With criminals there is no advertising.

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19 Nov 2010: Money laundering of UBS by private bank accounts


presented by Michael Palomino (2010)

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Money laundering in Swiss UBS bank functions like this:

-- there is no account statement sent any more and the bank is managing the private account as she wants transferring secret money on the account and taking it away again

-- or the accounts get special codes on the account statement which is not allowed

-- or the bank even blocks accounts and uses them for secret money transfer, these are "little clients" or cases of intrigues.

It seems the cases include billions of amounts and 1000s of victims.

An affected Swiss client of UBS calls for the following:


This text about bank account numbers of the Swiss bank UBS AG is an indication for the whole world how this bank UBS AG is "managing" it's commerce since decades and also today yet. Swiss bank of UBS AG is abusing the accounts of their clients resp. of fair persons for hiding  and "laundering" money. The clients don't know anything about it. There are criminal funds transferred over the basic numbers of these bank accounts. These funds are unlimited. The purposes are the following ones:

-- defraudation of tax
-- fraud of mortgages
-- fraud of investments
-- money laundering for the organized crime (dealing with weapons, dealing with drogs, funds of terrorism, eventually for "sleepers" etc.).

The clients are not aware of all this because simply the account statements are not sent any more ore even are rejected.

Shojuld there be clients of UBS worldwide who are affected because account statements are not given out any more, so one can act on the assumption that the account of the affected person is systematically abused in the same manner for money laundering. And it's not important where the client is at the moment.
Swiss federal authorities are not taking any measure to stop money laundering of UBS AG.

Not only this: With this "methods of work" of UBS all double tax agreements with countries of EU are not even worth the paper on what the agreements are written on.

With criminals there is no advertising.