basel -- 2: maneuvers of manipulator Mr. Marcel Ospel in UBS AG -- 3: maneuvers of manipulators Helmut Hubacher (SP) and Andreas Heierli / Heierle (SP) -- 4: Villiger playing a "Minister of Finance" -- 5: the hub: restaurant Rod (Restaurant Stab) in Riehen near Basel -- 6: public prosecutors Hans Hungerbühler and the faked "Thomas Hug" -- 7: "disappeared" children in the orphanage in Basel -- 8: the last thing: ban for the principle victim of UBS AG in 2011 -- 9: questions of the fairy tale: where are the children and the murdered children of the "Animal Circle"? -- 10: the wrong protectors

presented by Michael Palomino (2014)

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No or a fairy tale: Swiss dark room (murders of children)

No or a fairy tale: Swiss dark room (murders of children) -- A summary about criminal pedophile ring "Basel Animal Circle" in Swiss Bank Corporation in Basel (since 1998 UBS AG) in 10 points - Ospel, Villiger, Hubacher, Heierle / Heierli

Point 1: Criminal pedophile ring "Basel Animal Circle" with the center in the Swiss Bank Corporation 100 meters from Wettstein Bridge in Basel
Unfortunately it's like this that criminal pedophiles are deliberately abusing children and some are also torturing and eventually also murdering them. This people is organizing this deliberately. The center of the club "Basel Animal Circle" (German: "Basler Tierkreis", "Basler T.K.") executing this is in the Swiss high street bank of Swiss Bank Corporation 100 meters from Wettstein bridge in Basel on the southern side of "Big Basel". Since 1998 this bank is renamed "UBS AG". The leader of the gang in this UBS AG is Mr. Marcel Ospel. He was a faked general director between 1998 until 2008. He is organizing hot money purchasing children for the club and the clients are paying over these black accounts in UBS AG. This club was founded in 1964 first. Founding members were among others Mr. Helmut Hubacher (Socialist from SP) and Mr. Andreas Heierli (also Socialist from SP). Later more members were joining, among others
-- Marcel Ospel (banker without banking apprenticeship, faked bank general director of USB AG without banking apprenticeship and without procuration, FDP) and
-- Kaspar Villiger (with a cigar production plant and drug dealing with it without trade apprenticeship, minister of finance without banking apprenticeship, president of the management board of UBS AG without banking apprenticeship, FDP).

Point 2: Maneuvers of this pedophile ring "Basel Animal Circle" with the manipulator Marcel Ospel in UBS AG
With this "club" "Basel Animal Circle" the matter is not only child abuse but everything what is not allowed like smuggling of weapons, drugs, human trafficking, manipulations, insider business etc. - and Mr. Ospel is performing even more frauds with his black accounts in the directorate of Bank Corporation (not only LIBOR interest manipulations since the fusion of 1998 forming UBS AG). This money launderer Mr. Marcel Ospel in the Bank Corporation invented a system blocking private bank accounts of private clients passing hot money on these accounts "laundering" funds systematically. These private accounts are also extended by 100s of sub accounts. One of the main victims was and is until today (2014) the youngest daughter of Basel state's prosecutor's family Hungerbühler - as a revenge that the public prosecutor Mr. Hans Hungerbühler was judging against Kopp family (FDP) in a case of money laundering and insider information, and as a revenge for the divorce of the youngest daughter against the paper bridegroom Mr. Niklaus Rohner - who had always a girlfriend Therese "aside", even before the marriage and who was with Ospel in the pedophile club!

Since the merger of 1998 of Bank Corporation and SBG/UBS forming "UBS AG" this money launderer Mr. Marcel Ospel was not only a faked general director and the biggest salary defrauder of Swiss history with just several faked curriculum and without procuration, but he was even enlarging his system of money laundering with blocked bank accounts in the whole world. Since then world wide UBS clients are suffering of blocked UBS bank accounts. Banking cards are not working any more and the staff at the counter has no access to the account any more. Mr. Ospel is the general playing a war against the whole world. In 2008 this UBS AG was confessing a gap of 60 billion Swiss Francs and Mr. Ospel had to leave the faked post of a "general director" - but he remained the money launderer of the bank with a salary of 2 million Swiss Francs per year...

Performing these illegal payments Mr. money launderer Marcel Ospel was inventing also more "methods" inventing accidents, inventing credits or inventing insurance benefits - in collaboration with Basel "friends" from the "club" "Animal Circle". Faked treaties are made without signature, and in this kind millions of Swiss Francs are shifted, partly these sums are also hush money.

Point 3. Maneuvers of pedophile ring "Basel Animal Circle" with the manipulators Mr. Helmut Hubacher (SP) and Mr. Andreas Heierli (SP)
Mr. Helmut Hubacher is only a SBB staff member of Swiss railway, never saw any university from inside. He is a member of Socialist Party (SP) of Basel Town and is one of the founding members of "Basel Animal Circle" of 1964. And now one has to know the following: For the "defense" of this criminal club "Basel Animal Circle" where children are tortured and murdered he was installing an own secret service: P26, officially against "communism". But when in 1991 P26 was detected, this secret service was founded again whereas there was no Soviet Union any more at all - and the new secret service was called P27. This secret service of Mr. Hubacher is spying the whole world collecting data as a storage for extorting or "tranquilizing" people when it seems "necessary". This "procedure" was also applied against Basel public prosecutor's family of Hungerbühler. The Basel chief public prosecutor, Mr. Hans Hungerbühler, was the first "enemy" of this criminal pedophile Mr. Helmut Hubacher and his "Basel Animal Circle", and because of the extortions of Hubacher's secret service Mr. Hans Hungerbühler could or did not want not act against this "Animal Circle". Also other people were affected by such extortions, among others Mr. Jörg Schild, police commander of Basel for a long time.

But this criminal pedophile Mr. Helmut Hubacher-Hungerbühler was acting even more. His wife had also the family name "Hungerbühler", and then he made criminal "plays" with this name. Together with the president of Basel civil court, Mr. Andreas Heierli / Heierle - also a founding member of "Basel Animal Circle" in 1964, Mr. Hubacher was faking much data of the youngest Hungerbühler daughter Jacqueline Hungerbühler. The date of death of the father and Basel journalist Werner Hungerbühler (died in 1983, for 90% it was a murder by plumb) was "delayed" and the death of the daughter Jacqueline Hungerbühler was invented on the day of the father's death. On the civil document from the registration office the mother of daughter Jacqueline got another name and so on and so on. Criminal Mr. Helmut Hubacher was also using the fact that his bride was also a "Hungerbühler". When after the divorce this had to be registered in the passports of the family of Mrs. Jacqueline Hungerbühler Hubacher and Heierle were not giving back the passports but since then the family has to live without passports - now since 26 years (2014). But criminal Mr. Helmut Hubacher was committing even more crimes taking the passports going to a bank of Swiss Bank Corporation (today UBS AG) in Berne robbing from the accounts of dead father 400,000 Swiss Francs... Thus Mr. Hubacher is a faker of documents, a thief, a propagandist, and a criminal pedophile.

Additionally this same Mr. Helmut Hubacher with his little brain of a railway staff member without further education is also making propaganda against Germans in Switzerland, above all against people with the family name "Schulz" - like Berlusconi and other militarists do. For such hunting of people Mr. Helmut Hubacher is organizing his "fighting units" antifa (anti fascists) of Switzerland and akdh (Action Children of Holocaust, German: Aktion Kinder des Holocaust) faking data without end, faking history without end, and hunting people without end stating that there would be more "right radicals" in the country thus antifa and akdh always get new members. One historian whose family name was "Schulz" before is victim of Hubacher's fighting unit akdh since 15 years by Swiss propaganda journalist Mr. Iso Ambühl. But this propaganda is only instrumentalizing people in a criminal manner justifying the existence of akdh. But the real truth is another one: Adkh is a "money laundering machine" for criminal funds by "donations" under the leadership of just this "economic journalist" Mr. Iso Ambühl who never in his life saw a history seminar or workshop. Mr. Ambühl is also hunting 100s of other people and thus he had to leave his newspaper at TA Media and at the end he was at the lowest level with boulevard journal BLICK (View) where also former chancellor of Germany Mr. Schroeder was coming down. That's strange, isn't it? With these propaganda actions of akdh and with these violent actions of antifa with it's center in the "Horse riding school" ("Reitschule") in Berne one can see which spirit is speaking here: criminal Hubacher spirit.

Point 4. Mr. Villiger playing the "Minister of Finance" tolerating criminal Ospel UBS AG
Mr. Kaspar Villiger (FDP) is a cigar producer with a joint venture with Cuba for drug importation. He is one more member of "Basel Animal Circle". From 1996 to 2003 he was pretending to be a "Swiss Minister of Finance" whereas he has no commercial diploma nor any banking apprenticeship - and he never had any further education. Mr. Villiger was one of the "best friends" of Mr. Marcel Ospel (FDP) because they were in the same pedophile club purchasing children, abusing children and probably also murdering children. Mr. Villiger was tolerating all that that money launderer Mr. Marcel Ospel was a faked general director of UBS Ag in 1998 but Mr. Ospel had no banking apprenticeship nor any procuration (see the Swiss commercial register SHAB - "Schweizer Handelsregister"). Mr. Ospel needed a procuration fulfiller, this was former president of Bank Corporation Mr. Krauer, but in 2001 already he was leaving UBS AG because he saw the criminal money laundering methods of Mr. Ospel in the general directorate of this bank. Mr. Villiger was not taking measured but he was even supporting Ospel's criminality in UBS AG by his relations. Merger of Bank Corporation and SBG/UBS forming the new UBS AG in 1998 was not for "more efficiency" but it only was performed for distributing money laundering and criminality of the pedophile ring "Basel Animal Circle" world wide: organization of tax fraud, money laundering over blocked bank accounts, smuggling of weapons, drugs, human trafficking, children trafficking for torture and murder of children, interest manipulations, hedge funds, property bubble etc.

Point 5. The hub: restaurant "Rod" (German: "Stab") in Riehen near Basel near the German border to Lörrach
The "trade center" of this criminal pedophile ring "Basel Animal Circle" for contacts, for smuggling and child abuse, torture and killings of children was in the restaurant "Rod" (German: Restaurant Stab) in Riehen near Basel. A certain Mr. Niklaus Rohner was the "landlord" there from 1986 until 2006 with his girlfriend Mr. Therese Rohner. She was presenting herself as "Mrs. Hungerbühler" during a long time. This Rohner couple was delivering children in the trunk (boot) of a silver colored Peugeot bringing them over the frontier. "Basel Animal Circle" is paying 3,000 Swiss Francs for each child abuse - payed over black accounts in the UBS general directorate, arranged by Mr. Marcel Ospel, the banking boss of the "Animal Circle".

In 2001 McDonalds wanted to buy this restaurant Rod (Restaurant Stab) but hearing about criminality of the present landlord Mr. Rohner in the neighborhood McDonalds rejected the purchase. After closing the hub of restaurant Rod in 2006 the Rohner couple was kicked out of UBS circle and were offered the beginning of a new life with a restaurant in the Swiss mountains in Bürchen. The hope for becoming also millionaires by being the assist for smuggling, child abuse, torture and child killings like Ospel was becoming a millionaire was not fulfilled. If these procedures are going on in the Bürchen restaurant is a speculation. Advertising in the internet is not showing any opening time.

Point 6. The public prosecutors Mr. Hans Hungerbühler and the fake of a Mr. "Thomas Hug"
The chief public prosecutor of Basel, Mr. Hans Hungerbühler (until 1994) was even leaving his political party (SP) for stating that he was fighting this "Animal Circle", but he was extorted without end by the secret service P26/P27 of Mr. Helmut Hubacher. The next chief public prosecutor of Basel, Mr. Thomas Hug (FDP, 1994-2010) was an "importation" with a faked curriculum. News were reporting that Mr. Thomas Hug had been a commander of Zurich city police and that he had been a judge at the regional  court of Zurich. But the result of investigations was that there had never been any police commander or judge of any regional court in Zurich called "Thomas Hug". And he was not a chief public prosecutor either nor had any title of "Dr. iur" but what he had was a faked curriculum and thus he is a salary defrauder like Mr. Marcel Ospel. But he is a doubled mafia member (Russian and Italian mafia). I even presume that his name could be a fake, too.

Mr. Thomas Hug was the chief public prosecutor in Basel from 1994 to 2010 and he let stop the investigations against "Basel Animal Circle" in 1998 and he was tolerating everything what was happening in the restaurant "Rod" (German: Restaurant Stab) in Riehen near Basel, or he was even smuggling himself some "stuff" there eventually. He was even organizing a systematic smuggle of drugs and weapon in the building of the Basel prosecution department. Perhaps Mr. Thomas Hug was under pressure of Mr. Ospel and Mr. Villiger. When he would begin to tell this would be a real story.

Former chief public prosecutor Mr. Hans Hungerbühler was dying in 2007, allegedly he was driven into suicide, allegedly by extortions by a certain Mr. Stark (SP). What Mr. Hans Hungerbühler had to cover or what was to conceal there is not stated. It's only certain that instead of busting this "Animal Circle" he  took all his wisdom about this into his grave.

And then there is this news:

Point 7. Children were disappearing from the orphanage of Basel 50 meters from Wettstein Bridge at Wettstein Square
During the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s, many children from the orphanage in Basel have "disappeared". This house is 50 meters from Wettstein Bridge on the northern side of Basel in "Little Basel" at Wettstein Square. Custodianship of Basel were selling these children.

And now one can see: The Swiss high street bank of Swiss Bank Corporation (German: "Schweizerischer Bankverein", SBV) was the center of the culprits (since 1998 called UBS AG), and there was the orphanage (which is probably the center of the victims) and these two buildings are only in a distance of 400 m.

One of these "human beings" of the custodianship in Basel Town who allegedly sold children was a teacher Mr. Walter Fankhauser at the math grammar school "MNG" in Basel (German: Mathematisch-naturwissenschaftliches Gymnasium Basel, MNG Basel). This teacher was abusing the boy's class shouting at the weaker pupils without end, "hosing" them with racism against their names, shredding drawings and exercise books, throwing chalk or even his bunch of keys against the pupils in the last rows. The consequence was that within only 2 years almost 50% of the pupils were leaving this class and this math grammar school, and this was not the only class he was terrorizing - and there were even more terrorist teachers like this. And the pupils were even repeating this terrorism to the weaker pupils. I could see this Mr. Walter Fankhauser during 2 1/2 years from 1977 to 1979 (in the classes 3a, 4a, and 5a), and there were 100s of pupils suffering under this terrorist teacher which was tolerated by a school principle Mr. Rolf Hartmann in Riehen (died in 2002) stating that Mr. Fankhauser was such a good organizer for the time table of the grammar school. It can be admitted that Mr. Rolf Hartmann knew much about this criminal teacher Mr. Fankhauser who was only one of many terrorist teachers acting against children. Later Mr. Hartmann was class teacher of my class and the pupil who had the family name "Schulz" got good marks from one day to the other...

Point 8: The last: "House ban" against the principal victim of UBS AG in 2011
In 2011 Ospel UBS AG was declaring a "house ban" against the principle victim of money laundering, Mrs. Jacqueline Hungerbühler, with blocked accounts, also when this principle victims has the evidence for 27 black bank accounts abusing the data of her family. Among other things clients of the "Club" were paying their "fees" for the child abuses, 3,000 Swiss Francs for one child abuse - all can be proved.

FDP and UBS AG were also instructing Swiss media not to speak with the principle victim. They ordered a "prohibition of speaking". Thus this Ospel UBS AG is in an absolute dead end. Abusing bank secret for organized crime cannot be hidden any more.

Point 9. Questions of the fairy tale: Where are the children of the orphanage of Basel? - Where are the murdered children of the "Animal Circle"? - a monument?
Well, officially all is concealed yet, but the information from Swiss juridical circles is circulating in Swiss journalist circles since years and are stating clearly: dozens of children were "disappearing" from the orphanage in Basel, and since 1964 the criminal pedophiles of the "Basel Animal Circle" were murdering dozens of children respectively they were torturing the children to death systematically and the criminals felt their joy with it.

Thus an investigation could begin with the question where the "disappeared" children of the orphanage of Basel Town could be? Who knew such children who never came back? And where are the murdered children of "Basel Animal Circle" buried?

One can imagine who in Basel bought children from whom and where the children's bodies are - well ritually buried. Somewhere has to be a dark room with buried children: for example in the orphanage or in the restaurant Rod (Restaurant Stab) or in the basement of Swiss high street bank Swiss Bank Corporation.

It can even be admitted that children were "disappearing" also from other orphanages, and that these children had to make a "trip" for "living better" at another place never coming back. They came to Basel and Riehen for being killed.

Monument: There is missing a monument at Basel orphanage at Wettstein Square for the disappeared children - probably also at other orphanages. With such a monument one could begin to look back on the history. When the monument is there the next question will be: Where are they? Were they murdered? Who is killing children? - "Basel Animal Circle".

5 minutes action: And there is missing a 5 minutes action against criminal pedophile general directorate of UBS AG because of suspicion of murder, money laundering, fakes of documents and data etc.: detain the gang with Marcel Ospel (FDP) - Kaspar Villiger (FDP) - Helmut Hubacher-Hungerbühler (SP) - and Andreas Heierli (SP).

Dozens of murdered children: This affair is about dozens of cases of torture and murder of children. This is of public concern. After 3 years of translation word for Swiss juridical circles I am ordering the data - a big work - so the world can have a survey over the criminal action of this criminal pedophile "Basel Animal Circle" for taking measures - so the murderers will go where they deserve, so this "Basel Animal Circle" will be deleted and the Swiss bank UBS AG will be freed of this club of murderers and torturers.

Compensation: Of course the victims of money laundering and also the victims of the propaganda groups of the chief propagandist Mr. Helmut Hubacher-Hungerbühler (victims of secret service P27, antifa and akdh) should get their full compensation and satisfaction, and a foundation is missing for the recompense in the whole world.

Swiss law complement: Also a supplement in Swiss law is missing: bank secret must not be abused for money laundering for Organized Crime any more. Drug dealers, salary defrauders, fakers of documents have to be punished additionally - thus this counts also for Mr. Thomas Hug.

Then there would be light in this dark room of criminal Switzerland: light would come into the orphanage and into the general directorate of UBS. Then this horror fairy tale would come to an end at last.

Point 10. The wrong protectors

Swiss secret service: Swiss secret service was one of the organizers of the maneuvers in the restaurant Rod (Restaurant Stab) and all the maneuvers against the state's prosecutor's family Hungerbühler.

Swiss government: Swiss government members and former government members (partially they are mafia members, above all with Italian Ndr.) know about the procedures but are not doing anything.

Swiss Federal Police: Swiss Federal Police (Busipo) knows about the procedures or does not want to deal with it because the topic seems too complex.

And for converting the negative energy into a positive energy the secret service P27 has to get rid of it's criminal boss first: Helmut Hubacher-Hungerbühler.

The procedures prescribed here are not a fairy tale, but the smugglers and the murderers are real and the bodies of the children will be found.

Please spread this fairy tale so Swiss politics will stop at last to protect the criminal banksters (Ospel and Villiger of FDP) in this UBS AG, and the criminal Socialist leaders of Socialist Party in Basel (Hubacher and Heierli / Heierle). Only by publications from inside and outside this Swiss government can have the courage to change the side.

Since the introduction of the criminal bank secret Switzerland is a "dark room" - because this bank secret can be used and abused for any action of Organized Crime, not only for the theft of Jewish funds after 1945...

Michael Palomino, January 22, 2014


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